"Edward let me drive." Bella said grabbing the keys from my hand.

"No Bella I'm driving." I said trying to reach for them but as I did she distracted me by kissing me. "You don't play fair."

"Get the Baby." She said and I rolled my eyes as I went back inside to find Rosalie getting Renesmee's coat.

"You ready to go?" I asked Renesmee.

"We're going to see Grandpa Charlie." She explained and I nodded.

"Here Edward" Rose said handing me the little brown raincoat.

"Thank you." I said kneeling down in front of my daughter. "Now what are the rules when visiting Grandpa Charlie?" I asked as I held the coat out for her to slide her arms in.

"No talking." She said and I nodded.


"Don't walk, stay in yours or Momma's arms." She said.

"She has it Edward just relax." Esme said and I smiled, for the first time in my life I could just relax. I didn't know what to do with myself. I slid the zipper up on the little coat before taking hold of Renesmee's hand.

"Bye Nana, Auntie Rose." She said waving her free hand.

"Bye little one." They said before I walked out the front door.

"Where's Momma?" she asked and I pointed to the car "Momma's driving?"

"Apparently." I said as we walked over to the car. "Bella Love did you strap in the seat?" I asked.

"It's in the trunk." Bella said "What coat does she have on?"

"The brown one." I called as I lifted the seat out of the trunk and strapping it in before lifting Renesmee up into it.

"Okay." Bella said. "You ready to go see Grandpa?" she asked Renesmee who nodded happily. "Did Daddy go over the rules?"

"Yup." Renesmee said as I got into the passenger seat.

"Why did you want to drive?" I asked.

"Because you never let me drive." She said.

"Drive your own car." I told her.

"What happened to what's mine is yours?" she asked reversing and turning down the lane away from the house.

"You have two cars." I reminded her.

"I like the Volvo."

"What's a Volvo?" Renesmee asked.

"A type of car. This is a Volvo." I explained and she nodded. I sighed and turned on the radio. Listening to any random song Bella sang along and Renesmee tried to copy her. I laughed at my two girls.

Never in a million years did I think I could have a life like this. Driving with my wife to my in laws with our daughter in the back of the car. The idea was surreal really.

"What are you thinking about?" Bella asked driving slowly.

"The Chief's not on duty." I commented teasing her.

"Yeah but how embarrassing would it be to get a ticket from Mark on the way to visit the Chief. They would never let me live it down." Bella said.

"Who's Mark?" Renesmee asked.

"Grandpa Charlie is the Police Chief right?" I explained and she nodded "Mark is the deputy Police Chief which means he's second in command."

"So he's like Leah." Renesmee said.

"Yeah but he's not a bi..." Bella began but stopped when Renesmee looked at her "Yeah but he doesn't change into a wolf." Bella said I smirked.

"I get it." She said as we pulled into Charlie's driveway. "Momma what's that?" she pointing to the Chevy truck which hadn't been moved yet.

"A testament to your Daddy and Me." Bella said and Renesmee looked at her funny I snorted.

"That was a source of aggravation."

"Compared to the others we had it wasn't that bad." Bella reminded me.

"True." I said you couldn't deny that.

"So what is it?" Renesmee asked.

"It's Momma's old car." I told her.

"Is it broken?" she asked.

"It's dead." I murmured.

"I wonder if I could pay to get the entire refitted." Bella said looking at her truck.

"To annoy Rose?" I asked.

"Why not? Emmett would get a kick out of it." She said as she climbed out of the car laughing. I reached into the back and pulled Renesmee out of the back seat and sat her on my hip.

"Comfy?" I asked her and she nodded with a smile. Bella pulled a bag with Renesmee's cup in it out of the back and linked hands with me as we walked up the steps.

"Dad?" Bella asked as we walked into the house.

"How come Momma didn't knock?" Renesmee asked me through her thoughts and I laughed.

"Momma never knocks when she walks in here, this used to be her house too." I explained and the little girl nodded.

"Bells? Is that you?" Charlie's voice asked as he came down the stairs.

"Unless all the kids are waltzing into your house calling you Dad." Bella said smiling at him.

"Very funny Bella." He said pulling her into a hug "How are you? You look... better." He said and Bella nodded.

"I'm great." She said genuinely and for once I could agree with her things were absolutely great.

"Hey Edward how are you Son."

"I'm good Charlie." I said.

"Hello Honey." He said before gesturing to me to hand him Renesmee. I happily handed her to her Grandpa who made a big fuss of her. "You've gotten so much more so grown up since I saw you last." He said while I wrapped my arm around Bella. I had found since the showdown with the Volturi the other day I needed to be with one or both of them at all, touching off one of them. It was to prove it was all real I think. I pressed my lips to the top of Bella's head before she lead me over to the couch and put Renesmee's bag on the floor.

"So how have you been Dad?" Bella asked watching me play with our daughter with a giant smile on her face.

"I've been great." He said. "Well really you've had me worried sick. Again. But I have a feeling it was need to know so I'll let it go. You look good though now. Whatever it was is over right?"

"Yeah Charlie's it over." I said reassuring him. Bella grabbed hold of my hand with hers and held it tightly.

"Well I'm glad." He said and Bella nodded.

Daddy I'm thirsty. Renesmee told me through her thoughts and I nodded. "Bella Renesmee hasn't drank anything all day do you think we should give her some water or something?" I asked and Bella eyed me before realising what I was saying.

"Oh right. Come here Baby Girl before Grandpa Carlisle lays it thick on Daddy for not getting you your RDA's." Bella said lifting the little girl out of her father's arms.

"RDA's?" Charlie asked.

"Recommended Daily Allowances." I said pulling the tin sippy cup out of the 'diaper' bag. Renesmee wore diapers for two weeks by the time we had gotten it down pat on the changing she was potty trained. A parent's dream I suppose. The bag was handy though as it allowed us to bring the sippy cups along with other things we might need for her. I handed Bella the cup.

"Is that formula, you should hit it up." Bella said.

Formula had become code for blood in our house.

"Do you want another cup?" Charlie asked.

"Nah this is microwavable." I said standing up and heading into the kitchen. Charlie followed me in and pulled a beer out of the fridge.

"So what happened to you being sterile?" he asked and I shook my head as I leaned against the counter. I heard Bella chuckle in the living room. "I'm just curious."

"I thought you were going to believe what we wanted you to believe." I said waiting for the microwave to finish heating up the blood.

"As I said just curious."

"If I told you a small miracle would you believe it?" I asked.

"Can I say I told you so?"

"How so?"

"Remember that day you came here and we talked?" he asked and I nodded.

"I told you, you would have a kid someday. Didn't think it would be so quick and all but I did tell you."

"You told me."

"How did your world take the second change?" he asked and I heard Bella sit up.

"You were right about that. It did change. Again." I said as the microwave dinged. "I better get this in." I said and Charlie nodded.

"I just have to make a quick phone call." He said I gave him his privacy by walking into the living room and sitting beside my wife.

"You coming to Daddy?" I asked and Renesmee nodded as she climbed over Bella's lap to mine.

"What was that about?" Bella asked.

"What?" I asked in return as Renesmee took the tip of her sippy cup into her mouth. "No teeth." I reminded her and she nodded.

"What you and Dad were talking about, what change?"

"Well you changed it the first time."

"I did?" Bella asked leaning on her elbow watching me with our daughter.

"Of course Bella. I didn't go around saving random people from being hit by vans and writing them lullabies before you." I said. "Although I've never know anybody so unlucky to have a truck fly across an entire parking lot and almost hitting them."

"And the second?"

"Isn't obvious?" I asked looking down at Renesmee. "Everybody says having a baby changes your world but I never thought it could be that much different. Sure you were responsible for another person but you still got up every day and did what you had to do. But it changes how you think. You made that change the minute you connected the dots to discover you were pregnant but for me it wasn't until I felt her kick against my hand through your skin." I told her truthfully "And then it didn't even hit with until I had her in my arms. When she finally was a real person to me."

"Right." Bella said gently stroking Renesmee's face. While Bella was a strong newborn she still wasn't so great about feeding Renesmee in front of her father. I understood and also it gave me special time with my little girl so I didn't mind.

"That was the station I had to call did you hear about the three murderers last week?" Charlie asked.

"What?" I asked.

"Three bodies found, damn animal is back." Charlie muttered.

The bad men? Renesmee's voice asked.

"We wouldn't know we were sort of preoccupied." Bella said quickly taking Renesmee out of my arms; it was a comfort thing for her to be holding her. I wrapped my arm around Bella's waist again.

"Was terrible. I won't say much as not to scare the little one but it wasn't pretty." Charlie said. "Anything to do what you were 'preoccupied' with?" he asked.

"I don't know." Bella said.

"If we did we would tell you Charlie." I added and he nodded.

"You kids staying for dinner?" he asked changing the topic of discussion.

"Is that your way of asking me to cook?" Bella asked with a smile.

"Man can't live on pizza alone Bella." He stated. "Come on we all haven't had dinner in ages." He said and we were trapped.

"Sure." Bella said with a fake smile on her face. "I'll start cooking." She said "You want to come and help Momma cook?" she said to Renesmee who nodded.

"Have fun." I said with a smirk. She would have to endure what she put me through twice over.

"Hey Dad do you have the ingredients for Lasagne?" she asked and I narrowed my eyes at her. She didn't have as big an aversion to human food as she cooked for the pack all the time and I knew she was messing with me.

"That would be great Bells." He said excitedly.

"I'll make two and put one in the freezer." She said and he smiled brightly at her. She disappeared into the kitchen with Renesmee.

"So watch any good games recently?" he asked.

"Not really. I wanted to watch the football game at Thanksgiving but we had the guys from La Push up. Those boys can eat."

"Don't mention Jacob Black and his freaky friends to me. Eat like... well... wolves." He said with a shudder.

"I know." I said shaking my head "I don't think Esme has ever shopped so much and she had three teenage boys at the one time." I added.

"I was in Billy's the other week and Jacob and Seth came in whispered something to him ate everything in the fridge and then told Billy they were heading over to Sue's for some dinner. I had to remind Jacob to go to the store for his father before he left."

I could hear Bella and Renesmee giggling in the kitchen as they made dinner and I looked through Renesmee's mind to find out the source of their giddiness.

Apparently as Bella had tried to open the jar it cracked and the girls were giggling while trying to hide the mess. I shook my head at that. Even when she was an immortal Bella managed to be a klutz.

But soon the laughter died down and I heard Bella say something along the lines of 'Auntie Alice is gonna kill me' followed by Renesmee's laugh.

"What do you think is going on in there?" Charlie asked.

"Renesmee must have gotten sauce on her clothes. Bella and I don't particularly care she's a child she'll get dirty, Alice on the other hand... I think we brought a change of clothes, we can hide the other ones in the trunk of the car."

"Speaking of cars what happened to Bella's tank?" he asked and I smirked.

"She made me send it back. I wanted to keep it after... her... I mean when Renesmee was born but she told me she didn't need it. She's driving a Ferrari now, well when she's not stealing my car." I said.

"You have the money to buy my daughter a Ferrari and you drive a Volvo?" he asked.

"It's a family car Charlie." I said pretending to think it was a snub. "Only kidding that's just the car I liked when we were picking them out. It's not too flashy either which was good especially when you live in a small town. It was ridiculous how many new 'friends' Alice got when she pulled up in the Porsche." I explained.

"What other cars are you all driving?" Charlie asked.

"Well Rose has a Mercedes Convertible. Bella has the Ferrari. Emmett has that huge Jeep. Alice the Porsche, Jasper has a BMW and Carlisle had a Mercedes Benz." I explained. "And for my eighteenth I got the Vanquish."

"As in an Aston Martin?" he asked.

"Yeah." I answered.

"And you drive the Volvo?"

"Dad let the Volvo go." Bella yelled from the kitchen.

"She has bat hearing." Charlie muttered and I chuckled, not exactly bat. "Who has the Ducati?"

"Jasper, Emmett and I have one each. I got it when Bella and Jacob were..." I began but Charlie grimaced. "I don't go on it often. But it's fun." I explained and he nodded.

"So if you were to move how to hell would you move all those cars?" he asked.

"I'll let you know if I figure out." I said with a laugh.

"No wonder your brother's poked fun at Bella's truck."

"Did I tell you about my idea for the truck?" Bella said coming back into the room with Renesmee on her hip, as predicted there was a streaked of sauce down her chin and on her jeans.

"Do I want to know what happened?" I asked as my daughter leaned over to me.

Renesmee shook her head and giggled.

"What Alice doesn't know won't hurt her." Bella said.

"What are you plans for the truck?" Charlie asked.

"I'm going to call the Chevy people and have them send out the entire engine of a new Chevy, get Rose, Emmett and Jake to pull out the old one and reinstall the new one. My get Rose to tinker around with a bit..."

"Rose? As in Blonde Rosalie? Your sister?" he asked turning to me.

"She's the mechanic of the family, for some strange reason." I said sitting Renesmee between my legs.

"As I was saying get her to tinker around with it. Get a new bumper and weld it on this time. Not stick it on with glue and a prayer..."

"How did you ever let that thing out on the road?" I asked Charlie who shrugged his shoulders.

"Paint over it and Old Red will live again." She said with excitement. Renesmee watched her mother in awe and fascination this was the first time she had seen her mother devotion to the truck and believe me when I tell you it is something to behold.

"That sounds pretty pricey Bells." Charlie said and Bella looked at me.

"The one time she asks for... Rose will kill me." I said shaking my head.

"Happy wife happy life." Charlie murmured and Bella smiled brightly.

"Fine." I said and she kissed my cheek.

"Nessie I have to tell you something." Charlie said and the little girl turned around to her grandfather. "Your father is whipped."

"Tell her something she doesn't know." I said tickling her stomach and she giggled.

"Oh God. The two of them have you wrapped around there little fingers don't they?" Charlie asked and I shrugged.

"Ah well." I said picking Renesmee up and kissing her cheek. "There are worse things to be caught in."

"True." Charlie said watching me with my daughter. "You look different Son?"

"I do?" I asked.

"Yeah, before you always looked tense or worried about what I don't know your what nineteen and driving an Aston Martin what you've got to worry about I don't know but... now you look happy."


"Don't get me wrong the day you married Bella I was sitting beside Alice going who the hell is that."


"I'd never seen you smile Son."

"Oh." I said.

"It's not a particularly bad thing but now you've got that dopey grin on your face and I'm not going who the hell is this guy. I don't think you weren't happy when you were dating Bella but now you look..."

"I think he looks peaceful." Bella said as she came back into the living room running her hand through my hair.

"That's it. Peaceful."

"You can all stop looking at me now. I know I'm something to look at but it's getting creepy." I said laughing at the two of them "I mean it look at the pretty Baby or something." I said and Bella giggled.

"Daddy doesn't like being the centre of attention." Bella explained to Renesmee.

"Neither does Momma." I countered argued.

"Fine, fine dinner will be ready in a couple of minutes." She said. "We'll just change her after dinner or something. Just in case it gets messy."

"Sure." I said running my hands through Renesmee's hair.

"She's such a quiet Baby." Charlie commented as I reached into the bag to tie back Renesmee's hair it was getting a bit warm in here with the oven on in the next room, the kitchen would probably be a bit too toasty.

"Always was. I remember thinking she was sick or something the first night because she just conked out." I said pulling her hair back gently.

"Lucky. Bella kept us up for hours on end when she was a baby. I often wonder how Renee got by when it was just the two of them. Nothing you could do would help her. Checked the diaper, wasn't dirty. Gave her a bottle, didn't want it. She was an impossible child."

"Thanks Dad." Bella said coming in and picking Renesmee up from my lap. "Dinner's ready." She said.

"Right." Charlie said standing up and walking into the kitchen I followed after him and sat down beside Bella. She had Renesmee on her lap who was looking at the Lasagne with a bizarre look. Charlie raised his eyebrow.

"Only really started her on the solids." I said and he nodded. "Come on Honey its good." I said lying. She gave me a daring look.

You eat it. She dared me and I sighed. Bella watched me amusement as I took a bite and forced it down my throat. As I said she had a tolerance for human food for some reason. I didn't get it.

"Is she not hungry?" Charlie asked.

"Oh she is." I said holding the spoon in front of her mouth "Just sceptical."

"A sceptical Baby?"

"Who's her father?" Bella retorted and Charlie shrugged.

"And you wonder why I don't come over on visits; you people gang up on me." I said as Renesmee opened her mouth and took the spoon in.

Momma's a good cook. Renesmee said her thoughts appreciative to the food. That's a relief.

"I think we've got a winner." I told Bella who smiled.

"That's her Swan side." Charlie nodded.

"But Mom is the Italian." Bella said.

"No the eating thing." He said as Renesmee took hold of the spoon herself. I raised an eyebrow to Bella who shrugged.

"Right." I said as I ate myself. Once I was done I got up and got Renesmee and drink of water which she happily drank. "Slow down Sweetie." I told her not wanting her to throw up.

"So Edward are you busy next week?" Charlie asked and I turned to face him.

"Yeah, should be." I said as I handed Bella a face cloth to wipe Renesmee's face.

"Do you want to go fishing? Billy, Jake, Seth and I are heading out."

"On the Rez?" I asked. Things were good between Jacob and I as at this moment but I was pretty sure the ban still entail for our family. Although it was going to have to lift sooner or later.

"Um no we're heading out past Port Angeles." Charlie said.

"Animals tend to avoid Edward Dad, your probably won't get much bite." Bella chuckled.

"How would you know?" Charlie asked her.

"We went into rock pools on our honeymoon; they fled like they had been shocked." Bella said in a matter of fact tone.

"Where did you two go in anyway?" he asked.

"South America." Bella said.

"Like Peru?" he asked.

"Our family have a piece of land of the coast of Brazil." I explained helping Bella clear the table leaving Renesmee sitting up on the counter.

"An island?"

"Yeah." Bella said rolling her eyes "Carlisle is a bit of an over giver."

"That's for sure." I nodded.

"What's it called?" Charlie asked.

"Isle Esme."

"After your mother."

"Yup." I answered.

"So fishing?" he asked.

"Yeah that would be great. Alice said something about taking the girls out shopping so I was going to need to do something that weekend anyway." Bella froze at that.

"What's wrong Bells?" Charlie asked.

"I just love how he thinks he can slip that in and I won't notice." She said shaking her head. "I'm not subjecting Renesmee to that; she's got a young fragile mind." Bella said hugging are child's head close to her chest.

"Over dramatic much?" Charlie asked.

"The theatrics are a bit ridiculous." I added but Bella shook her head.

"Are not." She said. "Come on Nessie. I'll get you change so Auntie Ali doesn't kill Daddy and I all together." She added picking Renesmee up off the counter and grabbing the bag "Have fun cleaning up boys." She said while Charlie grumbled.

I picked up the sponge and began to wash the dishes while Charlie dried them.

"So how's married like?" he asked and I laughed.

"Different to what I thought it would be." I said which was true. I had thought the first decade of my marriage would be to a crazy newborn and I would slowly get the real Bella back. I should've known better when it came to my Bella.

"Really?" he asked.

"I thought we would be at Dartmouth by now." I shrugged "But I wouldn't trade it."

"How long was that put off for?" he asked.



"Um Bella and I haven't really talked about, we were 'preoccupied' and with Renesmee being such a surprise we were still getting to grips with being parents. If I know Bella though she's gonna want to wait a year or two though before she's gonna even think about college just because she doesn't want to leave Renesmee."

"How did she come up with that name?" Charlie asked shaking his head.

"What Renesmee?" I asked.

"Yeah, I thought Bella would've gone with something more traditional." Charlie said.

"Well if you believe the 'real' story my late brother named her but in reality I don't pretend to know what goes in Bella's head. I've given up on it."

"I think she's a bit of an open book."

"When she wants to be." I said thinking back to the nights previous where I had fought not to be distracted while she gave me an insight into her mind. Her beautifully elusive mind.

Charlie grunted in response as Bella came back down the stairs with a freshly dressed child. Her hair was now back in a French braid as well.

"All clean." Bella said as Renesmee hung on her hip.

The image in front of me again baffled me. Here was my wife holding our daughter while we had just had a casual dinner with her father. It was a little surreal.

"Emmett called." She told me as Charlie put away the cutlery.

"I didn't hear the phone ring." I said.

"You were talking to Dad; he said to tell you that tonight was still a go ahead for him and if you were up for it." She said saying it very casually.

"Doesn't that sound shady?" Charlie with a chuckle.

"I'll call him back in a minute Love, I think I'll give it a pass tonight."

"Okay." Bella said moving some stray hair out of Renesmee's face. "She has your hair, something your sister will never forgive you for." She added.

"What's wrong with his hair?" Charlie asked.

"It's uncontrollable and has a mind of its own." I explained. It was then I noticed Renesmee was getting a bit sleepy eyed. "Someone looks tired." I said smiling at Renesmee who shook her head.

"Well it's eight. What time did she get up at?" Bella asked me, she had been hunting this morning with Alice. I was going to go with Emmett, what the phone call was about, but I didn't really need it for another couple of days or so.

"Why weren't you up with her this morning?" Charlie asked Bella who sighed.

"So I'm not allowed sleep in anymore?" Bell asked "What time?"

"Six." I answered I had been surprised when I heard her coming down the hall so early this morning I thought she would sleep way longer after all the stuff that had happened over the last couple of weeks I expected her to be exhausted.

"In the a.m?" Bella asked.

"Yup." I said popping the p.

"Should've just brought her pyjamas." Bella shrugged.

"We need to give her a bath when we get in." I reminded her.

"Oh right." She said "Dad we're gonna head off, get her to bed okay?"

"Okay kids. Let me say bye." He said and Bella handed Renesmee to her father.

"Is the bag ready?" I asked and Bella went into the living room. She returned a minute later holding the bag up.


"Right." I said as I grabbed Renesmee's coat.

"Now you get your Mommy or Daddy to bring you over more got it?" Charlie asked Renesmee nodded her head. "Get your coat on." He said handing her to me. I sat her down on the table and put her arms through the sleeves before zipping it up. The rain hadn't let up yet and the roads were slick. "You drive safely Edward." Charlie warned me.

"Who said he's driving?" Bella asked.

"Let the poor guy drive his own car." Charlie told her I pulled up the little hood on Renesmee's coat before lifting her back in my arms.


"And you say we gang up on you." Bella said before giving her Dad a brief hug.

"Good seeing you Bells." Charlie said before letting her go.

"You too Dad." Bella said.

"Nice seeing you Charlie." I said moving some stray hair out of Renesmee's eyes and kissing her forehead.

"You too Edward. Fishing next week?"

"Definitely just get the details to me or either of the others they'll be lurking around the house at some stage." He said.

"Will do Son." He said before giving a brief wave to Renesmee who waved back before covering her eyes.

"Definitely bed time when we get home." I told her before I carried her out of the house and to the car. She was so tired I had to lift her arms up so I could fit the straps around her. Bella was sitting in the passenger seat looking out at the truck. "I can't believe you're going to fix it." I said shaking my head as I got into the driver's seat.

"It's an awesome idea. We could the truck to Ness when she's older."

"I drive the line there Love." I said shaking my head.

"Why not? She'll love it."

"She can play in it."

"It's not a novelty you can't stop me giving a present of a car to my own daughter." Bella said.

"But I can stop my daughter driving it."

"Fine." Bella said. "But I am fixing it."

"Good luck with convincing the other's to do that."

"If they don't I'll get a mechanic. But they will because Jake loves the truck so Renesmee will love the truck and then she'll bat those big brown eyes that have you and the rest of us whipped at her auntie Rose who will melt and make Emmett to fix the truck."

"So you have a plan."

"A great plan." Bella said as we pulled out of Charlie's driveway.

As his daughter rambled on about her truck and how I will rue the day I ever made fun of it and my own daughter slept in the back, I looked out my window and saw him standing on his porch watching us go. Luckily for me when Renesmee got older I would never have to let her go forever unlike what Charlie had to do for Bella but as I saw the look on his face through the rain I knew he trusted me with them.

And that's the importance of bonding with your father in law, even when you're reluctant to do so.

Because now that I was a father to a perfect little girl just like Charlie I could understand how strong the bond was.

"What are you thinking about?" Bella asked.

"That you're taking my lines." I said turning the corner.

"Edward." Bella said using my name as a warning I suppose.

"The importance of bonding with your wife's father..." I shrugged.

"Father-Son bonding, I look forward to that day with you and Jake. Too funny." She said laughing and I rolled my eyes.

But she was right.

It was important.

To me.

But most importantly to Charlie.


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