Disclaimer: This Lay is a continuation and completion of the fragment written in JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. The first canto is quoted directly from page 249 of The Fellowship of the Ring.


Canto One: Gil-galad


Gil-galad was an Elven-king.

Of him the harpers sadly sing:

The last whose realm was fair and free

Between the Mountains and the Sea.


His sword was long, his lance was keen,

His shining helm afar was seen;

The countless stars of heaven's field

Were mirrored in his silver shield.


But long ago he rode away,

And where he dwelleth none can say;

For into darkness fell his star

In Mordor where the shadows are.


Canto Two: Sauron


In the tower in the black land,

Wielding the Ring on a burning hand:

Sauron the accursed made his lair,

A being feared or hated everywhere.


When Arda itself was caused to be,

Mairon sang in the chorus bright and free:

But far has he fallen since that day,

The horror he wrought none can fully say.


When Numenor slid into the sea,

Many thought Sauron had ceased to be:

But a Maia is terribly hard to kill,

A dark cloud rose and fled until...


Sauron strode through the Barad-dur,

Plotting war anew against Isildur:

Isildur did Minas Ithil flee,

Down the Anduin to the sea.


Canto Three: A Last Alliance


In Arnor Council the High Kings took,

A decision they made that Middle-earth shook:

Together they would go and bring a war,

To break Sauron's tower in dark Mordor.


While neither alone could hold out long,

Against Sauron and his armies strong:

Together maybe men and elves

Could win a future for themselves.


So out they went and gathered then,

All they could find of elves and men:

Dwarves and ents and eagles too,

All who were to freedom true.


Across the Misty Mountains then,

Across rivers wide and marshy fen:

Armies ponderous made their way,

Heading to Mordor to Sauron slay.


Canto Four: The War in Mordor


Dark and drear was Mordor's sky,

ash and poison there did lie:

dark and drear was Mordor's land,

Twisted rock and barren sand.


Orcs in uncounted hideous hordes,

Men - dark Numenorean lords:

armies bright in red and gold,

but their strength to evil sold.


Men from south and from the east,

Trolls that would on people feast:

Beasts of horror grey and great,

And worst the Nazgul all do hate.


Amdir, Oropher, and Anarion,

the list of dead went on and on:

Even if they won the war,

Lost were these to Middle-earth's shore.


Gil-galad knew all this full well,

And he knew more he would not tell:

Even if the war was won,

The Age of Men would be begun.


Too many elves had fallen here,

Loss too deep of ones held dear:

Victory now would mean the end,

Of much he had striven to defend.


But better death than darkness win,

That nought be left but hate and sin:

In any case the spear was cast,

The time for choice long since had passed.


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