Boomerangs and a Borobdin

Some fights are unbalanced, some fights are even ... and some are so even the fight should never have begun. In a parallel universe, a sparring contest was about to begin. As the foes sized one another up, the introductions began.
In one corner stood Iria Moriyama - birthplace Myce but surname a guess - who had fought innumerable battles with a supposedly immortal monster called Zeram. On her side were an ever-changing samurai sword and a powerful but inaccurate cannon called the Borobdin. Her telescoping wires were rather useless in a dagger-dueling pit, no matter HOW large it might be.
On the other corner stood a survivor, Alys Brangwin, her last known residence being the planet Parma. A millenia-occuring creature known only as the Dark Force had once killed her ... but she had returned due to the wonder of time travel. On her side were multiple razor-thin razor-sharp boomerangs and immense experience from her years as a Hunter.
Both sets of armor could withstand indirect blows.

The hunters watched each other, looking for an opening in the silence that slowly bubbled up into Borobdin blasts from Iria. Every greenish-black sphere FOOMed with innumerable decibels ... none hit.
Iria whirled to her side and dodged an incoming boomerang, unsheathing her sword and throwing the Borobdin over her shoulder. Two more boomerangs followed and Iria flicked them away. These she followed back to her owner, grabbing the Borobdin, and chucked more FOOMs. It only needed charging after a few hundred blasts; she could do this all day if she chose.
_If_ she chose.

In training, Alys had had to catch her boomerangs by herself. She still chose to - better to rely on yourself than mechanics - but small magnetic pulses helped in the retrieval. It was especially nice when your foe deflected them, she had noted, as this Iria seemed so fond of doing.
Alys grinned knowingly at Iria - there were more things to do with her twenty-some horde. The next two came from both directions, and rendered her cannon rather useless with a sparkly magnetic field. The boomerangs were rather useless, too, simply sitting in the air, but they gave Alys time to rush in.
She did.
Iria cursed at the now-inoperable Borobdin and brought her sword to meet the boomerang-claws that slid from her opponent's gloves. Alys' companion Rika used them on a regular basis; she had taken inspiration, thinking they would come in handy for a melee fight of her own.
They did.
Alys held Iria's sword in a classic stance that alone would not have been in her favor. She lifted Iria's struggling sword, and from the perfect angling of her elbows and rear arms, two boomerang halves slid out and hit Iria squarely on the most sensitive spot of the female.
Iria pulled back and massaged Them, looking at Alys in amazement. "That .. that was cheap! And you're _legendary_!"
"I've heard of you, too," grinned Alys. "I'd heard your armor never protected your..." she motioned at the areas Iria was still massaging.
"True," Iria laughed with sore uneasiness. "They're a heckuva distraction against males."
"I'm not a male," Alys said, leveling her gaze.
"I know."
"Use your knowledge," she said, holding her gaze long enough to hit the point before turning the moment amiable with a shrug. "Now that we know each other ... shall we go again?"
"Later. They ... still hurt."
"Ah," nodded Alys. "Even a hunter needs a break. Coffee? Food cubes? Dried insects?"
Iria glared at the last. "Anything but dried insects."
"Parma's got better anyway. It's _always_ got better."
"My home planet."
"Oh. Why not," Iria agreed, still wincing a little because of Them. "We can continue the duel there. Later. That _hurt_."