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Bella Swan's Point of View

"This is all we have left," my sister Heidi said to me, handing me a small lunch box filled to the brim with food. "Take it with you for your trip, Bella. I'll get more bread at the supermarket tomorrow."

"Thank you," I replied softly, taking the lunch box of sandwiches from her hands and placing in in my bag next to the bottle of water I knew I would need for such a long and arduous journey.

A journey that I was excited for and apprehensive for at the same time...

It was at that moment that my younger sister Jane decided to grace us with her presence. She entered through the front door of our tiny apartment, her arms ladled with shopping bags. Yet Jane was so small it was a miracle that she could even carry such a weight! Noticing her struggle, I quickly ran to her, took the bags from her, and placed them upon the table in the middle of our small living room. Heidi would sort through them later.

Our apartment was not up to much, but it was home all the same. It consisted of a small living room complete with a tiny kitchen, and three bedrooms - one for my father, one for Heidi and a smaller one which I shared with Jane. Ever since my father had quit work, the only money we had coming in was Heidi's. She worked full time at Wall-Mart, and since the money had to support all four of us, the apartment was all we could afford. It was basic and simplistic, but what it lacked in grandeur, it made up for in warmth. My family did not have much, but we were grateful for what we did have, and we made the best of our situation.

"How long will your trip take you?" Jane asked as I proceeded to pack my bag, placing in the necessities. Cell phone, music player, compact mirror. Jane was 9 years old and as curious as ever.

"I'm not sure," I answered thoughtfully. "A few hours perhaps. Forks is a far place from Phoenix, Jane."

"It is," replied Heidi, my older sister, always the picture of authority. "Which is why you should hurry up. The plane won't wait for you, Bella, and the taxi will be here any second."

"You're right, it won't," I said, hurrying to my feet. "Let me say goodbye to dad and I'll be ready."

"Can I drive with you to the airport?" asked Jane hopefully.

"You can't, Jane," I sorrowfully, wanting to spend as many last moments with my sisters as possible. After today, I was not sure when my next opportunity to see them or my father would be.

At 20 years of age, I had finally decided to do something with my life. It had been a long time coming, but my future was now set in stone. After years of working hard at school and college, I had finally finished my training and got all the qualifications I needed.

I was going to become a nanny.

I'd always loved children, a passion further expanded by the fact that Heidi and I had practically raised Jane after our mother died. My love of caring for the young had been awakened from then on and I knew what I wanted to do with my life. Apart from having children of my own one day, I wanted to open my own daycare centre. But that dream was way off, I was only 20 after all. I had a whole life ahead of me yet.

But with a combination of raising Jane and looking after Charlie when he became ill, my situation was not ideal. But I refused to give up on academics. I was glad of my stubborn attitude. I was now fully learned and able to make use of all that I had been taught. With my father's reluctant permission, I had advertised a few months ago, giving my services as a nanny in order to not only make more money for my family, but to see more of the world and live a new way of life. Tired of always moving from job to job from one week till the next, I hoped for a speedy reply to my advertisement.

God must have looked own upon my sorry situation as a few weeks later I received a reply from the Cullen family of Forks, Washington. In exchange for living arrangements, food, and a steady wage, I would give my services to their 12 year old daughter until a time when she did not have need of them anymore, and housekeep occasionally.

I wasn't exactly sure why a 12 year old would need a nanny considering my profession usually worked with much younger children, but I wasn't complaining. The money was good and I needed it desperately, so I wasn't going to turn the job down. If 12 year old Alice thought she needed a nanny, then I would be that nanny!

I was reluctant to accept at first, after all, Washington is a far place from my small Arizona home. The two places could not have been more different. I had done some internet research and realized that the two places were like chalk and cheese. One was hot, the other was cold. One was dry, the other had non-stop rainfall for most of the year... One had my family, the other didn't.

But after much thought and deliberation, I decided to accept, the prospect of a new home and life much more exciting than the prospect of working temporary jobs all day long.

So that was where I was to go. I would live in Forks, in the Cullen home in order to look after 12 year old Alice Cullen and show her everything I knew.

I hurried into my father's room, finding him in his usual position, lying in his bed, the blanket tucking him in slightly at all sides. He was growing paler, his eyes not the sparkling orbs they once were. Yet, you would not tell his suffering from the smile on his face. Even though my father knew he was desperately ill, he was always as happy and as cheerful as ever.

"Is that you, Bella?" he asked as I approached his bedside.

"Yes, it's me, dad," I replied. I knelt at his side and took his weary hands in mine.

His eyes cast over my face, taking me in one last time. "I assume you're going now."

"Just waiting for the taxi," I answered, the tears prickling my eyes. I hated leaving my family, especially with my father in the condition that he was, but then my mind would cast back to the money my new job would make - money that would benefit my family immensely. The idea of money and a better life for my father and sisters always won out. They needed money more than they needed me.

"Do you have to go?" he asked me, but I could tell from his face that he was merely joking. It was true that my father wanted me to remain at home, after all, there isn't a single parent who does not weep when their child flies the nest for the first time. But my father knew we needed money, and he knew that this was something that I wanted to do. So he let me go.

"I'm afraid so, dad," I replied, brushing his falling hair from his forehead. "But I promise to make plenty money. I will have you out of this bed and healthy in no time."

My father had pneumonia. He used to be Chief of Police and he been a good one at that. We earned so much money and life had been amazing. Then mom died giving birth to Jane and dad never really recovered. It broke him completely and he quit work. He became a shadow of what he once was, his usual smile gone forever. He drank a lot and cried every night, becoming someone completely different. The only reason he stayed sane was for me and my sisters. Even though mom was gone, we weren't, and he knew we needed him more than ever.

But the pain became worse for him and he became ill. Desperately ill. We had tried everything in order for him to recover, but the doctor had told us it was all no good, the illness was too far gone. All we could do was assure that we kept him comfy and happy until the very end. It broke my heart that there was nothing to do for him, so earning as much money as I could would ensure that his last few months or years were the best that he could possibly have.

He needed to be happy and I would make sure that he was.

He brushed the back of my small hands with his thumb, his fatherly affection fully proven. "You're a good girl, Bella."

I smiled at my father, gazing across his face, getting one final good look before I left him. "I'll miss you, dad."

"I will miss you too, sweetheart," he replied, mustering a smile. My father did not have a great deal to smile about these days, so a smile from him was always a good sign. "So hurry away. The quicker you leave, the quicker you may return to us."

He began to cough heavily, the condition aggravating his lungs, so I gave him water to calm him down. It worked quickly had he was able to lie back calmly once again.

"I love you, daddy," I whispered as I stood up, tears prickling my sad eyes. I bent down and kissed his forehead lovingly. I left the room then, my spirits slightly less high. I did not know when I would see my father again, if ever. I just wanted him happy and well. It was all a daughter could ask for.

I entered the main part of our house just as Heidi closed my bag up for me. She buckled it up tightly and handed it to me, a warm yet sad smile gracing her lips. "Are you all ready?" she asked me.

I nodded, nervous butterflies fluttering through my stomach. Yes, I was ready, and I was excited too, but it still didn't stop the frightened feeling gathering in the back of my mind. I had never left home before. I'd always had my father and my sisters around me to keep me company. But I wanted to fly the nest. The nerves just added to the experience.

"Please can I go with her?" Jane asked sweetly.

"Jane we aren't going," Heidi said sternly.

A look of confusion appeared swiftly upon my face. "I thought you were coming to the airport to see me off."

"I wish I could," she said sadly. "But I need to stay with dad. I daren't leave him alone."

I nodded in agreement. Charlie needed someone to care for him at all times. I supposed being alone would have to do. It wasn't the farewell party I was expecting, but I knew it was for the best in the long run.

I pulled on my jacket and pulled my bag on top of my suitcase which was standing by the front door. It was quite large and heavy; I was thankful for the taxi and plane to be carrying it the whole way. The doorbell rang, indicating that my ride had arrived.

"Well then," I began, tears fighting their way through my eyes. "I suppose this is goodbye for now."

I was suddenly encased in a hug as Heidi pulled me too her. I hugged her back, embracing my older sister for the last time.

"Take care, Bella," she sobbed into my shoulder.

"I will," I answered back as I pulled away from the hug. My sister's eyes were rather red and puffy.

"And don't forget to phone everyday," she quickly added.

"I promise," I smiled.

"And if they're horrible to you, just tell me. You're only a plane ride away and I'll make sure they know never to hurt my little sister. I can be there in a few hours."

"I will," I said, knowing the threat was empty. No matter what was happening to me, Heidi wouldn't leave Charlie. Not ever, and I accepted this. Charlie came first. "Love you, Heidi."

"Love you too, Bella," Heidi replied as she quickly hugged me again. Next I turned to Jane and saw the tears cascading down her face.

"Oh, Jane," I said softly. "Don't cry."

"I can't help it," she replied. "I wish you didn't have to go."

I sighed. "Just think of how much better you can live with all the money I will send you."

Jane sniffed her nose. "I suppose."

"And as soon as we are financially stable and we have plenty money, I will return home, I promise."

"I'll miss you," she said to me.

"I will miss you too," I told her. "But I need someone to look after dad whilst I'm gone."

"Miss, we are ready when you are," the driver quickly interjected. I hadn't even noticed him come up to the apartment until his voice rang out. I nodded at him and turned back to Jane.

"I will look after daddy. I promise," she told me.

I kissed her on the forehead before standing up. I waved a final goodbye and quickly hurried downstairs with the driver until we reached the taxi.

I introduced myself to the driver, a man of no older than 30, who quickly took my bag from me and proceeded to load it up on the back of my taxi. No sooner was it done did I open the car door and slide in. I buckled up my seatbelt, leaned back into my seat and let out a breath. The car pulled away as I took one last glance up at my old home, wondering when I'd ever see it again.

So this was it. I had left my home. I had left my family. I had essentially left my entire life, all to go to Washington to take care of Alice Cullen and occasionally housekeep for her family. I sighed as I closed my eyes as a cold shiver slowly made its way up my spine.

I sure hoped it was all worth it.