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A Second Chance

Ten thousand years. Ten thousand years of constant training. Ten thousand years since he lost his children to three beautiful women and his unborn miracle child to another beautiful woman. Ten thousand years since he felt the ultimate betrayal. Ten thousand years since he lost everything.

A figure stood in an empty void; down, left, right, up had no meaning here. There was just white everywhere. Collecting himself the figure took one glance around before going through hand seals and spoke an ancient language that tore open a passageway big enough for him to walk through not knowing what awaited him on the other side.

A fifteen year old girl was making her way home with a smile on her face as she had just passed the Genin Exams. She stood at a height of 5' 5" with long blonde hair tied in a ponytail and violet eyes. Her skin was lightly tanned and had an impressive bust that was C-cup. Her name was Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruko, only child of Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato. To the public she is only known as Uzumaki Naruko in order to protect her from her father's enemies, both inside and outside Konoha. Once she reaches the rank of Jōnin she'll be able to use her full name. She was also the first jinchūriki for the Kyūbi no Yōko who had attacked the day she was born.

In order to defeat the demon Minato sealed it into his daughter at the cost of his life. She had been told of her burden on her eighth birthday and had met the beast which to her shock had been female and even had a human form. She had told Naruko that her real name was Akane and the reason of her attack. Over the years the two had become close friends.

Shortly after the sealing the Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen made a law forbidding anyone to talk about the beast in the girl when he was how they reacted to the news. Luckily the girl still had her mother to raise her and despite the hardships she did an excellent job.

She was taught by not only her mother, the famed S-class kunoichi nicknamed the Aka no Shi (Red Death), but also her godfather Jiraiya, one of the Densetsu no Sannin and sensei to her father, as well as Tsunade, another member of the Densetsu no Sannin and being the world's top medic along with taking up the mantle as the Godaime Hokage after her father's death. She was also taught things other than fighting by Hiruzen every so often.

Because of all this she was somewhere between high-Chūnin to low-Jōnin in skills. However she took to heart when she learnt that a ninja's most important weapon is deception which is why she was the "dead last" at the Academy. She just hoped she wasn't paired with Sasuke-teme or any of his more hardcore fan girls.

She was just passing the Hokage Monument when she collapsed to her knees as an incredible amount of pressure suddenly appeared. As she looked around she noticed she wasn't the only one. Everywhere she looked civilians and ninja were collapsing to their knees or just outright passed out. She finally was able to stand up when she lifted her head and saw a bright white light that was coming from the top of the monument. Steeling her nerves she headed towards it.

Naruko wasn't the only one who spotted the light. Shinobi and kunoichi from all across the village were racing towards it.

As Naruko reached the top she spotted her mother, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Hiruzen as well as at least a hundred others up there including all of the Clan Heads and their heirs. She was brought out of her thoughts as the light got smaller until it was about seven feet tall and five feet long. She gulped as she spotted a black spot in the middle of the light as it got bigger and bigger until she and everyone else could make some kind of form out of it.

'This power it can't be possible' she heard Akane mumble.

'Akane-chan what's going on? You've felt this kind of power before?' Naruko thought.

'Y-yes but it shouldn't be possible. This is the power of the Jūbi but how can it exist when we are still separated as nine? What disturbs me more is that it's different from before… like it's been tamed' Akane thought back in a tone Naruko has never heard from her before… fear.

Naruko paled at that. One of the things Akane told her over the years was how the bijū came to be and the thought of her facing a being with that much power terrified her.

She was brought back to the current moment when the figure stepped out of the light. Everyone's eyes widened at what they saw. The first thoughts were those of 'Yondaime-sama, sensei, Minato-kun and father.'

The figure did indeed look like the Yondaime Hokage Namikaze Minato although once people got a better look they spotted a few differences. He was a bit taller standing at 6' 3" and while he had the same color and style hair as well as the same blue eyes they noticed his eyes had slits in them. He was dressed in black steel-toed boots, black shinobi pants, a loose fitting dark red shirt and a cloak just like the Yondaime's except white with red flames it was black with red flames and had a picture of a ten-tailed golden kitsune on the back as well. The last thing they noticed were the six whisker like marks on his cheeks just like 'me' thought Naruko.

This figure was indeed Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto.

Naruto stood facing the mass of shinobi and kunoichi. He looked over all those assembled. He recognized all but one; a young beautiful female whom he guessed was the female version of him in this dimension as he sensed the Kyūbi no Yōko inside her.

He had to keep his emotions in check when he saw her, the mother of his unborn child, Senju Tsunade. She was just as much of a goddess as he remembered but he had to remind himself that this wasn't his Tsunade; the one who let him cry on her shoulder when he lost Jiraiya and him being the only one to see her tears, the one who consoled him when he lost Iruka during the war, the one who made his heart leap whenever he saw her smile, the one he made love to.

Tsunade motioned for Jiraiya and Hiruzen to follow her as she tried to fight down her blush as this man looked at her with such intense eyes. Sure she had just recently turned fifty but she was still a woman. One who never had a man look at her like that. Sure she dated but she never found anyone special and even though one of her nicknames was The Legendary Sucker she was very much a virgin and the only time she ever saw the male anatomy was strictly during business hours. Something she made sure was a well kept secret.

She stopped roughly ten feet in front of him. She cleared her throat and spoke "My name is Senju Tsunade and I am the Godaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato. Who are you and what are your intentions in my village?"

She saw him look around again before settling back on her eyes "My name is Naruto" Kushina's and Jiraiya's eyes widened at that "I came here by mere chance. My previous home was destroyed and I was severely injured. After healing I used a one time jutsu that took me here."

Tsunade raised an eye at that. She heard running and turned her head slightly to see Naruko tell something to Kushina whose eyes widened. Seeing her ask what she assumed a question as Naruko nodded her head Kushina came running toward her. After repeating what Naruko told her, her eyes widened as well before she herself looked towards Naruko seeing her nod again.

Turning back to the man she spoke again "Tell me Naruto. What was the name of your home that was destroyed? Also why does one of my most trusted kunoichi believe you have something that shouldn't be possible as they are still separated?"

She saw him tighten his fists when she mentioned his home then stiffen at the last question. She saw him shoot a glance toward Naruko before lowering his gaze toward the ground.

Looking back up Naruto spoke "I'll tell you if you agree to my terms. First I want you to send your ninja at least fifty yards away except the ones I wish to stay. If they are not here then I will wait till they arrive unless they are out of the village at the moment. Secondly what I say stays between this group. I will allow you to summon Gamabunta, Katsuyu and any others you wish. Finally I would like for whoever knows the strongest privacy jutsu amongst your group to place one up as I'm sure you'd not want me making any hand seals."

Seeing no immediate harm she agreed to the terms. After asking for who he wished she tasked sending for those who weren't here. Once they arrived she ordered her ninja at least fifty yards back. One she had to have escorted away. Someone Naruto severely didn't wish to see if the light killing intent leaking from him was an indication. Then she nodded toward Jiraiya who put up the strongest privacy jutsu he knew.

Now within the confines of the jutsu was Naruto, Tsunade, her apprentice Shizune, Jiraiya, Sarutobi Hiruzen, Uzumaki Kushina, Uzumaki Naruko, Sarutobi Asuma, Hatake Kakashi, Yūhi Kurenai, Maito Gai, each of the Clan Heads with Uchiha Mikoto as the Uchiha Clan Head, Inuzuka Hana, Mitarashi Anko, Uzuki Yūgao, Morino Ibiki and the only civilians Ichiraku Teuchi and his daughter Ayame.

Going through hand seals Tsunade summoned the boss of the Slugs Katsuyu, Jiraiya summoned the boss of the Toads Gamabunta as well as Fukasaku and Shima, two powerful Sage toads, Hiruzen summoned the boss of the Monkey clan Enma, Kushina summoned two toads the same size as Gamabunta called Gamaken and Gamahiro, Hatake Kakashi summoned his personal pack of ninken with the leader of the pack a pug named Pakkun, and Mitarashi Anko one of the late arrivals summoned one of the biggest snakes she could that was easily five times her size.

The first to speak amongst the summons was Fukasaku "Jiraiya-chan you have the worst sense of timing! A powerful being has entered our dimension and it has caused chaos amongst the summoning world! If that's not enough the Great Toad Sage has said that the prophecy he told you is no more and that a new one is in place but refuses to say what it is!"

Jiraiya was left speechless as was everyone else as their own summons nodded or hissed in agreement to the small toad.

"I believe the source of all of this is the man in front of us" spoke Hiruzen.

At once all the summons looked at the figure before Fukasaku and Shima gasped "Im-impossible! How can this be? How can he have that power?" Shima managed to get out.

"What power?" questioned Kushina.

"The power of the Jūbi" replied Fukasaku staring at Naruto. He could sense the unfathomable power coming from this man and he was barely able to keep his body from trembling.

"What the hell is the Jūbi? I thought there were only ninebijū with the Kyūbi no Yōko being the strongest" questioned the snake user Anko.

"All nine bijū were once one being, known as the Jūbi. Its youki was so massive and overwhelmingly foul and potent enough that it brought total despair and destruction to the world" Fukasaku stated then was cut off by Naruto.

"But then a man appeared. A man so powerful that he would be known as the world's first Shinobi no Kami and also became known as the Kono Yo no Kyūseishu (Saviour of this World). This man was the Rikudō Sennin."

Everyone's eyes accept the summons widened at this. Ignoring them Naruto continued.

"In order to protect the world from the Jūbi, the Sage developed a new technique. The Sage was able to use this technique to seal the beast into his own body, allowing him to harness and control its terrifying power and making him the first jinchūriki. Though he had successfully sealed the Jūbi, its power was so great that the seal would break after the Sage's death. Aware of this, the Sage used the rest of his strength to divide the beast's power into nine parts, which would become known as the bijū. He then used a special jutsu to seal the Jūbi's remains and send them into the sky where no one could ever reach them, thus creating the moon."

Taking a pause Naruto looked at them. Each had their mouth open in shock. He looked at Fukasaku "Would I be right so far Fukasaku?"

Fukasaku nodded before he snapped his head up to look at him "How do you know my name? As far as I remember neither my name nor any of the summons' names have been mentioned."

Naruto gave a small smile at that "I'll tell you when I'm finished with my story. Now as many don't know the Sage had two sons. The eldest was born with the Sage's "eyes": the powerful chakra and spiritual energy. The youngest was born with the Sage's "body": the willpower and physical energy. On his deathbed he chose his youngest to be his heir.

Angered over this the eldest son attacked his younger brother. The eldest son would go on to establish the Uchiha clan and the youngest would establish the Senju clan with both clans continuing this fight. Over the years two new clans would emerge: members of the Uchiha clan would have a mutation in their eyes and would leave to establish the Hyūga clan while certain members of the Senju clan would develop unique chakra that would grant them incredible longevity and would leave to establish the Uzumaki clan."

Kurenai the red-eyed beauty spoke up "Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that each of these clans is related to the Rikudō Sennin and that all four now live in Konoha?"

Naruto nodded at her "That would be correct. I was just as shocked as you were when I learned of this. Of course I also found it slightly amusing that a majority of the clans either dislike each other or have even out right tried to eliminate the other."

The head of the Hyūga clan Hyūga Hiashi, Senju Tsunade, Uchiha Mikoto and the two Uzumaki females couldn't help but look at each other as well as the others staring at them.

"Tell me Jiraiya have you heard of an organization called Akatsuki?" Naruto inquired from the Sannin.

Jiraiya froze as he heard that. He had indeed heard of the name but knew little on them despite his spy.

"I see from your reaction you have. I will tell you their goal. They wish to capture the bijū and therefore the jinchūriki as well. There are eleven members. Deidara of Iwa, the immortal Hidan of Yugakure, Hoshigaki Kisame of Kiri, Kakuzu of Taki, Sasori of Suna, Zetsu of Kusagakure, Orochimaru who I'm sure you all recognize, Uchiha Itachi" he was cut of by a scream of "That's where you sent my daughter you old perverts" by one Uchiha Mikoto. 'Girl?' Naruto thought. That was one major difference from his world.

"Anyways these next two names I believe you should recognize Jiraiya, Konan one of the only two female members who is a paper user of Amegakure, the man who is the figurehead of this organization but is the second strongest who goes by the name of Pein now but once was known as Nagato" Jiraiya's eyes widened for what seemed the hundredth time that day.

'I can't believe they're both alive. Maybe Yahiko is too' Jiraiya thought to himself.

"And finally the mastermind behind all of this and the strongest member Uchiha Madara" finished Naruto.

"How can he still be alive? He'd have to be over a hundred years old" spoke Nara Shikaku for the first time.

"Tell me Mikoto-san what levels do you know of your bloodline?" questioned Naruto to the beautiful Uchiha.

"Well when unlocked each Uchiha starts with one tomoe in each eye. Through training and experience each eye will gain a maximum of three tomoes. Then there is the next level called the Mangekyō Sharingan. To acquire the Mangekyō Sharingan, one must kill the person who is extremely close to the Sharingan user and the emotion of the loss is responsible for unlocking it. However constant use of it will further degrade the eyesight of the user until the user is completely blind" Mikoto explained with a regretful tone when she spoke of the second level to her clan's bloodline.

"Correct. However there is one more level that only Madara had reached called the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. To get this you must take the eyes of another Mangekyō Sharingan user, the closer they are related the better. Madara achieved this by murdering and taking the eyes of his brother who also obtained the second level. Not only does this process restore one's eyesight, but it also gives the person greater power, along with eternal youth which is how he is still alive" Naruto informed.

"So there's an organization of eleven members at least S-class each with each having a unique set of skills… do you know what they wish to use the bijū for?" questioned Sarutobi Asuma this time.

Naruto looked up to the sky "Hai, while Pein wishes to use the bijū to make a weapon powerful enough to wipe one of the major countries completely of the map with one shot to make his vision of "peace" a reality… Madara has other plans. He wishes to recreate the Jūbi then become jinchūriki to it giving him immense power and the ability to project his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan on to the moon. He intends to use the moon, the prison of the Jūbi's body, to cover the world in an "Infinite Tsukuyomi", thereby letting him control every living being, creating a world in which no war or crime is occurred."

Shima the female Toad Sage spoke up "But then how do you have the power of the Jūbi?"

Naruto looked back at them with a sad smile "Because in my world we failed. Akatsuki had managed to capture seven of the nine before Madara once again made his presence to the world known. In response to denying him myself and the host of the eight-tailed he declared the Fourth Great Shinobi World War. Due to things that happened in Konoha earlier I had become the Rokudaime Hokage at the age of sixteen and since I was the strongest of the Kages as well as had the most information on Akatsuki I also became the leader of the Shinobi Alliance consisting of the five main hidden villages along with any allies we had with the minor ones" by the time he finished Naruto had decided to sit down.

"What happened in Konoha?" Tsunade asked fearing the answer.

"It was destroyed by Pein using one jutsu" Naruto told her bluntly.

"How? How did he manage to do that with one jutsu?" the only red-head of the group asked.

"Jiraiya should know. He trained Konan, Nagato and another shortly after he and his teammates had been defeated by Hanzō in Ame" Naruto said looking over toward Jiraiya whose face was grim.

Seeing everyone looking at him even the summons he relented "Nagato possesses the Rinnegan."

Before anyone could question this Naruto commented first "I'm guessing his grandfather or great-grandfather was born from a Senju and Uchiha, however that happened is anyone's guess."

"Anyways over the next four years Madara had managed to collect the eight-tails and was now focusing his attention on me. Even with eight bijū in his control he could only use one at a time and for only a limited amount of time before he had to recuperate until he could do it again. We managed to figure out how much time and we would strike our hardest during these times. Everything seemed to be going in our favor until" here he took a deep breath, his fists digging into the dirt "until I was betrayed. Inoichi" he called catching the man's attention "I believe you have a jutsu that allows you to display someone's memories when you go into their mind. Would I be correct?"

Getting a nod from him Naruto continued "I know you'd rather keep your distance but it would be easier if you were to do this. If you want you can have the summons restrain me if it makes you feel safer" Naruto chuckled at his joke.

Seeing Inoichi raise an eyebrow the Toad boss who had been unusually quiet spoke up "What he means is even if we all fought together we wouldn't stand a chance. His power is that great."

Inoichi not exactly feeling any better at that statement decided to give this Naruto guy some trust. So far everything he's said the summons already knew or accepted. Going through the required hand seals he finished the jutsu and entered Naruto's mind where a window made of chakra appeared above Naruto's head as he laid down for the procedure.


Naruto was smiling as he walked into the Hokage's office. He already had seven children with three beautiful women and now his beloved Tsunade-chan was pregnant as well. Since she was in her fifties they knew the odds of her being able to have children still were extremely low. He remembered how their relationship started. First as brother and sister, then grandmother and grandson, then as best friends, till they finally realized that they were truly deeply madly in love with each other. Tsunade was hesitant because of the difference in age but he managed to convince her to give him a chance and she never regretted a second of it. She had said she was about two months pregnant. They both concluded the child was most likely conceived on his birthday. He giggled as he remembered his special birthday gift his four loves gave him that night well into the morning.

Meanwhile Inoichi inside his mind blushed at the scene and everyone outside did as well with some passing out with a severe nosebleed. Tsunade and Ayame were blushing the most and when they glanced at each other it only intensified their blushes.

Back to the memory Naruto just sat down when the door burst open with Shizune having a look that made Naruto feel his heart was going to stop.

"N-naruto-kun I'm so sorry. Th-they betrayed us" Shizune sobbed out as she fell to the floor.

Rushing to her Naruto hugged her "Shizune-chan what happened?"

She looked into his eyes tears running down her cheeks "Sakura somehow found out about your children and their mothers and she told Hinata" Naruto's eyes widened at that. He remembered how she told him she loved him during his battle with Pein and afterwards he told her he didn't have those types of feelings for her. She pleaded with him to reconsider, that she would do anything for him. He just told her he was sorry then left her alone. After that she changed. She became unstable and cold. She mercilessly beat her father and sister and became the new Clan Head. Over the years it only became worse and she finally cracked as Sakura knew she would when she learned Naruto was secretly married and had children with these women.

She sent all of her available branch members and main house members to go after his two wives who were currently living in their respective countries for theirs' and their children's safety. She had them kill the women while delivering the children to Madara as Sakura had told her where he and her 'Sasuke-kun' would be. As for Hinata herself she personally killed Ayame after making her watch her kill her children before leaving a message where to go.

Naruto didn't move an inch. He didn't blink. Shizune wasn't even sure he was breathing "Naruto-kun?" she whispered as she touched his cheeks.

When he looked at her she gasped as his eyes were in Sage mode but instead of his eyes being golden they were completely red as if he was using the fox's chakra. Before she could say anything he used his father's Hiraishin no Jutsu as he had placed seals all over Konoha as well as the Elemental Nations.

He made it to the spot in less than an hour. On the way he smelt Sakura and Hinata along with some Hyūga bodyguards who were on their way to regroup with Madara and Sasuke. He didn't even give them a chance to react as he powered a Rasengan in each hand and shoved it in the back of each of their head killing them instantly.

Currently he was snarling at Madara while Sasuke had that smirk. It seemed he either seemed to be smirking or sneering.

"Where Are They!" Naruto grounded out.

Chuckling Madara opened a door revealing his children… his five dead children. The sight of them pushed him over the edge. One by one youki tails popped up behind him until he was at the final tail, the ninth.

Faster then Sasuke's Mangekyō Sharingan could follow his head was sliced off by a blade made of wind. Madara simply stared at the headless corpse before using that annoying space-time ninjutsu of his to avoid Naruto's attacks.

'Yes let the fox's power flow through you. Then I will be able to suppress it and finally complete my dream' he laughed in his head and that's exactly what he did. Naruto out of his mind was unable to resist Madara's Sharingan and was defeated.

When he woke up the process was already on its way. He felt pain in every cell in his body as the fox was being removed from the seal. Once finished he watched helplessly as he laid there dying as Madara welcomed the second coming of the Jūbi. Unfortunately for Madara human bodies aren't meant to handle youki, especially that amount. The last thing Naruto saw was Madara's body exploding before a white light enveloped him.

'Where am I?' Naruto thought as he opened his eyes. Suddenly everything came back. He broke down. He had lost his children. He had lost everything. He simply floated there in the white void.

He had no idea how long he was there until a voice woke him "Is this what my descendent has been reduced too? Where is this 'Will of Fire' I heard so much about?"

Turning his head Naruto's eyes widened at the figure before him. He had long, spiky hair flowing backwards, in a style similar to Uchiha Madara's. He wore what appeared to be a cloak with a high open collar or armor similar to that worn by Senju Hashirama, showing his necklace with six red magatama. This man was the Rikudō Sennin.

"What do you mean descendent?" Naruto questioned.

The legendary man answered "As you already know my sons went on to establish the Uchiha and Senju clans. What you don't know is that over the years two more clans came to be: the Hyūga clan came to be when the Sharingan mutated in a portion of the clan and the Uzumaki clan came to be from certain members of the Senju clan who had very unique chakra that would let them live longer lives as one of the benefits."

"What does it matter now though? They're all gone" Naruto whispered.

"True they are gone in this world but they are still alive in other worlds, different dimensions that differ from each one by the choices we make."

Seeing the small light of hope in Naruto's eyes he asked another question "Tell me Naruto, what do you think happened to the power of the Jūbi? Power like that doesn't just disappear."

Seeing the blank look on his face he continued "It went to the closest source that had the potential to hold its power… you."

Naruto's eyes widened at that. How would he be able to hold its power? No human was capable of that, Madara being a prime example… unless "I'm a demon now" he breathed out.

"Yes. Because you are my descendent a small trace of the Jūbi's DNA was in you and with the seal still partially active your body was destroyed and recreated to contain the power. You are the new Jūbi. But you have a chance to become even stronger than the monster I faced. When I fought against the original Jūbi it was a mindless beast that sought only destruction. It could not use its power to its full potential. But you… you can. You can wield a power that would make me look like a first year Academy student." Naruto chuckled at that.

"If you train you should also gain the information the Jūbi gathered over the years: both in its original form and any info the tailed-beasts gained as well as their hosts. You have been given what no one else has Naruto… a second chance, a second chance to save your precious people, a second chance to find love, a second chance to relive your life" and with that the Rikudō Sennin faded from view.

Naruto laid there for some time. He went over everything he had just learned. Steeling his resolve he found himself able to move and began his training. He wouldn't let them down again.

Flashback End

By the time it was done everyone was up again. To think this being in front of them was over 10,000 years old and went through the life he showed them was incredible. Kushina was actually jealous for the first time since her husband died when she saw how much love he showed to Tsunade, Ayame and those other two women. While she loved Minato and always will… the passion Naruto showed was unlike anything she or any other woman present had ever experienced. She had a very good idea what his full name was and she still felt this way.

She noticed as Naruto got up he wiped the tears from his face. Stepping closer to him she asked what had been on her mind as she noticed there was something missing from the memories he showed "Naruto" she called getting the man's attention "what happened to your parents?"

"My parents died the day I was born; my father by sealing the Kyūbi no Yōko into me by summoning the Shinigami and my mother was killed by a man named Shimura Danzō. He knew what my father was planning so while my mother was still weak from the birth he murdered her knowing with her out of the way it would be easier to make me into his own personal weapon" Naruto spoke.

"And who were your parents?" Kushina asked hoping she was wrong.

"My father was named Namikaze Minato and my mother was Uzumaki Kushina. During my battle with Pein I met my father in the seal as he placed a part of his soul in it to watch my life and if I ever would have been moments away from calling upon the ninth tail while not in control of myself he would show up to reinforce the seal in a one time deal" Naruto took a breath before he continued "for sixteen years I had no knowledge of who my parents were. Those that knew had kept it a secret from me. When I learned that the man I idolized, the one that made my childhood a living hell was my father I knocked him on his ass. Over time I forgave him. My mother… my mother was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She had long lovely red hair and amazing violet eyes. She truly was a goddess amongst mortals."

During his speech Naruto had closed his eyes so he missed the tears coming from Kushina's eyes and the massive blush she wore as well as the jealous glares she was receiving.

Opening his eyes he looked into her violet eyes "The moment I saw you I knew who you were. You have no idea how happy I am to see you for the first time. But I can never see you as my mother. There are just some things that I will never know and knowing a mother's love is one of them. I would love to get to know you as a friend, as a woman though."

Kushina who had tears running down her cheeks gave a small smile at that, her heart beating a little faster at his last statement.

Tsunade who had tried to ignore the images and thoughts of her and Naruto together along with the thought of her being a mother spoke up "What will you do now?"

"I will make sure what happened in my world doesn't happen here. Besides Akatsuki there are other threats to Konoha that happen before they begin to make their move. While I don't know when Orochimaru had left Akatsuki he eventually built his own village in Rice Field Country called Otogakure no Sato. During the Chūnin Exams in Konoha six months after I became a Genin, Orochimaru attacked the village along with his ally Suna using their jinchūriki as their main weapon."

Hiruzen raised an eyebrow at that "Why would Suna attack us? We are allied with them."

"Over the years the Wind Daimyo has been outsourcing missions to Konoha, leading to a lack of funding for Sunagakure. As a result Suna is desperate and with Orochimaru promising Konoha's destruction if they join the Kazekage gladly accepted" Naruto explained.

"He is right. My spies have told me the same thing. I wouldn't be surprised if Orochimaru used this knowledge to his benefit" commented Jiraiya.

Naruko the youngest person their spoke up next to her mother "He should stay in Konoha. He could stay with us in the Namikaze compound. We have plenty of room. Besides" here she blushed "Akane-chan has stated she would like to get to know him better." Everyone else was aware of Akane as Naruko told them what she told her.

"Who is Akane?" Naruto questioned.

"You don't know? Akane is Kyūbi's real name" commented the young beauty.

Naruto's eyes widened at that "I never knew the bijū had genders. With all the times my world's Kyūbi tried to take over my body I never really thought about it. Although if I had to guess by the sound of its voice it would have probably been male" Naruto shrugged while Naruko just stared at him. 'You wouldn't do that would you Akane-chan' questioned Naruko.

'If it was the only way to get some of the hotty over there… then yeah I probably would' responded Akane. Naruko just blushed at her comment before she responded 'Would you even know what to do? If I remember you are still a virgin' she thought back with a successful grin when she received a mental image of Akane pouting.

"If it's okay with Kushina then I would be fine with that. There are some things I will be doing that would be best kept to me for now in the future" responded Naruto.

Kushina just gave him a smile in assurance.

"Soooo what exactly do we tell the village and more specifically the rest of the council about who you are?" spoke up the feral beauty Inuzuka Tsume.

Naruto just shrugged and said "That my name is Namikaze Naruto and that I'm a long lost cousin of Minato's. If I remember correctly male Namikazes are pretty similar in looks and I do have both Namikaze and Uzumaki blood running through me so I can open any necessary blood seals even though I'm a demon now."

Hiruzen nodded at that "That'll work. The only problem will be the Civilian Council as they will demand something knowing them." Each of the Clan Heads groaned at that knowing it was true.

"Well I solved that problem by killing off the Elders and the Civilian Council… most of it anyways" Naruto commented getting wide eyes from everyone.

"What? After I learned that bastard Danzō killed my mother I sent some of my trusted people to go through everything he'd been up to. They found stuff dating all the way back when the Sandaime was just starting his reign. He was also partially responsible for Akatsuki as well as Hanzō promised to support Danzō in his plan to rule Konoha if he and his Root aided Hanzō in his fight against the rebels in his country led by Yahiko, Konan's and Nagato's best friend since childhood. In the end Yahiko died and Nagato killed the entire enemy force except Danzō who was able to escape with the loss of an arm and eye."

"What about the rest of them though?" questioned Hiruzen. If what Naruto said was true then that could explain Danzō's injuries as he obtained them around the same time as the Danzō from Naruto's world.

"They were all corrupt. Your former teammates had been siding with Danzō long before the Yondaime came into power. They had been using village funds to fund his co called "disbanded" Root program. He had also been bribing the Civilian Council to make them vote on his side. But what they seem to forget was that this is a ninja village first and foremost. The civilians came here asking for protection. This village is not a democracy but a dictatorship with the Hokage being the final say in ALL matters. Anything they did concerning the village without the Hokage's consent is considered treason… and the only punishment for treason is death."

By the end of his speech they were all moved by the passion in his voice. Tsunade smiled at that 'I can't wait till the next council meeting' she thought with a smirk. Hiruzen smiled as well at this man while thinking 'Damn I wish he was here ten years ago.'

Looking up at the position of the sun Naruto sighed "We've been up here for almost two hours and I don't know about you but going without food for over 10,000 years has made me hungry. I could definitely go for some ramen" he paused before looking at Ayame and Teuchi "if that's okay with you two. I would understand if you're a little freaked out over everything."

Looking at her father they seemed to come to a silent agreement before she responded with a slight tinge to her cheeks "While it will be awkward for awhile you are welcome at Ichiraku Ramen anytime."

Naruto smiled before he bowed before them shocking them and everyone else. Turning to Tsunade he said "There is more I am willing to tell at the moment but it'll be easier if I just write it down instead of speaking for hours."

Nodding her head she decided to finish things up "For security reasons 'Even though he probably knows everything about Konoha as a Hokage and could wipe as all out with one finger' for now I'll have Kakashi, Kurenai, Asuma and Gai along with anyone else who wishes be your escorts for today. I'll stall the council meeting that I know will happen for three days, by then we should have things a bit settled down."

Before she could dismiss everything Fukasaku spoke up "You never did tell us how you know of us or how you managed to defeat Pein."

That caught everyone's attention again as they looked at Naruto for an answer "That's simple, I became a Sage, even surpassing Ero-sennin."

Getting wide eyes from the toads at the Sage part and confused eyes at the second part Naruto chuckled "Sorry force of habit. I'm assuming Jiraiya in this dimension is still a self-proclaimed "super pervert."

He assumed correct when everyone started laughing at that except Jiraiya who was fuming.

Wiping her tears she dismissed the summons and had Jiraiya lower the privacy jutsu. Making him promise to not cause too much trouble she, Hiruzen and Jiraiya left for the Hokage Tower after dismissing the nins who were outside the jutsu.

Thinking of all the paperwork she knew this was going to cause half way to the tower she stopped and mumbled to herself "I forgot to ask if he knew any secrets to defeating paperwork."