Disclaimer- Heavy Rain is very clearly not mine, though that does not stop me from letting my mind wander away with it.

This assumes that Ethan is in jail and that Madison and Norman make it to the old warehouse. I tried not to take too many liberties, but I did miss the potential for some extra interaction between the two (of which this scenario was the only chance for some, go figure), so don't hurt me too badly if this turned out poorly. This is my first time working with any fic in this fandom, but inspiration refused to give me any peace until this was written. I had planned for this to be a two-shot, but the second part's almost done and I'm still not finished with it. We'll see where it goes. ;)

Part 1

She had no time to think. No time to focus on the pain shooting through her leg with every step. Something was sprained or broken, she wouldn't know until later if there was a later, but for now she could only focus on the rungs of the ladder as she reached up and grasped them with her hands.

One by one, one at a time. Stay calm, Madison, stay calm...

She heard Scott Shelby struggling to keep up below, and clamped down on the fear which threatened to never let go. They were too high up for her to make any mistakes. One misstep and it was all over. He would certainly make sure of that.

There! The top! She could make out the upper platform of the crane just a few feet ahead. Almost there-

Her fingers scrabbled on the slippery metal before finally catching on the grooves of its surface. Shelby was barely a foot behind her as she hauled herself up and struggled to her feet. Lightning shot by above and the light glinted off of the glass windows of the crane's control station up ahead. That one location became her sole focus, and Madison knew at once that there was no other place to escape to.

The door wasn't locked when she reached it and she slammed the door shut as soon as she made it inside, locking it this time for good measure. Gasping for breath, she leaned against the counter behind her and furiously checked the pathway that led there from the ladder.

He was right behind me! You can't just vanish into thin air 50 feet above the ground! How could he-

Madison turned just in time to see Shelby's fist connect with the glass and break through. That was when her fear finally hit her full-force. Her little barrier had suddenly become a lethal trap and she no longer had distance as her ally.

A cry escaped her throat as a metal rod exploded through the glass in front of her, and she leapt to the side, feeling her window to act dwindling quickly.

Get it together, girl! Her mind shrieked, moving a mile a minute.


She watched him hesitate for a fraction of a second as he pulled the rod out of the window, sending pieces of glass everywhere. If I time it just right, maybe, just maybe, I could get that thing away from him!

She shifted to the side as it broke through the glass pane beside her and she used that slight moment of hesitation on his part to latch onto it. Shelby was a lot stronger than her; that was an undeniable fact, but the rain and his surprise seemed to work in her favor as they struggled over ownership of the weapon.

However, her resistance only seemed to fuel his fury over her presence there, and with a sudden surge of strength Shelby hauled her through the broken window, causing her to collide with the metal rail behind him. The rod itself clattered to the floor beside him, no longer within her reach. The force of the blow painfully shoved the air out of her lungs in a harsh cough, leaving her staring out at the short platform that made up the top of the crane.

As Shelby pulled her back and sent another blow to her midsection, Madison knew that there was no going back for her. He had her exactly where he wanted her and was simply biding his time.

He lifted her up with little effort and she screamed as she flew over the railing, the metal floor rushing up to collide with her body. Slamming against it left her temporarily dazed, but she forced her eyes open. There was no way in hell that she would make this easy for him.

Shit! Come on, get up! Get up!

Everything hurt at this point, but the adrenaline surging through her system gave her the extra boost she desperately needed, allowing her to get back on her feet.

Shelby's expression had once again returned to one of resignation, an expression that had appeared briefly downstairs before he had attempted to choke the life out of her, and he grabbed the discarded pipe before stepping over the final barrier between them.

She felt the rain whip against her body, drenching her to the bone, but she only had a moment to wipe her eyes before the flash of lightning highlighted the metal rod swiftly approaching her.

Madison stepped back, bending away from the blow, and barely regained her balance in time to twist away from the second one. The look in his eyes was frenzied, each swing flying by faster than the last while her reflexes continued to deteriorate.

Her luck finally disappeared when her feet flew out from under her, a wrong step causing her to slip on the rain-drenched platform. The metal slid under her fingertips as she struggled to pull herself up, but he had already raised the rod above his head.

Madison screamed one last time as a loud sound cut through the air, cracking as if it were lightning.

Shelby froze, the rod lingering in midair before slipping from his hands to fall into the darkness below. Shock, confusion, and disbelief were only a few of the emotions that crossed his face, and when he turned Madison finally saw what caused them.

The FBI profiler, Norman Jayden, had followed them. Somehow, he had recovered from the blow to the back of his head and through the grace of luck, fate, or a higher power, had found the two of them and shot Shelby in the back.

He promptly shot Shelby a second time once they were fully facing each other, maintaining a steely look in his eyes, and probably would've done so a third time if Shelby had not silently fallen to the side off of the crane's platform.

A splash echoed from below, and that was when Madison knew that it was finally over. Tears began to well in her eyes, though from pain or relief she couldn't tell, and she let them fall only to have them get lost in the rain.

Jayden put away his gun and approached her, kneeling down beside her on the floor. She noticed that the bruise on his forehead was more than a little pronounced, but it didn't seem to dull his senses in the slightest. He had acted without hesitation to save her, and for that she could never hope to repay him.

Now with the threat gone and the killer dead, he let out the breath that he seemed to be holding and let his shoulders slump. He appeared to be every bit as exhausted and relieved as she was.

"Shaun...is he safe?" Her voice was hoarse and almost foreign to her ears.

Jayden raised his head and nodded, a small smile on his lips. "Yeah. Shaun's safe. We got him."

Madison laughed, the news removing the nervous tension in a way that nothing else could. Safe... It's okay, Ethan. Everything's going to be okay.

"...You know, I could kiss you right now."

He snorted and gave her a skeptical glance. "I thought I was the only one with a concussion. Anyhow, I wouldn't thank me yet. I still have to find a way to get us both down that ladder without breaking our necks. Besides, quite frankly," He got to his feet and gestured to the area they were in. "this place is a fucking mood killer."

Jayden extended his hand to her, and Madison let him pull her up, finally registering the freezing cold which had settled over her and how much she was shivering. "Well, get us down there safely and...I'll see what I can do." Her teeth were definitely chattering now.

"One thing at a time, Miss Paige." He responded wryly. "Let's get you and Shaun to an ambulance and take it from there..."

The rest of the police had arrived by the time they had reached the bottom floor of the warehouse, and she also picked out the flashing lights of the ambulance. A group of paramedics had already gotten to Shaun and placed him onto a stretcher in the back of the vehicle. Madison was sure that hypothermia and starvation were only a few of the conditions that Shaun could be suffering from, and he needed to get to a hospital as quickly as possible for treatment.

A few workers milled around the ambulance as Madison and Jayden approached it, checking Shaun and their supplies, and one helped him to set her on the back of the vehicle. He grabbed a blanket sitting behind her and pulled it around her shoulders before the EMTs shooed him away to check her condition. They poked and prodded as doctors and nurses were apt to do and she yelped when they attempted to straighten her leg.

She found the profiler again in an attempt to distract herself from the pain and found him talking to one of the paramedics who had been checking on Shaun. They were both standing a few feet away from the vehicle along with what she assumed were three other cops. One of the three was engaging both Jayden and the medic in heated conversation, but that didn't concern her as much as the bleeding wound on Jayden's forehead did.

Was he even going to get himself looked at? "Hey!" She called out. "You should get that checked!"

He turned away from the uniformed woman and the officer to stare over at her in confusion.

"Your head! You're hurt."

Jayden tilted his head to the side and smiled that same barely-there smile as before. "You're not the first person to tell me that, Miss Paige!"

Is he...amused?

"Miss." She looked down at the EMT who was setting her leg in a splint. "We're going to have to take you with us for more tests at the hospital." He flashed a small light into her eyes and she found it hard to focus on his face.

She stubbornly tried to pick out Jayden from the crowd again only to notice that he and his fellow officers had disappeared. "There was an FBI agent with Shaun and I. The killer hit him on the head pretty badly, and he needs to be looked at too."

"We'll send someone to find him, but right now we need you to relax."

Madison sighed as they pulled her into the vehicle and glanced over at Shaun, who peered back at her. She smiled reassuringly at him, and introduced herself."Hi, Shaun, I'm Madison. I'm a friend of your father."

"You are? ...Where is he?" The poor boy was exhausted. Both the rings around his eyes and his voice emphasized that fact.

"He's with the police right now, but he will be with you soon. I promise."

Shaun nodded once, before closing his eyes. He was what mattered. With Shelby gone, no more harm could come to him or any other children, and they could live on in peace.

She leaned back and let her eyes slowly drift shut, the nightmare finally over for all of them.