Shounen Town

Description: Not your typical BLEACH/Naruto crossover, this is an AU that feels more like superheroes than it does SJ wise in terms of setting and plot. As it is, I will be explaining that Konoha isn't a village but rather a sub branch of a peacekeeping corps called "Shinobi". The same with Soul Society being an organization of a different kind that exists to hunt down paranormal creatures dubbed as "Hollows". Of course, the gist will be the same, the Arrancar will exist, the Akatsuki will exist and a few others. Truthfully I wanted to add one more series to make it feel more SJ like to a total number of four but seeing as I've concentrated on the three pillars of the current Jump Magazine, I won't be putting another one.

Summary: The world that you are living in is much larger than you think. There exists within this world, people that can do extraordinary things, quietly, they move with the crowd of ordinary men and women, never to be seen in public, but they always watch. This is their tale.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, One Piece and Bleach, all rights are exclusive to their respective authors (Masashi Kishimoto, Oda Eichiro and Kubo Tite). This is strictly for fan purposes only.

Prologue: Convergence

Kurosaki Ichigo casually walked towards his school, wearing his grey uniform handbag comfortably held with his left and straddled on his adjacent shoulder, his free hand in his pocket.

The orange haired fifteen year old had an aloof emotion strung across his face as he trekked his way to school, only to stop at a nearby corner and saw a blonde haired boy, as tall as he is, lying prone on the narrow road, wearing what looked like a pair of pants, a white shirt and a tattered denim vest. To his side was a duffle bag that lay at the side of the road.

"F-Foood…" the boy mumbled as he reached out to Ichigo with shaky hands.

Ichigo felt sorry for the mismatched boy, from the looks of things, the dude was a country bumpkin. That could explain the ridiculous style of clothing that his dad seemed to have a liking to and the duffle bag that seemed as tall as his torso.

Ichigo sighed and shook his head, as he helped the teen up and acted as the young man's support for the time being until they can quench the boy's hunger at a nearby restaurant. As they walked off with Ichigo carrying both the blonde and his somewhat heavy duffle bag, the orange haired teen couldn't exactly tell what was in the bag as he both carried the load and hearing the sound of the school bell ringing.

'Looks like I'm going to skip class again…' The orange haired teen inwardly sighed, as he walked away from the sight, another mark for his behaviour for the already bad track record on Kurosaki Ichigo.

One hour later:

Three bowls of rice, two tonkatsu, three ebi tempura, an order of gyudon, two bowls of ramen and a plate of sushi later, the blonde was patting his belly like an over satisfied pig and uncouthly belching out loud in front of Ichigo. The blonde grinned and proceeded to shake the orange teen's hand forcefully, happy for the help. One of the orange haired teen's eyelids was twitching as the blonde stuffed himself and presumably killed his allowance till the next week.

'What the hell is up with this weirdo?' Ichigo thought to himself as the blonde then said, "Man! Thanks for the food there, buddy! It really recharged my batteries there!" Said the blonde as the boy then continued,

"Namikaze Naruto is forever in your debt- tebayo!" Said the blonde, Ichigo merely gave Naruto a scrutinizing look and said, "Yeah, whatever, so what's a country boy like you doing around here?"

Naruto looked surprised by that statement and asked, "H-How did you know! My disguise was perfect!"

"You call that set of clothes blending in? You really are a country bumpkin." Ichigo commented with a haphazard grin that seemed to piss Naruto off, "Hey! I'll have you know that these clothes really do make you feel that you're in the city! Why, just yesterday when I was in Shinjuku everyone was smiling at me and the girls were gossiping about me!" The blonde proudly declared, to which Ichigo replied in a deadpan and unimpressed voice, "No, I bet they were laughing at you and made fun of you because you are so out of style."

As if on cue, one of the girls from behind their table giggled and whispered to each other, "What a dork."

Ichigo grinned wickedly and pointed at his back while Naruto grew even angrier, "Well, excuse me for being a country bumpkin!"

Ichigo couldn't help but chuckle at this, just because Naruto looked more sad than angry, like he was about to cry. Naruto sat back down to his seat with his head facing the table, as if it was the only thing interesting in the world. It wasn't his fault that it was the first time he had ever been to the city!

"Now, if you could answer my first question…" Ichigo had nothing better to do, he had already skipped class because of this and he doubted that he felt mortified about it (having done so on a few occasions). He didn't plan on skipping out today but he'd be damned if he had to go back home and be bored to death right now.

"I'm looking for my father in this picture!" The blonde mentioned, grabbing a photo from his pocket and shoving it to Ichigo's face.

The orange haired teen leaned back a little, trying to get a good look and preventing himself from getting cross eyed. What he saw in the picture, was that of a blonde man, wearing what looked like the standard blue overcoat uniform of the peacekeeping corps that the local mayor established a few years back.

Ichigo gave a small frown as he grabbed the photo from Naruto. He never trusted the corps that had suddenly appeared in town a few years ago, they arrived one year before his mother's disappearance leaving behind a katana. Ichigo's family had tried to enlist the help of the group countless times only to be turned down and left helpless when investigation after investigation turned out meaningless. To Ichigo, the corps was incompetent; they were a bunch of mere figureheads that only move when money is involved. They could not be a unit that serves independently to defend the town from a recent influx of these supernatural phenomena that littered at night.

It had been three years ago when the town encountered their first paranormal experience in the form of a creature that had froglike features but with something that seemed to be calcified bones protecting its head like a mask. As if it couldn't be anymore bizarre, the said creature had a perfectly clean and bloodless hole on its chest.

The Peacekeeping corps had done nothing after it. After a string of missing persons and appearances of these creatures continued at night, there had already been reported strings of cases of ten people (mostly children) missing since three years ago and yet not a single clue was given on what happened to them. To this, Ichigo said to the blonde truthfully, "I'm sorry, I haven't seen him, but you know, we could go to the corps headquarters now and check on this person, I'm sure they have a file or something on him."

Naruto looked happy at that as his eyes sparkled and enthusiastically asked Ichigo, "REALLY?"

The waitress walked towards them and handed them the bill, Ichigo grabbed his wallet and was about to let out all the money he had until he saw Naruto forking over his, the Waitress noticed SOMETHING on the blonde, and bowed deeply at Naruto, Ichigo looked curious for a moment, before finally saying to Naruto,

"Yes, really, now come on. That suit of yours is giving of waves of awkwardness and it's starting to rub off on me too." Ichigo nonchalantly mentioned, Naruto looked like his fuse was lit.

"This get-up is NOT awkward!" Naruto vehemently denied as he grabbed his duffle bag and continued, "These are my old man's clothes, the clothes that are considered hip in this city!"

"Not if you look like Kamen Rider Black's alter ego." Ichigo commented, Naruto looked confused for a second as he squinted his eyes and tilted his head then asked.

"Who's Ramen Kider Black? Is he some kind of cool Ramen vendor!" Naruto asked that last question with another bout of excitement and enthusiasm.

"Kamen Rider Black." Ichigo corrected before he continued, "And no, he isn't a ramen vendor, now come on, we're burning daylight."

Trust a bumpkin to know nothing of pop culture.

Ichigo and Naruto were about to go outside when they heard the sound of metal bending and screeching followed by glass shattering.

Turning to the window, they saw a white sedan, its hood totally damaged and compressed to a pulp, the windshield and the windows were shattered and laid across the sidewalk. The people outside looked on in fear.

"What the… Those monsters only appear at night! What's going on here?" Ichigo yelled, as both he and Naruto dashed outside, Naruto looked around and found countless people running for their lives, as a towering behemoth that looked like an elephant was beginning to rampage all around the street. A teen, wearing a yellow shirt and khaki shorts, lay sprawled near the wrecked vehicle his body covered in bruises but didn't look like he had any cuts at all.

"Oi, that kid's in danger!" Naruto was about to make a run for it until Ichigo stopped him, "Don't, you'll only get stomped by that monster as well!"

"But…" Naruto was about to retort until Ichigo stopped him. The orange haired teen pointed to a street light being bent down to the cemented road before the light bulb shattered.

"You may not see it very well, but I do, look closer and you'll see there's a silhouette of something there."

Naruto squinted his eyes and indeed, he did saw a silhouette of a creature, bigger than any animal he had seen so far. Hell, it was bigger than the horse that he raised back at home!

"That's a monster that keeps on kidnapping people, mostly its kids who are these bastards' victims, but today they looked like they're out for more…" Ichigo turned his gaze back at the elephant wearing a white bone like mask. Its tusk menacingly pointed to the boy sprawled on the ground.

Naruto merely squatted down as his features were replaced from being a goofy looking country boy, to that of a cold and serious warrior. "I'm not one to turn away from an injured person. If you want to stop me, fine, but even then, it won't be enough!"

Naruto then suddenly vanished from Ichigo's vision, a loud crash was heard from the area where the monster and the injured kid were. Ichigo slowly turned his vision, expecting a carnage taking place however; he saw no blood spilled as the towering mammoth's tusks penetrated the ceramic wall. Naruto stood on the opposite end, the boy carried on his shoulders as he looked back on the monster's silhouette slowly taking form.

"I'm starting to see it." Naruto mumbled, but as soon as he was about to turn and face the monster, he heard the boy groan and stir from his back. Naruto turned around and saw that the boy was about to wake up. His black hair kept the tilted up, showing his beady black eyes and a stitch on his right cheek just below the adjacent eye. The boy looked around and said, "Damn elephant… Why couldn't it just stay still for one second so that I can beat and give it to Sanji! He said elephant had great meat and I wanted to try one!"

Naruto looked at the boy with incredulous at the boy, even if Naruto was a country boy, he could immediately tell what an elephant was and what wasn't. This thing certainly did look like one, more to the point, Naruto asked the boy, "You willingly provoked that THING to attack you!"

The boy gave him a smile showing his pearly white teeth as if it was an achievement of some sort.

"Of course I did! I wanted to try out elephant meat!" Said the boy, Naruto merely replied, "That thing doesn't even look like an elephant!"

"Well it's got a long nose, doesn't it?" the boy pointed and Naruto looked at the said monster, as it was turning its head towards them, the tip of its nose pointing at the two.

"See? An elephant! An elephant!" The boy cheerfully pointed out, Naruto couldn't believe the person standing in front of him.

With a massive roar, the elephant charged at the two teens, lowering its tusks as it intended to skewer both Naruto and the black haired boy. Naruto squatted down once again and mumbled.

"Shunshin no Jutsu…" With a flicker, Naruto blurred out of sight, with the boy still clearly on his back. They reappeared beside Ichigo, who had been looking flabbergasted ever since the beginning.

"Just who are you anyway, Naruto!" Was his only question, Naruto turned to him and gave a haphazard grin.

"Namikaze Naruto, just a man looking for his father." Said the blonde grabbing something from his pocket which turned out to be a yellow Swiss Knife, the knife was brown at the handle, with a gold ornament at the base and hilt. The blonde instantly vanished again and seemingly reappeared underneath the behemoth slashing at one part of the leg before vanishing again.

The monster flinched and howled in pain as it felt its left foreleg was slashed ruthlessly. However, the said creature refused to fall as it adjusted his other foreleg for support.

"Damn, that's one tough monster… It remained standing even after I cut off a tendon…" Naruto mentioned, as he began to take back steps and jumped on to the walls, trying to find a weakness in this abomination.

Naruto was about to lunge at the monster from one of the roofs and stab it in the back until he saw the black haired kid dashing towards the monster like a mad man.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?" Ichigo shouted at the boy, who merely ignored his question as the young man continued to charge like a rampaging bull.

Ichigo looked on in confusion as he watched the boy holding his arm right arm back with his left, looking like he was about to deliver one hell of a punch. He didn't expect the kid to stretch his hand back BEYOND his own arm length.

"Gomu Gomu no… Pistol!"


The punch flew towards the target and smashed its way towards the creature like a freight train completely sending it off balance and crashing on the asphalt.

"How in the hell did you do that!" Asked the blonde from the top of the building, looking down on the sight of the fallen elephant, the boy grinned as he said, "I'm a rubber man! I can stretch my whole body to anyway that I want!"

"That doesn't even seem possible!" Ichigo pointed out and then turned to Naruto, "You're the same as well!"

Naruto merely looked at Ichigo and shrugged.

The monster was about to recover when the trio looked at it, it roared out violently as it seemingly grew even angrier than it did before.

"You just pissed it off even further, if that was even possible!" Ichigo shouted at the grinning boy who turned and reeled his arm back again, attempting to deliver one more form of punishment.

But before he could do so, three ear piercingly loud gunshots were heard throughout the street, prompting the monster to flinch again and howled in pain even further as it was hit on its right torso.

"Keep your distance and try not to use any fancy techs out there as possible; there are far too many civilians in the proximity." Stated the person, who was accompanied with three other people, shorter than him, wearing the standard blue coat of the peacekeeping corps, long silver hair standing up to his back, as he kept half his face glued to the orange book in his right hand, Ichigo frowned, can some of the people from the corps see these monsters plainly as well?

"We don't know what that is, but make sure to bring it back alive so we can study it. It's been three years and those missing cases are piling up without as much as a clue, this is the biggest of what we got so far." Continued the man as the three others nodded.

All three of them wore the standard blue overcoat uniform that signified them as a member of the peacekeeping corps. Two young men and a teenage girl, One had sleek, black hair that spiked at the back, flowing down to his cheeks, and another one that had his hair maintained plainly over his head and seemed paler than the first, he had a perpetual smile plastered on his face which crept Ichigo out of his wits. The young woman with them had bubblegum pink hair, going down to the back of her neck and wearing a hair comb, green eyes eyeing the monster and the three boys watching the said monster.

"You have your orders. Move out." Casually said the man as all three subordinates affirmed their situation.

"Engaging the target…" Said the spiky, raven haired boy quickly grabbing his gun and ran on the walls, his irises turned blood red, crimson like the late afternoon sky, as three black comas appeared on the irises, spinning around and dancing near the pupil.

The said boy grabbed his pistol, aiming it at the legs of the said monster and fired four shots with that unmistakable bang. The bullets zoomed and hit its target by a fraction of a second as the said monster howled in pain once again.

Another boy appeared from the side of the monster taking out from his coat of what seemed to be a single edged knife, and with his left hand, slashed the monster to the legs letting out a spray of red liquid around. The monster wobbled on its feet, as it staggered from the pain that coursed through its legs eating away at its ability to stand. With a fierce cry, it raised its long snout upwards in an S shaped manner, coiling at the top of the head. Concentrating energy at the tip of its nose, dark-purplish molecules of energy began gathering, as it grew and grew to about the size of a tennis ball. It lashed out its snout and let out a deafening screech.

"Take it down, now!" Commanded the one that held the book, as if on cue, the pink haired girl earlier appeared at the underbelly of the said monster, left hand reeled back, the girl now wore a pair of black gloves as she jumped straight towards the exposed belly of the said monster.

The pink haired girl let out a mighty straight punch as it made a dull thudding sound on the belly, letting out a tumultuous shockwave all around the two combatants.

Silence followed.

Then a few seconds later, the creature's attack suddenly disappeared, as if it had lost its sustenance. It let out an anguished scream before falling on its side. It gave a loud thud as it hit the ground, red liquid spewing out of its mouth.

"Well that was pretty close…" Commented the silver haired man, now appearing beside the three, an indifferent look escaped about his only visible eye as it seemed that his left eye is covered with an eye patch, Ichigo just noticed it now, but it seemed half of his face has yet to be revealed, seeing that the book was still covering half of his face.

Celebration would come later however, when they saw that the weird creature began to dissolve like sand blowing to the wind. Ichigo had to keep his eyes opened as he saw the creature vanish to like how it came, it was so sudden, yet the fleeting moment was forever stamped in Ichigo's mind.

"Well… That's a bummer; guess Sakura killed it by mistake." Said the commanding officer as the pink haired girl now called Sakura lashed out to her superior. "Hey! How come you're pinning this on me? This was your plan in the first place, Kakashi-taichou!"

The silver haired commanding officer shrugged and said, "I just thought that the monster can take the heat. Obviously, it couldn't though."

"That was a waste of time. Sai, your timing sucked back there." Said the spiky haired brunette, looking aloof as he was about to walk away before looking at the paler boy only to be stopped with his fellow brunette giving that ever perpetual smile that crept the two acquaintances out.

"I disagree that it was a waste of time; I have discovered how much a person is willing to discard responsibility and throw his/her subordinate in the fire. I am willing to think that Kakashi-san does not want to report to the Chief for fear of backlash coming from such a strong and admittedly frightening woman." Sai commented, Kakashi looked as if he was ashamed of such a dead ringer statement and tried to put it in a lighter context,

"It's not like that; it was merely 'an accident'." Kakashi chastised feeling the pressure on his person.

"An accident that wasn't supposed to happen, using lethal force when subjugation was key isn't really an unseen error." Remarked the boy that had a duck's butt for a head, said boy began looking around and noticed a blonde man. A quick recognition on the boy and he nudged over to their apparent leader known as Kakashi and Sasuke pointed to the blonde whose single visible eye grew wide in surprise.

"S-Section chief?" He asked the blonde, the blonde looked questioningly at Kakashi and pointed to himself, "Huh? What are you talking about?"

Kakashi, now presumably out of his delusions, shook his head furiously at this, the section chief was gone, went missing by the time his son was born. He looked at the boy and suddenly deduced as to who the young man was, "Namikaze-sama?"

"Who? Me? Well, I AM a Namikaze but my first name is Naruto!" The blonde said with a smile.

Kakashi's hand shook whilst he held his book in his right hand. The silver haired commander of the group quickly went over to the boy and kneeled down.

"My apologies, Naruto-sama, it has been so long that I have not seen you, I give you my sincerest of apologies for not recognizing you so early on." Mentioned the man, to the side, the orange haired boy to his side gave a flat out, "What?"

"Naruto-sama comes from one of the nine noble houses in Japan. He is from a noble lineage that traces back during the Heian period right until now." Kakashi explained, to which, Ichigo asked in surprise this time, "WHAT?"

Naruto sheepishly scratched the back of his head and gave a mischievous grin, "Sorry about that, it's just that I really wanted to find my old man. My mother is so alone back in Kyoto since the disappearance and I felt that I needed to go to the city to look for him."


Naruto sheepishly scratched the back of his head again as he mentioned that he bought an electronic handheld console since it was the first time seeing one, it roughly caused him about the same amount of money as did buying a car.

"I'll pay you back as soon as I get in touch with my mom."

"No. Forget that. Go to the police, you've obviously been conned."

"Oh, I don't think so. I've made such a good deal at it! See! It even has (Naruto read the game title on the cartridge before refuting Ichigo) Tetris on it! Isn't it cool?" Naruto asked with stars in his eyes.

To this, Ichigo turned his head to Naruto and gave up. He gave an answer in monotone and with somehow less enthusiasm, "Yes, it's cool, what a great device."

The poor bastard, not only was he a country bumpkin, he was also gullible.

Ichigo could only shake his head as he walked away.

"Well I guess I'll be seeing you around then, Naruto. And I hope you pay me back soon."

Naruto grinned and gave a thumb up at Ichigo who only snickered.

"Naruto, that is so lame! Giving out a thumb up is really old fashioned!" Ichigo shouted, laughing as he got away before the blonde looked on to the four uniformed people from the corps.

He looked around, looking for the boy that was injured earlier and found him gone. A shame, that boy could have been interesting to talk to.

In that instant, Kakashi bowed to him, "Namikaze-sama, the section chief requests that you visit her today, she says it's something that concerns you."

Sasuke whispered to Sakura as they watched the scene from afar, "He's a member of the nine noble houses? I find that hard to believe."

Sakura simply rolled her eyes at this, yes, Namikaze-san (Naruto) tends to be an idiot, but his kind of idiocy was simply meant out of curiosity about the world around him. She guessed that Naruto didn't go out often.

"What is hard to believe, Mr. Bird Ass? The fact that his idiocy doesn't explain his 'noble' status or that his attire should be suggested that he lives in the Showa era fits his description down to a T." Sai helpfully added complete with a smile that crept Sasuke out. To this, the Uchiha turned his head away from the other boy and walked towards the commander.

"Are you suggesting that all rich kids are stupid, Sai?" Sakura asked

"I am not implying such, ugly. Only you could twist the statement that I've said and brought it out of context." Sai helpfully added.

"You're dead, art boy!" Sakura immediately hollered, reeling her right arm back as if to punch Sai into a broken heap.

"Sakura, stop it." Kakashi instantly commanded as the white haired man walked towards them, Naruto far behind as he waved at the new faces.

"Headquarters just called, Kakashi, they're anxious to know about the heir's condition." Sasuke notified, Kakashi simply waved off the boy and said, "He's fine. Tell them that we'll be reporting back now."

Shinobi Peacekeeping Corps, Konoha Branch:

Jiraiya hated wearing the damn suit; there was no doubt about it. He hated wearing that polyester tie simply because it felt like it was choking him; he hated the damn coat since it was effing hot outside. That and his former teammate, Tsunade planted a damn electrocuting device if ever his actions were sought fit with the punishment at hand (particularly peeping).

It wasn't as if he hadn't been doing it on purpose, he's been doing it for his sideline as a famous writer for years! He's unlike that particular lecher, Mizuki who constantly harassed his female teammates back then with gropes, thank God that douche was fired. If not, he would have flayed the damn pervert alive (Somewhere, somebody in the office shouted the word hypocrite).

Speaking of which, Jiraiya saw the troubled and sexy secretary that Tsunade had run off as if she was about to have a serious bathroom break. Whatever the girl had eaten, Jiraiya prayed she have good blessings on her arduous trial.

Inside his said teammate's office, he could hear a very loud voice (her teammate's) shouting at something, most likely the phone.

"I have my best men on the job working on it, Kushina. Don't worry about your kid!" Tsunade chastised, in her own, imposingly loud voice kind of way.

"Yes, Kushina, I know about his situation as the heir. Minato explained it to the director and then to me back then. What do you mean he has the Jewel? He's WHAT?"

Oh boy, from the sound of that voice, it must be SOMETHING to be concerned about. Also, did he just hear the name, Kushina? As in the wife of his student, Minato? It's been a while since he had last spoken to the woman and even longer when he met Naruto, around five years to be exact.

"Yes, Kushina, he's already made contact to one of my teams. I'll let him call you once we get him here. He's perfectly safe, DAMN IT!" Tsunade yelled, smashing the phone on her desk and leaned back on her leather chair, massaging her temple.

"Want a penny for your thoughts?" The voice asked and Tsunade instantly groaned at the sound of the familiar voice.

"Jiraiya… What the hell are you doing in my office? Aren't you supposed to monitor the Rouges and gather information?" The busty woman asked.

The Rouges, as Tsunade had named, was a moniker Tsunade had given to any agent of the corps that had abandoned the organization. Most of them were low class thugs that nothing they couldn't handle. But occasionally, there would be a highly powerful member that would defect from their cause. Something that was to be left in the hands of Hunters, a task force designed to do as they are named, to hunt down rouges.

"If you must know, I came to inform you about the situation in Harajuku, it seems like a newly established group is starting to gain popularity in the underworld. From what I hear, they take missions from espionage to assassination. Pretty damn bold if they think this doesn't go by under our noses." Jiraiya mentioned as he sat down in front of the table, facing Tsunade.

"They call themselves, Oto (Sound), mostly made up of low grade thugs with pretty low grade levels for training. But that's not the real clincher here. Someone we know is running it, and he's made it known for a purpose." Jiraiya was frowning as he said this, leaning closer to the table where Tsunade frowned as well.

"Is it… Him?" Tsunade asked Jiraiya who simply nodded in confirmation.

"Whatever it is, I'm sure what he is planning isn't something good if he's letting information about his group seep through like a geyser."

Tsunade was silent for a moment before she said, "Continue with the investigation, Jiraiya. If so much as one of our officers goes down by these people, I'm organizing a raid with the SWAT team ASAP."

"We can't do that, Harajuku is under the administration of Suna, we can't issue orders of a tactical raid if Suna doesn't allow it. They have a say in matters and the current section chief from Suna hates and wants to compete against Konoha." Jiraiya reminded the woman who merely frowned at this.

It was then that her intercom had given a sound from the reception desk downstairs.

"Tsunade-sama, Namikaze Naruto-sama is here, would you like to meet him personally or shall you go down?"

"Tell him to wait for a few minutes before meeting him there. His mother has been worried shitless about his son running off with the Jewel of the Kyuubi."

"Yes, thank you, ma'am."

"Oh? Naruto's here, eh? Maybe I should greet the boy as well; I haven't had the chance to see him since he was twelve. So that's why your secretary was running full pace, I just thought she had a bowel problem or something." Jiraiya had mused and looked up, a feeling of nostalgia suddenly hit him as he grinned.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Minato make you the boy's godfather?" Tsunade asked, Jiraiya simply gave a smirk and added, "Yes, I was the one who gave the name, albeit indirectly, Minato loved my first book, after all."

"You mean Gutsy Ninja? It was the only thing remotely worth reading from your line of books. The rest should burn in a fire." Tsunade mentioned, to which Jiraiya looked downcast.

"The fifty million that bought those books would beg to differ, Tsunade." Jiraiya replied with a smug that just SLIGHTLY pissed Tsunade off.

"Yes and it just goes to show that there are fifty million perverts." Tsunade replied as they made it to the elevator.

Kurosaki Clinic:

Once Ichigo made it to his house that afternoon after spending the day doing nothing in particular, he plopped down on his bed and grumbled about his allowance simply drizzling out of his hands like sand. Damn blonde haired rich kid, if he wasn't so gullible he would have had no problem stuffing himself with food. As if it that wasn't enough, the image of that kid that had rubber arms with a stitch on his right cheek punching out an elephant like creature was so surreal, it felt like it was a manga of sorts. Ichigo sighed as he rolled on his back and looked at his ceiling.

Although it was weird, the day had some entertaining moments, in particular, Naruto's inadequate knowledge about city life and apparel. From what he could observe of the blonde, he barely goes out.

The orange haired teenager groaned, well it looks like another week of no money courtesy of a blonde that had no idea how to live in a city.

Ichigo looked out from his window and saw his sisters going back to the house waving at him. The orange haired boy waved back, looking down with a small smile and suddenly lurched forward when he felt something malicious escape from him. It felt like a thousand tons of steel was weighing him down. He was immediately on his knees when he felt it. Ichigo struggled to stand, he looked down below, towards his dad's clinic and suddenly saw smoke rising in it. Paling at this, Ichigo quickly went downstairs and saw the monster that he saw earlier giving an unholy screech as Yuzu and Karin were knocked unconscious, with a growl, Ichigo lunged forward and grabbed the bat from the side of the wall.

He couldn't really think of anything else, all he could really think about right now was protecting Karin and Yuzu. If it meant he could get that abomination away from them, it would be more than enough.

"Get away from my sisters, you son of a bitch!" Ichigo shouted, swinging the bat and hitting the creature straight at its snout, from the sudden onset of his strength, Ichigo watched in surprise as he saw the monster being hurled outside from the swing of his broken steel bat. Ichigo looked at his bat and scowled, how did that happen? Surely the most damage he could have dealt with would have annoyed that thing than actually hurt it.

The monster got up once again, exposing its now visible mouth full of molars and incisors as it screeched loudly from the wall that it was embedded on in the opposite street. Ichigo then shook his sisters to check if they were still alive, with a sigh of relief, he found them still breathing, he gently woke them up and told them to run.

"Get out of here, run and don't look back! I'll distract this guy while you two get away." Ichigo shouted, Karin, the dark haired girl of the two, wanted to ask why, Ichigo didn't give an answer, there was no room for that right now.

"Forget it, just go!" Ichigo shouted, Yuzu and Karin looked unsure before finally nodding.

"I won't let a bastard like you get near ANY of my siblings, got that?" Ichigo shouted, as he looked to his side and found the katana that his mother left them; he unsheathed it and found it to be in perfect shape, as it shined brightly from the reflection of the sun's orange light from the sunset as he ran over to the monster, who had slowly gotten up.


The monster gave another roar as Ichigo thrusts the sword forward, the monster swung its snout sideways and hit Ichigo perfectly on his side, sending him hurtling towards a lamp post. Ichigo writhed in pain as he tried to get up from his position. The monster stood before him growling beneath its white calcified mask.

"Ye, lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams, unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws, way of destruction number thirty three: Sokatsui (Blue Fire, Crash Down)!"

Ichigo saw a blue beam of light hitting the monster dead on at its side, sending it flying from the force of the explosion.

He saw the monster crashing towards a miniature fountain and cringed.

The neighbours weren't going to like that one.

The orange haired boy looked at his saviour, and saw she was wearing a black suit and a black office skirt while carrying a katana. Ichigo had to be really surprised though; did she really think she could fight well with heels on?

Another part of town, abandoned warehouse:

"Sanjiiii, I want to try elephant meaaat!" The boy complained, a blonde haired man that was smoking a cig as he leaned by a near wall. It had been a while since this boy came to their lives; they had been travelling together as a group with that red head thief and the perpetually lost and directionally inept swordsman that came from the mountains. It wasn't as if this teenager with the stitch on his face and the straw hat was particularly a compelling person to be with, he was just imposing on them again. Or at least that's what he liked to think, for the past month or so, they all had been imposing in on each other whenever they go to this abandoned warehouse. Every single one of them was annoying, well except for the chick that has a huge rack, he could get used to see her everyday and serve her meals, and massage her and then… Ehem, nevermind.

But the fact was most of them were annoying to be around with, particularly that quack inventor with a long nose and that moose that Luffy found during one of his senseless adventures. Apparently, it could talk; it was bipedal and stood only two feet tall. Until you realize that he can expand his muscles and grow past six feet.

"I told you Luffy, I meant that as a joke to get you to look around more, I am not going to cook elephant meat simply because I'd be imprisoned if I do." The blonde said as he now stood perfectly erect and said to the swordsman who was doing his routine of swinging a weighted stick for the past hour or two.

"Remind me again, why we are hanging out? I barely even know the sword freak and Pinocchio over there so why are we here?"

"Because you're all part of my crew!" Luffy simply replied, Sanji scratched the back of his head at this, talk about an over simplification.

"To put in terms that you can understand, Sanji-kun, Luffy-kun wanted us to be part of his gang for the sole purpose of ruling the Tokyo Underworld, in order to do that, he at least needs very dependable crew members on his side with unusual talents, like you having the ability to jump really high or Zoro-san having the stamina and strength of fifty men or Nami-san's thieving skills and foresight and of course, my genius and connections to the underground due to my father!" Ussop mentioned, as the small moose that wore a red top hat and red pants raised his hands or hooves.

"What about me?"

"Chopper, you're the mascot, of course!" Ussop jokingly added as Chopper looked like he was about to cry. Nami simply scowled at this and turned her head to the side, another cooped up day about nothing really, it had been a while since they've been caught in a commotion. The Arlong Park incident was a pretty damn gruesome gang war between them and one of the street kings, Arlong. It took a heck of a lot of work to cover their tracks for those members of the Peacekeeping corps to arrest them; so far, it was a progress worth boasting about. How often do you get to fool a HUNTER of all people?

She really didn't want to get involved in this whole mess, but she had no other choice, besides, she was grateful at Luffy and his friends, without them, her community would have suffered even further from that bastard, Arlong and the corps would have most likely left it alone until the Marines had intervened. Seriously, those guys were ready to take down Arlong and his gang with guns blazing.

"Ah, I'm just joking, Chopper! You're pretty useful as our physician and doctor! Without you, Nami would have seriously died from her ailment!" Ussop reminded, to which Nami wished the inventor hadn't brought it up. She really didn't like playing the damsel too often. Unless of course, there was some monetary compensation, then it was a different story altogether.

They then heard a loud crash from outside, on alert; Nami quickly got up from her seat and went out, finding a girl, heavily injured with wounds covering her body. What got her attention though, was the gold necklace that she wore and her long blue hair, she wore what looked like a very expensive tailor made dress.

Immediately she called the attention of their medic.

She realized that this was all too often a case of something so much more. Well at least she wouldn't be bored for now.

Shinobi Corps Headquarters, Konoha Sub Branch:

Naruto looked around, instantly amazed at the bustling staff members in the building, he hadn't seen this much people all around. Getting stuck at home was probably the cause of it.

"Wow, this place is packed with people." Naruto said as he looked up and saw only pillars and concrete above.

"This guy is a country bumpkin through and through." Sasuke muttered as he went away. Going straight to his part of the office, mainly on the second floor, Sakura followed suit and Sai went to the restroom.

"Welcome to our headquarters, Naruto-dono."

To this, the blonde turned to see the source of the voice and saw a blonde, busty female that wore a dark green business suit and an office skirt, leg high black stockings and a pair of lace sandals complimented her attire. Naruto inwardly whistled at the beautiful buxom figure that had a purple mark on her forehead.

He then looked to her back and saw a familiar, white haired man that had red markings on his face and wore a black suit.

"Ah, Ero-jiji! What are you doing here? It's been a long time since I last saw you! I didn't know you worked at the corps!" Naruto exclaimed walking over to the white haired man who groaned at the nickname he gained from the blonde boy.

"Must you keep calling me that? I really don't think it's good for my image to say that to me. And to answer your question, I was doing some work in Harajuku and Shizuoka. Got some problems there and will soon get back to my work by tomorrow; today's my day off, actually."

Tsunade snickered at the nickname her teammate got branded with, in a manner of speaking, that nickname fits. She was going to name him that from now on if Jiraiya kept his attitude up.

"Nope, I'll keep calling you that until you change your ways! Man this place is huge, bigger than my house, that's for sure!" Naruto exclaimed, Tsunade coughed in order to gain his attention and said, "Although I would like to keep this reunion longer, I believe there is another pressing matter we need to attend to."

Naruto turned around and looked at the woman and asked, "Yeah, what is it?"

Tsunade was about to lash out at the blonde for that callous comment when she remembered that this person was the heir on one of the Nine Noble Houses that kept funding their organization.

"It concerns your mother and the Jewel of the Kyuubi."

Naruto chuckled nervously at this as Tsunade handed him a phone.

"Here, call your mother; she said she wanted to know how you were doing." Tsunade mentioned, Naruto carefully grabbed the phone and dialled the number that her mother gave him.

"Hello, Tsunade? Did you call me because Naruto is there? I've been worried sick since he left home three days ago!"

The voice of his mother brought an unsure feeling from Naruto who didn't know what to say.

" Ugh… Mom?"

"Naruto, is that you? No, of course, silly me, it is you! Where have you been young man? You had me worried sick! Not only that, you took the Jewel of the Kyuubi with you! Do you know how much coffee I had been drinking ever since you were missing? The ceremonial rights to receive the jewel and its training are still two years away-tebane! You aren't allowed to hold the jewel until you gain mastery in it!"

"Um, well, you see… I noticed that you were so lonely a few days ago and kept staring at dad's picture so I thought it was best to go look for him and punch him for leaving us alone." Naruto answered unsurely, well, it was the truth anyway. He ran away from home looking for his father.

Silence reigned in between mother and son.

Finally, it was Kushina who spoke, "I'm thankful for you worrying about me, son. But your father promised he'd be back, have faith in him some more, why don't you? Besides, you don't get privilege to the first punch that goes to the wife-tebane!"

Naruto seemingly chuckled at this as he said, "I'm sorry, mom, I just thought that it would be better if we search for him ourselves. I just want to see him as much as you do."

Another moment of silence,

"Fine, you win, I'm letting you stay in the city for a while, but if after six months and your father is still missing, we are going home to wait for him, understand?"

Naruto looked questioningly at this, "We? What do you mean 'we'?"

"Isn't it obvious? You're a country boy, you don't know how to live in a city, so it's best I be there and guide you!"

Naruto groaned at this, "Mom, I have Jiraiya-jiji over here, I'll be fine."


Naruto relented at this and finally gave in, "Okay, okay, you win."

"Okay, thanks, I love you, son!"

Naruto scratched the back of his head with a sheepish grin, "Okay, love you too, mom."

With that, he gave the phone to Tsunade who said to him in a grin, "That would be two thousand yen, please."

"What? For a measly phone call? Well, I guess, it's a private phone and the calls took longer than it originally did. But, I ah, blew my money on this really cool device that played this really cool game called Tetris and now I've completely spent my money." Naruto sheepishly said at this, as Jiraiya shook his head in amusement.

"Kid, welcome to the city."

To be continued…

Just a little something I've imagined from all the work I'm doing right now. Tell me what you all think about this and if I should continue it, and yes, I'm starting the One Piece side of the story in Arabasta Arc since most of the awesome factor of One Piece started there.