Soul Reaper Uzumaki

Chapter 0: Prologue

5 year old Naruto Uzumaki sat alone on a huge rock overlooking the village hidden in the leaf ,crying, he sat in what the villagers called the Hokage Monument, he was looking at the celebration that was taking place in the town square, they villagers where celebrating the death of the "Demon Child", one of the many nicknames the villagers had bestowed upon him.

"Bastard." thought the blonde as he stood up and jumped from the monument, he started walking towards a huge tower on the center, Naruto wanted to see that old man he considered a grandfather.

On the way there he started thinking of the events that led to his young death.


Earlier that day

Naruto was walking towards the ninja academy, he was sporting a huge grin on his face, today was his first day in the ninja academy, Old man Sarutobi had pulled some strings to get him accepted one year early.

Naruto was almost to the academy when something shot out and stuck itself on the ground in front of him, Naruto stopped walking and looked down to see a kunai stuck on the ground, on closer inspection Naruto notice that the kunai had a small piece of paper dangling of it, and even worse the piece of paper was on fire. Before Naruto could even step back the kunai exploded.

"Ahh." screamed the blonde child before he the blaze completely covered his body, when the fire died out Naruto was on the floor crying, every part of his body had 3rd degree burns, his once bright blonde hair was no more, his new orange jumpsuit that the Hokage gave him for his birthday was somewhat melted and fused with his skin.

"Go and finish it Bear." Naruto heard a voice say, when he opened his eyes he saw a man standing over him with a kodachi on his left hand, Naruto strained his eyes to look at the man, he was wearing and armor he recognize from the guards that usually broke up the mobs that liked to beat him up every couple of days.

"Mister…it…hurts." was the only thing Naruto could say before he closed his eyes, when he did he felt a sharp pain in his neck, before he could even open his eyes to see what was happening he felt the thing that had stabbed him in the neck being yanked out.

"I'll take you out of your misery kid…goodbye." Naruto heard the man say, that was the last thing Naruto heard the man say before the darkness took him, when he slept never to wake again.

End Flashback.

"And to make matters weirder now have this thing." thought Naruto as he eyed the chain sticking out of the hole in his chest. Naruto was walking towards the tower when suddenly the gravity around him got increase, he fell to his knees as he looked behind him to where he felt the power coming from, it came from the center of the town square, the moment he did Naruto had to rub his eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing things, cause standing on the middle of Konoha was a huge red fox, it had 4 tails spinning around him. Naruto could hear the screams of the people that were celebrating there.

"What the hell is that." thought Naruto as he heard the fox chuckle, before the fox opened his mouth and started gathering some red energy.

"This is bad." thought Naruto as he saw that the fox had a huge amount of energy in its mouth, the something happened that made Naruto eyes bulged out of his head, just when Naruto thought the fox was going to fire the red energy, the fox started screaming in pain, Naruto saw that the red energy had disappeared and the fox was puking some white stuff, the white stuff was not only coming out of the foxes mouth but also his ears and his eyes, Naruto notice that the white stuff wasn't falling to the floor but that it was surrounding the fox's body.

"That's weird, it's forming a coco…." Naruto was thinking before he saw the Hokage running past him and towards the center of town, the Hokage was being followed by dozens of ANBU.

Naruto wanting to see what happens next started running after the Shinobi, as Naruto ran he notice that there were dozens of people standing on the roofs surrounding the fox Naruto notice that there were all dressed in black and were holding katanas, Naruto notice that the only person not wearing all black was a old man standing on the roof facing the fox, the old man was wearing a white haori, with the kanji for 1st Division on the back.

Naruto kept running and was now standing next to the third Hokage as everyone in the village kept looking around in the air.

"Were did it go?" asked the Hokage as he kept looking around, Naruto was looking at the villagers like they were nuts.

"What do you mean, it's right there." said Naruto as he screamed at the Hokage while pointing at the massive figure that was the Kyuubi floating in the air in front of them. Naruto screamed louder and tried to grabbed the Hokage by the robes but his hand passed right through. Uhh how he hated being dead.

"We don't' know Hokage-sama, the Fox was charging his chakra attack when suddenly it disappeared." said one of the Jounin that was present when the fox appeared.

"OK everyone back to what you were doing." said the Hokage as the people started leaving, being to traumatize by the fox to keep partying.

The people and shinobi had left, the only people left were the Hokage, himself, the fox and the dozens of black wearing people that were standing on the roof looking at the beast.

Naruto turned his attention to the Hokage when he heard the old Hokage sobbing next to him, Naruto looked at the Hokage to see the man staring straight ahead, tears falling from his face.

"Why are you crying for old…" Naruto followed the Hokage's gaze to see the source of his crying, there right below the giant demon fox was his body, still burned and with a sword sticking out of his stomach, Naruto paled as he saw his body, it looked like his body had receive a good trashing.

"Those stupid mother-fuckers they took his body from the morgue" said the Hokage surprising the blonde, Naruto watched as the Hokage walked forward and knelt next to his body, the old man still crying carefully took out the sword. Naruto saw that the Hokage was talking and walked forward to listen to him.

"…bastards the broke the seal when they stabbed the sword on his stomach…Oh little Naruto you don't know how sorry I am." said the Hokage as Naruto heard and was shock,

"Seal what seal did they break." thought Naruto as he looked up to see the still struggling fox, then it click, the Demon had being seal inside him, that's what why he was hated, that's the reason he had being murder, cause he held that thing.

Naruto felt his anger rising, he was about blow when he heard the Hokage speak again.

"I still remember when I told you could go to the Ninja Academy…you…were…so happy." said the Hokage as his voice started to break and sobbing could be heard.

"It's all my fault, I was all was too busy to hang out with you, you were all alone everyday…oh how lonely you must have being little Naru…but you always were so strong and happy, always wearing a smile on your face, even after you were beating, just so this old fool wouldn't worry." said the Hokage as he pulled out a leaf headband from the pouch around his leg and strapped it to the blondes head. The headband had a orange cloth instead of the standard blue, the cloth had a many designs.

"I had that made just for you…I…was…going to give you that the day you graduated from the academy, but now I guess I'll never get to see the smile it would have brought to your face…I'm sorry I failed you Naruto." said the Hokage as he started to break down again.

"You didn't fail me jiji, you were my only friend and I loved you like an father." said Naruto as he tried to place his hand on the Hokage's shoulder. Naruto was about to talked again when he heard a loud roar. Naruto looked up to see that the fox had stopped struggling with the white stuff and had allowed it to cover him.

"The fox's face was no longer visible as a mask had formed covering it. His body now was completely black white parts of white, the mask started to crack and parts of it broke revealing the foxes eyes and mouth.

"THIS FEEL'S GREAT, I NEVER FELL THIS POWERFUL." screamed the fox as a tear appeared on the sky over his body, Naruto notice that all the people standing on the roof got nervous and started speaking to their swords but before any of them could move the foxed jumped and disappeared thought the tear.

"Hey kid." Naruto heard someone screamed next to him, when he turned he saw the old man from before walking up to him.

"You can see me." asked the blonde when he notice the old man looking at him, the old man smiled and stopped in front of him.

"Yes young Uzumaki I can see you." said the old man, he gave another chuckle when he notice the look on the blondes face.

"How you know my name?" asked Naruto as he eyes the old man, Naruto stepped away when he saw the old man moved his hand, the old man patted Naruto on the head before speaking.

"I know all about you young Uzumaki, my name is Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto and I am the Captain Commander of the Gotei 13." said the old man as he gave Naruto a smile and ruffled his hair, the smile seemed to calm the blonde's suspicions cause he gave the Captain Commander one of his famous big foxy grins.

"I am here to take you to the Soul Society." said the man, Naruto notice that make of the black wearing people were paying attention to the conversation.

"What's that mister Yamamoto." asked Naruto, this cause the man to smile.

"I'll tell you that when we get there." said the man as he gave Naruto a smile.

"Ok but when we get there can I have something to eat…I'm starving." said Naruto, he failed to see Yamamoto and all the ease droppers eyes widen in shock. The Captain Commander conseal his shocked and lifted his cane.

Naruto back away from the cane when he notice the old captain tried to poke him in the forehead.

"Don't worry Naruto, this is to perform a soul burial, it's the only way to transport you to the Soul Society, it won't hurt." said the man, Naruto thought about it for a second before he nodded and step forward, the old man poked Naruto's forehead, Naruto started glowing., Naruto turned to give one last look at his village and saw the Hokage pick up his body carefully and turned to leave.

"I'll see you old man." said Naruto as the captain commander finished the Soul Burial and Naruto disappeared, leaving only a black butterfly, it fly around for a bit before vanishing.

"Captain Commander Yamamoto did I hear correctly, did that boy say he was hungry." asked a man wearing a similar haori, he had silver Grey hair, and small black handlebar mustache, he had a lieutenant patch on his haori.

"Yes you heard correctly Chojiro, apparently young Uzumaki is going to be a soulreaper." said the Captain with a small smile on his face.

"But captain, I thought Jinchuriki couldn't be soul-reapers, something to do with the demon destroying their spiritual power." said the man, the old Captain turned and gave him a smile, the Lieutenant shuddered, he had never seen Captain Yamamoto smile.

"Yes your correct, but this just proves how special little Naruto is." said the old captain before he stabbed his cane in the air and opened door to the soul society and motion for his men to enter. all the soulreapers walked through the door and left the only on standing that still hadn't enter was the old captain.

"He's going to be a great soul reaper." thought the old captain as he entered the door and it closed behind him, the door then disappeared without leave any trace of ever having being there.

A/N I know it's short but it's something I had stuck in my head for a while so I decided to write it, if I get enough positives reviews I'll continue with it, and yes the Kyuubi only had 4 tails, there's a reason for that, and it will be explained later on…