Writing WH40k fanfiction is fun as hell. I especially enjoy it because it kills time for me right now. Got a few reviews speaking of Sadira's character. Yeah, she is a Techpriest, but she's just an initiate. I am adapting her character right now, but not sure how I want to play her…. Someone mentioned that our Guardsman couldn't technically kill a Dork Eldar Archon, but we got to look at two things here. A) Nik came from a decade of frontline warfare. Now a Guardsman is only expected to live fifteen hours, but he survived a decade. B) Remember that he was with a psyker. Maybe our young magician weakened the Archon with his mind or through other such warp-craft.

"You are under our jurisdiction now,"

"Ha! I don't follow a psykers orders!"

"You will madam, or the Inquisition will strip you of your title, and you'll find yourself spending time with the Sisters Repentia,"

Sister Selyra's face was red with anger, while Jerrod's stayed blank. The older woman had been arguing with the much younger psyker for ten minutes now over just who was in charge of the defense of the city. Jerrod had clearly won the argument with the threat of having her stripped of rank.

"Now, if you don't mind, I will need your initiates to ready themselves for an evacuation,"

"How do you expect us to evacuate? We have one working vehicle!"

"I have contacted the PDF's commanding officer, and they are on their way to take you all to the capitol city,"

Selyra's face got even redder. She seemed to hate that Jerrod had gone over her head and contacted the local regiment of Guard. Nik watched as Selyra marched off toward the chapel in a huff. He didn't dare step close while they were arguing in fear that she'd yell at him too. Once she got a good distance away Nik trotted over to Jerrod, and filled him about the attack.

"I know already,"

Nik was taken aback for a second before he remembered he was talking to a psyker. They tended to know a lot of things before they were told.

"What do we do?"

"We evacuate,"

"Will the PDF be here on time?"

Jerrod stayed silent.

Not a good sign.
"Jerrod? Will the PDF be here on time to save them?"

"Most of them. Some will probably be killed, or left behind"

Nik sighed at the fact. He'd seen it happen before. The Guard didn't like to waste its resources, and if that meant leaving a few wounded behind so be it.

"We are going to mount a defense at least?"

"No. We are taking the vehicle Ms. Mrin repaired to an abandoned outpost nearby,"

Nik sighed again, and remembered what he meant to ask him.

"Who's this?" he asked as he pointed toward the robed man.

"I'll explain shortly. Gather Darvo, Sadira, and Wallace,"

Nik looked at the robed man for a second. Something about him was unnerving, but Nik just blamed it on the robe. Gathering the group was pretty easy except for Wallace. The old priest was ridiculously stubborn. He saw abandoning the initiates as a travesty. To him is was the same as leaving a child at home alone with a grenade, but Nik managed to coax him outside with a small lie that he wanted to discuss defense plan. Once outside Nik dragged the, surprisingly strong, man to the open backed truck Sadira was starting up.

Once he threw Wallace onto the back Nik clambered up with him, and Sadira pulled away from the chapel. Darvo rode with her in the cabin along with the robed man while Jerrod rode on the tailgate. He dangled his legs over the edge, and almost bounced off the back with each rough patch of road. Nik watched as Jerrod looked down at the road. He wondered is her could still use his eyes with the bar of metal that wrapped around his head from temple to temple. Then again Nike guessed that he didn't need his eyes to "see".

An explosion brought Nik from his musing, and his head snapped to the plume of flame coming from the rapidly distancing city. He watched as the city blended into the horizon, and was nearly thrown from the truck when Sadira took a sharp turn onto a, somehow, bumpier road. Nik turned and watched the road ahead, and could see a large fort in the distance. He pulled the magnoculars from his belt and took a look through them.

The fort was old. Its gate was barely intact, and one of the walls was covered in plant life. Nik shuddered to think of what the inside looked like. He put away his magnoculars and armed his lasrifle. He braced it over the roof of the truck just in case there might be any danger.

As the truck got close to the dilapidated gate Sadira slowed it down, and shut it down. They all exited the vehicle, and began walking toward the fort with Nik leading. He pushed open the gate, and slowly strode into the open courtyard. Most of the pre-fabricated structures still stood, and there were remains of a motor pool off to their immediate left. Jerrod directed the group to the command structure and they all gathered around a dusty metal table inside.

"The Chaos infestation here is worse than it seems,"

Jerrod's statement drove a cruel point home.

"I was sent here to deliver our Inquisitor's new orders. He wants us to link up with the PDF, and get a counter-attack mounted,"

Nik threw a hand up into the air.

"That's what I told that damned Selyra when we first got here!"

Jerrod nodded, and waved a dismissive hand at Nik.

"I know Nikolas, and you shouldn't be surprised that she refused to ask for Guard help. She hates men,"

Darvo suddenly interjected.

"She hates men? I didn't know that,"

Wallace slapped him upside the head with a meaty palm.

"She has since she first was stationed on this planet. Bad blood between her and the Governor,"

Nik shrugged and cradled his weapon in the crook of his elbow.

"So, how are we planning on getting to the capitol quickly? The truck is nice, but it isn't the fastest,"

Sadira raised her hand and made an excited noise.

"Ooh, ooh! I saw the corpses of some vehicles near the entrance. I can try to modify the truck with them, but it could take a while,"

Jerrod nodded at Sadira, and cast a hand toward the hooded man.

"It's time I introduced our friend here. His name is Castigatio, and he is here to add another gun arm to our group,"

The man cast off his robe and revealed an encasing black bodysuit with a hood that covered his face with a crimson skull. Strapped on his suit were two long knives at the thighs, and across his back was a very well made solid slug firearm. He was about as tall as Nik was, but was definitely more intimidating.

"Is he what I think he is?" Darvo asked.

Jerrod nodded.

Castigatio was an assassin then, Nik thought. He had heard of the Officio Assassinorum, and the masterful killers that came out of there, but never expected to meet one. His appearance only seemed to disturb Nik. Darvo was caught in wonder, Sadira was already leaving to look after the vehicles, and Wallace was grasping the man's hand and welcoming him. Jerrod approached Nik and placed a hand on his spaulder.

"We will make camp here tonight. Will you take the first watch with Wallace?"

Nik nodded, and stepped out of the structure. He just couldn't shake the feeling that Castigatio gave him.

Ok, so now we got an Assassin, Guardsman, Adept, Psyker, Techpriest, and Cleric. Our party is looking good right? As always I enjoy reading reviews and prefer the criticizing kind. If I don't know what I'm doing wrong how can I fix it?