Dragon ball alpha

Hello…hello..static….hello can any one here me.

Inside a small newspaper firm in Japan. Arika torminaka jumped out of his seat in his cubicle.

"what..the hell"stammerd Arika: as he looked down at his device glowed a pale blue as the screen became pixilated.

Hello.. Hello..mom is this working correctly. Is anyone there.

The medium heighted man with dark brown hair reached for his cell phone and picked it up slowly.

"Yes I can hear you who is this an how did u get this number" asked Arika

Static filled response.

Hello. Yes! Got a hit ma..static My name is not important right now but your co-operation is essential if you want to survive.

Arika stared at his iphone in disbelief "if this is some kind of hacking prank its not appreciated and I'm returning this back to apple where they can trace your ip address." said Arika.

Getting up suddenly Arika walked over to the entrance of the building and descended the steps quickly. The night air was frigid and frost covered his car fumbling with his keys Arika slid into his Mitsubishi evo.

Rubbing and blowing into his hands he flicked on the defroster.

Looking through the frosted glass japans nightlife was slowed as winter had taken its toll on its innumerable inhabitants.

The black car pulled away from the curb as it weaved in between traffic, coming to a stop light Arika turned on his phone again and called his wife.

"..yeah these kids have way to much time on the hands..yeah I know"Arika you know what else hun..static What the hell man." Arika said angrily.

A blinding flash of light made Arika cover his eyes boom! BOOM! The huge jumbo screen that sat adjacent to the building in front of him was engulfed in flames as it came crashing down upon a group of innocent teenagers.

"nooo!" screamed Arika. As he ran out the car and raced to the wreckage, melted glass and burning corpse could be seen beneath the enormous tv.

Sirens could be heard in the distance as they drew nearer.

Chaos was all around as people screamed for help and parents screamed for their dead young.

Arika ran over to his car, and grabbed his cell it was glowing again

"hello! Did you know this was going to happen ,did you!"

Static You need to follow my every command its vital to your survival and the survival of earth.

"what the fuck is going on!"screamed Arika.

I am watching you from a place far away. Your name is Arika I take it.

"yes that is my name. What do you want from me" said Arika as he turned on the engine and sped away tires squealing.

You cannot go home Mr. Arika you must drive to the nearest hospital and enter the Er.

"Why do u want me to go there?" asked Arika as he sped to Himnomarua children's and women's hospital.

There is equipment I need for you to retrieve. Said the mysterious voice.

The black evo turned into the Er's parking lot entrance: it was a mad house.

Doctors and nurses where shouting back and fourth to orderlies and families of the patients. Bloodstained gurneys flew past Akira as he sprinted into the hospital with the cell held to his ear.

"what now?, where is it?"

Go down to the basement and look for a micro generator and plug your cellular device into it.

Sprinting past parents, and children crying for them.

Making his way down to the basement Arika found what he was looking for and wireless synced his phone to the generators system via Bluetooth.

Now connected them manually together so I can transmit clearer.

The iphone glowed brighter as a holographic image ascended from the screen.

A man with glowing golden hair phased into didn't look human

"what are you"? asked Arika as he took a step back from the otherworldly angel.

This planet is not the only one called earth human. There are multiple universes in reality and I am speaking to you from a parallel universe.

The reason of me contacting you is because of an interdimensional threat.

A creature of astronomical powers threatens to lay waste to all of existence he is an android and his name is Cell.

Mouth agape the man tried to wrap his mind around the fact that he believes every thing the alien told him.

"how did this all start,I mean where did this all begin.

The angel smiled-that's one of the reasons I am here… to tell you everything.

End of chapter.