The Senshi's Most Dangerous Enemy
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Strong Naruto

Story Start

Ami Mizuno had always been chronically the loneliest of the Senshi. Unrivaled academic dominance was something she held onto for many years. Even her deep friendships with the other Senshi couldn't overcome her complete loneliness. So much of her time was eaten up by her grades so she could be a doctor like her mother.

This uncertainty when reacting to regular classmates did not help. Being the center of attention was not an ideal situation for her considering her classmates formed their own opinion of her being an insufferable genius without any reason.

The clic-clac of her black Mary Jane shoes echoed with each step through the moderately empty hallway as she made her way outside of the school; her mind on the situation about this mysterious Yoma and how they were going to deal with him.

"Oh hey look! It's the Queen of ice!" one boy amongst a group of thugs pointed at Ami. The group in question were a bunch of delinquents who weren't too bright and liked to party more then anything. The leader of their gang in question was a boy who tried to bribe Ami to do his homework for him, but of course considering that the Senshi of water was the kind of person who wouldn't endorse in that sort of thing the boy ended up getting a low grade and having to repeat a grade. ''Looks like the little nerdling is along as usual.''

''Hey Mizuno!I like'em nerdy! Why don't you come and be my gal!'' one of the group said with a grin as he grabbed her wrist and tried to force a kiss on her with exaggerated kissing motions.

''Let go of me!'' Ami protested as she tried to yank out of his grasp. By her nature Ami wasn't a fighter, even her powers as a Senshi played more of a defensive role.

''Hey! Get your hands off her!'' The voiced belonged to none other then the strongest of the four inner Senshi Jupiter.

''Oh man here comes another one of those freaks! Let's head out!'' the leader of the group said as they fled.

''Are you okay Ami-chan?'' the most 'talented' of the Senshi asked as joined her. ''Were those creeps picking on you again? If you want I can go take care of those guys!"' Makoto said fisting her hand.

'''s okay. I don't want you to get into trouble just for my sake.''

''Well you have to stand up for yourself Ami-chan. Because the...''

''...the bullies won't stop unless you awaken that courage from within and turn the tables. A spin on quite the standard advice one would say.'' a voice finished from behind them, adding his own bit of twist to the saying. Both Senshi spun around and came face to face with Naruto.

''You...'' Jupiter hissed as she almost on instinct transformed into her Senshi form.

''Are you that quick to blow your cover?'' the blond asked with an amused smirk as Jupiter growled and halted her action.

''What do you want Yoma?'' Makoto remarked as she noticed all the students had cleared out.

''First of all...I'm not a Yoma,'' the Kitsune reacted in annoyance. ''Second of all I'm not those chaotic morons who just cause chaos for the sake of chaos. Just because I'm not human doesn't automatically make me the enemy, in fact humans weren't aren't even the original inheritors of this world; the elves and other spirits of nature are the ones who hold the right to this planet. Unfortunately certain species had in their head that they are the masters of domains and hold the right to rule over all others and your type of reaction is reminiscent of those kind of people.''

''Naruto-san was it? You're not like the others? You mean no harm right?'' having listened to both Usagi and Rei's tales about the blond and figured that he would be better as an ally then enemy. If he meant no harm then there was no need to destroy him; especially considering if his story about those rogue yakos were right and being the one best suited to take care of them.

''I've been tracking the Yako who uses Kitsune-Bi. I lost scent somewhere in this area and couldn't help but come say hello to you ladies. You may not trust me but I'm hoping we could form an alliance of sorts as you girls aren't the only ones who would suffer if your enemies manage to take over the Earth. It wouldn't be the first time an outside force tried to enslave both demon and spirit races alike so what do you say?'' Naruto asked as he extended his hand. ''Truce?''

Makoto was still hesitant to trust him. It wouldn't be the first time their enemies tried to trick them with a friendly face.''We only have your word that there are these Yako running around? What proof do you have that there are rogue Yokos running around it's not you causing havoc?''

Makoto's was soon answered as the area around them began to warp and twist in some hellish nightmare as the landscape was contorted into a dark and corrupted nightmarish forest.

''That soon answer your question.'' he said as began walking in the direction of the mountains in the background. ''Whether you come and go depends on you, but I assure you in an illusion like this whatever happens in here your mind perceives as real so if you die in here you die for real.''

With little to no information on their enemy and where they were the Senshi had no choice but to stick along with Naruto and hoped they didn't end up being screwed when this was all over.