In a Second

Disclaimer: I don't own the Exiles. What's this… a non Rogue/Gambit story?! What is the world coming to??! Well, I read Exiles 10, and I was deeply, and I mean, deeply moved by it. I cried. I haven't cried at a comic since reading Uncanny 350 (and I think it's pretty obvious why for that one *grin*) Anywayz, if anyone actually reads Exiles, enjoy this fic, but warning, MAJOR SPOILERS for the newest issue.

Talia was frozen in her position: hunched over, as she had been over John's comatose body. The "No" she had been wailing echoed in her ears and she was sure the other members of the team heard it too. She couldn't move, but if she could, her hands would have moved to cover her abdomen, where her child was forming. Their child. If she could cry, she would have. John was gone. As far as she was concerned, she would never see him again. Their child would never see her father. If T.J. was lucky, then she would at least run into another incarnation of him somewhere down the road, but it wouldn't be the same.

In that second, a sob caught in her throat. He was gone. He was fucking gone. Now they had the almighty Sasquatch. Who cares? He wasn't John! Her poor John Proudstar was stuck on some non-returnable world with Reed Richards and Peter Parker, and one day when he woke up, he would be alone. T.J.'s lip would have trembled if possible in Blink's 'blink'.

Did the others understand? She wanted to roll her eyes. Of course not. Mariko and Morph were all 'buddy-buddy' now and who knew what the future held for them. And then there was Blink and Calvin. Everyone knew they were going at it. They had each other. Blink would never leave Calvin behind if she could manage it.

T.J. didn't know who to blame. There were so many people on her shit list right now. Blink didn't do a damn thing, claiming the tallus does what it wants. Fuck the tallus! And the Time Broker. He could have fixed this! But he, being the all assuming person that he was, just sent in a new member like he had when Magnus sacrificed himself.

That's all it had been. A sacrifice. Talia heard him say her name before he plunged himself into Galactus' back. The time she'd ever hear that wonderful soothing voice of his… He was War, Apocalypse's minion in his world. But to her, he was anything but.

Suddenly, the purple faded around her and she collapsed, curling herself into a fetal ball. Mariko stepped closer to hold her, but Morph held her back, shaking his head. His face and clothes were neutral for once, as he walked past them all to be alone. Blink and Calvin had their faces to the ground, not sure of what to say. T.J. looked up to the sky, tears running out of her solid yellow eyes, so much like her father's. "John." She whispered, wrapping herself around her stomach.