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AN: collection of "ten things ficlets" for the various members of the Skywalker family; belongs to my swallows and amazons verse.

Jacen Solo

1) When Jaina tells him she wants to train with Aunt Mara one-on-one like most of the other students in the Temple, he's first appalled, and then resigned.

"Things are changing," he says gloomily to Anakin.

2) "It's a girl thing," Uncle Luke says comfortingly. "She needs her own space right now, is all."

There is one level on which Jacen understands this perfectly well – even better than Uncle Luke thinks. There is another on which he is unconvinced, and he remains that way, to a lesser degree, for pretty much the rest of his life.

3) Like Anakin, he's allergic to cashew nuts. Unlike Anakin, he actually liked the things before the rash broke out.

4) Jacen spends most of his fourteenth year snogging Danni Quee in dark corners and being scornful about haughty Hapan Princesses in public.

5) "Sounds like someone I used to know," Dad says once, significantly.

Jacen's so horrified he nearly passes out.

6) The first time he kisses Tenel Ka, the memory makes him smile.

7) When Mom starts turning their wedding into a State Occasion, Jacen complains bitterly to Grandfather, who professes amusement that his staunchly Republican insurrectionist of a daughter has managed to have a bunch of kids determined to ally themselves with the most totalitarian dictatorships in the galaxy, and tells Jacen to shut up and suck it up.

8) Ben's only twelve the day he climbs onto the kitchen counter next to the foundations of Jacen's lasagne masterpiece and says, "Jasa, will you train me?"

"If you're sure you want me to, of course," Jacen says easily. "Pass me that tomato, will you?"

9) Jacen loves to fly; but he discovers, one time on Corellia at Wedge and Iella's palce, that he loves the sea just as much.

10) Syal joins him on the beach with her hands in her pockets, and they watch the waves together in companionable silence for a long time.