Pikachu: Minna-san, I know it's been a while but there's an announcement… A very disappointing one…

Chibiusa: Eh? Why? What happened?

Usagi: Chibiusa-chan, calm down and she'll explain.

Pikachu: Arigato, Usagi… Readers, Senshi, Chibis, Guardians and Shinkengers (this involves my Crossover as well). I have gone over my past Story Traffics and Reviews and came up with Disturbing News I hate to say. :(

Rei: What is it?

Kotoha: Mean reviews?

Keiko: People don't like us O.C's?

Ami: Demands for more senshi time rather than the girls?

Mako: Writer's block?

Pikachu: Iie… Though mean reviews are right… *starts crying* I can't say it! Takeru! Please tell them! *goes to room crying*

Takeru: *sighs and turns to the other* She might cancel the stories…


Ryuunosuke: Tono! Why will she cancel us?

Takeru: Though she loves writing fanfics of us, she still can't reach her goal of receiving over 5 reviews per chapter. With no idea on how to improve on her stories without feedback, she's heartbroken and lost interest. All she has now are stories that are non-fanfic.

Genta: So that means…

Kaoru: Yes. Shinkenger vs PGSM and PGSM R will be on the longest lockdown until she can get her inspiration again.

Tammy: But Kaoru-hime! She can't do that! Even though bad things happen to us doesn't mean she should give up!

Takeru: Sorry, guys but she doesn't have a choice. We have to say goodbye to the readers… Come on.

Everyone: *sadly* Hai… Minna-san… Sayonara… *gives a bow before leaving*

Satoshi: Gomen ne, minna… we'll see you again in the future…