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No one's (P.O.V)

Wee woo! Wee woo! Wee woo!

"I can't believe that bitch called the cops!" Hidan threw his hands up. He was actually having fun at this, Wall-E-Mart place.

"Your really surprised? Even after she yelled, 'I'm gonna call the cops on you!'." Tayi pointed out. "Yeah, that's right. I saw that!"

"It's all Hidan's fault!" Mariko quickly yelled, to defend herself.

"The biker guy filed a harrassment assult on you. Said 'you touched him inappropriately' in the men's bathroom." Rebekah shot. Sending a chilling gaze back at her.

Hidan started laughing his ass off. "And you call me a rapist!"

Mariko's face flushed with anger. "I did not! All I did was use my epic falcon punch!" She argued.

Pein winced in thought.

Konan stifled a giggle.

Pein rolled his eyes in reply.

"Ok, I'm bored now. Cassie, can you just wish that they forget this ever happened? I'm tired of the whole cop chase thing." Rebekah drawled with a yawn.

Cassie grinned. "Sure thing."


Cassie looked out the window.

The cop cars had suddenly halted into a stop.

"Aww! But I liked the flashing lights! It was like a nightclub, but on like, the street!" Lynni stopped fistpumping with Tobi.

"Ounc ounc ounc!" Tobi kept making 'club beats'.

Cassie stopped and pondered.

She couldn't help but think they were forgetting something.

"Something wrong?" Sasori interuppted her thoughts.

"Ah, are we forgetting something?" She asked.

Sasori raised his eyebrow. "Now that you mention it..."

"It has been pretty quiet here." Ashley finished his sentenced.

"...Oh hey! I know! Let's listen to some music!" Lynni snapped her fingers, gaining everyone's attention.

She put on, "She's A Killer".

"Who is this by?" Ashley asked.

"Lunar Fiction." Lynni replied, while humming along.

Cassie sighed, Lunar. Why did that sound so familiar?


"Wow, can't believe he's still asleep." Tayi commented, sneaking a look at Kisame.

Kisame was laying on the couch, sound asleep.

"He's like a rock!" Lynni exclaimed.

"A big blue rock." Rebekah grinned, storming off on the road. There's no time to waste!

With Luna & Itachi

"You don't think they forgot about us, do you?" Luna muttered, her eye twitching with anger.

They had been standing near the parking lot for half an hour now.

"I'm sure they'll wish us back as soon as they figured out that we're gone." Itachi calmly said. Although his patience was getting out of hand now.
Luna huffed with anger. "Screw that! I'm leaving!" She marched away.

Itachi face-palmed, easily caught up with her.

"And where do you think your going?" He questioned her.

"To-um-well..." Luna stopped talking mid-way. "To find somewhere to sleep!" She quickly said.

"Sleep where? On the ground?" Itachi asked, raising his eyebrow at her.

"Hell no! I'm finding a motel!" She yelled, yawning afterward. Man, was she tired.

Itachi sighed. "We should stay where we are."

"But it's like you said, once they realize we're gone, they can just wish us back!" Luna said, grinning.

Itachi was about to argue, but he had to admit, she had him there.

"So, on the mean time, we'll just find a motel and wait for them!" Luna cheered, dreaming about a comfy bed.

"Do you have money?" He kepy questioning.

"Stop pestering me, women! Course I have money!" Luna said and continued humming.

"I was just making su- I'm not a female!" He said, crossing his arm.

"Oh don't be so sensitive, my little weasel!" She laughed softly.

Itachi didn't say anything but smile a little.

"And you know what? I don't feel like walking. Let's hitch hike!" She said, throwing a thumb on the air.

"Hitch hike?"

"Getting a ride from a stranger." Luna answered, continuously looking back.

"I don't like that idea."

"Relax. I'm sure no muggle will overpower us!" Luna smirked.


"Oh Itachi. For an epic ninja, you sure are naïve." Luna said with amusement in her voice.

"Well excuse me for not knowing about the new popular, "Twilight" movies, or, this "Harry Plopper". I was too busy playing ninja in another dimension." Sarcasm dripping everywhere out of those sentences.

Luna snorted with laughter. "One, that was so awesome. Two, your so awesome when you use sarcasm. Three, I'm proud of you for using sarcasm. And lastly, it's Harry POTTER." She said, still laughing.

"Why thank you." Itachi grinned.

"Oh oh oh! Hey! A truck!" Luna said, all excited. "YOU THERE! You! Hey! Hey! HEY." She screamed. "STOP!" She threw an empty soda can at the passenger window.

The truck stopped.

Luna smirked. "And that's how you get a driver's attention!" She said out loud, dusting off her hands.

"YOU LITTLE FUC- oh.. Uh, hey there. What's a lil' girly like your walking out and about at this time of night?" The trucker quickly changed his tone, while he gazed at Luna. He sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. He seemed like he was in his mid-thirties. He wore a red and white trucker hat. A red plaid shirt, and some light blue jeans. The way he was acting, you could tell he had a sweet spot for women. What a gentlemen!

"We need a ride! We're looking for a motel." Luna explained.

"I'd love to, little lady. But I only have room for one passenger!" The trucker explained, glancing at Itachi.

Itachi couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. It was his fault they couldn't get a ride. Sure, she could go on without him. But as kind as that man looked, he didn't trust him to be alone with Luna.

"Psh, no worries. I'll just sit on Itachi." Luna rolled her eyes, motioning Itachi to go sit.

Itachi quietly walked into the passenger seat and awkwardly sat down.

Luna jumped on and comfortably laid back on him.

This is not awkward. This is not awkward. Just a friend sitting on another friend. That's what friends are for! Luna repeatedly thought over in her head. The more she thought about it, the more she started to blush. Curses! If I was just a robot, I wouldn't have this problem! She fumed.

Itachi slowly crept up behind her and rested his head on her shoulder.

Luna had a mini panic attack in her head.

Just friends! Just friends! She thought rapidly.

"You two a couple?"

"JUST FRIENDS!" Luna shrieked. "I er- mean.. Um.. Just… Friends.. Ha ha…" She said embarrassed.

Itachi felt a pang hurt. Why was that?

He no longer felt comfortable and laid back, as far as possible from Luna as he could.

Luna sighed.

Suddenly, the trucker chuckled.

"What so funny?" Luna accidently snapped.

"Nothin' much. It's just that you two remind me of me and my wife when we were younger." The trucker said quietly. Sadly gazing forward.

Luna had another mini panic attack. WE'RE JUST FRIENDS. WE'RE JUST FRIENDS. Her eye started twitching.

"What happened?" Itachi whispered quietly. He could see sorrow in the man's eyes.

"She past away three years ago." He grumbled. He roughly grabbed a box of cigarettes.

Luna slapped away the box. "Don't smoke! It's bad for you!" She scowled.

The trucker stayed still for a moment. "She used to do the exact same thing!" His face lightened up with happiness. "I think I've had enough of these." He grumbled, throwing away the box.

Luna smiled a little. Just thinking of her made him happy. What a guy. She thought.

Suddenly the truck ran over a bump.

Luna flew up and shrieked.

Itachi quickly grabbed her by the wrist and drew her in to him.

"Gah, thanks." She said. Feeling light-headed.

"No problem." He said gently, not letting go.

The trucker glanced at them and grinned. "Ah, young love."

It took Luna a moment to figure out what he just said.


"Well, here you two go! Take care, ye' hear?" He laughed, interrupting her.

"Will do, sir. Thank you." Itachi nodded, putting a hand over Luna's mouth. She kept trying to argue. He hopped off and started to walk away.

"Best of luck, for both of you." The trucker said, his eyes twinkling. He glanced at a small picture in his truck. It was a blonde little girl, tauntingly sticking her tongue out. Her green eyes fierce.

"COME AND INVITE ME TO YOUR WEDDING, OK?" He yelled through the window and drove off as quickly as he could-laughing.


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