Canto Six: Pursuit


But as he turned back to his friend,

A movement his eye did attend:

A shadow on the mountain's side,

That could not in dimness hide.


Without a word he turned his horse,

And raced upon a newfound course:

For the road to Sammath Naur,

He raced in the war's final hour.


Behind him Elrond followed then,

Elendil called out to his men:

After me, the causeway now!

Sauron's escape they must not allow.


If Sauron managed to slip away,

And lived to fight another day:

All their sacrifice was for nought,

For nothing died all those who fought.


Down the causeway's length they raced,

Distance narrowed to those they chased:

Gil-galad seemed sped on wings,

More like star than son of kings.


Sauron then abandoned guile,

Onto the causeway he came in style:

Guard of trolls and evil men,

Race for turn to Morgul then.


The slow trolls behind were left,

Piling rocks full-great in heft:

Across the road to bar their path,

But Gil-galad at them did laugh.


Jumped the rocks leaving trolls behind,

Trolls then tried to more rocks find:

To slow the path of those behind,

Elrond frantic to his king find.


Just at the turn Gil-galad caught,

Guards and Sauron whom he sought:

The guards all tried to bar his way,

But Aeglos' wrath they could not stay.


Aeglos blazed a brilliant white,

Searing away oncoming night;

Seeming to dim the baleful ire,

Of the great Orodruin's fire.


Half the men then turned and fled,

Thinking they would soon be dead;

Those who had remained true,

Found their swords broken in two.


Behind them Sauron turned away

To Sammath Naur he made his way:

Gil-galad followed through the shade,

Speeding to where the Ring was made.