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Summary:The three other champions have sisters(excluding Fleur she already has one) what happens when these sisters meet each other. What if Cedric Digory didn't die? There are questions asked but you have to read to find the answers. Enjoy :)

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Before They Are Called

Outside of the dining hall Margaret bounces impatiently around her brother. The Durmstrang students look at the little girl uncomfortably. They were not used to the girl and how impatient she was which made them very uncomfortable.

"Calm down Margaret," says Viktor not looking at his young sister as he looked forward.

Margaret twists and turns side to side making her dress puff out a little. "Brother, will you hold me?" asks the younger girl.

"Why do you want me to hold you?" questions Viktor looking forward seriously.

"I want you too," states Margaret calmly as she looked up at her brother with big eyes.

The Durmstrang headmaster goes over to them. He looks at Margaret then at Viktor. "Our turn," he says plainly. Margaret jumps for joy as they walk forward. She couldn't wait to walk in and not only see her school perform but also her be involved as well. As Margaret enters she becomes a whole new entity.

Ron whispers, at the sight of Margaret, "Bloody hell that's Viktor Krum's little sister Margaret Krum."

"So what," Hermione whispers back as she looks at Margaret, "she is just one person and she's not so great."

Ron looks at her in an almost insulted way. "Well I guess you will never know then," whispered Ron as he watches what Margaret is about to do.

As soon as they come to the front Margaret is thrown a walking stick. Margaret runs to the back of the room and starts to do the same thing the guys did. As soon as she gets closer to her brother everyone can faintly hear the girl's laughter go throughout the hall, after doing a back flip or two she goes back to her place by her brother back to her serious self.

"Nice," he whispers to her encouragingly as he faced forward not looking at his sister beside him.

Margaret smiles at the comment. When Margaret sits down by her brother she hugs his arm too scared to try anything. Though she was serious that didn't mean that she wasn't wary of what she ate or was fed. Viktor laughs as he pries his sister off his arm. He was very used to the younger girl doing this in other places such as their own school.

"Now open wide," says Viktor holding up a spoon filled with food to her mouth. The spoon was small and silver though its contents didn't seem to impress Margaret a bit as she clamped her mouth shut.

"Vi," complains Margaret trying to push away the spoon. Not only was she not impressed by its contents she also didn't like how her brother was treating her as if she was a baby or a small child.

"No, you got to eat," says Viktor sternly as he looks at his younger sister. Viktor also thinks, "You also didn't eat on the way here and I'm very worried for your health."

Margaret pouts as she crosses her arms, "I'm thirteen not three Vi, I don't need to be fed, you know." Unlike her brother while she talked her accent hardly shown at all so no one actually thought they were siblings or even from the same country.

Viktor nods, putting the spoon down. "As long as you eat I don't care how you are fed," says Viktor, calmly, going back to eating his own food.

Margaret sighs as she puts the already prepared spoon in her mouth. Margaret chews gleefully as her mouth explodes with flavor.

"See you would like it," says a Durmstrang student next to her. He happened to be a friend of hers though at that moment she did not like what he had to say.

"Be quiet," she says as she looks down at her plate embarrassed. She could not believe that in the end she had liked what was being served.

The Durmstrang student shrugs and continues to eat what's left on his plate. (AN: he just might eat the plate too if you let him O.o)

Later that night Margaret walks into her brother's sleeping quarters.

"Vi," Margaret says, donning her sleeping clothes.

"What," he asks, looking at her annoyed, that she isn't asleep already.

"Good night Vi," she says before going back to bed.

"Good night Margaret," he says, ashamed that he was annoyed with her.

Meeting Up With the Weasleys

As Sam climbs higher she wonders what will the Weasleys look like and how will Harry look like? Of course her brother seen them before but she knew no matter how many times she asked how they looked like he would always play dumb and say he did not know how they looked, though of course she knew how Liliana looked because the two were good friends with each other.

"Cedy," Sam says to get his attention. She happened to not be as high up as her brother but that didn't mean that she wasn't feline-like. She had always been able to do many things because of how her body was. So in a way she had advantages that many of her peers did not for example she happened to be taller than Liliana who was only five feet even though she was fourteen and she was only twelve but was almost five feet and six inches.

"Yes," answers Cedric looking down at her from higher up. He happened to be the best older brother Sam could ask for so she usually was very grateful when they talked or even climbed trees like they were doing now.

"Do you know what Harry Potter looks like," asks Sam quietly. She knew he was going to lie but at that moment she didn't really care if he did or not. All she cared about was seeing Lily and get to talk to her.

"No, I bloody well don't," answers Cedric as he helps his sister go higher. Where she sat made her unable to go any further up so her brother helping her was greatly liked.

"Oh," says Sam, her face falling. As she climbed she made sure not to get what she was wearing dirty or her mother and father would not be happy. She happened to be wearing a new outfit that her mother just bought her not even the day before so she was very aware of her surroundings so she wouldn't get dirty or break anything.

"Don't worry," he says, "I bet they will be very nice."

Sam smiles though its warmth is almost nonexistent. They are quiet while they try to pick up on their cue. It was an easy one though they had to be sure to get it at the right moment. Due to the two being so high up they had to strain to listen for their cue.

"And his son Cedric Diggory," says Mr. Weasley. Cedric jumps down.

"Also his daughter Sam Diggory," says Mr. Weasley. Sam jumps down landing softly on her feet. Harry looks at Sam amazed at how feline Sam appears.

Sam smiles as she walks past Harry and Liliana who happened to be holding her brother's hand. Sam holds her brother's hand tightly as they come closer to the port key.

Going Back

Liliana hugs Remus tightly not wanting to leave her guardian who gave her so much than she deserved. Remus hugs her back patting the girl on the head softly.

"Please don't leave me," she begs as she tightens her grip on Remus. Liliana looks up at her guardian with her hazel eyes silently pleading for him to stay.

"I must go Lily and you know I have to." he says pulling away from her, he then puts his hand under her chin, "you know your mother and father wouldn't be too pleased to see their daughter misbehaving."

Liliana nods, "Weren't you a teacher there why aren't you one now?"

"It's complicated," replies Remus as he gives her to Mrs. Weasley who happened to be watching Liliana's silent pleading.

Liliana pouts when she notices she's with Molly Weasley. She did not like how she had to go with her, it wasn't like she didn't like Molly Weasley or even any of her kids it was just that she didn't want to leave her guardian.

"Honey you should be happy," says Mrs. Weasley, hugging the girl. "You will get to see your brother."

"That's easy for you to say," grumbles Liliana. "So where is my brother?" she says quietly.

Molly Weasley takes Liliana to Ron's room to see her brother Harry. He happened to be already sleeping when Molly shown Liliana her brother.

"I'll sleep here Mrs. Weasley of you don't mind," comment's Liliana, as she slips off her shoes and goes next to her brother.

Mrs. Weasley's about to protest but Liliana soon falls quickly asleep. When Mrs. Weasley leaves the room Liliana opens one eye and smiles when she hears a wolf howl. Many hours later Harry wakes up due to a nightmare, his forehead full of sweat. It seemed that Liliana also awakes due to having a nightmare. Liliana then jumps up, becoming more awake now she comforts her brother.

"It's only a dream," she says repeatedly to him and herself. She tried to believe it for her brother's and her own sake.

Harry nods, not too convinced. Liliana sighs as she gives him a hug. Later that day they go to the Quidditch World Cup. As Liliana and Harry walk up to their seats Lucius hooked his snake cane onto Harry's pants. Liliana looks at them annoyed. Finally when they take their seat, Liliana asks to look around some more. Molly says yes, though she said it very tentatively. Liliana walks around until she sees Cedric and his sister Sam. This makes Liliana very happy to see her younger but taller friend.

"Hey Sam want to go on an adventure," yells Liliana with a wide grin. "I would love to see what we can find." "Also who we can annoy like Malfoy," Liliana thinks to herself.

Sam looks up at Liliana and screams back, "Sure Lily."

Liliana goes to where Sam is sitting and starts to drag Sam off on an adventure. They finally get to the lowest level where they see a girl staring up at the sky worriedly. This girl looked slightly older than Sam probably being around thirteen.

"Hi my name is Liliana but you can call my Lily and this is Sam but you can call her Sammy-girl," say Liliana loudly just in case the girl can't hear her.

The girl spins around and looks quite surprised. The girl did not suspect that anyone would come down to this level.

"Who are you," she exclaims, her Bulgarian accent becoming very apparent at that point. "Why would anyone come down here," she thought.

"We are Liliana and Sam but call us Lily and Sammy-girl," says Liliana calmly.

"Hello Liliana and Sam my name is Margaret," says the girl her voice very hard. She was not pleased with them being there and she was going to show that she wasn't pleased. Margaret looks up once again at the sky trying to concentrate on her brother.

"Do you want to go on an adventure," asks Liliana. She waits patiently for Margaret to respond.

She turns around and looks at the two. "No, I don't," says Margaret calmly, "now leave me alone."

Liliana and Sam leave due to feeling insulted though of course the two caused Margaret to act that way to them at least in a way. Couple weeks later they are on the train back to school.

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