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I got it. The computer screen will commence first with a flickering screen. Once the flickers trail away, a castle, like the one from Beauty of the Beast, will push itself into view. A banner, a red one maybe, would rise out of a bed of roses, the flowers of love, and blow in the wind. On the red banner would be words written in silver, no, gold, that would declare my love for Mia Thermopolis. Or something like that.

If she even shows up.

After weeks of thinking about how to tell Mia I love her, I've finally found a way that I can get my message out to her, without completely freaking her out. Except Lilly says she hears from Tina who knows from Mia that Mia isn't intending on going to the Winter Carnival, which is the only place I can really show her this presentation.

I dragged the mouse icon over to my AIM symbol on the desktop of my computer and double-clicked. First step, find out if Mia is going to the Carnival for sure. However, I can't just go right out and say, "Hey, are you going to the Winter Carnival. 'Cause, ya know, I won't put this thing together if you're not. And then I'll have to find another way to declare my heart is in your possession." Because that would not go smoothly. I double-clicked once more, this time on the screen-name of FtLouie. A pop-up box appeared in the middle of my desktop, and I tickled my fingers along the letters of the keyboard.

Mia, are you going to the Carnival?

Mia, are you taking Showalter to the Carnival?

No, no, no. Start it out slow.

CracKing: Did you just get that whacked-out mass e-mail from my sister?

That sounds sane, right? I mean, I didn't even think Lilly could figure out the whole mass e-mail thing. And, I think I'll just inch along in the conversation until I reach a point where I can appropriately say what I logged on for. The ding notifying Mia's response sounded immediately.

FtLouie: Yes.

I guess my question was stupid, considering it's a mass e-mail to the entire school. So, of course Mia got it.

CracKing: You're not going along with her stupid walkout, are you?

I shouldn't have assumed. What if she really wants to? Then, she'll think I'm against her feminist views. This is bad. You know what they say about assuming objectives? You'll make an "ass" out of "u" and "me".

FtLouie: Oh, right. She won't be too mad if I don't, or anything.

At least she doesn't have a strong point on it.

CracKing: You don't have to do everything she says, you know, Mia. I mean, you've stood up to her before. Why not now?

Mia needs to learn how to be more assertive with her feelings, not to sound like Lilly or anything, but Lilly's right. I can't believe I'm thinking that. I know Mia can stand up to her, though. Like when I walked in, shirtless of course, on her and Lilly arguing. All of sudden, she's telling my sister to "shut up". And let me tell you something, nobody tells Lilly Moscovitz to shut up.

FtLouie: I find that the path of least resistance is often the safest one when dealing with your sister.

True. But, I'm her brother. She has to deal with me.

CracKing: Well, I'm not doing it. Walking out, I mean.

FtLouie: It's different for you. You're her brother. She has to remain on speaking terms with you. You live together.

CracKing: Not for much longer. Thank God.

But that means no more Mia every morning. No more Mia every fifth period. No more Mia every afternoon. No more Mia sleeping over every weekend, even if it is just for Lilly.

FtLouie: That's right. You got accepted to Colombia. Early decision, too. I never did congratulate you. So congratulations.

CracKing: Thanks.

FtLouie: You must be happy that you'll know at least one other person there. Judith Gershner, I mean.

Happy? Think again, Mia. It's Judith Gershner.

CracKing: Yeah, I guess so. Listen, you're still going to be in town for the Winter Carnival, right? I mean, you're not leaving for Genovia before the 19th are you?

Okay, maybe I didn't mean to jam that into the conversation so fast, but we weren't getting anywhere near talking about it. And fitting Genovia in is good, right?

FtLouie: I'm leaving for Genovia on the 20th.

How about never.

CracKing: Oh, good. Because you should really stop by the Computer Club's booth at the Carnival, and check out this program I've been working on. I think you'll like it.

Actually, I hope she'll like it.

FtLouie: Can't wait. Well, I have to go. Bye.

And before my fingertips could fly across the keyboard once more, the door-closing noise sounded and her screen-name disappeared.

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