AN: *random interlude to try and get into grovy's head* warning; some gratuitous French, please feel free to correct my horrible ignorance regarding the French language.

I originally planned for this inner monologue to occur during episode 20 or so, after he meets armond for the first time but obviously before their fight. In retrospect I think the monologue lends itself better to a nighttime scene, so you can interpret it as a stand alone or as a companion to the previous chapter. Enjoy!

I would be gentle, I know I would. I'd take the time to learn all her curves, trace my hands over and over again, memorizing them for the inevitable times where we won't be able to be together. For the time when she remembers what an idiot I am, or when she finds someone else who is smart and cool and deserves her even more. And is someone she deserves. Err…is that the same thing? Or is it like the difference between needing someone and someone needing you? I like when people need me. I like being a hero for those in distress…at least, when I feel like it's really me they need. I guess I'm thinking about the puddings, when some of them thought it was me they needed, when it was really courage and fighting skills they needed. Well, I mean, you could say that's me all over and so in a way they did need me but at the same time there was something more than me they needed.

Maybe it's like I need common sense and adventure and a sparring partner and someone to make me stop and plan stuff out rather than rush in all the time. But I'm not sure I like where that thought is going, cause it makes what I feel about Eva seem like one day I'm gonna get all that stuff from her and then she'll pass on, her purpose in my life fulfilled. Sometimes I believe that's true, that like all the nice things in my life, she'll move on. Like Papa, and Louis and Gabrielle, and Maman. Not to mention metre Goultard, although that's a bit weird, since I thought he was dead, but he wasn't…yeah.

Anyway, so just in case I might never get the chance, if I got the chance, I'd take the time to memorize her. Her smell, her strength, her beauty, her taste. Even now I'm trying to commit to memory the way she laughs, the way she scowls, and especially the way she teases me. There are always a few seconds after she says something that actually makes me worry that she's really angry, that she really resents me for being reckless and stupid, before she smiles and gives me such a sense of relief I don't know what to do with myself. The way she can stand up to an army of bworks but stammers and blushes so cutely when I tell her how beautiful she is. And I'm learning I have to be careful with compliments…I blame that Prince Armand for my troubles in this area. She must have grown up around that arrogant, no-good, spoiled, smooth-talking jerk and heard way too many inflated declarations of admiration and blustering praise that she doesn't believe them. I can't get on one knee and declare how noble or dangerous or fantastic she is…although I really want to. She deserves to be treated like a princess, worshipped and adored. Instead I guess I need to try being simple and honest when I compliment her, all quiet-like so that she knows I'm only praising her because she deserves to hear praise…and not that I'm showing off or something. As weird as I thought that was at first, I do know I'm a heck of a lot better at 'simple' than Armand. And probably a lot better at 'honest' too.

Arrrg! Just thinking of him and the way he looked at her boils my blood! He looked at her like…like…she was some prize-winning rose that he wanted to pluck and put in a vase! As if there was a vase good enough for my Evangelyne!, err…I mean…Evangelyne herself. The beating I would get if she heard me call her mine…

Oh but how I would love to call her mine!

And thinking about it a little more, it is better that I compliment her only when other people aren't around. That way, I get to be the only one who sees her adorable blush or the way she tucks her chin to her collarbone and smiles that smile I can be sure Armand has never gotten to see.

Oh, Eva how I miss you!

AN: I have this weird theory that grovy is the youngest son of a bunch of farmers and that his eldest brother is a huge dick while his mother and father are dead while his sister is either married off or also dead. Still working on the details of how all that happened and if you guys think it's confusing of me to include those undefined characters in a drabble than please comment and I will change the line.

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