Chapter 8: Kei's reappearance

Kei felt rough hands pick him up, but he was so badly beaten up and the car that had hit him did a number on him as well. He could barely breathe. "Don't worry child you will be fine..." He was placed on what seemed like a bed before his vision faded again. His vision was gone again and when he awoke again there was a man leaning over him. "Chief Ray..." The kid coughed, he didn't know how he knew that name. "Atsuki...he...ow...what the hey I wanna go home..." He groaned and clung to Ray, his vision fading out as if it was never really there. He couldn't see out of one of his eyes, the blood was dripping down from it, this was the child who had the power of Sigma...or Lux Pain as it had been called, the power was in both of his eyes. What would it do now that there was the risk of one of his eyes being damaged. "Just keep quiet child..." He moved to the car, placing the boy in it. They were heading back to Fort, the moment he was back at Fort. The boy was being rushed into the back, he was panting struggling to breathe.

He could barely focus much less chest hurt and he was clinging to the bed, coughing. Tears dripped down his face, Kei was strong, but he was still nothing more then a child. And this was all happening way to fast for him to understand. Nola moved out of the room and saw Kei, the oxygen mask over his mouth, the kids eyes had closed. And he was not awake anymore it seemed. "His pulse is dropping..."The doors slammed shut behind them as they rushed him into surgery. "We have to tell Atsuki know he'll want to know..." They all knew that Atsuki would want to know about Kei, though they didn't know how the kid had gotten separated from the older male again. "We will...though for now it's whether the kid survives or not...his telepath powers might have been damaged...We have to check on Atsuki we he wakes up tomorrow send Liu Yee...or Natsuki..." Though he would much rather have Liu go, Natsuki would be let into the house since she had been seen with Atsuki before.

~Kei's Dream~

The boy was floating in a dark place, his arms were chained and it seemed his legs were to, but what they were chained to was still to be seen. He could only open one eye, though he couldn't see at all, it was like it was too dark. Or maybe his vision had died and he couldn't see and never would again. "Kei...come to me...give me your power..." He winced and felt hands clawing at him, he tried to get away but the chains held him fast, this was his inner mind maybe. There was so many things he didn't understand, and he might as well have dealt with it. 'I won't give you my power never!' The boy cried out and his eyes flickered open, well the one he could actually see out of. The other one was covered in bandages, and he couldn't really move. He had to deal with it, now he just wanted to get out of here pulled the mask off of his mouth trying to stumble out of the bed though he was still wobbly. His only eye that could see was a empty color, very similiar to Atsukis. Though it was from the drugs he was on, or had been. They were probably still pumping through his body. Which made him feel like this. He used the IV thing as a cane as he walked. He had to use it to stand up or he'd fall over, though he wanted to find the others. "Atsuki-nii...Rui...Mika..." He winced and almost fell only to be caught by someone. It was Liu...he shivered and clung to him. "Liu-san...Where's Atsuki..." He flickered, as if he was weakening, just by standing here. His form was real, but he was still connected to Atsuki's soul.'Atsuki...' The young boy's voice would echo in Atsuki's mind waking him from his sleep, the child had passed out again and was back in his room though. Akira peeked into Atsuki's room. "How are you feeling?" Atsuki forced himself to sit up,yes his body hurt but he wouldnt' complain about it no matter how much it really hurt. "I'm fine...just sore..." He coughed it sounded really painful thought Atsuki didn't complain at all. He seemed to slip out of the bed, using what little strength he had, he wanted to get out of here.

"We have to go..."He wanted to get up again, though Honoka pushed him back into the room, it was just that way for now. "Atsuki you rest...It's good for you...specially right now..." She covered the boy up with the thin blanket again, placing the wet cloth on his forehead. "Akira could you get me the bag I brought with me. It has some medicine for Atsuki in it..." "Oh uh yea.." Akira raced out of the room to grab it, he felt that strange feeling of being watched, it was not something he liked. Though he could see no one, he just moved back into the room and set the bag down. "The red bottle right?" Akira was digging through it, pulling things out, there was a few needles in the bag, and as he placed them out on the table next to the bed he wondered how Atsuki would take the shots. "Yes get the blue if you has some pills he can take...since he is so stubborn and wants to go back to school..." She was just doing what was best for his health, not that he would listen to her when she told him to stay home anyway."Alright..." He grabbed it and put it down next to him, he would lift Atsuki up, to at least make him sit up long enough so he could get him to take the pills. "Swallow Atsuki carefully..." He lifted the glass of water up to his mouth, he wanted to make sure he was alright. Atsuki coughed, but forced himself to swallow. The water had gone down the wrong tube, but the pills were already starting to take some sort of effect. He felt tired, that was probably supposed to happen, or it was because he was worn out from last night still. "Tired..."Atsuki clung to Akira, not that it was something he did but he was acting like a kid. Not that it made much sense, sometimes things happened and he just had to put up with was worn out but after what had happened no one would be able to blame him though he didn't have any idea why he was like that. His body hurt like something was missing and he hated it, it was just way too complicated. 'What's can't be a who...there's no way...'

He just shook his head and closed his eyes trying to rest a bit, he was not about to push his body much more then he could, if he did push it way too hard he would end up hurting himself that was for sure. He started to fall asleep again, though as he looked to the corner of the room, standing there was a younger version of himself. " have to find me before they's dark getting darker...Ashur's power...mine's all part of the ritual...protect the ones with that power..." His form faded as Atsuki passed out, all he could hope was that his message had gotten to he would act on it, as Kei opened his eyes he was looking around still in Fort, sitting by his side was Nola he had no idea why she was still there. "What's going on...why are you here..." Last time she was here it was not a good thing and he hated it, he didn't wish to deal with it again. Never ever again, it would be way better if he didn't, and he kept his power away from them before it got used for something bad. Something that could destroy the world, and he would not have a part in that at all, anyone who tried to use him would have to respect his decision or he would just run and hide again."shh just relax...we are moving you into Atsuki's school...Liu has set up a house for you...he is your guardian till we can figure out what happened...and reconnect you and Atsuki..." The boy just nodded, though his body hurt and he was not sure if this was such a good idea anymore. What if something happened while they were at the school, he didn't want to get into trouble much less end up getting hurt again. "Is that a good idea I mean really...but Liu will be looking after me right? I mean I hope..." He liked Liu and wanted to keep him as close to his heart as he could. He wouldn't lose him or lose himself, not now he just had to make sure Atsuki was alright."Yes you will be leaving soon...your stuff has already been moved into the new house. And your school uniform is over there better put it on." He nodded, and slipped into the uniform though he had a hard time since one of his arms were so damaged that he could barely move it.

"Let me help you..." Liu helped the boy slip his shirt over his wounded arm before setting it again and wrapping the sling around it. He didn't want to get him hurt even more, but the boy had to go there it was for the best. He planned on doing his best to keep him out of harm's way."I'm ready to go...can we just go might as well get this day over with..." He didn't know how going to that school was going to help him, but he might as well try. As he let Liu pick him up and carry him out to the car, since the boy was sore and it was better for him not to walk. 'Sorry Atsuki I don't have a choice...whatever happened we have to find out...' He coughed, and clung to Liu, his body hurt and he was feeling a lot of pain now. He took something out of his pocket and popped the pill into his mouth, it was at least something to make the pain go away now. He just had to hope the school went a bit better then he thought it might.~Atsuki's house~The boy was forcing himself out of bed, into his school uniform. Akira wasn't in the room, but he had to be fast, he grabbed his bag and slipped out of the room, well the window. He wouldn't get caught but he felt like he had to be at the school like something was going to happen. He could hear the voices as Akira discovered he was gone, but by the time they got out there he was already out of sight. They had to have some idea of where he was going. Akira was smart like that after all, and he wouldn't hold it against him. "What is dragging me to the school..." he saw Ashur pop up next to him, and just look at him. "Atsuki are you sure you should be out don't look so good..."Atsuki just nodded, it wasn't like he had anything to say he just felt drawn to this place, and by the look on Ashur's face he was feeling it to. There was something going on, and he didn't know what he would be able to do stop it, even if he tried. There was just way too much that was going through his mind now. "Well come on Akira's trying to catch up...and you don't want him to find you do ya?"

Ashur grabbed Atsuki's arm and ran with him, not pushing the other male so hard, enough to at least get away from Akira nothing more. He looked up to see a car stop at the gates, and a small silver haired boy followed by Liu stepped out. "Young Master we will pick you up after class...try to stay out of trouble..." Liu didn't say a word, he just handed the boy a backpack, a lunch box and what looked like a notebook with a few pieces of papers in boy just nodded and start to walk into the school, he knew they were following him and he wanted to get out of here. So that was just the way it was. He had to get away from Atsuki before he found out who he was. "Can't let him find out...he will not be happy..." He winced and coughed trying to move, and he just collapsed against the wall, when he looked up Akira was leaning over him. He picked him up, and looked at him, he wanted to make sure he was alright. "Who are" The boy held onto Akira, and when he awoke again he was sitting in the nurse's office. "Ow my head hurts..." He slipped off the bed, looking to where Akira was talking to the nurse, he slipped past them out of the room, letting the door shut behind had to move fast to avoid Atsuki has he headed to his first class, he looked into the classroom and saw Atsuki as he took a seat between him and Ashur. "Akira is looking for you be careful Atsuki...he's in the nurse's office..." The boy started to take notes ignoring Atsuki now. He had to get through this class even if he didn't want to. Things happened, but as he got up to head to his next class, Atsuki stared at him. "explain what happened why are you here..." He just shook his head and moved to the next class. "Just leave me be Atsuki…protect those that matter to you before someone takes them away…" And with that he was gone as if he had never been there, though he was still there he had just moved out of sight heading to the next place he was supposed to be.

He had to wonder what Atsuki would do, there was only so much any of them could do to save the others but they had to try. He would only be able to hope that Atsuki and Ashur, along with Akira made the right decision of what they were going to do, or else Fort would have to get involved. And that would just make this worse, if they did get involved many lives would be lost. One sacrifice was nothing compared to all the lives that would be ended if they failed the mission that he was given.

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