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AN: collection of "ten things ficlets" for the various members of the Skywalker family; belongs to my swallows and amazons verse.

Shmi Skywalker

1) She and Qui-Gon become lovers the night before the podrace. He's gentle and sure and puts her needs first, and that more than anything is why she lets Anakin go with him. Long ago, among her mother's people, it was held that if a man could not put a woman's needs first in bed, he might sire a child, but should never be a father to one.

2) Her father was an offworlder, a heavyset laughing drifter who became a moisture farmer outside of Mos Eisley and fell in love with the Magh'ran trader who came to his farm to bargain for water early one morning, dressed in black and red with two ceremonial shortswords in a scabbard on her back.

3) Sometimes Shmi thinks she remembers the sight of their corpses better than she does their faces.

4) She always knows where Anakin is. She can close her eyes and name his location from half a city away throughout his childhood, and it's not until he leaves with Qui-Gon that this ability fails her.

5) Her favourite time of day is morning, just before the suns come up, when it's cool enough to work and dim enough to laugh. Sunlight spares no ugliness: starlight hides it all.

6) Her name is Skywalker, after the father who had had so little of safety and stability in his life that his wife took his name as a promise and a comfort, but Shmi, unlike him, has no desire to walk anywhere but on the ground. If she dreams at all, she dreams of a city in the canyons, hazy and indistinct, home of her people for generations.

7) She told Anakin not to look back. That doesn't stop her hoping he'll disobey her, some time.

8) Cliegg is a good man, and a kind man, and Shmi likes him very much after only a few brief meetings, but she doesn't decide to marry him until he steals an hour with her one afternoon and she realises how easily he can make her laugh.

9) When she meets Owen, she could almost be glad Anakin is not here, for they would get along like fire and water: Owen so serious, always conscious of how the livelihood of his family is weighing on his shoulders already, and her sharp-tongued boy who loves nothing more than to laugh and be merry, for tomorrow –

10) There is so much she has to tell him before she dies. He has to go home. He has to give her body to the fire and scatter her ashes in the way of the People. He has to know of his grandparents, of his grandfather who used to work the land of a farm much like this one, and his grandmother who was trader and warrior and Sister of Asenan. He has to know of his Aniya, his twin sister who perished at birth, whom Shmi can still see dancing in his shadow, clinging to his hand. He has to know what she wants for him: love, happiness, a chance at the kind of comfort and acceptance and laughter that she's found, so late, with Cliegg.

Most of all, he has to know she loves him.