Disclaimer: This is for the whole fic. The OCs are mine, the DC characters are not. I'm not looking to make money off any of this. Don't sue me.

A/N: Right, I have to apologise first for this incredibly long author's note. You have to ignore Batman Beyond. I'm virtually ignoring the League of the future, since everything is different because of the OK 'verse. And this is about the Founders and their grown-up kids, so no Aquagirl, Kai-Ro and possibly no Barda.

I hate to disappoint those of you hoping for a union between the houses of Kent and Wayne, but in my head that's SMWW by proxy, so way off the marriage menu (as hilarious as that might have been to see Bruce and Clark be in-laws). Here's the index of second generation Leaguers:

Wayne Twins - Sarah Wayne/Reaper and Nick Wayne/Prometheus. Age 22.

Stewart Twins - Rex Stewart/Warhawk and Kyra Stewart/Skyhunter. Age 21.

Kent Twins - Michaela Kent/Supergirl II and Jonathan Kent/Superboy. Age 20.

West Twins - Iris West/Turbo and Isabelle West/Zippy (childhood nicknames that stuck). Age 19.

Okay, that's it for the twins. There are others, of course :)

Oliver Queen/Dinah Lance - Michael Queen/Green Arrow. Age 19.

Vic Sage/Helena Bertinelli - Olivia Sage/Huntress. Age 17.

Bruce Wayne/Diana of Themyscira/Amanda Waller (kinda) - Terry McGinnis/Batman. Age 17.

Got all that? Good. On with the show. Next page