Second chapter upon request! ^^

The seconds felt like an eternity, and Stark wished he never would have to stop, although he felt his strength returning to him at an incredible rate. He lapped at the wound, feeling lightheaded with lust and total want for Heath.

"We have to…to stop." He whispered, licking his blood-stained lips. "I'm so addicted to you already, I'm afraid we've…"

"Imprinted." Whispered Heath, not sounding at all upset by the thought of it. He brought his face closer to Stark, who already felt totally intoxicated by him in every way. "I wouldn't care…" He mumbled. "It'd be a million times better than…with her."

Stark leaned against Heath's shoulder. "You don't get it." He whispered. "This could end up so wrong…so, so wrong."

"I'll stay with you." Heath whispered. "I don't care, wherever I need to be for you, I'll be there."

Stark shook his head. "Heath, we can't do this…an imprint…between friends, isn't right…"

But Heath's lips were against his, and it wasn't a dream, it was real, it was happening, and they were warm and fantastic and slightly parted and surprisingly soft and totally welcoming. He moaned, before opening his own mouth, running his tongue over perfectly formed canines, marveling at how curved they were, and how vulnerable Heath seemed right then, holding unto him, arms around him, and it felt ridiculously right.

Why did it have to end? He couldn't remember.

Heath pulled back slowly, savoring everything, his cheeks flushed endearingly. "That was…cool." He whispered, looking away. "I mean, I didn't know kissing a guy could be so good."

Stark played with the soft cotton texture of Heath's shirt, so tight he could count all the curves and dips he was suddenly insatiably interested in. "It's not the only thing that can be so good, I bet." He grinned shyly, looking up at Heath.

He could see Heath's eyes flickering with unsurity. There'd be no turning back after this, if they did they were both so obviously curious about doing. But then Heath kissed him again, he was flung unto the bed with all the power of a football player and Heath was atop him, smiling and totally ready.

"Have you ever?" Heath asked, running his hand under Stark's shirt, over flat abdominal muscles. Stark shook his head, blushing. "And I know you haven't either." He said, shivering slightly when Heath's hand came into contact with the delicate nubs on his chest.

"Double whammy then…" Heath lifted Stark's shirt off of his head, slightly daunted at what to do with another male chest. He learnt quickly though.

Stark moaned as Heath's lips made contact with his chest, more specifically, his nipple. He stifled a moan as Heath's teeth grazed it, and the familiar feeling of a stiffening organ rising in his pants.

Heath reached down to run his fingers over the bulge, before sliding his hand into Stark's pants. This time Stark didn't hide the moan.

The sex itself was amazing, especially for their first times. At first it was Heath, then Stark, then Heath again, until they were completely exhausted. It was passionate, and needy, wet and tight and everything Stark had imagined. And he'd never came so many times in the same night before, nor had it ever been so good, a powerful, incredible explosion which he'd held unto Heath tightly through every time.

Heath lay beside him on the bed, naked and spent. "You were so damn loud…" He teased, turning to look at Stark.

"You were so damn big." Stark retorted, reaching over to kiss Heath. He had no regrets, and knew he never would. It didn't matter that Stark was human, that their future would be full of confusion.

Three had been company, four was a crowd.

But he had Heath to himself now, and two was suddenly his favorite number.


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