A/N: SO…. I'm back [obviously]. Okay, I want to get this out. Kris, GLOAT ALL YOU WANT! Fine, I lose. But people asked for a chapter… so, I give the people what they want. SUCKY CHAPTER WARNING!

Juniper- GlowinGreen

Nico- D.E.A.D-and-A.W.E.S.O.M.E

Grover- natureFreak09

Zeus- superXawesomeXlightningXdude

natureFreak09 has signed on.

natureFreak09: So…. is anyone on?

superXawesomeXlightningXdude: I AM!

natureFreak09: Who the frack are you!

superXawesomeXlightningXdude: the supa awsum litenin dude DUH!

natureFreak09: ZEUS!

superXawesomeXlightningXdude: again DUH! i mean, cmon who els is da supa awsum litenin dude?

natureFreak09: When did you change your username?

superXawesomeXlightningXdude: 5 secnds ago


superXawesomeXlightningXdude: ….


superXawesomeXlightningXdude: ….


superXawesomeXlightningXdude: …. HA! MINES STILL LONGER!

natureFreak09 has signed off due to being freaked out by Zeus.

superXawesomeXlightningXdude: AWW! CMON! y am i always bein left out? dis is lyk da 50th tym sum1s ditched me!

GlowinGreen has signed on.

GlowinGreen: Hey, Zeus, have you seen Grover?

superXawesomeXlightningXdude: ya he just left da chat!

GlowinGreen: Kay, thanks.

GlowinGreen has signed off.

superXawesomeXlightningXdude: i am alone once again :(

.: I'm here.

superXawesomeXlightningXdude: WHO ARE YOU!

.: Your mom.

superXawesomeXlightningXdude: i dont hhave a mum stupid! shes dead!

.: I'm a ghost.

superXawesomeXlightningXdude: OKKKAAAYYYY…. ill be rite bck.

*in the distance*

superXawesomeXlightningXdude: OH SWEET BROTHER OF MINE!

*no reply*

superXawesomeXlightningXdude: OH SWEET BROTHER OF MINE!

*still no reply*

superXawesomeXlightningXdude: OH SWEET BROTH–

.: Just shut up already. He's not going to come.

superXawesomeXlightningXdude: YOUR NOT DA BOSS OF ME!

.: Who said I was?

superXawesomeXlightningXdude: ME!

.: Kay, just go to the Hades cabin and give me the Lightning Bolt.

superXawesomeXlightningXdude: NO!

.: You just said I was the boss of you.


. has signed off due to severe poundings from older sister.

D.E.A.D-AND-A.W.E.S.O.M.E has signed off due to beating up little brother.

superXawesomeXlightningXdude: im alone again….

A/N: SUCKY CHAPTER! I'M SO SORRY! Well….. Um,,,,, that's it. Sorry, for my creative juices aren't flowing through my head at the moment.