Political Constraints & Chemical Floods

Dedicated to Led, who threatened Grubb with playful, softcore BDSM.

Author's Note

Before I post, it's time for a little explanation.

I had pretty much the biggest crisis in my life to date last year, starting, as well as I can figure, on March 20, 2009. Battlestar Galactica 2K3's finale broke me, and I'm still hurting. Like any battle scar, it won't ever fully heal.

I began this fanfic because Scorpius is cool, and he needed a little kink in his life. I was too lazy to start an original book (yes, lazy, no matter what I said at the time) and I have learned better since. I will never stop writing original fiction until, like Robert Jordan said, the day I die. Maybe you can write original fiction in the grave. That would be cool.

Like the other entries on this site, I have a pretty distinct habit of beginning and not ending fanfiction. That's because, when I get an idea in my mind for something original, the fanfiction doesn't have the same appeal.

Now I have more ideas for original fiction than ever before, and I hope to Hell they never stop coming. I will pursue them with manic-depressive intensity, there is no doubt about that.

So, if you like this fanfiction, watch this space. God willing, I'll write a lot more things like it.

SirNi Green Valley July 19, 2009