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Drabble 11: Snow Day

"Zat is enough!" a stern voice shouted throughout Japan's home.

A tall blonde man with a very strict expression grabbed Francis by the collar and pulled him away from the raven girl. Bright pink in the face and thoroughly kissed, Kagome was extremely thankful for the removal of the eccentric Frenchman.

"Ludwig, you came!" Feliciano exclaimed at the new arrival.

"Ja," he replied, "Just in time to stop zis molestation. Even zough you are France, G8 members should not be acting in such a disrespectful vay."

"Shush!" Arthur whispered harshly at Ludwig although Kagome could still hear him, "She is a human."

"Oh, it's fine!" Kagome assured him with a wave of her hand, "I knew what you guys were all along. Otherwise, why else would I be here?"

"Ah. I suppose that makes sense," Arthur replied, feeling a bit bashful because he readily jumped to conclusions.

"Really?" Feliciano shouted in astonishment, "Wow, you must be so special! Japan must really like you."

"I guess you could say that," Kagome admitted with a slight shrug of her shoulders, "When you guys introduced yourselves to me earlier, I figured out that you're the countries you said you are from." She paused and turned to Ludwig. "But I would also like to know who you are if it's not too much trouble."

Germany blushed light peony pink when Kagome gave him her full attention. He wasn't accustomed to being the focus of pretty, young women.

"I'm Germany," Ludwig answered briefly, "You can still call me Ludwig if you vant."

Kagome grinned happily. "Nice to meet you."

"Yay! Now it's time for you to kiss!" Italy shouted and stood on a chair reaching for the roof.

The goofy nation plucked the mistletoe from the ceiling and held it over Kagome's head. Germany stiffened but knew Italy was not going to give up until he kissed the girl. He might as well give him what he wanted. He slowly leaned down and placed a quick kiss on each of Kagome's cheeks. Kagome blushed, but she was grateful for the chase gesture.

'Thank goodness! Not all nations are so assertive when it comes to kissing.'

Shyly turning away from the nation who kissed her, Kagome looked passed the other nations and out of the window.

"Hey, look! It's snowing again," Kagome exclaimed happily with her concentration on the small snow flurries just outside the window.

Excitedly, she rushed passed the countries around her and outside the house. Her behavior may have seemed childish, but Kagome hadn't done something like this in a long time. Either way, it was a party. She might as well have a little fun.

"Miss, come back!" Arthur shouted, standing in the doorway of Japan's house.

"You are going to catch a cold! Come back immediately!" Germany scolded, hoping that the young woman would listen to him.

"Ve~! Wait for me, Kagome! I want to play with you!" Feliciano cried, but Germany had a tight hold on his shirt collar.

Kagome ignored the warnings given to her and twirled around in the falling snow. It wasn't as though she was going to stay long.

Abruptly, she ran into something large, solid, and warm and was knocked off of her feet. Before she could see what it was, two arms picked Kagome up and settled her against a long, broad chest. Kagome looked up and was met with light violet eyes and boyish smile. Kagome felt her stomach clench despite the friendly look this large man, who was also a country from what she could sense, was giving her. For some reason, she felt that she couldn't completely trust the man who held her so securely.

"You're so tiny, da," he commented and pressed a large hand to the top of her head. Kagome made a small noise at the slight compression she felt on top of her skull. Was he trying to make her shorter or something?

"Umm, Mr. Ivan," a small voice spoke up behind the two of them.

The man turned, letting Kagome see the small blonde boy who spoke standing with two older men. Kagome shivered when she felt a rising aura of darkness from her captor as he stared down the frightened boy. Two other men—a brunette with shoulder length hair and a bespectacled blonde—pulled the younger boy toward them with their hands covering his mouth. The trembling trio gave Kagome an apologetic look but kept silent. Mr. Ivan grinned at their fearful obedience, satisfied.

"Let's go inside now, da?" the man said and began walking to Japan's home with his entourage following behind him.

'Maybe those two were right. I should have stayed inside.'


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