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Okay, this is my first NCIS fic entitled Crossfire. I have written fics for Grey's Anatomy but this is completely different, so really, bear with me. My friend VerySpecialAgentTiva got me obsessed with NCIS and she is going to help me get used to writing NCIS fanfiction!

I decided to start small so this will be a mini-fic, or a three-shot (maybe a four-shot). In this fic, Tony and Ziva have a 12 year old daughter Rebecca Caitlin DiNozzo and well… keep reading and find out what happens :)

Enjoy! This chapter is a little long (3,000 words) because I wanted to add a little intro to the basis of this family and how Rebecca acts with all her Aunt's and Uncle's…

Ziva walked down the hallway of the small, two bedroom house that she has lived in for the past thirteen years; and into the room that held the snoring mess of curls that could kill you with her stare and grouchiness in the morning, in other words, her daughter.

Sprawled out on the bed was Rebecca Caitlin DiNozzo, her family called her Becca. Twelve, almost thirteen years ago, Tony and Ziva welcome their bundle of joy into the world, a little more than 8 months after their wedding. Something Ziva had never expected to do in her life, but was ecstatic anyway.

Ziva and Tony agreed that whoever came up with the first name, the other could choose the middle name. The minute their little girl had been placed in Ziva's sweating and shaking arms, her eyes conveyed that she had a name. "Rebecca," she had whispered. "Becca DiNozzo."

A smile had spread across Tony's face. It was perfect. She was definitely a Rebecca. Ziva had not been surprised at the next words out of his mouth. "Caitlin," he said, stroking Rebecca's cheek with his thumb. "Rebecca Caitlin DiNozzo." He gave Ziva a tiny squeeze as she kissed her nose gently. "Hi Rebecca Caitlin DiNozzo. Tateleh. I am your Mommy."

He was bursting with pride as the team gathered in the room, anxious to meet the little DiNozzo. Abby had been most excited, immediately claiming role as godmother. "Hi Becca, you are so pretty. You're Auntie Abby is going to spoil you to death. Especially since I am your godmother," which also meant McGee would be the godfather. Ducky had been the first to point out the close similarities to mother and daughter. "My dear, look at those eyes, her hair, her nose, her mouth. She's you." Ziva smiled widely despite how tired she was because it was true. Rebecca was Ziva to a T. "She's adorable." Was all that Palmer could say.

"Don't say that Palmer," was Gibbs' reply. "She's DiNozzo's daughter, his ego is big enough…. even if it is true. Very true." And there it was. The real Gibbs smile. One the team did not see very often. The last time they had seen it was when he walked Ziva down the aisle, also the same day they announced Ziva was pregnant. It was then when Ziva and Tony saw the opportunity to ask Gibbs something. "Gibbs… you know you are like a father to both of us… and since Becca has enough Aunt's and Uncle's between everyone else… and Tony and I, we do not talk to our father's… would you mind if Becca called you Grandpa?" Ziva had said, her brown eyes wide. She looked at the only man she considered a father anymore and swore she never saw the man happier, his face lit up. They took his silence, and his sudden urge to hold the child as a yes. It was then when Rebecca DiNozzo became everyone on the team's newest love.

"Becca," Ziva whispered in her ear. "Becca honey, time to wake up."

"Mhmmm," was all that Rebecca moaned.

"It is almost six thirty," Ziva reminded her, moving the wild curls out of her face.

"It is summer," Becca mumbled into the pillow.

"Becca," Ziva sighed. "You need to get up."

"No," she said simply.

"Ken," Ziva said in Hebrew.

"Lo," Becca snapped back. Ziva rubbed her head, agitated.





"Up, now!"

"Lo mitchashek li!" (1)

"Lo ichpat li!" (2)

"Our sleeping beauty is still not up," Tony chuckled from the doorway. The fact that they both were using Hebrew scared him, between the two of them and their short tempers, even trying to get Rebecca up could turn their house into a war zone.

"Then why don't you help," Ziva rolled her eyes, leaving her daughter's bedside. "This little trait is completely you, if you didn't realize."

"Well… I just thought she wanted to come into work with us today," Tony shrugged. He watched as Rebecca shifted. "The Director cleared it already, but I guess she can stay…"

"I'm up," she smiled, jumping out of the bed excitedly. Ever since she was little, her favorite thing in the world was when she was allowed to go into work with them. See her Grandpa Gibbs, annoy her Uncle McGee who she never called by his real name like her parents, hang with her Aunt Abby in the lab, and listen to one of her Uncle Ducky's stories when he came up from autopsy to visit.

"How in the world do you do that Tony?" Ziva asked her husband as she watched her daughter run towards her mirror and begin fussing with her bed head.

"The difference between you and me sweet cheeks is I state the facts, you fight with her," Tony smirked, kissing her quickly on the lips. "She is completely your child anyway."

"I beg to differ my little hairy butt," Ziva teased. "She may look like me, but she acts more like you."

"And the fact that one little thing can get her on a war path is not like you… how?" Tony said. Ziva huffed.

"You two done fighting," Rebecca smirked, standing in front of them. She had shorts and a t-shirt on, her hair was pulled back almost identical to Ziva's, and sneakers were in her hands. "I know very well that Grandpa likes you two prompt."

"Boker Tov (3)," Ziva rolled her eyes at her daughter, kissing her gently on the head. Tony squeezing his in a second later.

"Breakfast," Rebecca smiled.

"Well if you would have gotten up earlier…" Tony began but his eyes widened as his daughter gave him a stare with her dark brown eyes that reminded him too much of her mother. Her arms crossed, she looked up at him, daring him to continue. He forgot it was morning; she was very cranky in the mornings. "Is downstairs… jeeze Zi, you'd think Becca was your clone."

"Love you too Daddy," Becca giggled running down the stairs as Ziva shook her head at Tony and followed.

"Uncle McGee, why do you blame me," Rebecca giggled, as she sat on the corner of her mother's desk. He was currently struggling to get his fingers off of his keyboard.

"Because you are your father's daughter Becca," McGee narrowed his eyes at her.

"And I was not in here last night," Becca said, moving over to his desk, leaning over it and looking him in the eye.

"And you are also your mother's daughter," he added. "She's like… a ninja." Rebecca giggled.

"That I am… but superglue is my dad's thing," she pointed out. "My thing is helping Aunt Abby when she does something to you, or drawing on your face when you're asleep."

"I'd rather you be the culprit of this," he said, motioning to the keyboard. "The last time you did that you did it with sharpie! It didn't come off for days!"

"It's because it was the only thing that I could draw on your face with, there were no regular markers around," Rebecca informed him.

"Yeah, it's perfect logic McGeek," Tony chuckled.

"And…" McGee began but was cut off when Gibbs came up behind Rebecca.

"Don't make me start slapping you too Becks," his amused voice came from behind her.

"Grandpa," Rebecca smiled widely. "That was not me." She pointed to McGee.

"I believe you," he chuckled.

"How come you never believe me Boss?" Tony asked from his desk, an amused grin still on his face, very proud at his daughter for irritating her Uncle.

"Because honestly DiNozzo, I like her better," Gibbs informed him.

"That hurt Boss," Tony frowned, but shook his head as Becca flashed him a smile.

"Here Becks," Gibbs said, handing her a coffee cup.

"Gibbs, do not even think about it," Ziva warned.

"It's 0700 and its summer," Gibbs told them as Becca giggled and took a sip; also throwing McGee the nail polish remover he kept in his desk, always waiting for one of Becca or Tony's pranks. "No kid is up this early." Becca glared at the kid comment but Gibbs did not notice.

"But she doesn't like coffee black Boss," Tony said dryly.

"Who said it was black," Gibbs said, taking a sip of his own. Becca sat on the edge of his desk now, swinging her legs and watching as he picked up the phone.

"Dad, you are just upset because you are no longer the favorite DiNozzo, and I am the only person in the world he actually bothers to put cream and sugar in their coffee for them," Rebecca beamed, taking a sip of the coffee again. When she wasn't paying attention Ziva snatched it out of her hand and threw it in the trash.

"Mom," she whined, jumping off the desk and narrowing her eyes at her mother. All Ziva did was narrow her eyes back, and no matter how much the two were alike, Ziva was a lot better at the glare. They held out for about twenty seconds. "Fine," she muttered.

"You'll never win with your mother Becca," Tony smirked.

"And besides," McGee added. "Aren't you too young to be drinking coffee." Immediately he winced, realizing what he just said. It didn't take a second for Rebecca to have shifted her glare to her Uncle.

"I am thirteen," she huffed.

"Not for another three months," Ziva added.

"You're still twelve hun," Tony added.

"I'm closer to thirteen then I am twelve," she exclaimed. That's when she felt a light tap on the back of her head. Immediately she whipped around, looking at her Grandpa. "You did not just head slap me!" she gasped.

"Next time Becks," Gibbs said. "It won't be so light. Don't bug my team." Rebecca opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by Gibbs' cell phone. He answered it and nodded. "Becks…" He knew Tony and Ziva's rules about what she knew about their jobs at NCIS.

"I know the drill," she said. "Down to Aunt Abby's… It is not like I have not been doing this since I was nine." She started for the elevator but stopped at her father's desk. She turned to him and gave him sad looking eyes and a cute smile. Tony sighed, yet another thing he could not resist, and grabbed his wallet, handing her a five dollar bill.

"Thanks daddy," she giggled, running in the direction of the snack machine.

"I want four dollars back Rebecca!" he called after her.

"Sure daddy," she stopped and smirked back at him.

"And go…" Ziva began.

"Right down to the lab after… I know mom," Rebecca rolled her eyes and started towards the snack machine again. "Hi Director Vance," she waved at Vance as she ran past him.

"Hello Rebecca," he said, nodding his head to her and chuckling slightly as she quickly disappeared around the corner. Even he couldn't resist tolerating the young DiNozzo.

"Dead petty officer in a bar downtown," Gibbs told his team and the Director at the same time.

"Rebecca," Vance inquired to Tony and Ziva.

"Going to the snack machine then Abby's," Tony answered.

"Good," he nodded. "I'll wait for your report."

"Let's go," Gibbs boomed and the team hurried off to the elevator.

"Why do you never leave your hair down Becca," Abby sighed as she ran her hands through her curly hair.

"Because it gets in my way," Becca answered. "And doesn't really go with the whole tomboy thing."

"You are Ziva definitely," Abby said. "You didn't know how disappointed I was when you refused to wear ANY of the dresses I bought you when you were like, seven."

"My mom warned you," Becca shrugged. "And besides, you never wear your hair down."

"I do at night," Abby said.

"I do too," Rebecca informed her.

"I did once, for like, about an hour after Kate had died," Abby told her.

"Aunt Kate," Rebecca smiled widely. "She's the one I'm named after, right?"

"Yes, you remind me of her as well," Abby commented. "You look like your mother, you have her temper, your father's charm, his practical jokes, but even if you are not technically related, you have Kate's determination."

"She sounded awesome," Becca sighed.

"So how would you like your hair?" Abby asked.

"I don't care," Becca shrugged.

"Okay how about," Abby began to say.

"Not pig tails," Becca giggled. Abby sighed.

"Fine, french braid then?" she suggested.

"Why not," Rebecca shrugged as she yawned.

"Someone's tired," Abby laughed.

"I have to get up at 6:30 for school, not so happy about doing it during the summer," she informed her.

"Even if it means you get to come here?" Abby questioned.

"That's the only good part," Becca told her.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Abby laughed, stopping momentarily. "Look in the fridge." Becca's eyes widened.

"Thanks Aunt Abby," she laughed and hugged her Aunt before running over to the fridge and seeing the small sized Caf Pow. "You are the best! My mom threw out Grandpa's coffee he got for me."

"Only Gibbs," Abby shook her head as Becca sat back down in front of her, sipping her Caf Pow. Abby took a sip of hers as well. "Did your Mom kill him?"

"She did the 'Do not even think about' threat, even though she knows it does not work with Grandpa," Becca shrugged. "I am surprised though. Like my dad always says, she is a ninja; she could easily make him regret it."

"But Gibbs, even if he is your grandfather, is also their boss," Abby said.

"Well you do know she can kill you for giving me this," she reminded her.

"I'm allowed to," Abby defended. "You're my goddaughter…"

"Uncle McGee is my godfather but my mom practically kills him," Becca giggled.

"Well that's Tim," Abby told her. "And besides, I am not intimated as easily as him. I mean, you scare him." Becca laughed. "Finished!" Becca looked in the reflection from the black computer next to her.

"Cute," Rebecca smiled. "Thanks Aunt Abs." She looked at the clock. It was already 1100. Her parents, her Uncle McGee, and Grandpa have already been gone for 4 hours. She always assumed that they were in MTAC when they were gone. It was one of the only places she was never allowed to go to. That and autopsy. She never knew what took them so long.

"Hey Abby," the voice of Jimmy Palmer came from the door. "Rebecca! Hi!"

"Hi Uncle Jimmy," Rebecca smiled.

"What do you want Jimmy?" Abby asked.

"Oh… just… I heard Becca was here today and we have a game Monopoly to finish," Jimmy lied. Abby narrowed her eyes at him and then saw the tiny glass container in his hand. Obviously he and Ducky have come back from the scene with the body.

"I forgot!" Becca exclaimed and ran to her Aunt Abby's office. When she was gone Jimmy walked over to Abby.

"Here's the bullet Dr. Mallard pulled from the body," he told her. "No weapon yet, but they are still there. They ran into something, I am not sure."

"Got it!" Rebecca said, carrying the board that was still laid out very carefully. She set it on her the table and sat down in a stool, Jimmy across from her. Abby took this opportunity to analyze the bullet. For the next hour Abby shook her head as Becca kicked Jimmy's ass in Monopoly. They almost finished when Ducky contacted them.

"Abigail," Ducky said. "Have you seen my assistant anywhere?"

"Uncle Ducky!" Becca exclaimed.

"Hello my dear," he greeted. "Would you happen to have anything to do with the disappearance of Mr. Palmer?"

"It is not like we killed him," Rebecca rolled her eyes.

"I figured as much Rebecca," Ducky said.

"I just kicked his butt in Monopoly," Becca giggled.

"She did," Palmer said.

"Ahhh Mr. Palmer, you should have learned by now… but I am afraid it is time you returned to work," Ducky told him. "Especially before Jethro gets back."

"A little late there Duck," Gibbs' voice came from behind. They all turned around. Palmer immediately ran out of the door, Gibbs slapping him on the way.

"You are really not that scary Grandpa," Becca informed him.

"Becks, be thankful you do not work for me," Gibbs shook his head.

"I am only a teenager, not gonna happen for a while," Becca informed him.

"Your mom is looking for you," he told her. Becca nodded, grabbed her Caf Pow and ran out the door and onto the elevator.

"So what was this problem Palmer said you guys had?" Abby asked once she left. At the same moment Becca was entering the bull pen. Her mother and Uncle McGee were in front of the plasma. Tony nowhere to be found.

"So Mr. Perez is part of the gang the Guerrero's," McGee nodded.

"Yes," Ziva said. "It seems that they were all there when the Lieutenant Commander was killed, but a witness put him at place she was found at the time she was killed."

"Were any of them involved?" McGee asked.

"Tony is going into interrogation with him once Gibbs gets back up from Abby's," Ziva said. Just then she remembered that Gibbs was sending Rebecca up. Immediately she clicked the picture of the dead Lieutenant off the screen. Ziva spun around thankful that her daughter was only just walking towards them. She sighed when she saw the Caf Pow.

"Abby," she muttered.

"Don't blame Aunt Abby mom," Becca giggled. "It's not her fault that godmother's are allowed to spoil their godchildren."

"And only you would come up with that excuse Becca," Ziva informed her. Becca shrugged.

"What you want me for?" she asked.

"Lunch… Gibbs gave me an hour off so we can go find something to eat," Ziva told her.

"Sweet," Becca smiled.

"How about bringing something back for Uncle McGee?" McGee smiled. Ziva and Becca turned around, looking at him with identical expressions on their face. "Or I could wait for whenever Gibbs says I can have a break." Becca smiled sweetly at him as mother and daughter walked towards the elevator. Outside Ziva wrapped her arm around her daughter.

"So what you do with Abby today?" Ziva questioned her.

"We talked, she did my hair like always, and then Uncle Jimmy came down and I beat him in Monopoly," Becca shrugged.

"Like always," Ziva chuckled. "Poor Jimmy… that one time he beat you."

"I swear I did not actually mean to hit him," Becca put her hands up.

"You learned your lesson," Ziva smirked at her daughter. "Where do you want to go?"

"I don't…" Becca began but broke off when she spotted a group of men walking towards them. They all had matching tattoos on their upper arms. She looked at her mother who stiffened beside her. Her eyes looked like she knew them.

"Her… she was there," one of the men on the outskirts of the group of seven or more people said. He pointed right at Ziva.

"You one of the feds that took Carl away," the guy in front said to Ziva, as they got within a few feet of both Ziva and Becca. Ziva took a step back, her left arm bringing Becca closer and slightly behind her, her right making its way to her gun.

"Mr. Perez is in my team's custody…. yes," Ziva nodded, grasping the gun in her hand. Becca looked up at her a little shocked, and then back at the men in slight fear. She took a deep breath to try and hide it.

"Then you deserve this," the man growled as he raised his hand to point a gun at Ziva.

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