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8- Extracted

For the first time, in a long time, Arthur could remember his dream. He was hunched over the side of his bed in a distant studio apartment breathing heavily. Long streaks of sweat lined his forehead and shoulders. He was having difficulty focusing on anything other than Ariadne. In his dream she was still the mysterious young woman to him; a beautiful brunette with intelligence behind her wide smile. Now Ariadne was a woman still attached to the memory of a previous life. His meeting with Thomas only proved one thing: Arthur was in love with the girl and he was going to get hurt.

Arthur spent the rest of the night sitting in the corner of his room piecing Ariadne's story together. How he met her, where he first saw her, when he first loved her name. But each time Ariadne's eyes popped back up in his head he was reminded that they weren't looking at him. Ariadne wanted Thomas and there was nothing he could do about it. It was then, more than any other time before, when he longed her the most. Thomas' image flashed in his head again. He could see him as clear as day now. He was smirking at him, at the love he had for her. Arthur balled up a fist and felt the urge to punch the air. The boiling fury that was now erupting deep inside him was being pushed into his arm.

But Arthur didn't have to imagine Thomas anymore. A person was in his room with him, barely a few feet away. Arthur denied seeing Thomas but he couldn't ignore the fact for much too long. He was staring right into the eyes of the one man he hated. Was he losing his mind or was he still trapped in a dream? Arthur shook his head and closed his eyes to rest. He hated that man enough to see hallucinations of him. That was moment when Arthur finally realized he lost. Defeated, Arthur shielded his eyes and tried to erase the image of Thomas from his head.

Then he realized the honest but horrible truth of the whole thing.

Later that day, Arthur received a text message on his cell. He gave it a glance and read URGENT, MEET AT HQ AT 15:00. Arthur tucked the phone away and nodded to himself.

"Will be there in a sec, Cobb. I'm a little busy at the moment." Arthur said to himself quietly. He picked up an unconscious Thomas from the floor of his dormitory room and dropped him onto his bed. Arthur was wearing latex gloves and had with him the dream machine with him. Arthur adjusted Thomas so that he was comfortable and began wiring him up. He then attached himself to the machine and sat in the chair beside him.

Arthur looked at Thomas who was fast asleep with a prevailing look. "Let's see who's been extracting your ideas, shall we?"

Finally, with a single push Arthur turned on the machine and was dropped into the world of the subconscious once again.

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