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Chapter 1

"Tofu dogs!" Beastboy yelled.

"Baby back ribs!" Cyborg yelled back louder despite the fact that they were standing within a few feet of each other.

"Tofu dogs! Have you ever thought about those pigs you're eating?"

"Ribs! Tofu is nasty!"

The two continued on about dinner. Raven, who at this point was fed up with the arguing and shouting since last Tuesday, decided to break it up since; Robin wasn't going to and Starfire was too busy making googly eyes at Robin.

"Shut up! We're getting pizza – just like we do every time you two can't agree." Her black raven unconsciously summoned behind her while she glowered at them.

Beastboy and Cyborg looked at each other, "Cheese, (Meat lover's choice)" they yelled in unison again, and Raven threw her back and smacked her forehead.

*Knock, Knock, Knock*

"Looks like we'll have to wait on dinner guys." Robin got up and answered the door, "Bruce?"

The rest of the Titans gathered around the door, and sure enough, there stood Bruce Wayne.

He walked forward and gave Robin a 'man-hug', "Haven't seen you in a while Robin," he smiled, "Titans." He nodded as a greeting.

Robin moved out of the way so Bruce could come in, "What brings you to Jump City?"

He inclined his head behind him, and only then did the Titans notice the teenage girl standing there. She had black hair that ended just past her waist and dark eyes that appeared almost ….. violet? She nodded to the Titans with a small smile on her pale face.

"Elle. Nice to meet you." She said in a voice just above a whisper.

"Cyborg." He shook her hand.

"Beastboy." Elle giggled and called his name awesome – of course making him feel a bit too smug.

"Raven." They nodded at each other.

"Starfire. It's nice to meet you friend.

Elle nodded and responded, "Albernoy glorgloff."

Starfire gasped and flew the tiny teen into a bone crushing hug, "Senzor nov eyay! You've visited my planet?"

"I had to capture Blackfire once. Tamarianians are very hospitable." The girl smiled shyly.

"You play Guitar Hero?" Beastboy asked hopefully.

"No," the green shape shifter sulked, "…..but I can learn."

BB and Cyborg carried her off to play – Starfire and Raven followed.

While the introductions were being taken care of, Robin and Bruce were deeply engaged in conversation.

"So… you want her to join the team?" the boy wonder asked.

"I think she needs to be around people her own age. I can tell the stress is getting to her, and she just doesn't know how to relax…. A lot like you before you left me. Beyond personal reasons, yes, I do believe she would be a great addition to your team."

"What can she do?" Robin asked, genuinely curious. Batman rarely gives compliments.

"I think you should see for yourself. I'm afraid my explanation wouldn't be enough to accurately describe what she does."

"WHAT!" Beastboy suddenly yelled.

The hero and his ex-sidekick looked over to see the final scores of the other occupants' game;

BB: 71,281 L: 92,779

Everyone laughed, while Beastboy sulked. Bruce nudged Robin and inclined his head towards Elle. Loose translation; Go talk to her.

"Hey Elle," and when she looked over, "What do you say to an audition?"

Elle looked wearily over at Bruce, then back to Robin and nodded.

She opened her mouth to say something, but was cut off by the alarms sounding – the signal that there was trouble in Jump City.

Robin smiled, "Seems like you get your audition earlier than expected. This one's going to be a back-up mission, guys. TITANS GO!"

Elle hugged Bruce when the other ran (and flew) out, and wiped away a few stray tears from her cheeks, "This is goodbye?"

Bruce shook his head, "Not at all, sweetheart. You know where to find me, and you're always welcome. I think it's just better if you try something a little different for a while. Now go on, they need you." He released her shoulders.

When the she finally caught up with the Titans, she also found Cinderblock terrorizing a skyscraper.

"This is your chance Elle." Robin shouted from the sidelines – battling his instincts.

She inclined her head forward in acknowledgement; her eyes indicated that she was already calculating ways to beat him and statistics as to which one would be fastest and most efficient.

"You may want to back away a little more." She warned.

Elle raised her hands, and purple lightning erupted from them. Her hair rose above her head and transformed into huge steel fists that slammed into the ground. Those fists then turned into several smaller ones to catch the large pieces of gravel and cement that were once a street and sidewalk. The special lightning carried over on the rubble. One by one, she hurled them at Cinderblock.

'WOAH,' was the reaction from all of the Titans, 'Bruce was right, she is amazing!' Robin added.

Cinderblock cringed and groaned. He turned around and threw a few stories of the building Elle. Immediately she morphed her arms into large 9 foot swords and cut the building in two. She surged her lightning though the swords and jumped at Cinderblock.

"Is-is that stuff…. purple?" Beastboy asked in disbelief.

"She managed to make lightning hotter than… lightning." Raven stated in her monotone awe.

Cinderblock roared again and slammed Elle into the ground, creating a huge crater in their sparring zone.

Starfire moved to help to her new friend, but Robin held her in place, "This is her shot Star. If it gets really bad, we'll step in. Until then we'll have to wait and see what she comes up with on her own."

Before Robin even finished his sentence, Elle had made a comeback. She wrapped her 'hair' – though still in huge iron fists – around Cinderblock, and once again channeled her vibrant violet lightning flow through it.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Cinderblock screeched in pain and struggled to get free. Elle reformed her arms into 5 foot blades, way sharper than the ones before. Swing after swing she cut through the creature's struggling form, whose screams only continued to get louder. She only stopped what was once Cinderblock sat in a pile of rubble at her feet. She used her hair to place all the pieces into a near-by dumpster before she returned to normal.

Elle turned to the awe-struck Titans. It amazed them how a seemingly fragile, innocent, and harmless girl could turn out to have so much power. It was only Cinderblock, one of the lower-ranking villains on their list – who knows how much damage she could do to Slade?

"THAT. WAS. AWESOME!" Beastboy shouted.

Cyborg laughed and engulfed Elle into a hug, "That's what I'm talking about baby! Boya!"

Everyone else looked to Robin who stood there grinning like a mad idiot, "I believe congratulations are in order. We have a new member to initiate to the team….. well, I mean, if you want to…" He added at the end after taking in her weary expression.

Elle gave a small smile in return and shuffled her feet, uncomfortable with all the attention – understandable for a person used to standing in Batman's shadow. "I say we go back to the tower to celebrate. I'll say my goodbyes to Bruce if he's still there."

Robin, being he one standing closest to her, wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "There's no rush, we usually go out for pizza after a fight. Besides, Bruce already promised to stay in town for a couple more days – until you make your decision."

"That doesn't really sound like him…. Whenever we do something like this, he just quotes his, 'Evil never takes –"

Robin cut her off. "A vacation, so neither do we' lecture." They laughed, "He sees you as a daughter you know. He wants to make sure you're comfortable before he leaves here."

"Funny. They are the same way about you. Especially Alfred; he's been talking about you more than normal."

The two continued that way – his arms around her shoulders, her leaning into him swapping stories and experiences with their favorite people – towards the pizza shack, the other Titans seemingly forgotten.

"Was I the only one that found that completely weird?" Beastboy, of course, being the first to announce and question what he was thinking out loud.

Raven was the one to answer, "He's happy. Maybe he's glad to have someone to talk to; someone who actually understands his stories. I mean, do you know who Alfred is?"

And the Titans were satisfied with that answer… for now anyways.

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