Finale – A new genesis is born

"Lopunny… Bounce attack!"

On Dawn,'s command, Lopunny jumped high into the air. The crowd awed, as did Ash. Lopunny wasn't coming down... it seemed like it was floating high within the air. Ash then commanded Ho-oh to use Fire Blast. She did so, however Ho-oh's river of flames wasn't able to touch Lopunny, for it was too high to reach. Lopunny then dove down towards the ground and landed right on Ho-oh slamming onto her back. The force was enough to hammer Ho-ho into the ground, however Lopunny's Bounce attack was nowhere near enough to render the powerful legendary into submission. Poor Lopunny's got a long way to go before it could do that… if it lasts long enough, that is.

Well, that was some tactic Dawn used there. Ash never saw that coming! For a Pokemon that seemed small, harmless and weak looking, Lopunny had showed some great promise during this match. This was perhaps due to the fact that it was raised by Dawn, who naturally was a born fighter. But even though Ho-oh did take some damage because of that, it wasn't of his concern. Dawn had a very slim chance of winning, now that she was facing against Ho-oh… and if she's able to take her down, then she'll have to deal with Lugia. Ash had no plans to give up the title just yet, so without Diagla on her side… Dawn may very well lose this match. Still… this was turning out be some exciting match… Ash can't remember the last time he was challenged like this. Because of that, Ash wasn't taking Dawn lightly.

It was time to knock that Lopunny of hers out of the arena. Ash ordered Ho-oh to use Sky Attack to finally put this Lopunny down for the count. Ho-oh quickly flew high into the sky and when she was at the right hight, began to shoot down like a missile towards Lopunny. Dawn told Lopunny to move around to avoid the attack, however Ho-oh was correcting her hit ratio as she came in to land. No matter now fast Lopunny darted around, Ho-oh was still right on target with it, and in the end slammed her beak right into Lopunny's stomach. Within upmost agony, Lopunny was thrown into the air in defeat. Dawn caught it before it hit the ground. Because of that, she was able to see its rather poor condition up close… that was some attack! Lopunny was unable to continue, so Dawn recalled Lopunny into its Poke Ball.

Another Pokemon down, however she had two more to go. Dawn threw out another Poke Ball calling her Togekiss into the arena. Her first order to it was to use Extremespeed. It began to dart around Ho-ho and attacked it by scratching it from time-to-time. Togekiss was too fast for Ho-oh's eyes and so she had to endure each of its sudden attacks until it was finished. It now was Ho-oh's turn to attach again with Ash ordering it to use Fire Blast again. It did so, however it couldn't reach Togekiss, who continued to dart around the arena with insane speed avoiding the attack. Dawn ordered Togekiss to use Extremespeed again.

That's when Ash realised of Dawn's strategy. By using Extremespeed, Togekiss' speed increases and will slowly weaken Ho-oh with is small constant attacks. Then, at the right time, Dawn will order it to attack with another, more powerful attack to render Ho-ho unconscious. Until then Dawn will use its increasing speed to avoid when that time comes. That's very sneaky of her, but now that Ash had a good idea of what she was doing, it was time to put Togekiss down for the count.

Ash told Ho-oh to use whirlwind to blow Togekiss away. Ho-oh began to create a violent wind by flapping her large powerful wings. The arena was soon caught within a strong typhoon storm with Togekiss being pulled within in and shaken around. When the Whirlwind ended, Togekiss was too dizzy to attack. So, Ho-ho ended the round by using Ancient Power. It raised a hunk of rock from the ground and hurled it at Togekiss. Togekiss was then knocked out by the rock. With a black expression upon her face Dawn recalled her defeated Togekiss back into its Pokeball. The others within the crowed could see Dawn's nervousness. She looked very concerned about something. It must have been because she was losing.

"Poor Dawn…" Cheryl said. "She only has one more Pokemon in her party now."

"What was Dawn's sixth Pokemon again?" Barry wondered.

"It was Diagla…" Lucas replied. "However he's refused to fight with her… hence, is sitting with us watching Dawn suffer."

"You really shouldn't have done that, Diagla," Palkia said to her legendary dragon partner. "You may have cost Dawn this match."

"It's not over yet," Dialga pointed out. "Dawn still has a chance."

"Yeah," Brandon added. "A very slim chance!"

Five of her Pokemon had been defeated. Dawn should have known that she wouldn't get very far with them when Ash finally called his legendaries. But… what Ash, nor the others knew was that her final Pokemon was a legendary. A legendary being with power that far exceeds Diagla and his other legendary comrades. Giratina had been patiently waiting for all this time… waiting to be Dawn's trump card when the time finally called for it. Well… that time was now. It was time to gasp and horrify everyone with his return. Boy, wasn't she going to be bombarded by questions after this… still this was her last chance.

With that, she pulled out her final ball from her belt… a Master Ball. Ash noticed it. A Master Ball… Dawn had finally used her Master Ball? What in the world was in it? Then… for some reason… the Griseous Orb infused upon his chest began to play up. The small volts cracking around it and tearing the chest of his shirt made him flinch from their stings. What was going on? Well, whatever it was… he had a bad feeling about this.

"Alright…" Dawn whispered to the ball. "You're now my last hope, so…" She then threw the ball. "I CHOOSE YOU!"

The Master Ball landed on the ground and cracked open to reveal large hoard of bright light seeping out from the ball. It was huge! What in the world did Dawn just bring out? The light began to take shape, as the Griseous Orb continued to crackle upon Ash's chest. He grasped it trying the sooth the pain. What in the world was going on? When the light did down… well… words could not describe the fear, horror and absolute shock that Ash, Diagla, and the others were feeling when the giant Pokemon was finally revealed. What in the world was he doing here… when… how… better yet… how was Dawn able to catch the monstrous beast? Ash looked up upon Giratina, who was staring down upon Ash in his Origin dragon form on Dawn's side of the field. Ash could swear that the beast was smirking at him… mocking him. Even Ho-oh couldn't believe what she was seeing. Giratina… she'll be facing off against Giratina?

"This cannot be happening…" Ho-oh said. "This cannot be real!"

"Oh, but it is, my dear Ho-oh…" Giratina replied. "This is as real as it could get! Surprised…?" With that Giratina roared… his echoing howls blearing through everyone's ears with the sound of terror. It seemed that he was laughing… laughing wickedly.

Ash would have to ask Dawn questions later. But for now… he'll have to defend his title with all he's got. More than ever now! "Ho-oh, you have to keep going!" Ash said. "Hit the bastard with all you got!"

"Ash, that isn't going to work!" Ho-oh replied. "For one, I have already been weakened by the previous attacks. And second… this is Giratina!"

"I for one wanna know how in the hell he came back!" Ash said. "And why has Dawn allied with him?"

"I'm sorry Ash!" Dawn then cheerfully called waving gleefully to them. "I'll explain later, okay…!"

"Well… it seems that she isn't being controlled by him or anything ghastly such as that… this is perhaps a true partnership!"

"Oh, you have no idea how true this is," Giratina then said. It seemed that he was cocking a rather devilish smirk while he said that.

"Ash, you need to make this a two-on-one battle if you have any hope of maintaining your title!" Ash nodded understanding what Ho-oh meant. With that, he pulled the final ball off his belt – another Master Ball – and threw it to call Lugia onto the field. When Lugia was finally free from his ball and in his Pokemon form, all he could do was stare up with horror while Giratina smirked down at him. Was he dreaming… were his eyes playing up on him? This couldn't be Giratina… it couldn't be!

"Uhh… Ho-oh… what's going on?" Lugia then spoke with a shaken tone. "What's Giratina doing here?"

"Never mind and just attack with all you got, Lugia!" Ho-oh said. "Just do it!"

With that, they began to hit Giratina with all they had, Ho-oh with a full-blown Fire Blast, and Lugia with a fully charged Aeroblast attack. The two beams of flame and intensely concentrated atmosphere merged to create an even more powerful attack. It hit right on target exploding upon Giratina on contact within a fully blown explosion. The crowd watched with awe as the light of the explosion died down to reveal Giratina unharmed by the infused attack. Ho-oh and Lugia expected that. They then decided to attack from the air beginning to fly high into the sky. The monster of Distortion just watched lazily, as they both came diving back down to attack with a double Sky Attack. Before they could pierce his evil flesh with their beaks, Giratina evaded at the last second using Shadow Force.

The crowd continued to scream with excitement over this overly charged match. First it was two against one, so it was an unfair match up to begin with. However, Dawn's final Pokemon didn't seem unfazed by the odds. In fact to the crowd, it seemed that her final Pokemon was far more powerful all together. And secondly it was Legendary Pokemon against legendary Pokemon. The crowd had never seen anything like it before… it was indeed a once in a lifetime site! The crowd remained oblivious to the possible danger screaming excitedly at the show before and above them.

Meanwhile, Dialga and the others rushed down towards the front seats of the stadium to get a closer look at this dangerous match. They leaned over on the guardrail watching anxiously as Ho-oh and Lugia gave all they had to try and take Giratina down. Giratina just took their attacks casually, and then attacked back mockingly. Well, he was indeed having fun… and then there was Ash, who looked very nervous as he continued to order attack-after-attack. Dawn remained ever so calm as she continued at watch and order Giratina to attack as well. She was winning and she knew it! However it really wasn't the battle they were worried about… it was the fact that Dawn looked so calm and collected, as she ordered Giratina around like she had him wrapped around her little finger. And he was obeying! What in the world was going on… had they entered the Twilight Zone or something? This all seemed so surreal!

"This is madness!" Dialga said. "Not only is Giratina's presence here a confusing and horrifying conundrum within itself… but he and Dawn are working ever so closely together!"

"Are you thinking, 'that should me out there' are you, Dialga?" Groudon then said with a smirk. "Feeling jealous?" With that, Kyogre bonked him on top his head with her fist.

"I'm trying so hard not to charge out there, right now!" Moltres said. "Want a piece of this demon! How dare he show his face here!"

"Bad idea. You'll be breaching the rules if you do, man…" Saturn replied. He then handed Moltres a rolled up smoke. "Here, this will calm you down… always does."

"I'm with bro on this one!" Zapdos added. "In fact, screw the rules! Let me at him!" She was about the jump over the guardrail when Mars pulled her back and retrained her.

"How was Dawn able to capture Giratina in the first place?" Cynthia wondered. "I would imagine he would've been a nightmare to deal with…"

"Unless he willingly allowed her to capture him…?" Brock then suggested. Cynthia then looked at him with a rather irritated look. He had to be kidding right? Brock then continued. "Hey… you never know… they may be even lovers!" With that, Cynthia knocked him unconscious for saying something so stupid. However unknown to her and the others… he was right on the money there.

Dawn decided that it was time to end this battle and ordered Giratina to perform Ominous Wind. He did so blanketing the entire arena with the dark and poisonous haze. Lugia and Ho-oh become caught within it effects becoming dizzy and sick. They soon collapsed to the ground feeling a little stunned and ill. Giratina then finished them both off with a Shadow Ball each. The two Shadow Balls hurled towards them and exploded on contact finishing them off. The explosion faded to reveal the both of them still on the ground… however now they were knocked out and unable to continue. Defeated, Ash collapsed to his knees in shock and disbelief. He lost… he lost! How was this possible?

The crowd began to scream with excitement over the victory of a new champion. Dawn couldn't believe it… was she dreaming? This can't be real… she hadn't really become the new champion just now, did she? Finally accepting the fact that she did, she began to jump and cheer with joy in victory. She had finally reached her dream of becoming a World Pokemon League Champion! This was so surreal! And she had one person to thank for helping realise her dream. With that, she ran into the now destroyed battlefield and threw herself into Giratina over-joyed by her victory. Giratina just stared at her contently… happy that he was able to help her realise her dream. However, the others didn't know what to think. They just continued to stand there dumfounded. They didn't know whether they should be over-joyed by Dawn's victory, or if they should be worried of Giratina's presence.

"Well… congratulations Dawn," Ash began approaching her. "You're the new World Pokemon League Champion. So… how do you feel?"

"To tell you the truth, I don't really know," Dawn replied smiling. "This feels so surreal! You don't feel bad about losing, do you…?"

Ash smiled. "Nah, of course not," Ash replied. I'm just glad that it was you who beat me and not anyone else. In fact this feels surreal to me as well… I haven't been beaten in such a long time. It's quite a relief really." With that, Dawn hugged him as was a way of showing her appreciation… and good sportsmanship. She was glad that he didn't hate after his defeat… even after taking Giratina out. They then released each other from their friendly post-battle hug. "Oh, and Dawn…"


"How the hell did you catch Giratina?"


"Yeah! That's what we also want to know!" Dawn and Ash turned to see the rest of the group marching towards them. They didn't look too impressed… especially Diagla. Giratina just continued to smirk, as they approached to two exhausted trainers. The crowd continued to cheer. They were completely obvious to what they were talking about… it was the usual post-battle business as far as they knew… "Start talking, girl!"

"Do you have any idea what kind of danger you have perhaps put us in?" Diagla ranted. "He could just turn on you and attack you any second now! Hell, he could start destroying everything!"

Dawn giggled. "No he won't!"

"What makes you so sure?"

"Umm… perhaps we should continue this conversation within the privacy of the locker-room."

They were now within the privacy and silence of the locker-room inside the stadium. That's where Dawn began to explain everything. Now in his human form and with a smirk on his lips, Giratina just listened in to Dawn's recount of their little 'escapades' to the others. Hearing everything of what happened last night from her was so sweet to hear… and what made it that much sweeter was that she was telling it to Dialga and the others. What she said made all their mouths drop with shock and disbelief… as well with horror. Giratina was at the inn… how the hell was he able to go unnoticed by them all? And why did Arceus allow him to come down in the first place… shouldn't he up in heaven reaving his eternal punishment? And then there was the question of why he hadn't done anything yet. Surely he would have gone around causing trouble by now, if Arceus allowed him to roam around the world like this? This so wasn't like Giratina to remain so idle! That was what the boys where wondering… as well as blushing after hearing what happened between Giratina and Dawn.

The girls then began to squeal with excitement making the boys yelp with fright, as well as Dawn. After hearing all that romance that went on between Dawn and Giratina… they just couldn't help but be moved by it all. There was no better way to sooth the rage within a man's heart than with a woman's love and gentle touch. They bushed and giggled over the thought of such a dark and evil character falling head over heals for someone so pure! This was so melodramatic! Well, it's like what that say… opposites attract. They squealed again… they were sure enjoying themselves! They then huddled around Dawn asking questions. How did it happen… when did he realise he was in love… and how 'good' was he?

Dawn felt so overwhelmed, as she just laughed sheepishly at their raunchy questions. Well that least they accepted this… however it may take some time for the boys to get used to… especially for Dialga. In fact, he and another person weren't too happy about this predicament. Cyrus was fuming after what he'd just heard. Hearing quite enough, the stormed through the crowding girls and pulled his daughter up by the collar of her top. He looked pissed! Well it seems daddy wasn't very happy about his little girl going out with such a dark and rebellious delinquent.

"DAWN ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND?" he began to rant to her face. "That man… no… that creature is just using you, can't you see that? He's is an evil manipulating monster, who is only just using you to get a free pardon to stay down here! It's like Dialga has always said… he is a self-serving beast! Always has and always will be, and I for one won't let you fall into his evil trap. He needs to be rid of! He is a no good bastard and you deserve better!"

"Listen your father, Dawn," Dialga added backing up Cyrus. "You know it's the truth!"

"No! You two don't understand at all!" Dawn argued. "Giratina truly loves me!"

"Get a grip, girl!" Cyrus said shaking Dawn back and forth. "He doesn't love you! Never has and never will!" Cyrus was then knocked into the lockers by a Shadow Ball attack. Dawn was now free from Cyrus' his parental grip. Giratina had just about enough of his nasty assumptions… as well as Dialga's.

"You have seem to forgotten that it was I who helped her out with her victory today," Giratina began. "I was the one who obeyed every order she commanded, gave upmost loyalty, and insured her victory… unlike some people." He glared at Dialga, who understood perfectly of what he meant. Dawn must have ranted on about it to him. "And I understand of these assumptions that you all have about me, and I don't blame you for assuming as such. But let me ask you… have I done anything yet, apart from defeating Ho-oh and Lugia to ensure Dawn's victory today?" They became very silent. He got them there with that one…

"Well… how do we know that this perhaps isn't all true and this is only just a put on?" May then asked. "You understand why I'm asking this, don't you?"

"No… I don't think this all a put on…" Ash then spoke. "I wholeheartedly believe he means this…" He then took a grasp of the Griseous Orb that was still infused upon his chest after all these years. Back then it was a curse… a black gift Giratina had given him as a means of fulfilling his dark irrational desires. However over the years, Ash had learned to control it and use it as a blessing helping people and Pokemon with it. However there was one more thing he had experienced all the while he possessed the orb… "I don't know how… but I can feel a sort of connection to Giratina. I can relate to him somehow. And because of that… I feel that I can trust him… trust what he is saying…"

"Well, that's no surprise!" That voice… that sweet but impish voice… They looked up to see Mew floating above them with a large grin on her face. Whoa! She just came out of nowhere. They hadn't seen her since seven years ago back up Mt. Coronet. She left with Arceus and Giratina… so what's she doing here now?

Mew continued. "The orbs have many uses. One is to increase and improve a Pokemon's power… especially for those who the orbs truly belong to, such a Dialga and the Adamant Orb. Second, some are keys to opening new dimensions… such as the Griseous, Adamant and Lustrous Orbs being the keys to opening heaven's door to the living on this world. Then there are a couple of uses only permissible to the 'Orb Collector', that being you Mr. Ketchum. One is that you can improve your own physicality to use certain kinds of Pokemon attacks… in your present case Giratina's attacks. And one final perk is that you remain connected to the Pokemon the orb belongs to… which is why you have felt a faint connection to Giratina over the years. It's just the orb's nature, since it truly belongs to Giratina…"

"Mew! What are you doing here?" Dawn then greeted.

"Oh, I've been watching over Gira-kun while he's been down here… watching to make sure he doesn't start any trouble. But, it's time to take my leave and return to heaven. So… I now leave Mr. Gira-kun in your capable hands, miss Dawn."

"What?" Mew's words left Giratina rather surprised. "Aren't I supposed to go back as well… not that I'm complaining…"

Mew just shrugged. "Well… what's the point when you'll be following miss Dawn's orders from now on? She captured you right… that means you now belong to her. And I'm not the one to tear apart lovers. So Dawn can punish you from now on…" She then smirked. "In more ways than one!"

"What, and Arceus has approved of this?" Dialga wondered.

"Yep! He told me to send this message before I go. Oh, and one more thing… Lord Arceus gives his blessing to Dawn and Giratina's union… as well as Ash and Misty's. I so wanna come to the wedding… but I'll just have to be content watching from above with Lord Arceus."

"Well… if Arceus gives his blessing to Dawn and Giratina, then it must be real then," Kyogre said. She then smiled. "Well, what do you know… the devil has actually fallen in love? I thought I would never see this day come…"

"Wow… you mean Dawn was actually able to tame the beast?" Mars wondered. "You go, girl!"

"Now having thought about it… I have realised something just now…"Giratina began looking up a Mew. He didn't look impressed. "All of this was just a rather elaborate plot to get Dawn and I together, wasn't it?"

Mew then winked. "So what if it was?" she replied. "You're both happy… that all that counts, isn't it? It's a happily ever after. Well… this is it. Good-bye everyone... perhaps we'll see each other again one day…!" With that she disappeared out of site… gone with out a trace.

Dawn and Giratina just stood there looking into the now empty space looking rather dumfounded. So, their union was Mew's doing all along… they had Mew to thank for this sacred pair up. Well… she did keep pushing Giratina to do it after all, so it was pretty obvious that Mew was responsible. It was due to all her manipulation that their love was allowed to blossom. She did it!

With that, Dawn and Giratina just laughed.


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