A/N: I've been thinking about making a kidfic for this fandom and is this is what came to me.

This will hopefully become a series - it really all depends on how well the first 2 chapters are recieved. Consider this first chapter a ficlet for now. The full story should reveal itself as the series of one shots go on but just to give some background: This is AU. It features both kid!Tony and kid!Tim with papa!Gibbs. Tony and Tim are both Gibbs' kids but not by birth.

The one shots will jump around in time and all the characters will be involved. I apologize for the grammar in advance (this is un beta'd so the mistakes are all mine) but keep in mind that some of the mistakes are deliberate because I'm telling this from the POV of a 6 year old.

I don't own NCIS, Tony, Tim or Gibbs.

Tim is 6 years old.

Tony is 9 years old.

Gibbs is... older than that

Peanut Butter


Tim takes another bite of his sandwich and chews happily, wriggling in his seat with enthusiasm. Tony giggles before sticking a peanut butter covered hand on top of his head to keep him still.

"Slow down, Timmy."

Tim ducks away from the hand with a scowl but continues his sandwich dance.

His big brother makes the best peanut butter and jelly. Not even Daddy puts peanut butter on top of the bread.

"It's good, huh?" Tony asks while taking a small bite of his own, "It's a Tony PB & J special."

"Wusso speshuh abott?" Tim asks around a mouthful of Jiff.

Mischief sparkles in his brother's eyes.

"What was that, Timmy?"

"Wusso speshuh? Wuss speshuh?"

"I can't understand you," Tony says really, really slowly.

Tim tries to swallow the mouthful of peanut butter but the sticky glob won't go down his throat.

"Tohnee, I nee' mu.k"

His brother's cheeks puff up like he wants to laugh but the sound won't come out.

"You need what? Tim, you have to swallow your food before you speak. Don't worry, I'll wait."

Tim watches with exasperated eyes as Tony pulls a bottle out of the fridge and two glasses.

"And while I'm waiting I'll enjoy a nice, cold, glass of milk."

Tim bangs indignant fists on the counter top as Tony pours himself a cup while leaving the jug just out of reach.

"Mukkk! Mukkk, Tohhee!"

"Aaahh," Tony sighs after taking a big gulp, "refreshing."

"Daddy," Tim tries to wail through his peanut butter block.

Like magic his dad walks into the kitchen just then. Tony quickly slides his cup across the table to Tim.

It takes a few sips before the sandwich glob slides its way down. Finally.

"You're mean!" Tim declares as soon as his mouth is free.

Daddy raises an eyebrow.

"I'm making lunch for me and Tim," Tony says with that smile. The same smile that Tony gave Daddy when they broke the toilet and said they didn't.

"I can see that," Dad says then ruffles Tony's hair. "Make me one?"

"Sure, Boss," Tony cheerfully agrees. Tim giggles.

"No PB on top, okay?"

"But Daddy, that's the best part, " Tim protests while licking the excess spread from his fingers

Dad hands him a napkin with a look that says, Don't lick your fingers, Timothy, so Tim uses the napkin real good.

Daddy looks around the kitchen and Tim follows his eyes. There's peanut butter on the fridge and jelly in the sink and bread slices on the counter and even more peanut butter on the cabinets, Tony and Tim. Tim thinks it looks cool, like a peanut butter and jelly painting, but Daddy doesn't look that happy.

Tony passes Dad his sandwich and asks, "Can we please go to the park today?

Daddy looks like he might want to smack his brother on the back of the head so Tim perks up to watch.

"What did I tell you yesterday, Tony?" He asks with that voice that's kind of soft but still asking a question too.

"That-that we'd go to the park?" Tony looks like he knows Gibbs is gonna say no. Tim hopes not. Abby was supposed to be at the park today and Tony promised he'd show him how to pull her pigtails.

"And this morning?" Daddy's still looking at Tony like he already knows the answer.

"That we'd go to the park..." Tony says with eyes so wide he looks like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Tim covers his mouth so he won't laugh.


"We're going," Tony says like it isn't a question. He grins. Tim sighs in relief.

"Yu,p" Daddy nods and Tim can tell he's got that warm feeling in his stomach. Like when your spelling test gets put on the fridge with the big magnets.

"As soon as your room is clean," Daddy adds

"It's clean," Tony says quickly with that broken toilet smile.

Dad raises his eyebrow again.

Tony nods.

"Technically," Tim adds.

It looks like Daddy wants to laugh but he doesn't.

"You boys put everything away in it's proper place, technically?"

Tim nods too this time.

"Alright then. Let's stop talking technically and start thinking hypothetically," Dad says.

Tony frowns, "Hippo-wuh?"

Tim rolls his eyes. "Hippothetnickal, Tony."

"Hy-po- the-ti-cal," Gibbs corrects, "It's like an imaginary situation"

"Like pretend?" Tim asks.

"Exactly. Attaboy," Daddy praises, "But in this case it's a pretend situation that could very well come true."

Tim looks at his brother and his brother looks back at him.

"So," Dad takes a bite of his sandwich and leans forward on the counter, "hypothetically, if I were to go up to your room right now and check, I would find nothing stuffed in the closet or underneath the bed, right?"

Daddy gives them both that look. The same look that made Tony spill his guts about the broken toilet before Tim could even open his mouth.

Then Tony answers, "Correction. Technically the room is clean but hypothetically the closet still needs work."

Daddy smiles a little bit.

"Get to it. Sooner you finish, the sooner we can hit the basketball court."

"Okay, Boss!" Tony cheers and races up the steps. Tim giggles some more.

It's always funny when Tony calls Dad, 'Boss' or 'Gibbs'. Tony says it's cause he's gonna be one of Dad's special agents one day, but Tim doesn't think his brother likes the word 'daddy' very much. Gibbs says he can call him Boss, Gibbs or anything but 'Sir' but Tim likes 'Daddy' best. 'Sides, Tim doesn't remember his other daddy or his mommy much. It doesn't matter. Gibbs is the best dad ever anyways ... except when all he wants to do is play stupid basketball with mean ol' Tony.

Tim pouts. Just a little.

"C'mere, Tim."

Tim slides off his stool and trudges over to his dad. He tries his best to look mad but he doesn't quite make it when Daddy lifts him into the air.

"What's the matter?"

"I-I dunno" Tim laughs

"Then why you got your faced all scrunched up, huh? You don't like the park anymore?" Dad asks as he holds Tim upside down by the ankles.

His dad's a giant, Tim decides, as he climbs down the long legs.

"Don't like. Baske'ball," he gasps as he's flipped over.

His head is all spinny and the kitchen tilts this way and that before strong hands steady him.

"Tony likes it," Daddy says

"So? Tony's mea,n" Tim says, lookin' down cause he wants to stay mad.

"Tim," A big hand lifts his chin up and wipes the rest of the peanut butter off his face. "Remember when we went to Blockbuster, last weekend, and Tony let you pick the movie?"

Muppet Treasure Island, he remembers. Tony let him pick the sausage off his pizza too.

"Can we go on the swings? After basketball?" Tim tries.

"After basketball," Daddy says.

"Can we play HORSE?"

"If you and Tony agree."

"Okay," Tim relents. He knows Tony likes that game even though he says he doesn't.

"I'm gonna go watch TV while we wait."

Daddy gives him that look again. Tim gulps.

"I mean, I'm gonna go help Tony clean our room?"

Gibbs smirks and ruffles his hair.

"Good choice, peanut butter boy. Now scoo.t"

Tim moves towards the stairs when his Daddy's voice calls him back.

"Tim," he says as he holds up the hand that just left Tim's head, "How did you get peanut butter in your hair?"

A/N: This was meant to be a snapshot of their lives to help introduce the characters more than anything else. The rest of the one shots will have more of a story, I promise. Let me know how you feel about the characterizations. Are the voices off? Is Tony too mean? Gibbs too nice? Let me know.