Spell Caster

Hey everyone, I know I said there was going to be no sequel and that this was all done but I got very lovely message from a wonderful fan, Krazii Kayy, that gave me the idea and inspiration to write a sequel to Spell Caster! I think some other reviewers already mentioned adding Bonnie into their sex life but I couldn't find a suitable plot for it but Krazii Kayy gave me this amazing idea and it just mapped out all in my head and I see a bright future for this story!

Don't get too excited yet it might only appeal to some people. You could like it, you might hate it, or you could love it. Your call.

Title: After Shock

Summary: Sequel to Spell Caster. After a lust spell is placed over the brothers and they come out of the experience hand in hand they soon find there's always an after shock. The brother's have fallen for the witch that had all started this, Bonnie. D/B/S

So yes, this is a threesome relationship between Stefan, Damon, and Bonnie, so if this isn't your cup of tea, don't read it and for the sake of my sanity don't review.

I already have the prequel up on and am currently working on the first chapter so go read it if you want, you could like it. Plenty of incest with of course Bonnie our lovable witch added in. Two seductive vampires and a blushing witch, who could ask for more?