!.! Ashur's Point of View!.!

My name, they ask me that now when the world is falling apart. Life has never been the same since the incident with the Silent, they infiltrate our souls, our lives, that was what master Atsuki told me, but now that I looked back on that maybe I should be glad that it never happened to me. Well as I was saying, My name is Ash Leon, and there is nothing you really need to know about me, other than the fact that I am a hunter, a hunter of the one things most humans don't even know exist. My father once told me that I was born to do great things, only now do I really know what he meant. Sitting across from the head of the Fort, just happened to remind me of that, I was supposed to report the night before but I was attacked on the way home, they had found me in an alley earlier that morning and now they were trying to figure out what happened, but my memories are fading, I feel dizzy. I stood up the room swaying, the last memory fragment that was keeping me together shatters, or at least that was what I thought it might have been as I fell onto the ground, my empty blue and gold eyes looking up at the ceiling. The reason I say gold and blue eyes is the fact that one of my eyes is blue and the other is gold because of the power of Lux pain, a very good power that is the basis of Fort, but now back to the story. My mind was so pained and I couldn't believe that I had been here, and yet now I had I awoke later, I was laying in a hospital bed in a white room, I opened my right eye, which has the power of Lux pain in it, how I even know what that is I won't be able to tell you, but for awhile I couldn't see. I sat up trying to see, but I couldn't see, at least not like I use to, and yet I didn't know what it was, there was a woman sitting next to me, she looked familiar but I couldn't put my hand on who she was. "Are you okay little boy..." I nod, my eye was hurting but my sight had come back for the most part, but I didn't want anyone to know what I could do, and that my sight was weak and was not like it had been, I had to be who I was, even if I didn't know who that really was, I kinda figured that the reason my sight was fading was because I didn't have the memories that came with it, but maybe it was also something else. The person who comes in the room next, his name is Atsuki if I remember right, but yet his name seems to be the only name I can remember...why is that? " Is he feeling a bit better?" I could hear them whispering near the door, they talk like I'm not here and I don't know they are talking about me, but that's where they are wrong. I won't speak up and say I can hear them because that just doesn't work out that way and it isn't something they really need to know, after all even if they could hear me not like they would stop talking. "Um excuse me I have to go to the bathroom..." I wanted to get out of this bed, I couldn't take it anymore, I had to leave, the shinen presence in this room was to dark for me to handle, but my question was why they hadn't sensed it to, they said they were with the fort and the fort members can sense that usually."Well let Natsuki go with you..." Natsuki was a small little girl who was one of the best of the telepath's and well he had known her very well but right now he was so out of it, and he didn't know her, and she was so sad becuase of what he was supposed to do. "Yes misstress..." she walked over to him and took his arm leading him out of the room as Atsuki and Nola continued to talk.

!.! in the hospital room!.!

"So he remembers nothing about the incident..." Atsuki had been the one who found Ashur lying on the ground, outside of the school. "No he doesn't seem to remember or he's not telling us... he was stationed near the Seagull news building, he had been watching someone...but the message was never finished..." Nola was talking about a message that he had sent to them before the incident had happened, but something had happened and his signal had been lost before he could finish what he was saying. "Do we have the message recorded?" Atsuki was looking at the door as if he was waiting for it to open, and he was thinking about the fact that this boy had no memories of anything, much less who he really was. "Yes we do, but the question we are asking is who would take all the memories away from him, and if it was a Silent what happened to the Silent?" At that moment the door opened and Natsuki rushed into the room, she looked frazzled and there was a imprint of a hand on her arm. "A..ash..." She was trying to catch her breath which was almost impossible. "What's wrong Natsuki?" Nola was over there in a moment, trying to calm the girl down while Atsuki appeared next to her. "It's Ash, he was in the bathroom in the corner when I went to check on him, and he was shaking, but then he ran out of the bathroom, towards the Seagull." She had finally caught her breath and she could tell him what the boy had done. Without another word Atsuki had turned and run out leaving Natsuki with Nola. "WAIT ATSUKI YOU DON"T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GETTING INTO TO." But Atsuki was already gone, and where he was standing both of them could sense that there a shinen there, a dark shinen that vanished as quick as they had sensed it.

!.!At the Seagull news place!.!

Ashur was standing in front of the Seagull area, and he was so confused. Why had he come here, was there any reason why he really wanted to be here, because he was so unsure of who he really was and what he needed. His eyes were focused on a blood stain on the ground, as he walked towards it, his side ached for some reason, and yet the bloodstain and this area seemed to so familiar. "Why does this place seem so..." he sighed and he wondered what he was doing, but he stopped above the bloodstain, his head hurt for some reason and all he could was stand there and look at it, not like he could anything else. 'This place it's so...cold...there's something here...' He turned and looked at the dark corner, where there seemed to be something and it was floating past him, but his thoughts were interrupted by a very familiar voice. "Ash what are you doing out here?" there was a blue haired girl standing at the entrance to the building, her name was well he didn't remember what her name was. But something about her seemed so familiar. "Who are you?" he asked out of curiosity, not because he wanted to be mean, but mainly because he wanted to meet others and yet his head had begun to pound. The boy fell back against the wall looking at her, and he wondered what was going on and he knew he had to work about things, and why his head really hurt.

!.!Mika's point of view!.!

As I moved towards the boy, he looked up at me, and was shivering, his body was pale and he was blushing slightly. Well at least it looked like he was blushing, but in all actually motives he had a bit of a fever. "Where did you come from?" The boy was shaking looking at the dark corner of the alley, he acted like there was something there. "come on..." I helped him up only to hear someone running towards us. "Mika where'd you find him?" It was Atsuki, and he looked nervous. "oh he was standing in front of the office, and well he was looking over at that corner..." I pointed at the corner where the boy had been standing, but I couldnt' see anything. "Well thank you Mika I'll take him with me now...you should get back to work..." Atsuki took the boy and picked him up holding him onto his back, the boy was panting, his body was warm to the touch and there seemed to be shinen clinging to him. "Alright well see ya later Atsuki..."

!.! Back at the hospital!.!

The boy was being placed back into the bed, his body was so weak, and cold but he was awake. Atsuki tried to use the Sigma power on him, but before he could that Shinen that had been plaguing him, had vanished and there was nothing they could do about this. "Atsuki...what happened I was in the bathroom and now I'm here..." The boy tried to get out of the bed, and he was so annoyed and he couldn't move very well but he had to deal with it and he couldn't believe he had managed to make it back here. "You were down by the Seagull News Office...you really don't remember..." Atsuki sat down next to the boy who seemed to be thinking about something. "No I don't I was here and I all I remember about that was seeing that Mika girl and that was it..." he seemed to be a bit lost as he talked, it was like he didn't even know why he was there or what had happened. "well jsut get some rest and will we figure out what to do..." Atsuki covered the boy with a blanket and walked out of the room to talk to Mika more about what happened but first he had to go see Nola. After all she was expected him to go and find her.

!.! in the boy's hospital room{Ashur's pov}!.!

A shadow falls onto the floor, the glass in the window shatters as a pained scream echoes from the room, but I am the only who can hear the scream and see the broken glass, no one else around can see what I do. "Who are you?" I ask stepping out of my bed, the floor was even colder than usual but that was because of the presence in the room. "Kill..kill...death...blood..." those words echoed through my head, but who were they coming from, the shadow in front of me had come through the window, but the thoughts were getting louder, as the door behind me creaked open. 'Don't turn around...' there was that voice of self-concious voice that was in my head and was causing some problems. "KILL KILL...YOU ARE GOING TO DIE FOR GETTING IN MY WAY..." The voices echoed in my ears, the words floating in front of my eyes and yet I didn't know why. I felt someone behind me, and I turned around backing up against the wall looking at another hospital patient, who was holding a needle in his hand. Looking closer I could see the shadow that was behind him. 'A Shinen...Atsuki help...' He just hoped his cry would reach him before something actually happened to him.

!.!The Cafeteria At Shinsei Hospital!.!{Atsuki's Pov}

'Things are just to confusing...if he saw something it would be in his mind...what could have erased it completely...' I was sitting at a table in the caferteria, drinking some tea..thinking about what the boy had said. Which made no sense, if he really remembered nothing, then what had happened and where was the silent, he wasn't clinging to the boy, but yet it was nowhere to be found and there had been no trace of it at the scene. But my thoughts were interrupted by a terrified cry, I looked around and there was no one around and then came the words that sounded so familiar, I had heard it before when...Ash was attacked. 'Atsuki...help...a shinen...' It was Ash's cry, this was the second time I had heard that cry, the first time had been when I was walking and Ash had been on a mission at the Seagull news. This was the second time that I heard Ash afraid of something, usually he was so tough, but this time there was honest fear in his voice. 'I'm coming Ash hang on...'I left my tea on the table racing out. 'I have to get to Ash before that thing hurts him again...' !.! Back in Ash's hospital room{Ash's Pov}!.!The shadow reached out to me, I tried to pull back away from him but something wouldn't let me move, the creature in front of me was trying to pry through my mind. "Get out of my head..." A bright yellow and red light flashed, filling the room, my eye started hurting as the light faded. 'Ow...' The door opened again to reveal Liu, another worker, known as a sweeper, the man grabbed my arm, the one that wasn't holding my eye. "Hey...ow..." The man who held me was digging his nails into my arm, I kicked up pulling away from him, the memories were trying to break out, or at least something was. "AAAH!" My head burned as I fell to the ground shivering, my sight blurring in and out. "ASH!" Atsuki was standing in the door, as he dropped his clipboard racing over towards me, pulling my hand off my eye, I could feel something warm sliding down my face from my eye. "Liu go get Nola and Natsuki and hurry..." Atsuki was running his hand over my forehead, whispering to me, but I was fading so fast that I couldn't hear him, all I saw around me were clouds of dust or something, it felt like a Shinen, but then there was nothing and then my eyes opened someone wiping the blood off of my eye. "A..atsuki..." My voice sounds harsh, and slightly krackling, but there was nothing I could do, and another thing I had noticed was I could barely see out my eye. "You're alright Ash...I'm here..." Atsuki was looking at my eye, and I didn't know why, but when he touched my eye I winced and he looked up at Nola. "that cut...was it from the shinen that was on that man?"Natsuki, the girl who had gone with me to the bathroom leaned down next to me, running her hand over the cut. "I wonder if the shinen left him..." I sat up just rubbing my eye shivering as Atsuki put a bandage over the cut under my eye. "Are you alright now..." My stomach growled as if responding to that question. "Well Atsuki go get him something to eat, while we get his school uniform...after all he will be going to school with you..." All I heard was the word school, and I shivered not wanting to have anything to do with that, and I knew Atsuki would want to keep me with him, if I stayed but I knew I couldn't leave after all. I couldn't barely move my head was still pulsating for some reason and my sigma vision was black unlike the normal color it was, for a moment my eye was black. "Well alright...come on Ash..." Atsuki looked at me as if he had seen something I just was hoping that it hadn't been my eye, but that was not my concern I was hungry so I nodded and wondered off to eat with Atsuki following me close behind, I wonder if the shinen was really in my eye or if I was just imaginings things, I would have to figure it out later. My mind was a blur, the things around me felt like they were nothing but a blur. !.!The lunch room{Atsuki's Pov}!.!Ash was sitting across from me, he looked confused and very tired, like something was running through his mind and he was having issues telling someone. "Ash are you sure you don't remember?" When I asked that question Ash flinched, like I had hit a nerve, but then he looked at me with fear in his eyes. I could tell he was hurting and he really didn't know what was going on, and why we were doing this to him. "No I don't remember now can we stop talking about that..." There was that dark presence again, and it was biting into the boy's shoulder, it was digging through his mind trying to find something. "Ash look at me..." The boy looked up, his right eye was a dark black which flickered out as soon as Mika walked over. "So Ash are you feeling better?" She was talking quickly as if something was bugging her. "Uh yea why..." he felt her tug his arm and pull him away, leaving me sitting at the table by myself. I got up to chase them and they were gone already, and all I could do was try to find them, it wasn't wise to let him be out there when he hadn't completely recovered yet.