Chapter 4

Doosh. Doosh. Doosh. Doosh. Doosh… CLING! The punching bag's movement was audible even outside of the training room.

Robin's probably logging in more time. When does the guy ever sleep anyway? Raven thought as she heard the bag take a few more blows. She was aware that he'd been pulling more and more all-nighters running city scans and updating prison files. She walked down the dark hallway, as it was well after two in the morning, toward the noise.

"The bag will still be there tomorrow. Call it a night a get some sleep already." Raven spoke just loud enough to be heard over the back being kicked again. The voice that answered her wasn't the one she was expecting however.

"I…already tried that…still…can't sleep." Elle panted as she threw another swift combination at the bag before walking around to meet her, "I figured I might as well do something productive instead of starring at the wall."

Raven will still a little stunned by that last combination…

She shook her head as if that would be able to physically snap herself out of it, "So what, Bruce Wayne's apprenticeship comes with a crash course on how to be a workaholic?"

Elle laughed dryly, "Kind of. It's a Wayne kid thing, I guess." Elle grabbed a towel to wipe her face, "What has you up so early in the morning?"

The empathy was taken back slightly, reluctantly answering that a dream woke her; she was going to make some herbal tea. Elle insisted immediately that she not be deterred.

By 2:42 that morning, the two girls sat quietly (and admittedly a bit awkward) in the living room drinking herbal tea with the addition of Elle's favorite snack.

"I would've never guessed that peanut butter and Oreos would taste this good together…" Elle laughed at Raven's breathlessness.

"I know right! I just can't believe Robin didn't share. He says he practically invented it…"

"He doesn't like to talk about the past."

Elle shrugged, "I can see that I guess," she began to tackle Raven's answered questions, "I mean he grew up with who has to be the most secretive man on the planet. Bruce said Robin was his sidekick for a long time… the guy tends to rub off on you if you stick around long enough…"

"So Wayne kids are basically anti-communitive, snack inventing, workaholics… that's nice to know… I suppose…"

"Why are you planning on joining the academy?"

"I've just never had a chance like this to learn where he came from…"

"Sacrifice is another Wayne kid quality. For some reason we're often put in situations that require big ones with dangerous repercussions…" she said losing her joking tone from earlier with a far off look in her eyes.

Neither girl said much after that, but sat in a more comfortable silence than before.


Elle jumped from her spot on the couch, "What was that?"

Raven didn't even seem the slightest bit frazzled. She merely collected the remains of their meeting and informed her softly, "Beast Boy waking up. He probably fell off the bed again. You may want to leave though; it'll only be a matter of time before he and Cyborg come to hog the couch for an all day videogame marathon."


Raven met Robin on the rood around six or so. He shifted his eyes to her and smiled slightly, "Morning."

She returned the sediment and took a seat next to him, "I talked to Elle this morning."

"How'd that go?"

She shrugged, "I don't think she'll be a threat, but I can't be sure quite yet… She's definitely hiding something." She'd explained what she'd seen at two, "Robin, her fighting style was military. Special opts – not you're standard foot soldier."

"Are you sure?" She nodded immediately. There was definitely no question in her mind.

"You know, a little while after the mall incident, I ran into her at the computer lab… She was glaring at whatever she was reading, but she brushed aside my questions about what was bothering her. I tried to trace the files after she was done, but it looks like she was working on most of it from a flashdrive and the rest on a confidential government site. "

"Do we know what it is?"

"I had Cyborg try to decode it, but he said it was just the last two pages of a black out report. Whatever it was she was looking at wasn't supposed to be shared with the public. Your military theory might just check out."

"What are we going to do?"

Robin smirked slightly again, "The only thing we can; figure it out and assess it later." His expression turned solemn, "Are you okay?"

Raven looked at him puzzled.

"You said you were up at two this morning, and I smelled Yasmin tea when I woke up; that usually means you were shaken up a little bit…"

"Elle said it would be a nice complement with the peanut butter and Oreos, which I might resent you for withholding by the way."

Boy Wonder raised one eyebrow, "Might?"

"I haven't decided yet."

"Oh? Should I get you paper so you can draw up a chart? The equation to fix the time traveling problem maybe?" They laughed and she hit him lightly on the chest.

"You make fun of me, but you know a glimpse into the future would be extremely helpful right now."

Robin placed a hand on her shoulder and gave her one of his hard gazes that makes one feel vulnerable, "Don't worry about the future, Rae. We have to work through the present first."

A/N: I was almost mean enough to end the chapter when Raven revealed Elle's fighting style was from special opts… But I figured I was already in the hole for writing this chapter so late, why not make it up with some Raven and Robin fluff?

I think this may be the last one for a while though; there's going to be more action and more focus on Elle in future chapters.