The Most Dangerous Enemy of the Sailor Senshi
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Story Start

In the city of Tokyo it was another normal sunny day. For the first time in weeks there wasn't an attack by otherwordly beings. Over a year ago the planet had started experiencing attacks from a race of creatures known as Youma.

These Youmas were soldiers, pawns of a malevolent force known as the Dark Kingdom. The Dark Kingdom would deploy these creatures to drain the life force of human beings. The only force that stood against these creatures were a group of Young women known as the Sailor Senshi. A group of teenage girls with power over the elements.

While people had grown used to this, a new phenomena had been occurring that placed the city on wide alert.

The first case was unusual and a conundrum to say the least. The police weren't brought in to investigate the matter until a third woman was hospitalized. What made this strange was that the perpetrator wasn't caught on film nor did anyone had a hint or clue who was behind it. No description, no DNA, and not even a clue to follow. It was a sunny morning when a fifteenth woman was hospitalized. All of them seemed to suffer from the same condition. They all had the same signs of exhaustion, but a relaxed bliss that was often said fable. They were exhausted and the only thing that matched the signs were 'extraneous' activity.

Tests were performed to hope to find some sort of clue. DNA was taken from every woman and ran through the crime database. Not a single match was made. The DNA was closely related to humans, even far more then the primate species. Though there was one baffling discovery in which scientist had to be called in. Trace amount of ancestries from numerous beasts. Feline, Canidae, Insect, a very trace minimum yet an intertwining DNA sequence.

Such a sequence was not only improbable, but completely impossible. No living being could have that type of DNA and be able to function because of the unique body type of each species, but yet here it was. The only other thing known was that these women all had the same partner.

These women would disappear for over a day or so only to appear in the hospital unconscious.

Besides being tired from the 'extraneous' activity by the unknown 'assailant' there was no clue on what was going on. Saliva and skin cells turned up nothing. The police increased patrols and investigated where the women was last seen, but came up with nothing. While this was going the Sailor Senshi were investigating this while fighting the Youma.

These Senshi wore matching outfits in the form of white sailor Fukus with colored collars matching their mini-skirts, each there only unique color.

As the girls entered the park their color schemes were Light Blue, Red, Blue, Green, and Orange respectively.

The first was a young girl, the shortest of the bunch composing of a height of 5'2 and her hair was done in an unusual style; An Odanga hairstyle composed of light blonde hair to be exact. Her eyes were curious and yet held a gentle kindness and curiosity. This was the leader of the five girl group known as the Sailor Senshi, Usagi Tsukino, AKA Sailor moon. She was the shortest of the group of five and was on the average slight, maybe a little bigger. bunch at a height of 5'2.

Next to her was an elegant and beautiful looking woman with long black raven hair. Her build was slightly athletic unlike her lithe friend. She was a few inches taller at 5'5 and her eyes were that of a deep violet. Her eyes were a lot fiercer, colder then the blonde hair girl and far more focused as well. This was the Senshi of Mars Rei Hino.

The next girl was slightly shorter with short dark blue hair and dark blue eyes. Her build was more slender and she was more reserved looking. This was the Senshi of Mercury Ami Mizuno. Her dark blue eyes were also curious, but more of a quizzical nature then innocent. While she didn't exhume the air of confidence the others did physically she was someone they could rely on mentally. Not to mention she had quite a pair of hips on her.

The fourth girl was the tallest of the group not to mention the most bustiest. She was unusual with long brown curly hair and a height of nearly six feet tall. Her eyes were a dark emerald and she was the most athletic looking by far. If there ever was a combatant ready among them it was her. The confident and strong posture was that of a fighter. This was the Senshi of Jupiter, Makoto Kino.

The last girl like her leader also had blonde hair, but it was mid-back length and not done in any special style. She was the second tallest of the scouts and had a nice build. While not as curvy as Jupiter she wasn't as slender as the others. While she didn't look like it she was also quite a capable combatant. Maybe not a brawler like Jupiter, but confident in her own right. This was the last of the Inner Senshi Minako Aino.

Using her special ability to dowse, Mercury was able to pinpoint a strange energy Phenomenon to a rather secluded park on the edge of town. Mercury pulled out a Mircro-miniature Supercomputer.

The computer was quite useful as it enabled her to make special calculations, scan her surroundings, track the movements of allies as well as foes, and determine her enemies' weak points. Synced up with her goggles, she could also which analyze the area around her and display information in front of her eyes and on the Computer.

''Over there! The energy signal is getting stronger!" Mercury pointed out, in the direction of an old bridge. Following their friends lead they came closer to the energy signal until they came unto a sight that shocked them senseless.

There were two people there under the bridge having sex. The first was a woman that looked in her early twenties with short black hair. She was wearing a green designer label shirt from the Maroc collection and Lipsy frill skirt. The man was wearing a White T-shirt and Jeans. The only reason the senshi could tell the two were having sex because at the angle they could see the woman bouncing up and down the men's length whose Jeans were unzipped and black silk boxers pushed down.

The man had spiky blonde hair and cerulean blue eyes. What stuck out was the fact he had Fox like ears and several fox likes tails down at his sides. After another moment or two they seemed to climax. After a moment the woman nodded off and the man pulled out. The energy seemed like it was sucked out of her in an instant. The men then straightened himself up.
The Senshi had found the person they were looking for.

''You monster!" The Senshi of fire roared as she went on the move to attack. From a young age she had distrusted men; one would say she even almost hate them. Maybe it was the way she raised with priestess like values and virtues where innocence and focus were prioritized then sins of the flesh.

''Rei no!''

The senshi of fire couldn't contain herself. She was what some would describe as a fire and ice personality. Most of the time she was distant, usually distrustful of men and such, but there were those rare times she had a fiery temper. In her mind all she saw was a youma violating innocent girls.

''Oro?'' The male replied in confusion. His mind a still a bit cloudy from the lust. The sudden scream made his ears twitched and he wrinkled his nose.

''Youma Taisan!'' She shouted as she blasted a fireball from her index fingers.

The demon in question merely swatting the fire away as it was an annoyance. His face going from confusion to annoyance that he was being rudely interrupted.

His eyes focused and he moved in an attack position. ''Now, now Fire-chan. Didn't your mother ever tell you it's not nice to play with fire.''

''Bastard...'' She then fired the more powerful Fire Soul Bird which seemed to phase right through the demon. In an instant he was behind Rei with two kunai drawn.

''Look out!''

''He's behind you!"'

''Out of the way!''


''In a single instant know death's sweet embrace,'' The demon whispered in her ears. His voice was surprisingly human, cold and emotionless. ''Move and she dies!'' The demon declared stopping the others in their tracks.

He could see the anger in their eyes. He could feel them just hoping for any opportunity to attack the beast that endangered their friend's life. There was also concern and a bit of hopelessness. ''Monster killers?'' He had heard quite a bit about a group of teenage girls destroying demons and such. He thought the stories were just the perverse exaggerations they told in the underworld. Seedy bars and such were a breeding ground for scum and grandiose stories. It was also a good place for a drink or picking up a one time thing.

''Hehehe...'' He had to chuckle at the fact that the ridiculous story of teenage girls that controlled the elements were destroying monsters in short miniskirts. It was absolutely preposterous yet here before him there they were. ''You kill demons and protect the Earth in those outfits.'' Naruto was amazed that material wasn't destroyed in combat or maybe they were.

He was also surprised those girls weren't the target of more powerful and equally adverse adversaries. The fact the fire one flew off the handle and attack was a rookie mistake. If he was serious the moment she screamed her head would have went rolling. Quick and effective. He had heard about the demons that this so called Dark Kingdom had pulled from domains or siphon power from other realms to create. They were pitiful bastardizations of demons controlled like worthless puppets.

Brainless beasts that had little pride and when they had brain or pride they were beaten by teenage girls. Teenage girls if he remembered correctly could hardly scrape together a dozen attacks among-st themselves. Teenage girls who lived as civilians and did the normal teenage thing until needing to transform to fight. He could smell the hair care products and such in there hair.

The shampoo, strawberry...peach; pleasant smells, but didn't fit on a group of crime fighters. These girls should have been working there asses off with training and learning about the enemy.

With the girls in their outfit like the descriptions then surely the other things he heard about them was true. It was trace amount of things since watcher demons couldn't last long without a host and they only latch onto the demons who fought the scouts so they didn't know much of their personal lives. Watcher demons were like parasites were almost impossible to find unless you had a high intellect.

They liked to latch onto powerful brainless beasts and slowly feed off the strength of combat memories of other demons to sustain themselves.

So from what he heard from the Watchers and what they observed from the civilians of the youmas they inhabited and how the girls seemed to conveniently showed up he was able to narrow down a few things.

One lived at a temple and there was few temples. That and the general populace of the world were either stupid of self absorbed. He already knew the girl he held at kunai point was known other than Rei Hino. He had seen her at pasting glance and this girl was a carbon copy image of her. The only thing different was that she was wearing different clothes. A person had to be blind and dumb not to be able to figure out there identities. The only other identities he was aware of for sure was the Senshi of Moon and Jupiter. For heaven's sake who else in this city had a hair style like the blonde's or was tall like that girl?

''Like we would care about the opinion of a rapist like you,'' Mars spat out angrily.
Naruto could only sigh. Leaving it to a human to jump to conclusions.

''Rapist? The hell gave you that idea? I'm just a demon who likes sex...'' He answered cheekily. He decided to have a bit of fun with her. Naruto dropped the kunai and grabbed a hand full of Mars rear. ''And I'm like what I'm feeling. Very nice.'' He wonder just how the chest on the scout in green felt or maybe the blue haired girl. She had nice hips. He didn't have much time to ponder this as the action had set off the Senshi of Fire.

''You bastard I'll kill!'' She roared and went on the attack. Her face seemed to tighten in a snarl as she struck where Naruto was only for him to phase out of existence.

''Whoo!'' A whooping cry echoed throughout the park. The blond sped across the park with cat like elegance. Each movement was set with a pace like a gazelle. When he leaped it was as time slowed down. His clothes didn't seem to wrinkle despite all the movements. With ease he landed on one of the poles by the bridge with ease. Perched like a bird he grinned like a child winning a prize.

''We can't let him escape!'' Jupiter declared as she went on the attack. The sky had darkened after this declaration. Naruto didn't hear the girl's battle over the thundering; maybe it was the ringing from being struck by a lightning bolt. Damn lightning bolts! They were as fast as light or was it faster? The blond, slightly singed fell off the bridge and was surrounding by the Senshi. It was foolish, they should have followed up with attacks with unparalleled speeds until he was dead. Another demon would have taken advantage to kill them. He decided to taunt them and catch them off guard.

''You have to do better then that Thunder-chan. When I was still human my so called best friend shoved a hand covered in lightning through my chest ripping apart my lung. Lightning and Fire...they have no longer have effects on me.'' He declared, startling the girls. Once Human? Lightning covered hand shoved through his chest. With that he spun releasing a burst of wind sending the girls in flying in all directions.

''It's sad...the demons and off worlders are having trouble with young teenager girls who hardly have more then a dozen of attacks between them.'' Suddenly dense clouds of mist began filling the area chilling him.

'' the girls still have more tricks up there sleeves.'' He prepared to jump up only for his feet to be frozen. ''What the hell?'' He was then struck by a beam of light causing him to crash down to the ground. He groaned in pain and clutched his chest. He couldn't recall the last time he was hit with a light based attack. Not to mention he never did have the best of luck against Ice users either.

Naruto focused his vision to peer through the mist. It looked like the last girl was preparing her...tiara? 'I heard about that. The finishing attack. Sorry girls. I've been having too much fun to be killed off now.' He shot forward and grabbed the girl who squealed in fright.
''Sailor moon!'' Her friends cried out to her.

Ignoring her biting, kicking, and flailing Naruto turned to the other scouts and grinned. ''Don't worry you'll get her back. In a day or two.'' He said as horror plastered across their faces.
Contrary to what they believed the demon wasn't a rapist. A seducer sure but in no way in hell was he a rapist. He despised those sick bastards that would force themselves on women and get off on the power. No, he was just consuming a bit of energy to help maintain his physical form so he could live in this world. After all he was doing a generous service to the female population if he were to say so himself. So the Kitsune deciding to make off with the moon senshi to learn more about this world he found himself in.

Usagi Tsukino not too long ago was your average school girl living in Tokyo. A normal teenage girl who liked to hang with friends and do typical teenage things. That all changed when she saved an abuse cat that was being tortured by Neighborhood kids. Now she found herself a Champion of Justice fighting to keep the earth safe from other worldly beings that wished to destroy it along with her friends.

At that particular moment she didn't feel like a heroine of justice. She found herself on a bed in an undisclosed location with a man, a youma that apparently prayed on females sexually. She couldn't remember the last she was so afraid. She couldn't help but tremble as she heard his foot steps up the stairs. She tried to move, shout, anything but it was like her body had a mind of it's own.

The door opened and he walked in, a fresh pair of clothes that looked exactly like what he was wearing earlier. He sat in the chair and looked her straight in the eyes.

''You don't have to be afraid...'' He said softly, reaching out to her. Finally her body had stopped reveling as she backed against the wall, whimpering. She felt ashamed that after all the evil she fought this man had reduced her to a scared child. This man, who had knocked away or shook off all her friends attacks. The worst part was had disarmed her of her broach so she couldn't transform and fight back. She was completely as his mercy.

''I'm not a bad guy really. It's just that I don't have the best of luck. My world had psychopaths trying to take over the world too. I of course won at the end, but even in old age I was never one to sit down and go out quietly. Long story short I decided to explore other worlds and use the mastery of my powers to create a new body for my spirit. Hence I spent the last few decades traveling and exploring worlds like yours. I wouldn't be here now, but when I went to go back to my home dimension imagine my surprise to find it gone." He stopped for a moment, noticing her questioning look. "Well I guess that doesn't explain what you saw. The thing is when I recreated my old body I made a flub and added more Yang power to Yin. Yin and Yang need to power each other. I have an over abundance of Masculine energy but I'm lacking Yin energy which is..."

''Femininity...'' Usagi completed as her eyes widened.

Naruto smiled,''So you get it now. I feed just enough not to kill or hurt them. The sexual energy, the Yin of women helps keep the balance. If I were not to keep a balance a number of things could have. I could simply cease to exist. Not really something I'm proud of, but I need to maintain a healthy supply of Yin until I fix the problem."

''I...I see. I-Is that why you kidnapped me? A-Are...y-you going to...'' She turned red, stuttering up a storm.

''I was hoping to convince you to keep your friends off your back. Though I can definitely smell your ripe...potential. Feeding from you would leave me satisfied for the better part of the week, but if that wouldn't leave you parched chances are an inexperienced one like you would slip into a coma.'' He said grinning.

Usagi never felt so confused in her life. She was kind of a lazy girl, but much brighter then people gave her credit for. ''I-If...say I were to help you. Convince my friends not to vanquish you, would you promise not to hurt anyone?"

"I would think about it. Hell I would say a cutie like you would help me out immensely, but the unmistakable scent of a man lingers on you. It might not be sexual, but the purer the source the better."

Usagi tensed a bit at this. Mamoru, she thought of the man she loved and thought loved her. But he kept on pushing her away. Despite the relationship they were forming after...she paused and thought about it a second. After it was revealed they were reincarnation of past, lovers wasn't the right word. They had just met. She was a little boy crazy, but she could be practical if she really focused.

''I've talked about myself so much...tell me about you. I'm curious to learn more about my guest.''

It took awhile but Usagi began opening up to the mysterious blond. Not once had he tried to force himself on her like Rei assumed he did when the event with the women found in sex bliss comas when the whole thing began.

He listened to everything she said and didn't once questioned her intelligence or tried correcther. Even when she got into it and a bit of her more childish aspect came out he listened to every word and then started telling some of his own stories. Usagi was amazed at how the two were so much alike. They both loved sweets, though he referred Ramen to sweet things more and a mini-argument broke out.

Then another one about cats. Naruto didn't have a favored animal, more impartial to Foxes and Rabbits really, but didn't really like cats all that much because of that blasted cat Tora. They even talked about nicknames, and even related in that aspect. He was the knucklehead and she was the crybaby. There discussion seemed to go on for hours as they shared more about there lives from civilians to fighters.

But of course everything wasn't going to be all smiles and sun-shines. Eventually they came to the more tragic elements of their lives; homing in on the more frequent of Usagi's life.
''So after all you been through. Reincarnation and all that stuff. He just ups and dumps you? What a douchebag.''

''No! He's not like that at all! I'm sure he has a reason. I know he loves me deep down.'' She said, tearing up.

Naruto wrapped his arms around her in a comforting gesture. ''It's ok...little bunny.'' He said, using her nickname. ''The future isn't always set in stone. I know it's selfish but you should put yourself first for once. I didn't...I kept giving up and sacrificing for everyone around me and even if things did work out in the end, a lot of good people had to die for it to happen. Even when you have a good heart and good intentions, like isn't always rainbows and sunshine. Considering I'll cease to exist without sexual energy despite being the prophesied child from my old life there's nothing that says everything will be flawless for you despite your intentions. Despite all my acts I ended up something akin to a monster."

''You're not a monster!'' She fiercely declared surprising him. ''You're the nicest person I've ever met. You don't judge me, or always get on my case, and try to force me to be someone I'm not. You just accept me as plain old Usagi.''

''It's because I know what you've been through, what you're going through all too well. I can relate to you Sugi-chan.''

Usagi blushed a bit at this, ''Sugi-chan?''

''I wanted to give you my own unique name. Sugi-chan when you're Usagi and...'' He paused to think about it. ''Tsukihime when you're your alter-ego?''

''I think...I think I would like that.''

''I should be getting you home now. You're friends are probably having a fit and tearing down the city trying to find you.'' He said, his look becoming downcast.

'''W-wait...could I stay here just a little longer?'' It wasn't that she wanted her friends to worry, but he just seemed so sad. She hated it when her friends were sad or hurt.

''If that's what you're definitely going to have to come up with a cover story. I don't think your friends are going to believe I brought you here just to talk.'' He said, finding a bit of piece of mind he had been searching for in years.

Chapter End

Just another idea that came to me quite a while ago. Often the most dangerous enemy is oneself. A lot of focus in this series seemed to be loyalty to the moon cause and all that other stuff. As far as I know when the other girls finally developed an attachment to a guy something messed up happen or such.

So what would be the most dangerous enemy to the Senshi? One that was not trying to kill them or manipulate them. Just a guy from the 'other side' that seduces them into a different way of thinking without enslaving them or that other crazy shit people come up with. One whose actions would jeopardize Crystal Tokyo by drawing the girl's attention elsewhere and to give into their carnal desires.