Lights Out

Chapter One, in which Davis Motomiya studies.

"Nn, oh Davis. Davis, I've been waiting for you to tell me those words for so long. Say them again." Ken crooned, head wrapped in a halo of mussed blue hair, smiling up adoringly at his lover.

"I love you, Ken," sighed Davis, leaning down to fondly kiss at his fiancée's forehead, one hand gently toying with the newly bestowed engagement ring that he had pulled out only seconds before, "I want you to marry me."

"Oh, Davis. Take me, you perfect hunk of a man! My body is yours!" Ken moaned out in wanton abandon. Suddenly, all of the man's clothes were gone and his nipples were-"Davis?"

Davis paused in the middle of ripping off his shirt and revealing his chiseled abs and pecs in the passing breeze that was tousling his hair dramatically, "Yes, my love?"

"What are you staring at?

"Why, your Adonis-like, ah..." Davis's eyes dipped down below the belt, "My darling."

It seemed that Ken's dreamy voice had grown harsher by ten decibels, "Davis, pay attention!"


"Davis, pay attention. What's gotten into you?"

With a bleak little pop, the daydream came to a dull close, bringing all thoughts out of the dreamy, satiny, steamy situation to an average, boring living room. The pouting Davis Motomiya was harshly pulled back to reality to face a less than amused, fully dressed, non-moaning Ken Ichijouji. "What?"

"Davis, I don't know why you wanted me to tutor you for Statistics so bad if you're just going to stare off into space like that." The 19 year old was frowning, sitting on a couch across from his friend of 6 years. The coffee table between them was piled with studying materials; pencils, notebooks, two calculators, and three different stat books. Ken had just lowered the notebook filled with his neat calculations that he had been holding up for Davis to see when he noticed that the other hadn't been listening for the past three problems.

This wasn't how Davis had wanted it at all. It wasn't part of the ingenious plan that he had been delicately putting together for the past week. It had been planned out perfectly. Almost every detail, securely accounted for. Nothing should have gone wrong. Naturally, everything did, right from the get-go. The setting? Ken Ichijouji's house, void of parents and distractions. The time? A cool 7:00 PM, with the sun setting and a light drizzle picking up outside, pattering at the windows. The desired end result? Well. That wasn't going so well.

He had asked Ken to tutor him, yes, but who ever actually studied during sessions like this? It was practically law that when you asked someone for a one-on-one night of studying, the books were thrown out five minutes into it, along with clothes and inhibitions. Tai Kamiya had sworn by it, stating that he had gotten into tons of chicks' pants that way. And since when had that guy been wrong?

Granted, Davis only had the intent of getting into one person's pants, and they were definitely that of a male. And this particular evening, they were fascinatingly tight and hip-hugging on said male. Unfortunately, it also looked like they weren't going to be coming off anytime soon. At least, not if their study session continued in the same style that it had been progressing for the past hour since they had started. With Ken growing annoyed and Davis getting increasingly anxious, wistful, and bored, all at the same time. Prospects were bleak.

He did his best not to completely blow the evening, though, to be fair. He was still playing along. He had played along through all six chapters they had covered so far, hoping against hope that an opportunity would present itself sometime in-between there. No luck so far.

"Oh. Yeah. My bad." With a sheepish grin, Davis picked up his own pad of paper again, as well as the calculator that had fallen between the cushions of the sofa while he had been spacing out. "Keep going, though, I think I was finally starting to get the whole thing with the box pocks."

"Box plots. Now…" Ken's lecture faded back into a faint buzz as Davis, for the second time that evening, immediately returned to staring at other things aside from the paper filled with math that didn't matter to him in the least. Things like Ken's hair, which was tied back in an adorable high ponytail that allowed the young man's bangs to frame his face in a messy fashion. Davis was technically supposed to be studying for a Statistics final, but had failed to mention that he had already taken the exam the previous week.

".. And then you can just plug that in and get the answer."

"Oh, yeah, okay, that makes sense."

Admittedly, it was a bit of a lame excuse, but Ken didn't know any better since they went to different schools, and while asking to just come over may have been simpler, Davis had been determined to go with the studying approach. He knew how Ken was with school work; who knew? Maybe stuff like this would put him in a better mood for Davis's planned attempt at seduction.

His eyes slid past the long, elegant neck, down to the small amount of pale skin that he could see past the open collar of Ken's blue and white striped dress shirt. Collar bones teased past the folds of clothing, looking invitingly smooth and sexy. Goddamn.

"And that's basically what you want to see when you're done."


Davis had been spending the past two years of his life coming to terms with the fact that he wanted Ken Ichijouji and restraining himself from jumping him. Wanted, lusted after, and woke up with wet dreams over, that sort of thing. Most of those two years involved sorting out his hormones, having a long talk with Kari, keeping his hands to himself as much as possible, and realizing that constantly assigning himself with Ken during Digital World missions and staring at the other man's lips for extended periods of time was not, in fact, normal behavior. By now, the rest of the Digidestined were aware of Davis's problem and gave him free reign, knowing that he would protest or get huffy otherwise. The only oblivious one, still, was Ken.

And Ken was really the root of all Davis's problems. Despite all the years of knowing each other and opening up to his friends, he still managed to conceal a good amount of his emotions and feelings, leaving Davis completely clueless as to how he felt towards him. He had tried subtly flirting before, teasing, and Ken never shot him down, played along, but… never enough to solidify anything. It was enough to drive a kid crazy, especially one who had just finished a year of college without any attempt to hook up with someone.

Call him old-fashioned, but Davis had decided to wait for Ken to come around.

These days, Davis put most of his thoughts into how well grabbing Ken's head and smashing their lips together would work. His patience for waiting was running low. Somehow, an emotional confession didn't ever work in Davis's head; too sappy and girly. Way more up TJ's alley; Davis was gonna take the better approach. The manlier one, if you will.

Thus the whole plan, the 'studying,' the chance to finally get Ken alone. They spent so much time with friends, at school, or in the Digital World, after all, that peaceful moments like this were hard to come by. Davis had imagined some sort of flirting and innuendo, Ken playing along, sexual tension getting unbearable, and then sweet, sweet making out. That's how it worked in movies and in Tai's 'So I totally got wasted and this happened last night' stories, anyway.

Sadly, things weren't going as smoothly as intended and the mood was unbearable doldrums, at best. Even worse, Davis was having trouble just getting Ken away from the math, and he himself didn't much know his way around a plan of seduction, anyway. Especially for a guy like Ken. Especially for a guy like Ken who didn't exactly wear his heart on his sleeve. Or was much for relationships. Or was unknowingly sexually appealing to a sexually frustrated guy like Davis.

How do you seduce a guy like Ken 'The Rocket' Ichijouji?

"Now if you put in this number… Davis, are you listening?"

Davis, meanwhile, was still hard at work. He watched blankly as the other man's Adam's apple bobbed with every word, still deep in thought, his fingers all the while idly punching in whatever numbers they could into the calculator. "Yeah, yeah… of course."

With a sigh of impatience, Ken, unsurprisingly dubious, leaned across the small distance between them to snatch the calculator out of Davis's hand before the burgundy-haired individual could react.

He raised an eyebrow, "58008? Davis, this isn't what I asked you to put in."

Davis tried to play off his lack of attention with humor and not grimace at his mistake, "Yeah, but if you turn it upside down…"

Ken did so, and was less then pleased. Somehow, seeing the word 'boobs' written in numbers wasn't as impressive as it was to other. "Really, Davis? Is that all you ever think about?" With a snort, he tossed the mathematical instrument back to its owner and shut the book he had been reading out of with an annoyed sort of snap.

"Well, not all." The soccer player grinned cheekily, setting aside his books as well before proceeding to sit back on the couch and shove his hands deep into the pockets of the deep green jacket he was wearing. At least he had broken the stuffy atmosphere. Granted, now Ken was annoyed with him, but he could fix that. He had the blue-haired teen's attention, he could try to move his plan along.

"C'mon, Ken," Sounding casual was key here. He needed to get things going, or he would end up leaving Ken's house without any progress at all, "Let's get real here."

Ken stood with a roll of his eyes and went through to the other room where the kitchen was, "Real with what? The fact that you're wasting both of our time by avoiding studying?"

"Yeah! Wait, no!" Davis frowned, tilting his head briefly to collect his thoughts, "I mean, the real reason I'm-"

"Do you want anything?" Ken interrupted smoothly, oblivious to Davis's current conflict as he poured himself a glass of water.

"Yeah, that's exactly what I'm trying to say, I want you-"

"I meant from the kitchen."

"O-oh, no, thanks, I'm fine." Davis replied distractedly as Ken's irresistibly tight jeans began returning from the kitchen, got closer and closer, then finally sat down right next to him on the couch. As the owner of said jeans raised a questioning eyebrow at him, however, Davis snapped out of it and flapped his hands about, "Wait, no! No, it's not fine! This isn't fine! We have a big problem here!"

By now, it had gotten dark outside past the windows of the Ichijouji apartment, and the light drizzle had turned into rain. Ken looked bemused, taking a sip from his glass as he sat against the back of the sofa's arm and pulled his legs onto the cushions, "What's that?"

Davis had to pause a moment, overcome with how cute Ken looked curled up on the couch like that, arms still raised in a gesture of aggravation, "Er. This." He motioned to the books, "This whole studying thing."

"Apart from the detail that we're not actually studying, I don't see anything wrong." Damn Ken's voice. It had taken on a softer timbre over the years, practically soothing compared to Davis's raucous tones, and also an added distraction to Davis's struggle to keep his argument on topic.

"See, Ken, that's the point! We're not supposed to be studying! That's the point of coming over someone's house to study, y'know?" Now that he thought about it, explaining the idea of how 'study sessions = make-out sessions' to someone like Ken was harder than he had expected. He took a deep breath, not missing the other's perplexed expression, then tried again.

"Most people, when they go over someone's house to study, only say they're gonna study as an excuse."

Ken still wasn't catching on and only looked more suspicious, "Excuse for what?"

Meanwhile, Davis was ready to tear his hair out. He had no idea it would have turned out like this. Where was the sexual tension? The hushed words, the increase in temperature? Where was … everything? Raking a hand through his hair, the man gave up. For now. He couldn't do it; not the blunt approach, not with the way Ken was just sitting there, staring at him with absolutely no clue. Tai had said he should ease into it, not scare the other person away by being obvious.

"Never mind." Davis swallowed hard and forced a smile, "Forget it. Let's just get back to studying. What do we have next?"

Shrugging, still unaware, Ken set down the empty glass and picked up the textbook again, "Alright. Uh… Chapter seven. Ready to start?"

Mentally kicking himself, Davis laughed, "Born ready, man, let's do this."

Fifteen minutes later and the goggled boy was already regretting his decision. In fact, Ken's closer proximity made it even worse. His hands had curled into light fists to prevent them for twitching. Subtle, he thought to himself, be subtle.

"And that's why probability here is really important to understand." Ken pointed out an equation on the page, glancing over to make sure Davis was paying attention. Davis was, but barely, nodding at the appropriate times, adding 'uh huh' and 'right, right' whenever the situation called for it. Then, without thinking, he interrupted before the other could move on to another topic.

Almost lazily, he lifted a hand to gently bat at Ken's ponytail. An innocent enough gesture, if not for the delicate motion of sliding his fingertips up along the back of Ken's neck before actually getting to his hair. "Y'know, I don't think I've ever seen you put your hair up."

"Hmm? Oh. I wear it like this a lot when I'm at home, it keeps it out of my eyes." Ken blinked in surprise, then reached up as well to scratch at his neck without thought. Their fingers brushed just briefly before Davis pulled his hand away.

"I like it." he said cheerily, silently enjoying the other's reaction, even if it wasn't deliberate. "You should wear it like that more often."

Ken laughed in return, "Is this another distraction you're trying to make? If you really don't want to study, we don't have to."

"No, no, I mean it, though!" Moving to sit on what little open space remained on the coffee table, Davis was now directly across from the blue-haired teen. Their knees knocked together as he shifted until he allowed one of Ken's legs to nestle between his own. Still, the energetic soccer player kept going, ignoring the mildly dazed and confusion look on his friend's face.

"Here, hold on." Without waiting for a go-ahead, Davis eagerly reached out to pull Ken's hairband out, doing it gently. The blue locks fell around the teen's face in a messy bundle.

"Hmm. I dunno."


Davis ran a thoughtful index finger through some of the thicker strands of hairs that made up Ken's bangs, "I can't decide what looks better. I mean, when your hair's up, it's cool and all, makes you look smart or something. But when it's down…" He hesitated a moment, wondering if he was in a good position to be talking about this sort of thing, but then threw caution to the wind. It was too late, anyway, "It really brings out your eyes, you know?

A tense, hushed moment passed between them, only the sound of distant crackling thunder breaking the silence. Davis found staring at the teasing collarbones of Ken Ichijouji helped keep back the faint redness that was threatening to flood into his cheeks. Then Ken frowned faintly and took the hand that had been idly stroking his hair all the while, "Davis, why are you doing this?"

He didn't sound… displeased. Just confused. Serious. Cautious. Davis feigned ignorance, just in case, enjoying the feel of Ken holding his hand all the while. His slender, pale fingers curled around his larger, more calloused ones. "Doing what?"

"You were inches away from stroking my cheek and you just commented on how my hair brings out my eyes. You're telling me I should be considering that normal?"

"Uhhh… maybe?" Guilty as charged.

"And you've been acting weird all night. Seriously, Davis, what's going on here?" Davis's hand was returned to him as he finally lifted his gaze to see that Ken was looking at him with a searching sort of stare; like he was trying to find something, piece together, and figure out.

What's going on?

Uh, I've kinda been progressively falling in love with you for the past two years.

Well, you see, the whole point of this studying was so that we could make out.

And I really, really want to make out with you.

He opened his mouth to say an abbreviated version of what, really, was going on. Really, words were going to come out, but what started out, "Long story short…" ended with "… woah." as all of the power in the apartment complex unexpectedly went out, along with a bright crackle of lightning outside.

Perfect timing.

The pair sat in the darkness. A few awkward seconds ticked by. Then they realized that they couldn't see past their noses.

"This is kinda unfortunate." Came Ken's voice. Davis couldn't even see him in the pitch-black that had enveloped them.

"Crap. Where are you? It's as dark as the dark ocean in here…" Davis reached out blindly to get a feel for where Ken was. His hands touched warm body, and it took a few feels to realize that he was rubbing his hands down Ken's chest. Oops. He thought he felt the flesh beneath his touch go stiff. Now he knew why.

"Oh. Er. Heh. There you are." Even in the darkness, he could practically hear Ken's eyebrows rising in surprise. He pulled them back hurriedly, but the damage was done.

"Davis, what were you going to say before?"

That was a no-nonsense voice. Davis grimaced a bit, thankful that he couldn't see the other's face, or vice-versa. Lightning flashed ominously outside the window, but did little to illuminate the room. "Er, you mean, my explanation on why I've been acting so weird."

The silence that followed could only be translated as 'duh.'

"Well." Davis shifted uncomfortably on the tiny part of the table he had claimed as his own. He could still feel Ken's leg in-between his, though, which was a good sign. Deep breath. Wipe your sweaty hands on your pants. Pull it together.

"Okay. Basically…" Just say it. Just get it out, you idiot. It's too late to deny anything. "Basically, I really like you, Ken."

When Ken didn't answer, he kept going, fingers idly beginning to doodle on his knee as he tried to get out his anxiety, his voice sounding odd and echo-y in the dark room, "And I was hoping that when I came over and told you something … along those lines… that we could…."

Davis trailed off awkwardly, but Ken had found his tongue.

"We could what?"

"I dunno! Make out or something!" He cried out, bouncing one leg at a jittery rate, finding this whole confession thing rather unnerving, "I mean, if you wanted to."

His stomach turned inside-out at the horror of what he had just said. He expected silence, anger, or Ken telling him to get out. To his utter shock, Ken started laughing, "So that's what you meant when you were talking about the whole studying thing. Geez, Davis, why didn't you just say so? We could have spared that last hour of pointless Statistics."

Davis could hardly believe his ears. Ken was taking it a lot better than he had expected. "S-do, you do wanna make out?"

"I didn't say that, I just wish you hadn't bothered with making me tutor you when you didn't need it." More laughter, "Do you even take Stat?"

"Yeah, but … that exam was last week." Davis confessed glumly, all of his hopes and dreams shot down. But Ken hadn't said no, per se… there was still a chance! "I mean, I didn't want to waste your time! It's just that I needed a good reason to come over! I couldn't just sit down and tell you that I like you and … and…"

"Want to do inappropriate things with me?"

"Not that exact wording, I guess, but yeah! Tai said that, y'know, with girls, you start studying, then you cozy up to them and then with a bit of charm, you just kinda start making out!"

"Aside from you just comparing me to a girl and taking Tai's advice seriously, both of which I can't even fathom, I'm pretty sure that's not how it works, Davis." Ken suddenly reached out to stamp down Davis's leg, which had still been twitching.

"No." Davis gulped, legs completely still under Ken's touch, "I guess not."

As if to heal some of Davis's nearly KO'ed wish of making out with Ken, the blue-haired proceeded to gently pat his way up Davis's knee until he reached sweaty hands, one of which was then promptly snatched and pulled upward as Ken stood, "Come on, let's go get a flashlight or something."

Davis rose to his feet obediently, tottering in place a moment as he struggled to get his balance in the pitch-black living room, still surprised that he had been let off the hook for now.

"So that's it?"

"What's it?" Ken's voice moved past him as he let go of his hand and proceeded to the kitchen.

"You're just gonna take my confession that I like you and just… go with it?"

"Let's just get a flashlight first, okay?"

Davis had imagined a different reaction than just laughter and a change of subject. Was Ken… making him wait? He really hadn't said no… Now I don't even know what to think. Tai hadn't said it was going to be this hard…

Unable to see, the teen cautiously tried walking after the other, but could barely hear the padded footfalls on carpet over the loud drumming of the rain and thunder outside. Then he heard the slide of a cabinet drawer somewhere far ahead of him.

"Ehh… Ken?" He called out, blinking furiously to try to adjust to the darkness as he scurried forward in the direction of the sound, hands straight out in front of him to avoid knocking anything over. "Ke, I can't-gah!"

For his trouble, he received the honor of running right into Ken and knocking the flashlight clean from his hands, if the clatter at their feet signaled anything. What went on next was a long set of uncomfortable fumbles, both struggling to see in the dark. Ken had automatically reached out to try to catch the object, but ended up snatching at Davis's waist instead, while Davis ended up almost ripping Ken's shirt in two when he realized that he had stuck his hand down past the boy's collar and accidentally brushed over those wonderful collarbones that he had been admiring not to long ago.

"Gah, sorry, sorry, I'll just-"

He wanted to do it again. With a flinch, he pulled away, thinking the worst was over, only to find that Ken had turned around briefly and, in his blind flails, Davis had also managed to cop a feel of the boy's bottom.

"No, it's cool, my bad, maybe if we…"

It was a mess. Davis was a mess from feeling Ken's hands all over him, too. He took a deep breath to calm himself and shake nerve-tingling feeling of fingers almost sliding up his shirt before returning to the situation at hand. Ken was such a tease that Davis didn't know how much he could handle anymore.

"S-sorry, I'll get that." He breathed out, mind fuzzy and disoriented.

Ken didn't sound much better, almost panting "Oh, no, it's fine, I got it."

In the end, they both bent down to blindly scrabble at the floor to find the light, underestimating the unseen, very small distance between each other. The sound of skulls cracking together was loud in the quiet kitchen as the two boys yelped and groaned out in agony. Davis especially got the worst of it, sitting down and clutching at his forehead. To add insult to injury, Ken promptly shone a stream of light directly into his eyes, eliciting more moans of pain.

"Urgh, oh god, can you please get that out of my eyes?"

Ken, having already gotten back up to his feet, was gently rubbing at a spot on his head as well, wincing, but he just as quickly turned the light off, deepening the darkness even more as Davis tried to shake out the stars in his eyes. "Sorry. Here."

Feeling a hand hesitantly patting at his head, Davis managed a soft chuckle and took the offered assistance, pulling himself back to his feet, trying to ignore the warmth that had spread through his body at the sensation of Ken running his fingers through his hair.

"You, uh… you okay?" Davis murmured awkwardly after the confusion, holding onto Ken's hand a second longer than necessary, relishing the feel of the other's cool, soft hands. He squeezed the digits briefly, but when he heard Ken's breath hitch at the gesture, he hurriedly released him and took the tinniest step back. Head still throbbing, Davis occupied himself in nursing his injury instead.

"Yeah, fine, thanks." Ken answered shakily. They were close enough that Davis could actually feel Ken's breath on his chin. Closer enough that if he just leaned forward… There was a click, then a small beam of light came up again, this time between them where Ken was holding the flashlight, "I found this, but I think its batteries are dying."

The two of them blinked, adjusting to the second bout of brightness. Ken looked particularly rumpled, his hair being a mess and shirt looking more wrinkled than before thanks to Davis's wandering hands. If not for knowing what had actually happened to make him this way, Davis would have assumed that Ken was looking a little roughed up from, ah… questionable activity.

Not wanting to start thinking about Ken and questionable activity, Davis hurriedly turned his mind to other things, "Listen, I'm gonna go lie down, my head's killing me, can you shine me back to the living room?"

With an apologetic smile, Ken did so. Whimpering slightly and gingerly nursing his battle wound, Davis made his way back to the sofa and threw himself onto it. The other teen, meanwhile, mentioned something about going to the bathroom to check if he had bruising, disappearing into a darker part of the house. Davis was left alone with an itch to touch more of Ken's cool skin, a developing migraine, and a dilemma.

It was strange. For Davis, Ken had always been easy to read. Even with suppressed emotions, he could always guess, always know when to comfort him or provide advice. They were friends, they had digivolved together, as one. They were opposites, but fit together like puzzle pieces. They just felt right.

Which is why it drove him mad that he couldn't figure out how Ken felt about him. Davis figured out his own feelings easily enough; he was the kind to just accept things as they were without beating around the bush. Ken, though… Ken was a thinker, never speaking, never making a decision without going over it first.

Perhaps that was why, when Davis had confessed, Ken hadn't really given him a straight answer?

C'mon, Ken, make up your mind. Do you want this? I had been so positive that you would…

Davis combed a few fingers through his mop of hair, frowning in the dark as his eyes adjusted and the lines of the ceiling began formulating far above him. The shadowy memory of Ken's touch just grazing his stomach made him squirm and bite his lip.

And while Davis, for the past few months, had been starting to pick up signs that maybe Ken felt the same way about him, had sworn that he could have made this work somehow because he had believed that the boy who carried the digi-egg of kindness was interested. After all, while Davis wasn't the brighten crayon in the box, he would never have come onto Ken if he wasn't confident that the other would reciprocate. And yet, there they were. Ken had laughed most of it off, they had smashed heads, and now he was left alone on a couch to mull over what he had done.

As he was wondering how to still make something out of this wreckage of a plan, there came a voice from far off in the hallway. "Davis?"

"Yeah?" Davis called back, sitting up.

"The flashlight went out. I really can't see anything."

"Oh." Now that he squinted, Davis could just pick out Ken's form down the hallway, cautiously edging towards him. "I see you. Keep walking. Straight. Yeah. That's it."

Leading the teen like he was blind, Davis eventually maneuvered Ken to the side of the couch.

"Right, now just walk around and sit down."

"Er…" Teetering, Ken felt out with his hands but couldn't find the furniture that Davis was seated in. The result was disastrous. Ken decided to take a step forward. "Davis?"

"Wait, Ken, no!"

Ken's knees hit the arm of the sofa. Already out of sync with proper vertigo, it would have taken little to knock him over, but walking into a solid object did so much more. The blue-haired boy was basically tripped. He fell forward with a yelp, landing heavily right on top of Davis, who had yet to move out of his horizontal position. Thankfully, Davis saw it coming and managed to soften the fall by catching the other before he crushed him.

Well. Funny how things turned out sometimes.

"Sorry." Ken whispered, nestled in Davis's arms and, from what Davis could see, looking petrified.

Davis, on the other hand, couldn't have been happier. He grinned widely, moving his legs apart to allow Ken to rest between them, and slipped his arms more securely around the other's waist. The feeling of the other's body on top of his was blissful, and Ken wasn't leaving, which was even better. "Hey, I don't mind."

"No, I can't imagine you do. You're as ridiculous as a Sukamon, you know that?"

There was a pregnant pause in which Ken took account of his surroundings, hands practically pinned to Davis's chest and fingers latched tightly onto his shirt. Davis broke the silence before the other could, confidence boosted by Ken's lack of protest in the matter. It was now or never.

"You know…" He murmured, thoughtfully running his index finger down Ken's side and listening to his soft, slow breathing, which stuttered a bit as he reached hipbone, "You never said no."

They stared at each other. Their noses were inches from touching, and every time Ken's chest expanded with an inhale, Davis had to match his breathing pattern. In a bold move, he slipped a hand slyly beneath the Ken's shirt to explore the small of his back, eager to feel more smooth skin.

Ken's voice was practically an underdone, and his eyes had dipped down to a lazy half-mast. His grip on Davis's jacket relaxed, "It looks like I can't really avoid it now, can I?"

"You could always say no…"

"Hmm." Ken's skinny arms slid around Davis's neck casually, then shivered lightly, feeling fingernails go down his back, "What if I don't want to?"

"Then the last fifteen minutes of disaster we just went through could have been avoided?" Davis's head was still smarting from the blow.

"I had to think about it!" The blue-haired boy said defensively, "If you had given me more warning…"

Davis chuckled, teasing fingertips nonchalantly traveling just beneath the seam of the other's jeans. "I'm sorry, I thought two years was enough."

"W-why today, then?" Neither of them missed the slight stutter, the sharp inhale caused by Davis's wandering touches.

"Maybe I'm tired of waiting."

"You've been waiting?"

'Hmm'-ing an affirmative, Davis busied his free hand now, too, reaching down to fully take advantage of Ken's bare back, nails, fingertips, and warm palms going to work, pushing the man's shirt further and further up.

Ken was apparently finding it difficult to breathe only through his nose, as his mouth fell open slightly to let out soft pants as he stared blankly at a space behind Davis's ear. He swallowed visibly, before turning his luminous blue eyes to the other's brown ones. This time, he had laid everything out, and, like a book, Davis had no problem reading the hesitant but strong trust, the anticipation, the suppressed smile, the desire.

The amused eyebrow raise. "Is this the part where I say something about your waiting that sets the whole make-out process in motion?"

Damn, the kid still had it in him to be snarky. Davis snickered, reached up to thread his hand through Ken's hair and pull him down. "You're such a jerk." He managed to growl out playfully just as their lips came together.

Finally. Ken's lips were soft, moving eagerly against his, and they both couldn't help but laugh each time they paused for breath. But while Davis was relishing the moment, drinking in every sensation, he had to restrain himself, sensing the other's hesitation and need for a slower approach. With a purr, he put both hands to work in soothingly massaging their way through Ken's hair while gradually pushing in, coaxing the boy's tongue to come out and meet his.

A small groan slipped out of Ken's mouth as he slowly but surely allowed Davis's wet muscle to slide over his and explore the inside of his mouth. Sloppy, messy, hot, tasting of human, it was strangely an intoxicating sensation, made all the better with the way Davis was controlling it, making sure he ran his tongue over every inch of the genius's mouth. In the darkness, the noises of mouths exchanging saliva and boys panting between lips was ten times as loud, making the dark room seem hot and oppressive.

With a hungry shudder, Davis' mouth kept going, slipping past lips to begin placing kisses down the man's jawline, then beneath it to finally attack the elegant neck with a suppressed exhale of ecstasy. It felt heavenly beneath his tongue, and judging by the whimpering and panting that Ken was doing into his ear, it wasn't too bad for him, either.

"Nngh… D-Davis…" Ken's fingers dug into the mop of burgundy hair, tugging lightly and eliciting purrs from the man beneath him. His legs weren't keeping too still, either, twitching and shifting just enough to teasingly brush along Davis's crotch, making it fantastically difficult to control himself.

Unable to resist, Davis was soon nipping and sucking, leaving fearless marks that he had longed to place on the spotless skin for ages, then licking at the red splotches in an apologetic manner. He also tried to multi-task, fingers fumbling with the buttons of the blue dress shirt Ken was wearing that was blocking him from new areas to explore and lavish. After a few more seconds, though, the soccer-player was growling with frustration, holding back the urge of just ripping the shirt to shreds, hating buttons with every fiber of his extremely aroused body.

"Davis…" Ken repeated in a firmer tone. His blue eyes were only barely open, mouth relaxed and partially open. When he got Davis's attention, he straightened his body until he was straddling the man's waist beneath him. Pinned to the couch, Davis would not have moved for the world. Steadily, he was riveted into a view of Ken, eyes watching him even in the dim darkness, slowly picking off buttons one by one, revealing flesh in an agonizingly slow fashion.

"Ken, you're killin' me." Davis muttered, eyes moving down fraction by fraction.

A breathless chuckle, "That's the point of being a tease, isn't it?"

And then the last button was undone. Ken was pushing his mussed hair back with a hand and, grinning faintly, moving back down, more confidence and eagerness in his body language than before. Davis was reaching up, fingers itching. Nothing could go wrong now, there was no force known to man that would stop him from having his way with that pale torso now.

Unless that force was something beyond his own control.

The lights buzzed back into life, just as Davis had been tugging Ken into another kiss. Freezing in place, stiffly blinking from the sudden change in lighting and the shock, the boys stared at each other, shocked blue meeting frozen brown. In the blink of an eye, the steamy mood hovering around the couch lifted with the awkward breeze. Davis gulped, taking in the situation of open-shirted, hickey-ed Ken, the strain in his pants, the puffy feeling in his lips. Ken was on top of him. He was beneath Ken. They were making out. They, friends since they were 13, had been, only moments before, moaning into each others' mouths.

And in that painfully short time… they had liked it.


"Eh." Ken concurred.

In a fluid, almost synchronized motion, the pair broke away hurriedly, Ken scrambling off and shakily buttoning himself back up whilst Davis stood and ran his hands over his face multiple times, shaking off the fuzzy mist of lust from his mind and cursing his bad luck silently.

"It's… it's pretty late. I should get going."

Almost. Almost. He had been so close. Taking a sideways glance over at the other man, he could see that while Ken looked a bit off-kilter, he didn't look too pleased with the interruption, either. But the moment had passed; there was no way to return to the soft darkness and even softer lips tonight. Grumbling, Davis straightened his jacket and took the initiative, going to pack up all of the material he had brought from home.

"Davis, look, I-…" Ken started softly, looking worse for wear, pink in the cheeks, but apologetic. Davis didn't let him continue, though, not wanting to hear anything along those lines.

"Listen, next week, I'm having a party at my house." He straightened, tossing his packed bookbag over his shoulder, "For the end of school, y'know? So if you'd like to come, that'd be great. I mean, I know Odaiba's a bit of a way for you…"

"N-no, it's fine, I'd love to."

"Cool." A relaxed grin slipped onto his lips. It wasn't over yet. He could still make this work. And continue where they had left off. "Saturday, 8:00 PM. I'll see you there, yeah?"

Ken followed Davis to the door of his apartment, "Of course. Of course I'll be there."

Looking one last time at the bright red splotches he had left on Ken's neck, Davis stepped out into the wet, rainy night with a small salute. "Thanks for tutoring me, man!"

"Yeah." Ken laughed, watching Davis's retreating back as he tried to make some semblance of order with his hair, "No problem."

He continued standing in the doorway, long enough to see the burgundy-head bob away into the darkness, before turning away and walking back into the house. As soon as the door was locked, a large, heavy, shaky sigh heaved from his chest. Looking around wildly, Ken hurried forward to begin cleaning up in an attempt to shake off the heated, hyper-sensitive feeling from his body, as well as the unbearable thirst lodged in his throat.

Though, to be fair, that had gone better than expected.

His sweaty fingers slipped on the empty glass that had contained water. Frowning, he wiped his hand on his pants.

Davis had been kept in the dark, literally and figuratively, for the most part of the evening. Ken had been blissfully hidden from view when the other had spit out his confession. The soccer player had not witnessed the disbelieving grin that had erupted on Ken's face, or the sight of the genius having to think fast on how to turn the situation in his favor. He'd been oblivious to the shivers that had wracked Ken's body every time he had accidentally touched him in the darkness, the flare of attraction in his eyes and the nervous bite of his lip.

Ken really was a tease. The fall on the couch had been especially fortuitous, though it had not been on purpose. It had led to… wonderful things. Ken smiled to himself, catching himself staring at the remaining studying material on the table and the obvious dents in the sofa where their bodies had been.

The last relationship Ken had been in was with Yolei, back in high school, but that hadn't gone anywhere, which is why they had called quits on it. Davis, as far as Ken knew, had dated some girls as well, but the man was even worse with relationships than the genius was.

But Ken knew that if there was anyone he was willing to try dating, it was Davis, regardless of gender, of personality, of possible repercussions. Hopeless cases, both missing each other whenever they reached out to figure out the feelings they had about each other. It had been going on like this for ages. After all, Ken was not as oblivious as everyone thought he was. Just unsure, hesitant as to where Davis could lead him. And tonight had been like he had been presented with the gift he had been yearning after for months, but since it had been so easily given, it wasn't as easy to accept.

But the session on the couch had been more than enough to convince Ken. The gentle way Davis had caught him and not pushed it, allowed it to slide over the pair of them like a wave that had been threatening to catch up to them all these years. Whatever it was.

Ken sat down, rubbing at the slight throbbing on his neck. The tidal wave of this whole affair had yet to break, and he couldn't help but suspect that it would all come together at the party, but he was sure now. He was going, and everything would fall into place. There was no doubt anymore.

He had really liked making out with Davis, and was more than eager to do it again. Now he just needed to decide what to wear.