Ciel lie awake in his bed, complete darkness enveloping him. He sighed in frustration and felt the heat flood to his face, making him blush.

'Why can't I sleep without having those disgusting dreams!' He thought to himself, turning his body over to the side so he could gaze at the door. He felt so humiliated, even though no one was in the room with him. He struggled to close his eyes once more but then remembered back to the last dream he had.

"Ngh….Sebas-…tian….." Ciel clenched his teeth and watched his butler lick one of his perk nipples slowly, with one half-lidded eye. Sebastian stopped and let a smirk cross over his lips as he looked at the small boy beneath him.

"Don't st-stop….that's an order…"

The butler raised his arm and pulled off one white glove by the middle finger with his teeth. "Your wish is my command, Ciel."

The delicate boy under him groaned in response to his name pronounced in that low, sexy voice that Sebastian always had. Usually, the boy would not approve of his butler calling him by his first name but now, it was different. He wanted this. He wanted this sinful pleasure that his very own butler, no, demon, was giving him.

Sebastian leaned down and gently kissed his young master's neck as his hands wandered along the boy's stomach until he reached the heated spot between his legs.

"A-ahh….." Ciel's face was flustered by the immense pressure in his pants. He wanted so badly for Sebastian to touch him there, it ached even more.

Finally, Sebastian brought his lips close to Ciel's, lightly brushing against them to tease the boy. In response, Ciel writhed his body and brought his head up to smash his lips onto Sebastian's, enticing a moan to erupt from his own mouth into the deep kiss as Sebastian gave out a growl of approval.

The tall butler decided to slide down his young master's tight pants as they passionately kissed, so he could start preparing the small boy for what's to come. Sebastian moved his head back and broke the kiss, earning a slight whimper from Ciel. He moved his lips to the boy's left ear, breathing against it making the little body shiver underneath him.

"This will feel slightly uncomfortable, Bocchan….do you still wish for me to continue?" He purred in the ear with a hint of seduction in his voice. The demon, as powerful and humble as he was, also felt his pants to be quite troublesome, and his arousal needed attention. The butler's ungloved hand was still pressed against Ciel's bulge, with only the undergarment covering the boy from being completely exposed to the demon's hungry eyes.

Ciel's eye closed tightly when he felt the demon's hand start stroking. "Do I have to repeat myself?…." Was what the young master wanted to say, but instead his words dissolved onto his tongue.


Sebastian took that as a signal to continue, so he quickly swiped his young master's undergarments off the petite body.

Ciel gasped as the cold air of the room breezed against his now naked arousal, which only managed to turn Sebastian on even more. Sebastian's free hand raked over Ciel's fragile stomach, making the boy shiver for the second time during their foreplay.

The demon's bare hand moved down and circled his young master's puckered entrance with his index finger, making Ciel gasp louder than before. Sebastian found it very erotic that the young Phantomhive was giving himself up to him. The boy was normally stubborn, with a complex look to his face everyday making Ciel seem very unreachable to many. But now, seeing Ciel in a state of total bliss and weakness made Sebastian have to fight the urges to fuck his young master senseless. After all, this was Ciel's first time at something like this and he didn't want to break the beautiful body that lay beneath his.

Carefully, Sebastian pushed his finger into Ciel's tight hole, waiting for his master to adjust to the intrusion….

"Ahhh Sebast-….iaaan…."

Ciel immediately sat up, blushing wildly and clutching the covers tightly in his hands. He forced himself to breathe and tried to shake away the red on his cheeks.

"Bocchan?" Sebastian entered the bedroom, holding a set of candles in his hand. "Can you not sleep?"

Ciel jumped a little, hearing the all-to-familiar voice of his butler call to him. "Uh…yeah."

Sebastian smiled, ignoring the blush across his young masters face. "You seem very tense, Bocchan. Perhaps I may fetch the young master a glass of warm milk?"

Still blushing, Ciel nodded his head and tried his best to look apathetic, despite the aching pain from underneath the covers.

Moments later, the Phantomhive butler returned to the room and handed the glass to Ciel. "This might help your inability to sleep, Bocchan."

Ciel took the glass and held it to his lips, sipping it lightly. Sebastian couldn't help but smirk down at Ciel.

"Oh…and Bocchan?"


"You talk in your sleep."

On that note, Ciel choked up and spit out the milk that he was about to swallow, all over the sheets.

Sebastian's face shown of concern and yet Ciel couldn't help but notice the mockery as well. "Oh dear, Bocchan…I'll have to wash those now…"