There were the Sailor Scouts, and there were Knights. Both attained their power from love --but theirs was always obvious, whether they realised it or not. The question remains: what of those whose love was hindered by irrefutable forces --or those citizens of the Crystal Kingdom whose love had merely been a crush?

Every citizen had been reborn; only those - including foes - with a direct connection to the ruling family were allowed to recall their past future. The Negaverse, the Negamoon, the Scouts.. and a much less familiar person. Known only as Orion, this secret agent had only two purposes: a love he had never professed and a close friendship with two Sailors.

The latter was hidden in the present; Sailors Jupiter and Mercury had not yet remembered him. The former, however.. well.. the hunter was splayed along what passed for walls in the time nexus, watching his dream converse with another dimensional Scout. Orion tried to glance beyond Sailor X, Protector of Space.. and the grey fog became quicksand; he had to jump to avoid being sucked in.

Sailor X simply nodded, acknowledging him, but his dream had already spun on a high heel, facing him. Sailor Pluto, Guardian of Time, in all her dark Sailor glory, watched him cautiously. A Sailor of few words, her eyes did all her work.

"Remember me, Pluto? Name's Orion."

"The hunter," mused Pluto, face solemn as she swung her staff at his midsection.

Just as quickly, Orion dodged the assault, flicking his dagger into an elegant rapier.

"Shall we, darling?"

"Of course," came the reply; a display of sword versus staff ensued, Sailor X enjoying every moment - a dangerously negative Scout, she smiled when Pluto's staff threw Orion against a wall.

Pluto frowned at Orion. "You must leave, hunter."


"Would you prefer I stopped your time permanently?"

The hunter gulped. "Preferably not."

"Then leave."

"But--" he started, walking to the Portal of Time.

"Your memories will remain, hunter; you will be returned to Terra intact."

"But... Pluto..."

"Hunter, listen. You may return later --but matters of space and time are for me and X only."

"You mean..." as he whirled away he saw a faint smile and a wink - apparently not for him.

X frowned. "What was that for? He was more decent than the last-" Pluto held a finger to her lips.

"Dear Orion," whispered Pluto into the portal. "You know that I cannot love in the ordinary sense - my duties prohibit it." X giggled now, smiling girlishly while Pluto continued.

"In time, however, I can," said the Sailor softly. "For we do have time infinite, my forbidden love."