Spell Caster

Chapter One: Mistakes

Author's Note: So it pretty much ignores the whole Founder's Day episode, but takes place somewhere around there. Hope you all like it.

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Stefan's Pov

I watched, a smile on my lips as Bonnie practiced spells using the many spell books the Salvatore Boarding house library had obtained over the many years. We were in the living room, Damon at my desk pouring over some book, being his usual self.

Elena was off with Caroline, shopping most likely. She was still angry with me for all the secrets I had been keeping and all the danger our relationship puts people around her in so we were on the brink of breaking up, though I couldn't find myself worried. Frankly she was getting on my nerves.

My attention was pulled back to Bonnie when she started mumbling some random words under her breath. I raised an eyebrow and Damon came closer to see what was going. He leaned on the edge of the couch next to me. Suddenly my brother and I were encased in pink light. Hissing we both sped halfway across the room from Bonnie as the light faded.

She opened her eyes and immediately started apologizing. "Oh my god guys! I'm sorry, I don't know what happened. I just has the urge to say that spell!"

"What spell was it, Bonnie?" I asked coming back over to her.

She blushed and looked away. Damon came over and picked up the book and snarled loudly. "Lust spell." He spat the words violently

My mind went blank and I was stunned still. The words echoing out my ears and ringing in my now hollow mind. I couldn't have heard him right, there must be a misunderstanding. Maybe he was lying?

"I don't believe you." I mumbled numbly hoping this was some cruel joke. I don't think I felt any different, so he couldn't have been telling the truth.

Damon snorted in laughter. He shook his head and walked over to me slowly, with each step butterflies seem to take flight in my stomach. Soon he was standing right in front of me. Damon, my brother with his wild dark locks of smooth hair, his piercing blue eyes that held so much emotion but none of it recognizable, and his smooth, soft skin that I desperately needed to touch. Not to mention his crimson red lips, stained with so many drops of blood.

I let out a deep breath trying to calm down as I noticed how close he really was. If I just moved an inch our lips would touch and..

NO! I snapped my mind out of it and looked away. "I believe you." I hissed and moved away from him, feeling the heat from my body fade but still throb down low, making me wish he had never gone near me.

I had no choice but to believe him now. It was true, I was attracted to my brother thanks to a mistaken lust spell.


Damon's POV

Pink light encased me and my brother. We hissed simultaneously and raced across to the other ends of the room. The witch started apologizing and I knew something was immediately wrong. Stefan asked her what the spell was but she wouldn't answer. I took the book and read the title.

Shock flowed through my body as I saw the words 'Lust Spell.'

"Lust spell." I spat venomously as I threw down the book in anger. My mind was spinning, it was clear that Stefan and I were now under a lust spell.

"I don't believe you." My brother mumbled. I snorted in amusement in my brother's denial. I shook my head and started walking over to him slowly, determined to shove it in his face to release my ever mounting anger.

I could see his eyes widen from there already unnaturally widened state. I could hear his breath hitch as I got closer and closer. I couldn't help but notice the way he bit his pink lips as I got closer and the way he bowed his head slightly trying to hide his face. His dark hair brushing low over his eyes. I felt the need to brush his hair back so I could see more of his beautiful face.

To look into those deep green eyes and to touch that beautiful skin, rub against him and just feel the friction between us. Slip my hand inside his pants and feel...

He took a deep breath and moved away hissing that he believed me and I let out a relieved sigh. Standing there for any longer and I could have fucked him right then and there with the witch watching us with her wide brown eyes and everything.

I was in total lust with my baby brother, there was no denying it!


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