Diversionary Tactics

Summary: It's a slow week at the office, and Tony is bored. That's never a good thing. Warning: spanking of adults. Don't like? Don't read!

Disclaimer: I don't own them, I just play with them.

A/N: This is part of my 'Lessons' series and takes place after Trial by (Camp)fire. This one should make sense on its own.

Warning: this story contains the disciplinary spanking of adults. If you have a problem with that, click on that 'back' button now. You've been warned.

Tim scrambled to obey the barked order, hauling open his bottom, file-sized drawer and reaching for the folder Gibbs was demanding. After nearly a week on cold cases, boredom and frustration were taking their toll on his boss's temper. Tim was almost wishing that somebody would get murdered, just so they'd have an excuse to get out of the office, and something to think about other than trails that had ended in dead-ends years, sometimes decades, ago.

Tim located the file he needed, frowning in annoyance when it didn't slip easily out of the drawer. He nudged the adjacent folders aside, closed his hand more firmly over bulky file, and tugged. Still it didn't move. Tim's brow furrowed in confusion. The drawer wasn't crowded enough to create enough resistance to keep any of the files so definitively wedged in place. It didn't make any sense.

'Today, McGee!'

Tim gave up trying to pull the hanging file out of the drawer and instead tugged on the individual folder. It, too, refused to move.


'It's... uh... it's stuck... or something...'

Gibbs threw his empty coffee cup into the trash and turned towards him with one raised eyebrow. Tim didn't need to be told that 'stuck' files were not an acceptable reason for keeping Gibbs waiting, especially in his current mood. In desperation, he tried to pull the contents of the file out of the folder, but he couldn't get it open far enough to unfasten the metal tangs holding the papers in place.

'Boss, it's...'

'Meet me in MTAC when you figure out how to get the damn file out of your damn drawer, McGee,' Gibbs growled, storming off.

'Problem, Probie?'

'I don't understand it, Tony! The file just won't...'

Tim trailed off, grabbing his desk lamp and angling it towards the drawer, hoping to get a better look at the reason for the file's sudden stubborn streak. A moment later, he rocked back on his heels, glaring at his partner.

'You super-glued the file into my drawer?'