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Sumire Shouda is now friends with Ruka Nogi and Mochiage. However, she has rejected the school idiot.

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Sumire Shouda: Too bad, Koizumi. I rejected your friendship request ((:

Mochiage: You go, girl!

Sumire Shouda: Are you trying to imply something, Mochiage?

Mochiage: No, mam. But I liked it!

Sumire Shouda: Whatever.

Hotaru Imai has started the group 'Uniting Buyers of Natsume-Ruka Photos'.

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Yome Kokoroyomi:Wow… Hey, Natsume. Good luck!

Natsume Hyuuga: Imai! You're gonna get it tomorrow!

Anna Umenomiya, Tobita Yuu and 7 others have joined the group 'Class B'.

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Youichi Hijiri is currently running away from Hotaru Imai because she keeps taking pictures of him, the stupid hag. If anyone sees her, please inform him immediately!

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Mikan Sakura: You-chan! Where are you now?

Youichi Hijiri: Stupid Nee-chan, if I told you, then Hotaru will find me -.-

Natsume Hyuuga: See what I mean, Youichi? Polka's just a pain in the butt.

Mikan Sakura: NATSUME! I am NOT a pain in the butt! You're just so annoying!

Natsume Hyuuga: I am not annoying, Polka. The one shouting here is you.

Mikan Sakura: HA! Got ya, Natsume! I'm not shouting on the INTERNET!

Natsume Hyuuga: Polka, using capital letters on the internet constitutes shouting.

Mikan Sakura: … Oh.

Youichi Hijiri: Can you guys stop please? It's hard to run when I keep getting alerts.

Mikan Sakura: YOU-CHAN! Why won't you tell me where you are?

Youichi Hijiri: Stupid Nee-chan. I said it just now.

Natsume Hyuuga: Whatever.

Youichi Hijiri: By the way, stop flooding my alerts while I'm on the run, you two flirters!

Mikan Sakura: We are NOT flirting, You-chan! .

Natsume Hyuuga: Yeah, Polka. The one doing all the flirting is you ((:

Mikan Sakura: NATSUME!

Natsume Hyuuga: What now, Strawberry?

Youichi Hijiri: Can the two of you go somewhere else to argue? Just not on my comment.

Mikan Sakura: Sorry, You-chan! I'll buy you Howalon later, okay? ((:

Natsume Hyuuga: Hn. By the way, Youichi; don't eat her food. She probably poisoned it.

Mikan Sakura: … For You-chan's sake, I'll drop this argument. For now.

Natsume Hyuuga: Hn.

EVENT: The 'Natsume-Ruka Online Fan Club' is having a meeting later today at 3PM. Venue is Sumire Shouda's room, number #3-769, Elementary School Dorm. Don't be late.

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Hotaru Imai: For 1 000 rabbits, I'll agree to video-record your meeting sessions.

Wakako Usami: Deal. The money will be passed to you later during the meeting.

Hotaru Imai: I won't be attending.

Wakako Usami: Huh? I thought you agreed to video-record…?

Hotaru Imai: I agreed, but Amanatsu will be doing the job. Pay her later.

Wakako Usami: Err… okay then. Thanks ((:

Most Recent:

Natsume Hyuuga is wondering why the stupid fangirls won't leave him alone.

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Mikan Sakura: Because you suck, Natsume ((:

Natsume Hyuuga: … Polka, I don't suck. It's the fangirls.

Yome Kokoroyomi: Do I see someone who's whipped?

Natsume Hyuuga: … Hello, Koko Crunch.

Mikan Sakura: What's whipped, Koko? Is it like, whipped cream? I'm eating it now ((:

Natsume Hyuuga: Polka, are you being hyper now?

Yome Kokoroyomi: Mi-chan, whipped is like… well, okay, it's NOT whipped cream.

Mikan Sakura: Natsume Yes, I'm being hyper now ((: HOWALON is love.

Kokoroyomi O.o Wow, then what IS it?

Natsume Hyuuga: What kind of Howalon did you just ingest, stupid? What a fatso.

Mikan Sakura: NATSUME! I'm eating cream-filled Howalon, of course! I'm not fat either!

Natsume Hyuuga: Yes, you are. Tell her like it is, Koko Crunch.

Yome Kokoroyomi: Natsume-kun, I don't want to be Koko Crunch… Mi-chan, good luck.

Mikan Sakura: Huh? What do you mean, good luck?

Yome Kokoroyomi: Err… nothing. I gotta go. Bye!

Mikan Sakura: Bye, Koko ((:

Natsume Hyuuga: Hn. By the way, Polka.

Mikan Sakura: What, Natsume?

Natsume Hyuuga: Are you free tonight?

Mikan Sakura: What, Natsume?

Mikan Sakura: … Natsume? Hello? You haven't replied for ten minutes…

Natsume Hyuuga: I'm taking you to see the doctor.

Mikan Sakura: WHAT? WHY?

Hotaru Imai: Because he's whipped. And you're getting fat, so he's worried.

Ruka Nogi: Hotaru! Give me back those photos!

Hotaru Imai: No can do, Nogi.

Mikan Sakura: Wait, Hotaru! What do you mean? Hi, Ruka-pyon! ((:

Natsume Hyuuga: Imai, you are going to disband that Facebook group NOW.

Hotaru Imai: What are you talking about, Hyuuga? Anyway, if you want to ask her out…


Natsume Hyuuga: Imai! You know what I mean. Anyway, about asking her out…

Hotaru Imai: Hyuuga Whatever, just bring her back by 10 PM. Nada on the group stuff.

Nogi Pay me 500 Rabbits first.

Ruka Nogi: WHAT? Are you crazy, Imai? That's like, two months of my allowance! )):

Natsume Hyuuga: Whatever, Imai. I'll bring her back by 10 PM… And about that group…!

Mikan Sakura: Wait, I don't understand! What's going on? )):

Hotaru Imai: Mikan He just wants to take you out.

Hyuuga I'm not disbanding that group. It's making me tons of money.

Mikan Sakura: WHAT? Natsume, if you wanted to take me to see the doctor so much…

Ruka Nogi: Fine, Imai. I'll wire you the money later )):

Hotaru Imai: Excellent choice, Nogi, because I might have increased the price…

Natsume Hyuuga: … Polka I'm not taking you to see the doctor.

Imai I'll talk about it later…

Mikan Sakura: But just now you said that you WERE going to take me to the doctor! Ten minutes ago! O.o

Natsume Hyuuga: … Whatever.

Kitsuneme: Good luck, bro. Have fun with Natsume, Mikan.

Mikan Sakura: Hi, Kitsuneme-kun! ((: Natsume, if we aren't going to the doctor, then…?

Natsume Hyuuga: You'll find out later. I'll pick you up at 7.

Mikan Sakura: Okay…? I gotta go now, bye guys!

Natsume Hyuuga: Where are you going?

Mikan Sakura: Hmm? I need to see Narumi-sensei about something regarding the play.

Natsume Hyuuga: … That bastard. Making you play Juliet…

Mikan Sakura: ? Well, bye Natsume! See you at 7 ((:

Mikan Sakura has logged off.

A/N: Well, how was this for my very first cybernet-based GAFFN fic? I hope it was good and interested you readers! ((:

I've wanted to make a fic like this for ages; but never found the time or energy -.- Plus, I haven't updated Flight H1127 in ages. Or my other fics, for that matter . Terrible, aren't I? o.O

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