Note- Mentioned below also are muumuu dresses. They are loose fitting house dresses.

Halloween Honey

Morgan and Garcia

October 2012

Derek Morgan was eager for his girlfriend to arrive at the Halloween party.

For the first time in years he had this day off work, and though the holiday was not his all time favorite, he planned to enjoy every second of this night. Two days ago they had returned to town from a case that had taken nearly two weeks to solve. Once they found out they were getting a few days off one of his co-workers, David Rossi, had invited them to all join him at a costume party thrown by an old friend of his. It was a yearly event and there was judging for the best costume at the end of the night.

Penelope had really gotten into the idea of finding costumes for her and Derek. He had narrowly escaped her convincing him to come as a Roman solider. At first that hadn't sounded too bad to Derek till he saw a photo of his proposed costume online. No shirt, leather neck band and arm bands, sandals that laced up his legs and a skirt.

No way in hell did he want to be seen by anyone looking like that.

Luckily Penelope had then decided he would look sexier as a pirate with an eye patch. She rented the costume at a shop and brought it by his house this afternoon. He had wanted to pick her up for this party but she insisted she had to help Emily and JJ get dressed so Penelope told Derek she would just meet him here.

He was having a good time chatting up people but his eyes kept wandering around the room to see if his girl had come in yet. She was keeping her costume a surprise and Derek couldn't wait to see what she decided to go as. He was guessing a princess, in a pink long dress sporting a pointed hat and a wand, or else as a Goddess, in a long white dress with a gold belt. He had found a few version of Goddess costumes online that were pretty sexy yet tasteful. Derek could so see Penelope picking an outfit like that.

A while more passed of him sipping his non-alcoholic cocktail and talking to other guests when his eyes finally settled on Penelope, Emily, JJ and Will coming through the crowd, still wearing their coats. They stopped and then the girls slipped off their coats and passed them to Will, who left to find a room to lay them down in.

Derek froze the first moment he saw Penelope's wool wrap slip from her shoulders to reveal her costume. He choked on his drink and had to wipe his mouth. His eyes went wide as they raked down her body. He muttered distractedly to the people he had been talking to "Excuse me," before heading straight for his girlfriend.

Emily laughed when she saw him walking over. "Hey, Morgan, nice sword!" she said in a joking way, about his pirate costume.

Emily was dressed as cowgirl, complete with chaps and a cowboy hat, while JJ was a belly dancer. Derek gave them both the shortest of glances before putting his eyes back on Penelope, and the costume she wore. His eyes barely pulled off her ass long enough for him to walk around to the front of her and stare her down.

She gave him a very sexy and teasing smirk. "Well don't you look sexy, Hot Stuff. We're a matching pair. You're my devilishly handsome pirate and I'm your pirate wench."

Her costume consisted of a red and black dress that barely skimmed her thighs. Below that started black fishnet stockings that were connected to a garter belt and went down to high, spiky black heels. The top of the dress bared her shoulders and hugged low her full ample breasts. A corset clinched her waist and further boosted those luscious breasts up on display. Perched on her head was a black hat with lace on it and red bow.

Derek wouldn't have had a problem with the outfit if the skirt was five inches longer and the top a few inches higher but as is it was entirely too sexy for Penelope to wear in front of strangers. He wanted to be the only man who saw her looking this damn sensual and irresistible. No man would be able to look at her in this and think of anything but his desire to push her onto the nearest flat surface, spread her legs, and dive under her very short skirt, while his mouth feasted on her heavy, large tits.

His voice was thick and low when he leaned close to her and murmured "I knew you were up to something when you said you had to dress at JJ's place." Pulling back a little he waggled his head at her and said in a stern voice "Party over. We're heading home right now, mama."

"I don't think so," Penelope said, with a smile. "I just got here and I'm not going," she dragged out the last word "anywhere." Penelope sauntered off before Derek could stop her. When she got across the room, and had greeted Rossi, she looked over her shoulder and winked at Derek.

He bit his bottom lip as his eyes fell to her barely concealed ass. The skirt was full and flared out. But if she moved the right way it would fly up just enough to give a little peek of her black, lacy boy short panties.

He caught other men checking her out and jealousy hit him like a lightening bolt through the chest. He let out a soft growl.

JJ chuckled. "Didn't Pen find us the best costumes? I know Will just loves mine and when we get home he's gonna show me how much."

Emily said "Yeah, Morgan, learn a thing or two from Will and be a good sport."

There words barely penetrated his mind as he headed across the room and came up behind Penelope, wrapping her in his arms, hiding her cute, shapely ass from the eyes of any other man there. Whispering against her ear he said "You are so getting spanked tonight woman."

His hand slid down her back, slipped under her very short skirt and massaged her panty covered ass. He watched her swallow visibly at that, while keeping a smile on her face for Rossi.

Penelope told Rossi "He's not too fond of my outfit choice."

Rossi smirked. "Then he needs to get his eyes checked."

Derek bit back a growl, moved his hand up to hold Penelope's waist and started to guide her through the party, toward the stairs and then up them.


"Not another word, woman."

He felt her shiver at his tone. Soon he was at a bedroom door. He knocked. No one answered. He tried the door and it opened. He pulled Penelope inside, locked the door, and then pulled her against him. Taking her hand he placed it over the bulge in his pants while murmuring "You are a troublemaker."

Her lips jutted out in a feigned pout as her eyes danced with amusement. "I wore this just for you and here you are trying to make me feel like I did something wrong. I guess I should just wear muumuus from now on."

Picking her up and setting her on a low dresser he hissed "Hush," before his lips crushed against hers.

She immediately wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back. The fervor with which she kissed him made it seem as if she had desperate to provoke just this reaction in him by wearing her sexy costume. He wouldn't be surprised a bit to know that was true. His girlfriend knew the power she had over him and loved to tease him with it.

Derek was sure that he would never be bored with their sex life. Penelope would always find some way to drive him out of his mind for her, over and over through the years.

Trailing a kiss down her throat, as his hands slid up both her thighs, he murmured "No one else gets to see you like this but me. You hear me, woman?" Pulling her forward till she was on the edge of the dresser he roughly squeezed her ass, making her moan and throw her head back.

Sucking on her sweet smelling skin of her throat, he drew moans out of her when he tweaked a nipple. Yanking down the dress he licked over her nipple, in a slow circle, and then suckled it. Her fingers dug into his shoulders.

"Mmm," he moaned against her breast, while using his other hand to slip this thumb against the moist center of her lacy panties. Gently he lazily rubbed up and down, making her hips jump and jerk forward to try and get more pressure.

He slipped a finger beneath her panties and found her dripping wet. He lightly massaged her.

"Derek, baby, don't tease me." She reached down and caressed his rock hard dick, as he it strained his pants. She got his pants pushed down his thighs and wrapped her hand around his dick. The warmth surrounded him and he bucked into her touch.

"Fuck," he cursed. "We gotta be quiet." He pulled her down off the dresser and turned her around. A minute later he was thrust deep inside of her, one hand on her hip and the other massaging her breast, while they shared a wet, tongue tangling kiss before he started a quick, hard rhythm.

Soft, fast, breathy moans came out of Penelope. "Oh, oh, oh, oh," the pitch getting higher and higher every second.

Her silky slick warmth held him like a velvet glove- a tight and perfect fit. Her walls squeezed his dick as he slammed deep into her and then pulled almost all the way out before slamming in again. Squeezing her breast a little harder and more rough made her let out a long moan and cry "Baby, yeah!"

Derek covered her mouth with his when he felt himself getting close to coming so that neither of their cries of completion would echo through this stranger's house. A few more hard, long, deep thrusts and his body was at that edge. Sliding his hand off her breast he grabbed both her hips, bent her forward more, so he was leaned flat against her back and thrust hard into her as his dick throbbed and pulsated, letting go its sticky release, spewing his hot cum deep inside of his baby girl.

"Mmmmm," he moaned into her mouth.

Her thighs quivering and knees shaking Penelope collapsed forward against the dresser. Derek gently slid out, got his underwear and pants back on and then turned her around, pulling her into his arms. She was breathing desperately fast.

Out of his pocket he pulled a very small vibrator. He had his own plans all day to have some fun with his baby girl tonight but he had no idea she would show up looking so sexy that it would distract him from teasing her to a screaming orgasm as they huddled in the closet with the rest of the party feet away. He knew how hot she got when he had her in a place where they just might get caught.

Penelope stiffened in surprise when he pressed the vibrator against her moist folds.

"Morgan, you are such a bad, bad man," she purred sexily, right before he flipped it on.

"And don't you forget it." He nibbled on her ear. "I can be a good, good man too, if you behave."

"Never!" she gasped as her eyes rolled back, her mouth opening to form an O.

He bent down and tugged her breast between his teeth, flicking the hard, pebbled nub with his tongue as she shivered in his arms. He pushed her back against the dresser, hiked up her leg and applied the vibe right to her clit.

"Oh, God, Derek! OHHH!"

He clamped his mouth over hers. As they kissed her could hear people in the hallway but he didn't stop pleasuring her with the vibe. The door knob turned and the door shook a little. Someone knocked.

Penelope was too far gone to hear them or care. Derek could tell she was about to come from the way her hips were jerking faster and faster against his hand. He used his free hand to thrust three fingers into her and immediately she exploded, her walls clamping his fingers, her body shaking against his and her scream flooding his mouth.

When his baby girl did anything it was never halfway.

Soon after they left the party, after finding her coat on the pile of coats on the bed. In the car Derek gave her a deep grin. "Don't return that costume."

"Oh, mon cher, mama is glad you like it but it must go back."

"Let them charge you for it. I don't care how much I gotta pay I want to see you in that again."

Penelope smiled back at him. "Maybe I'll wear it around the neighborhood to walk Clooney."

He waggled his head at her. "And maybe I'll spank your ass if you try that."

She chuckled. "You will never know I tried it till I send you the pictures."

He knew she was all talk but still it got his blood boiling. He pushed back his seat and said "Get over here, woman. I don't know what I'm gonna do with you and that fresh mouth."

"I got a few ideas," Penelope said, sliding off her panties before she crawled on his lap.

"Yeah, I just bet you do."

She rolled her hips against his crotch. "Lots and lots of ideas." She kissed his cheek. "You make such a sexy pirate. That eyepatch really makes you look dangerous."

"Oh, I'm dangerous all right. Just try to show up at a party dressed like that again and you'll find out how dangerous."

Nibbling on his neck she promised "There's always next Halloween, honey."

Derek Morgan knew he was a lucky man indeed.


Note- The vibrator Morgan uses in this is called Pirate Pendant Bullet vibe. A website describes it as:

Ornate Pendant that looks like jewelry that doubles as a compact but powerful vibrator.