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A small boy sat on the edge of a crystal country lake, Green trees of all kinds surrounded the triangular shore line. Dark grey storm clouds rolled over head as they were reflected in the churning waters tared forward. A brown furry tail was submerged in the water. The child's hair was darl and wool like that stuck up as if combing the boys hair would be close to impossible.

The tail jerked up suddenly.

"Almost… that's it big guy, Im sorry but im starving" laughed the boy as the rope was tied around the end of his tail, it jerked up and a 7 foot blue gill slapped around violently.

The boy dragged the fish back to his dwelling as the misty rain descended into a hard fast torrent .

Light flickered on in a small ruined hut, half of the roof was permanently destroyed. A matting of bear skin and deer was anchored to prevent most of the rain from entering.Slamming the fish on the table the boy took a knife and started tearing chunks of meat from it. the cold bitter air accompanied with the sleet entered through the holes in the bear skin matting. Sitting down the boy sat down next to a tall wooden desk. The child shivered in his navy blue overalls as he wrapped himself in a thick bear skin. "Mr. rain can you please go away" whispered the child .The candle light cast a warm yellow glow on a bright orange orb with burnt orange stars inside .

(*) 4 hours later

Wind whipped past the open window as a blue haired female stared forward as a green radar in the dash blipped on and off as the triangle came closer to her position. Tapping her fingers to the beat of her music. "Almost there" whispered the girl as the suv sped up and along the country road.

Through the foggy air evening air the boy walked over a small hill as he dropped a bunch of the fish bones into a deep ditch. Looking up, the stars reflected in the lake. down the single path road head lights could be seen tearing down the path. Fog swirled around the dew drenched fields as the vehicle blared through the fog The boy was chewing on a fish bone as he trudged up to his hut. A strange sharp sent reached the child's nose.

Hrrrrrr! The silver SUV slammed on its brakes as the girl screamed as a small boy stood in the road staring in innocent surprise.The vehicle flipped and rolled down the hill after it hit the boy.

Over and over the SUV rolled. Glass shattered inward as she shielded her eyes. The vehicle came to a bone shattering stop. Groaning in agony and wiping blood off her chin as she had bit her tongue on the way down. Unbuckling her seatbelt she crawled out from under the death trap.

"oh my god!" screamed the girl as she scrambled away and up the hill "I hit some one!"

Boom! The explosion rocked the girl sending her flying backwards.

Climbing to her feet she wiped blood from her forehead as she looked up the hill, as she gasped.

The flames whirled around the wreckage as the boy stared at the girl, smoke started to choke the girl as she made her way up the hill towards the boy. Staring in wonder at the blue haired girl as she made her way up to him slipping on the damp grass. Crouching down in a martial stance. He backed away slowly.

"who are you? Questioned the child.

"im Bulma" said the girl as she introduced herself raising her hand to the boy wearily." do you live up here all by yourself"? she asked

Narrowing his eyes the boy eased out of his stance he walked slowly around the girl. Poking the girl in the backside the girl jumped and looked at him indignantly. "Hey now!, I am a lady. She said as she slapped the pole away from her butt.

A Surprised gleam crawled across his face, he backed up and bowed to bulma.

"Im Goku" he said grandpa always told me if I were to meet a lady bow and introduce myself"

Taken aback bulma smiled at the small boy before.

"Well your grandpa was a wise man, is he around here? Asked bulma

Goku looked down as he ran a small fingers through his nappy hair." No he died a while ago bout three seasons ago".

"Im sorry Goku..said bulma as she shared eye contact with the greatest hero the world had ever known for the first time.

Bulma snapped her fingers suddenly making the boy jump.

"I have the most important question somebody has ever asked you, and I want you to think hard." said bulma.

"ok ill try" Goku grinned shyly

"Have you ever seen a small palm sized, orange orb with stars floating in it. Said bulma as she knelt down to Goku's level.

Preparing to hear the worst bulma grimaced in anticipation. on the contrary

The boy perked up immediately. "yes, I have the four star ball in my house!" exploded Goku.

Burning excitement filled her up like hot cocoa.

"Can I see it…"please she said seductively hoping to get the boy to see things her way.

"uhh..I don't think that's such a good idea" said Goku my grandpa told me to protect it with my life and never lose it ever."

Bulma stared at the boy calculating whether or not to take it by force.

No that wouldn't work she thought she would have to use her brain on this one.

Goku walked up the road with his strange new companion.

The boy stayed quiet the whole time as he led her to his damaged hut. :I wonder what he's thinking: Bulma thought.

Goku glanced back at the older girl, eyes sliding down to her knapsack at her hips. Bulma blushed :he's checking me out? Bulma laughed internally he's younger but he sure is handsome.. damnit what is he thinking:

Goku hummed to himself as he looked back at her sac again :hmm that sac is pretty big wonder if she's got food in there:

Walking down a slanted slope the pair came upon Goku's home. The roof was covered with a green blanket and leaves packed with mud. "

"Hold on a sec" he said as he turned around

light seemed to bend behind him as Goku ran inside, faster than human reflexes could follow and seemed to teleport in front of her holding the orb. Leaving a fresh trail in the worn path.

"what the hell! she screamed falling on her butt. What are you?"

Goku stared at her innocently "Me? Said Goku pointing to himself "Im Goku" he laughed scratching the back of his head.

:this boy just ran faster than humanly possible what is he. He seems innocent enough I can use him to be my protector: she thought slyly.

"Goku? Would you like to come with me. Bulma said. "I mean travel the world, meet new people ,new locations and see a lot of action basically" she finished in a breath.

The boy stared at hear for a long moment anticipation crossed his face along with other unreadable emotions. Turning around he looked back at her from over his right shoulder. 'I can't im sorry" he said and walked back into the hut.

Bulma stared in horror. thinking quickly she ran and grabbed the boys hand.

"wait Goku please I need you. Hesitating I have to find all the dragon balls. Its my mission…ba.. Im all alone and im scared" she finished weakly looking down at her boots.

Goku shook his head. "Im sorry I have to stay here".

"The least I can do is fix a meal or something before I leave? For wasting your time is that okay?."

Goku smiled at her widely. "That's fine, said Goku nodding im really sorry ms. but I have to keep grandpa's ball safe I would love to go with you but I made a promise and I never break one.". Bulma smiled weakly at him as she looked him in the eye. You can trust me Goku I wouldn't ask you to come if I dint really want you with me, but its your decision". Holding out his hand bulma took it and followed him into his home.

(*) The dark night was sprinkled with light from the stars. Goku was snoring heavily as his head rested on bulma's shoulder. She stared intently into the fire as she thought how she was about to betray her new friend.

"This is not your journey my daughter". An elderly man with white hair sat next to her in the hallway in the hospital Icu hallway. "this is not your fault bulma, I don't want you inheriting my demons l want you …the old man said I just want you to be normal, go to school, get good grades go to college and settle down".

The young sixteen year old stared with determined crystal blue eyes. Oblivious to the world around them the two father and daughter shared a moment that would be the catalyst to the role she would play in the period of the Great Demon King Daimano's holocaust "I wont fail you father I have to go, It's the only way mother will live. Tears cascaded down bulma's as she looked down at her feet. Wrapping his arms around her bulma's father held her tightly.

:"Game on" bulma thought sadly. she knew she just betrayed the person she has recently come to call a friend." its no surprise humans can justify doing wrong when they have something to lose" she thought bitterly as tears ran down her cheeks. "Im wrong and I know it, I just made an enemy" she gasped.

The morning sunlight blinded Goku as he staggered up to his hut Stumbling up the hill from the fire pit he crawled on all fours up the steep vision blurred in and out like drunkenness.

: "why do feel I like some one hit me with a rock and like I ran around the world in one day. Goku thought wearily. opening the curtain to his bed. Goku starred in surprise at the empty depression on his desk where grandpa's ball used to be. Goku stood stock still for half in hour starring in horror. Priceless fond memories of the man who took care of him when no one else did bombarded his heart.

In a dark place a river of blue energy rested in kakkarott soul ,there overflowed a dam that kept his human emotions he learned over the years at bay.A spoke of blue energy flew from the dam.

"noooooooooo! Goku screamed in a primal like rage. Smoke seemed to hover around Goku's outline as he rushed out the door and raced back to the campsite. Looking around for any clue as to where the female went. Kicking up the color changed leaves Goku spotted a vial glittering in the leaves.

Capsule corps.**

Bulma briefs'



Take no more than 3 pills in a whole day

Caution don't consume alcoholic beverages with this prescription

Eyes narrowed Goku went back inside and packed all his things and money sac his grandpa left him. The air around him seemed to shiver as he stormed with his knapsack out the doorway. Taking one last look around Goku pulled his bag over his shoulders.

As he set out into the brand new day.

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"my names Goku" the boy said as he extended his hand to the Asian looking teen in front of him.

"nice to meet you im Yamcha. The other man responded shoving his hand into the boy's.

"Who's that" said Goku as he and yamcha watched TV at the bar. A tall wrinkled old green man with antenna on top of his head stalked back in fourth of soldiers as he shouted animatedly.

Yamaha's eyes narrowed. "that's lord Dimano. He is basically the newly resurrected king of this side of the world and soon the whole damn thing"

Goku stared for a long time at the creatures face.

" I think we are going to be seeing a lot of that face from now on" yamcha commented ominously.