Hey there. It's been a while.

I've got a couple things I want to say to you all.

ONE: Thank you.

TWO: I love you.


Yeah, I want suggestions. I've been away from reading/writing for a bit, considering that school has completely taken over my life. I don't want to lose you guys & I want you all to stick around because, hey, I've grown a little attachment to you.

So do me a favor. If you have any ideas, give me a scene from either The Princess Diaries or Harry Potter that I can take and change the POV around. Leave your suggestions in the review box, or if you come up with good ones later, shoot me an inbox message.

Then, I'll choose a few (but probably all of them) and just write away. Things are going on in my life, and I just feel like getting my mind of things and writing. I don't want to come up with a crappy idea, so that's why I've got you all ;).

Cue random song quote here.

"Leaning now, into the breeze…

Remembering Sunday, he falls to his knees.

They had breakfast together,

But two eggs don't last

Like the feeling of what he needs."

~*~ Remembering Sunday – All Time Low ~*~