The night she's locked in a freezer and set on fire by her (ex) boyfriend's father (also ex, if that's at all possible), she has her first nightmare about fire.

A daughter of Ares trespassing on Poseidon's territory has many things to fear, but this was never one of them.

Previously, it was something powerful but easily contained, she was taught to respect it, but there hadn't ever been a reason to be so scared of the gentle flames that licked at her fluffy white marshmallow, burning it to a steady crisp (and shouldn't that have been a warning of sorts?).

It seems ironic, when compared to the ancient literature. Mars was also Ares and Neptune was also Poseidon, and the two (four?) were locked in a constant struggle with each other.

Ares, the God of fire and war, and Poseidon, his rival, and the God of the sea. Shouldn't she naturally be scared of water before fire sent her running in terror?

Logan is drawn to fire like a bug to the light, and she tells him not to go to it, but he doesn't listen, and soon the whole town is ablaze (figuratively, for the most part, but there is enough of the literal in there to scare her away). She decides that she can't stay with him, can't let herself be consumed by his flames (even years later she will not know if she'd made the right choice).

They are both traitors to their destined paths in their own right, and two such opposite but equal forces cannot stay away for long, though they will always repel each other. Water and fire should not mix, after all, and Fate (a cruel master to be sure) will have his due.

After the bus crashed, she had her first nightmare about water. They were all on the bus, and it was quickly filling with water. There was no way for them to escape, and she saw the harsh unforgiving blackness of the sea around their bright yellow vessel (yellow like fireā€¦ and the water would be sure to put this fire out quickly, but for the first time in forever she wasn't sure she wanted it to).

When she found out about the bomb, part of her was almost relieved that she could go back to fearing fire.


But she is not given time to revel in this, because things continued to deteriorate, burned to nothing by the rage fueling the little town. Meg dies and Duncan flees with baby Lilly, and just because true love stories don't have endings doesn't mean she'll ever see him again.

And Theseus kidnapped and raped Hippolyta, resulting in the birth of a child and a war that spanned years and left the fair queen dead. The ocean's son fled with his daughter and his (once and present) queen was left to fend off the hoards alone.

Then it is Cassidy who blew up the bus, Cassidy who raped her, and then Cassidy blew up her father as well. And then Cassidy who tried to kill her and failed and jumped off the roof.

And Ares had been infamous for murdering Poseidon's son, Hallirhothios, for raping his own daughter.

Even her father returning, miraculously, from the (never)dead, and Logan coming back to her couldn't change the way she felt about fire. She still woke up screaming with smoke in her lungs and flames in her eyes.

A child of Ares who enjoys swimming but condemns her boyfriend for arson?

Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars. A daughter of War and a son of Water. And somewhere along the way they must have traded destinies, because he is in love with setting things ablaze (no matter how much she has tried to reign him in) and she would rather wrap herself in the waves (he has never wanted her to change).

The scrolls hold horror stories of the misfortunes that befall traitors.

Maybe they were epic after all.