Unmistakable Chemistry

Note- This is a one shot series. That means each story stands alone and does not relate back to the previous story in any way. Some of these fics will take inspiration from prompts from The Smut Club, which is a discussion forum here.


Prompt One: Dildo/Vibrator

Morgan and Garcia

His dick had never gone hard so fast in all his life. At the same time Derek Morgan was utterly and completely horrified. It was a strange sensation to be so turned on and so freaked out all at once.

Standing in an adult sex toy shop was not the kind of place you want to run into a co-worker. Especially not a woman who you greatly respected and had told you loved on several occasions. The last thing a guy wanted was to be caught holding porn by a chick he was interested in.

Thank God that Penelope Garcia hadn't spotted him yet and if he was very lucky she would leave the store never knowing he had been there. Derek was in the back corner of the shop, facing the wall that was filled with DVDs, when he happened to glance up at the round mirror high above his head. It was there to catch shoplifters.

Reflected in the mirror was another corner of the store and standing there was a gorgeous red head. Derek's best friend in all the world. Holding a very long, black dildo.

He gulped.

Transfixed by the image he watched as she ran her hand over it before setting it down and perusing other dildos and vibrators. She picked up each, stroked it under her fingers and finding each lacking somehow she set it down again. When she turned away from that display Derek startled.

Damn it. She was now facing his direction.

Feeling like a school boy caught jacking off in the locker room he hurried to shove the movie that was in his hands back on the shelf, even straightening it quickly so if she did walk over she couldn't tell which movie he had been holding. Right then and there he vowed to never step foot inside of this store again.

Lately he had been so horny and nothing he tried to do to dull it was working. Ever since she dyed her hair every time he saw her it was like he couldn't do anything but think of her spread out on white sheets with her legs opened wide for him. It was almost like he just met her all over again. She had a new sparkle to her. She knew she looked fine as hell- like she always had- and now she was owning her sexuality in a way she never had before.

And he was walking around hard way too often at work.

"Hey there, sweetness," her voice was a low, throaty, sensual cascade that sounded more like music that just normal conversation. "You find anything there that you like?"

Derek slowly turned around to find Penelope giving him a look filled with her usual sexual teasing. The only difference was they were not usually surrounded by sex toys when she did the teasing.

"Hey, baby girl. Funny meeting you here."

"Well, I heard there was a chocolate God of thunder that was going to be here right about now so I took a chance and brought my Goddess self by." She then glanced at the movies behind him. "I don't know if I can compete with those foxy ladies in those flicks, though. What do you think, Hot Stuff?"

"Garcia," he said her last name in a very stern growl. "Tell me that Reid did not tell you I was stopping by here after work."

"I can not tell a lie, baby."

"The next time I see that kid I'm gonna kick his skinny white ass."

"Be nice."

He made a sound low in the back of his throat.

She smirked. "Oops. Was it a secret?"

He stepped closer, invading her space, turning her game around on her. Hearing her breath hitch, he knew he was getting to her just by pressing himself against her. So close she had to tilt her head up to meet his eyes.

"So did you have fun putting that show on for me, baby girl?"

"Whatever do you mean?" she feigned innocent, but she hadn't been innocent in a damn long time. Not with the way she talked dirty to him. Which was good because her being so sensual had created the hottest moments in Derek Morgan's life and none of them took place in a bedroom. She just had it like that.

Today, for example, he would never forget and she had done nothing but show up in a store and tease him.

"None of those toys would feel near close to the real thing."

"Oh, I don't know about all that. They are supposed to be very life like."

"You think so, huh? I don't think it'd get the job done up to your high standards."

"Then I guess I better just leave them here."

"I guess so, woman," he said, in a no nonsense tone before taking her hand and leading her out of the store.

As they left the Asian shop keeper called out "Have nice day! You come again! Always good stuff here! You good customer! Come back and tell all your friends."

Outside the store, standing on the sidewalk in the warm summer air, Penelope and Derek burst out laughing. Soon they were leaning toward each other, as their chuckles died down, his hand still holding hers. He intertwined their fingers.

The moment stilled.

He asked "So what were you thinking you were gonna accomplish coming here today?" in a lighthearted tone. "What's cooking in that beautiful brain of yours, baby girl?"

From under hooded lashes, cheeks tinged pink, she told him "Baby, I think it's a shame you'd settle for anything less than the real thing."

"Oh yeah? What if I'd rather settle than waste my time on anyone other than a goddess?"

"You should have a goddess. I've always felt you deserve the very best."

"Then my day will come one day and until then I'll just have to get by with cheap imitations. I don't have any complaints cause one day Derek Morgan will be the luckiest man ever born. Isn't that right, baby girl?"

For the last few months they had been having veiled conversations like this where he would let her know that if she ever left her boyfriend Derek would be there with open arms waiting for her. None of these conversations though had spurred her to any sort of action, as far as he knew, and he assumed this one would end the same. She'd say he was a prince, or she kinda loved him, or he was always the one, and then she'd go home and fuck Lynch into the bliss Derek craved for himself.

It wasn't making Derek bitter though. Cause he could feel the tide turning. Penelope was easing herself away from Lynch and ever, and ever, closer to Derek. One day she'd be in his bed. One day she'd wear his ring. One day they'd have grandkids to tell their stories too. Not that most of their stories were fit for young ears.

Derek believed, with all his heart and soul, that one day he'd have Penelope as his. It just wasn't that day yet.

"You'll be almost as lucky as Penelope Garcia who has a sexy super fox crazy about her."

He chuckled and smiled, wrapping an arm around her waist, and then leaned down and kissed her forehead "You know that's right, mama."

Leading her over to Esther, which was parked a few spots away, Derek said "Now get your gorgeous self home and don't let me catch you back here fondling those toys ever again unless you want a spanking."

"But I do want a spanking."

He laughed. "You'll never get it, Garcia, till you play hard to get!"

She pouted. "Then I have no chance at all."

Penelope unlocked her car door.

Derek said "Have a good night, sweetheart."

"Uh," she said in her cute tone that meant she was about to ask him for something "would you join me for dinner at my place tonight?"

"Yeah? You don't got other plans?" With that stupid jerk you've been fucking for two years now, he felt like adding but would never say aloud to her.

"My schedule is wide open. I'm a newly single tech kitten on the prowl."

It took him a moment for that to sink it but then he smiled widely. "In that case, I am all yours. What are you cooking?"

"Cooking?" she asked, seeming to be in a daze.

"For dinner." He laughed happily.

"Oh," she purred "when I said dinner I meant that I would be having chocolate."

With that flirty line thrown out she slid into her Cadillac and drove away, leaving Derek just as hard as he was when he first spotted her in the adult sex shop.

That woman had a way of making his body react to her that no other woman could ever pull off. And Derek Morgan knew that would not change no matter how many years went by. He felt like a very lucky man indeed.

If he was not mistaken, his day had just come.