"Will I ever see Daddy again?" asked Sally, staring into a blank moon. "Well?" Impatience set in, frustrated impatience. "Well?"
"No need to yell, Princess."
"Oh." Sally dropped her head to her hands, hiding her flush. The frustration only showed itself in private moments, and it faded upon someone noticing. "It's just .. "
"..that you're frustrated?" asked the voice. Sally shook her head, and black paws came to her back. "A gentle massage works wonders for - "
"Lay off, St. John!" came another voice, a more adolescent one, one more close to Sally's own age. Sally jumped off her log upon hearing it, whirling around.
Sonic was standing a few feet off, and Geoffrey had jumped back a bit himself. Surrounded, Sally thought grimly, between a hyper hedgehog and a suave skunk.
"Go Away!" she screamed; the sound, she thought, must have echoed throughout Knothole. "I need .. some time alone .. "
Both males looked at her strangely, Geoffrey, by his expression, completely dumbfounded. She watched with a royal chill until both were gone, made a vexed sound in her throat, and slumped on her log with a deep sigh. "Daddy?" she asked weakly. "Am I _ever_ going to get an - "
"Sal?" asked Sonic, much quieter than before - and much quieter even than Sally. "You still there?"