Chapter 4

The Villain First Appears As A Party Pooper


A large tremor shook the grounds of the castle and many of the guests fell to their knees. Suddenly

clouds of dark gray smoke quickly filled the hall where the young prince's first birthday was being held. Many of the guests started coughing due to the smoke, some covered their noses with their handkerchiefs some with their sleeves, since they either didn't or forgot to or didn't care to bring their handkerchief with them. A lean shadow was seen amongst the cloud, if you looked closely, and it began to say in a very loud, annoying and villainous voice,

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I have arrived, finally! To the so-called great King William's castle! Tremble beneath my fweetness-"

The voice suddenly stopped for a minute. Everyone wondered why, then the question was suddenly answered when the shadow person resumed his annoying and loud shouting,


Some people snickered after hearing this embarrassing outburst of his, but the villain-who-had-bit-his-tongue-earlier heard them and shouted,


Then suddenly prince Derek started to cry. Now instead of it becoming quiet, it sort of turned into a more annoying situation for the villain-who-had-bit-his-tongue-earlier. The villain seemed to regret waking the baby, but as the saying goes, you can't cry over spilled milk. And instead of getting calmer, it was the opposite effect on the villain.

"WHAT NOW?" The voice screeched as he heard the boisterous crying. And the crying just became louder then the first time.

Young prince Derek had been peacefully staring at the ceiling for quite a while after Odette had given her present, but all the loud shouting had disturbed him and, as the result, it made him cry REALLY LOUD. The sound was so loud that most of the guests covered their ears. King William rushed over to the crib, and reassured his son, who was still crying a helluva lot of tears, that he was safe that his father was there to protect him from any bad/evil thing that would come to harm him. When he saw that his father was there beside his little crib, the crying stopped and he began to laugh a little.

"Finally that monstrous child has finally shut up." The voice said quite rudely while looking at the child with anger, then he turned to face King William once again and said, "Now, let's cut to the chase, eh King William?" a sneer seemed to follow after that statement and King William's eyes widened a bit in his surprise.

"Who are you really?" he asked in a questioning yet cautious tone. If I am not mistaken, I know this person from somewhere...I wonder who it could be though, although I do have some people in mind.

"I can't believe you still can't figure out who I am." the figure said as he shook his head

"You know, to be honest I can only see you as a black, lean figure as you are in the middle of a very dark area, that's why I can't figure out who you are." King William answered in reply

"Ah then I will, finally, reveal myself so that you know who I really am!"

"WAIT!" Queen Uberta blurted out. "Can I ask something?"

"What is it now?" The villain said in a annoyed tone and turned to her. He had been getting interrupted almost the whole time, the king couldn't even remember who he was, and now someone was interrupting him again. Wasn't that just annoying?

But maybe, just maybe he should just calm down a bit and let the lady ask her stupid little question. After all, it couldn't hurt to let her ask right? I guess i'll just let her ask one little stupid question.

"Isn't a villain supposed to not reveal himself to his enemy?" Queen Uberta asked

The villain opened his mouth to speak then closed it. He opened his mouth again, then once again closed it. He stood quiet for a while, contemplating if what Queen Uberta said was correct or if it wasn't.

"I agree with you there, Uberta." King William seconded the motion

This made the villain think even more. Were they really right? Or they weren't? Damn them for making me think so much!

"ARGHHHH! Just let me do my own thing then! Not all villains have to be the same

right?" the villain shouted out in frustration

"Well, I guess it's different for every villain then, I guess." Queen Uberta replied while rubbing her chin

"Thanks for answering my question anyway!"

"Whatever. At least I can go on with what I was planning to say now! As I was saying earlier I will now reveal my true identity!" The villain started to walk towards the lighted area. As he walked the people stared, eager to know who this really was, and probably a little frightened of him. King William's eyes stared to widen as the villain stopped in front of him.

"Remember me now? Eh King William?" The villain grinned at him

"Rothbart! The stupid magician-chemist dude who almost ruined my wedding day and many other very important events and I banished him after I found out that he was trying to take over the kingdom!" King William exclaimed

"Yes! That's right! But you got the plan wrong. I was trying to kill your son who was still a baby back then, not take over the kingdom."

King William nodded in thought then said, "Oh right! Now I remember, the one who tried to take over the kingdom was someone else who my father killed in battle." He paused for a bit then asked, "So are you still trying to kill my son Derek?"

What a weird ask if the villain is still trying to kill your son! Young Odette thought to herself while watching this weird exchange of words.

"Of course! Killing your one and only precious heir to the throne would cause you the largest grief which would last a whole lifetime!" Rothbart evily cackled "And that is precisely what I want!"

"You truly are a villain Rothbart. But I will not let you come near and lay even one finger on my son now or ever!" King William then turned to the guards and shouted, "CAPTURE HIM!"

The guards then proceeded to capture Rothbart who had a smug look on his face. Ever the protector huh King William? But those guards will not be able to capture me this time, because I actually have an escape plan this time...that I hope will work properly...

When the guards neared Rothbart, he suddenly brought out a flask filled with a bright red fluid, raised it above his head and then said "I will escape this time!" and cackled before throwing it to the ground. Seeing that there might be danger King William immediately bent over his son's crib to protect him, and cried "Everyone take cover!" to which all the people in the room scrambled to find some cover. As the flask reached the ground and broke, there was an explosion and a bright light flashed, everyone covered their eyes as the light flashed throughout the whole room. After the light disappeared, Rothbart was there collapsed on the ground and covered in soot. Luckily, no one else was injured except for the one causing all the ruckus.

"Not...again..." he managed to say before fainting

By now people had recovered and were staring at the collapsed Rothbart.

"Looks like his escape plan failed him...again." The captain of the guard said as he shook his head and tied up his hands with some rope then clamped wooden handcuffs.

And that was how the 'famous' Rothbart was captured yet again and was now remembered as a Party Pooper.

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