Hello readers. It has been three years since I first posted this story. At the time I was going into High School. Now, I'm going into my senior year. Over the course of High School, I've taken two Honors English classes and one Advanced Placement Language and Composition class. This has helped my improve my writing skills, and without further adue, I present you the rewritten story.

The Spectacular Spiderman meets the Teen Titans

The sun was just beginning to dip below the New York sky line. The summer air was still warm but it held a musty and muggy quality to it. The stench of the warehouse where the red and blue clad hero Spidey crouched reeked of oil, salt, and a peculiar unnamable musty smell. The teenaged hero stood in a defensive stance in an old abandoned warehouse. His brown eyes narrowed as the sinister six stood around him. The setting sun silhouetted the forms of the villains.

The tentacles of Dock Ock moved in eerie twitches. Yellow eyes peered out from Kraven's shadowy figure. Shocker's gauntlets let out an electric green glow, illuminating his costume in its light. Spider-Man could feel the sand and small bits of rubble shift beneath his feet as Sandman pulled them towards himself, making his figure grow. Electricity swarmed around Electro, casting flickering shadows around him. Rhino's face was morphed into an expression of pure malice, its hatred doubled with the shadows Electro made. Beneath his scratched goggles, Dock Ock glared at Spider-Man.

His mouth slowly formed itself into a small smirk as his legs held him up and he said from across the room, "I bet your wondering what this machine is for arachnid,"

One of his tentacles motioned towards a big clunky machine as he spoke,

Spidey faked amusement, trying to hide his terror as he spoke, " I don't know, something to turn you guys back to normal"

He nodded his head in the direction of Kraven and Sandman to back up the false amusement.

Dock Ock sneered at the teen," No arachnid, this," his tentacle motions towards the machine again, "is a teleportation device, and you are the lucky test subject on a trip from which you won't be returning from"

The Six closed in on Spider-Man. Peter's heartbeat pounded in his ears. He prayed that no one would be able to hear it. Adrenaline was kicking in as he avoided a gigantic mass of orange fur. He leaped above the genetic abomination and sent a kick into the hunter's back.

Kraven's accent dripped with superiority as he spoke, "I can smell your fear Spider-Man. The scent of adrenaline is strong."

The teen laughed, "Ha, as if. Like a few of experiments gone wrong could scare me."

Kraven attempted to claw at the teen, but he was beyond his reach. Again his spider sense went off. The spider powered teen leaped and did a back flip to get out of the way as Shocker and Electro attempted to blast him from two opposite sides. Peter could feel the heat of the blasts beneath him as the electricity and sonic blast combined into an explosion. Spidey's red boots landed on the cracked cement floor. A wall of sand collided into him knocking him into the wall with a thud. The brunette shook his head and let out a groan. He quickly came to in time to avoid another sandy punch. Spidey easily dodged it and landed on Rhino's back. Rhino tried to get him off by flinching backwards, which was a big mistake made by the supervillain. Rhino came falling down making a crater in the cement floor. In the midst of the battle Sandman threw another blast at the hero while Dock Ock messed with the controls. Sandman kept hitting and Spidey kept dodging every attack.

Spidey laughed at the older man, "Oh come on you can hit better than that you couldn't hit me if my eyes were closed."

Sandman mouth formed into a sinister smile as rebutted, "Not trying to hit you Spidey"

"HUH?" responded a majorly confused Spidey.

In all the confusion Spidey failed to notice Doc Ock making his move. A tentacle went for Spidey's legs and arms. The hero tried to dodge it but Sandman made a sand dome over Spidey so he couldn't jump. Dock Ock had a hold of Spider-Man's arms and with his free tentacles, he opened a portal.

Dock Ock glared at the hero, but a smile was still plastered on his face as he spoke, "I don't know where this will take you arachnid, but it doesn't matter, which ever universe you'll end up in it won't be one where you exist."

Sandman interrupted, "and you won't be here to stop us."

Dock Ock glanced over at Sandman with narrowed eyes. With an annoyed sigh he responded, "I think he got the idea. With that being said, good bye arachnid."

A split second latter the hero felt himself fly through the air through the portal. He felt as though his whole body was being compacted. Just when he thought he couldn't take it anymore he hit the ground again. Spidey landed on his side and rolled over just in time to see the portal close.

The last thing he heard before the portal closed was Dock Ock saying, "Farewell Spider-Man."

Spider-Man yelled, " NO!" as he saw his only way home vanish.

The teen felt as though his whole world came crashing down. Everything he'd ever known was gone. And that left him feeling totally helpless.

That feeling was instantly snuffed out when he heard a cold and calculating voice say," Hello, Spider-Man."

Well, that went better than expected. I still cringed when I read the original. Although I doubled the original word count, so I guess that's something. Now it's time to chapter two. Until next time my readers.