Lights Out

Chapter Two, in Davis Motomiya takes the test.

A week later found Ken Ichijouji walking carefully into the Motomiya household, apprehensive. He had heard the pounding music and voices from nearly a block away and spent most of the journey over fiddling and fretting about his clothes. He was a casual sort of guy, dresses up when appropriate, but mostly staying in regular jeans and t-shirt. Parties had never been his thing. And thus, he had a lack of proper outfits that carried the message, "Hello, my name is Ken and while I'm not trying to look like a skimpy Angewoman, I want to have fun and eventually attract a man to take this whole ensemble off me by the end of the night."

Eventually, though, he had been forced to ask Rock Star Matt Ishida, who had been more than happy to lend good, outgoing clothing to him. In retrospect, Ken should have probably asked him to tone it down.

His legs had been practically poured into a pair of tight pants with black and grey zebra patterns. Matt had also taken advantage of Ken's tiny torso by sticking it into a white dress shirt, unbuttoned vest, and looping a skinny tie a round his neck which hung slightly loose.

On top of everything, Matt had insisted styling his hair, which ended up being tied into a loose ponytail, which Ken didn't see the appeal of, but trusted the older Digidesined enough to keep it that way. And Wormmon had approved, wiggling happily and saying that he had this one in the bag, so he was confident. For the most part. Thankfully, the huge blue and black marks from Davis's teeth had almost faded from his neck, making the night a bit easier.

It had been hard enough trying to hide it from his parents all week. Thank god for high-necked shirts.

"Move your body, every-everybody! Move your body, c'mon now, everybody!"

Cheers, cat calls, and a pounding beat of loud techno music greeted Ken when he made his way into the party; the entire area, dark, with little lights turned on, was stuffed with people, from Kari, TK, and Cody to Sora, Izzy, and Joe, as well as a massive amount of other people that Davis had met over the years of school and working with Digidestined over the world. It was absolutely packed and it didn't help that soon after, Ken was dragged in by his friends with the door, the exit out, shutting behind him.

Kari was panting, having just come from the main area of dancing, "Ken, we were wondering when you were going to get here."

"Have I missed anything?" He yelled over the loud music, looking around to see if Davis was around, but the party host was nowhere to be seen. He wasn't going to mention that he was late because he had spent an hour staring into the mirror and wondering if maybe he wasn't going overboard with his outfit, but Kari seemed to approve.

"Nope, pretty uneventful though I can't say it's as innocent as Primary Village, either. Davis was looking for you earlier. I like your tie! And, uh, those love bites." Laughing, she dragged TK away, who waved, looking more than a little intoxicated. Ken absentmindedly rubbed at the bruise on his neck before moving on, pushing through the crowd and avoiding the main hoard of dancers in the middle of the living room.

Eventually, he stumbled across Davis's sister, who had settled into an armchair in the corner, bawling her eyes out. A quick look around and a judgment of where her friends were angrily looking led Ken to the sight of Matt and Tai on the opposite side of the room, sucking face.

My, my. So much for Tai and his constant scoring of chicks. With a shake of his head, Ken kept walking and looking. Davis didn't seem to be anywhere, but at that exact moment, a hand tapped at his shoulder. Spinning around, he came face to face with the exact object of his search, who was beaming. Some of his confidence took a dip; what if Davis thought his outfit was stupid? What if Ken had played too hard and discouraged Davis from continuing to come after him? What if he had messed up?

There was a surprising lack of awkwardness, though, despite Ken's internal doubts.

"Hey! I was starting to think you had canceled on me."

A plastic red cup of something undoubtedly alcoholic was shoved into Ken's hand. He looked at it dubiously, stared momentarily at Davis's choice in clothing, then cleared his throat, unable to keep the smile from his face; the other's happiness had always been a bit too infectious. "Sorry, I got a little held up."

The two surveyed each other briefly, eyes traveling down in interest. Ken was wondering how Davis had never shown off his arm muscles before with that particular choice of black tank top, matching his shorts and leather arm bands quite well.

On the opposite side of the non-spoken conversation, Davis was reeling and trying not to lick his lips. God, had Ken woken up this morning and dressed under the influence of Viagra? He was… he looked… sexy. Looking casual but nearly swooning on the inside, the host of the party flicked Ken's ponytail.

"Finally took my advice about this hairstyle, huh?"

Ken chuckled and shrugged, "Something like that. So. Nice party."

"Thanks, it helps that half of these people are tipsy." He looked around, pleased with the turn-out as the playlist went on, switching to a new song. The motion he had been hoping to use since last week went into plan with his next words. He had practiced many times in front of Veemon, who had assured him that he would knock Ken's socks off.

"Hey, you wanna dance?"

"I don't… I don't dance." Ken spluttered on the drink he had just dared to take a sip off. With a grimace, he set it down on a nearby flat surface, not planning on touching it again. "I don't really know how."

Davis had trouble hiding a grin; Ken, not good at something? Unheard of. "It's not exactly hard, y'know. C'mon, I can teach you."

"I … um."

Ken considered it, wishing it wasn't so hard to think with the music pounding into his ears. Dancing was not exactly his forte, but aside from drinking or sitting around and talking, there was little else to do at the party. And from what he had heard, dancing was a good prelude into sex. Not that that was the only thing on his mind, but… priorities.


"Dream, dream of what I'm doing… to you… undo you… I'm through with you…"

"I love this song. C'mon, dude, it's easy." Davis slid forward, pushing Ken a bit into the crowd so that they weren't awkwardly standing by the table. The genius tried not to freeze into place as the other man sidled forward, taking Ken's arms and tucking them about his neck. "You just move…"

His voice was nearly a husky whisper in the escalating techno beat, but Ken caught every word, feeling his hands slip around his waist as he began swaying. Their heads were already dangerously close, thanks to their positions, but the blue-haired teen still felt a bit silly, even after he tried to comfort himself by toying with some of Davis's hair and focusing on the fingers that were fiddling with the edge of his shirt.

"The softest touches, deeper than the ocean. Give it to me faster, feel it, feel it."

"I thought…" Ken raised his eyes, not surprised that Davis was singing along to himself, "that it was more of a chest to back sort of position?"

Davis looked around at the rest of the dancers, and saw Ken's point with a chuckle, continuing to move them to the beat, "Well, that's … grinding, and I kinda figured you wouldn't want to…"

"Well, I don't." Ken smirked, "Not really. I told you, I don't dance."

Suddenly, the soccer player's eyes dipped into something more… sneaky. A wonderful idea had popped into his head, and the dim, dark, pounding atmosphere of the room was only egging him on. He closed the distance between them, his lips brushing against Ken's ear as he lowered his voice to a deep murmur, "No? Are you sure? Might be fun."

To emphasize his point, Davis teasingly slipped a hand beneath Ken's shirt, flicking his palm over the warm, surprisingly sensitive skin. The genius was having a hard time keeping his thoughts together, what with the way that feeling air rush over his ear sent hot shivers down his spine and into other areas.

"I don't dance, Davis." Somehow, the firmness in his voice had lost some of its strength. His stubbornness didn't seem half as convincing now. Everything was feeling fuzzy and too warm. The lyrics to the music playing in the background, which had been so clear before, had almost faded from his hearing, leaving only the soft voice and feeling of blood pounding in his ear.

Fingernails lightly grazed over Ken's twitchy stomach. Davis kept up his seductive routine, thankful for the week he had had to practice, "Then what do you do, Ken? What do you want?"

He needed to get his act together. Ken took a deep breath, glaring at his seducer's shoulder, "I want you to stop teasing me, for one."

"Anything else?"

"And…" Ken slid back his arms to take Davis's shoulders and force the man to face him, "If you're going to get me hot and bothered, I'd rather you do it near a bed or couch than out in the open where I can make a fool or myself."

Whatever Davis had been expecting Ken to say, it wasn't that. He blinked, mouth gaping, completely flummoxed, "You… wait… are you saying…?"

Now it was Ken's turn to be sneaky. He pulled the other closer until his mouth was hovering by Davis's ear, "I think it's time for a private study session."

Hot. Damn. Davis looked like all of his wildest dreams had come true. And, truth be told, they kinda had. His stomach was doing cartwheels and wiggling like a pack of Punimon. His hands had also started to shake a little from the realization that the moment, the one he had been planning and thinking about for so long, was finally occurring. But that didn't mean he was about to waste any time.

"Come on, come on, come on." Davis said, excited, breathless, and urgent all at once. Ken knew where this was going, where they were going, and he couldn't help but shake his head at the other's eagerness. He took Davis's outstretched hand and was promptly pulled through and out of the pulsating crowd, the music lost in his ears, deaf, only aware of the fingers wrapped around his and the heat that was making his body ache.

On the other side of the room, Kari watched the two make their escape with a grin, "About time those two figured things out. Right, TK?"

She turned to see TK's reaction, but the completely hammered blond had sat down on the floor to start throwing up into his hat. With a grimace, Kari decided to uphold her promise to Davis and start clearing the party out, giving a thumbs up to Yolei and Cody when she passed them. Mission Complete.

Davis and Ken, meanwhile, had made it out into the dark, empty hallway and even as far as Davis's door, but that was as far as they got. Letting go of Ken's hand, the soccer player had started to dig into his pockets, looking for the key to unlock his door, but by the curses under his breath, he was having a fair bit of difficulty with it.

"What's wrong?"

Eyes blazing, he looked up to Ken, breathing heavily. "Locked the door, for, y'know, privacy and… I can't find the… we can't… ah, screw it." Reaching out suddenly, he snagged Ken's tie and tugged, propelling him forward and using the movement to pin him to the very door he had been ready to break down only seconds before.

Ken's breath hitched as he felt his back connect with the wall with a thud, and then it left him completely when he felt Davis take his hand again and press it above his head to the door. Trapped. But he wasn't given much to think about how he had been compromised, because Davis was no longer wasting time. They had been fated to go down this heated spiral ever since they had struggled with the buttons on Ken's shirt a week before.

Davis pounced, smashing their lips together, still holding onto the tie to tug Ken's head towards him, but the genius didn't need any persuading. He hungrily kissed back, mouth opening to deepen the sensation, tongue sloppily sliding over Davis's bottom lip. It was getting harder to breath for the both of them; every time Ken managed to inhale, Davis was pushing back in, turning his head to change the angle, panting as they shared the same hot air, whimpering when their teeth bit down a marvelous fraction too deep. There was too much tongue, too much saliva, too much of everything.

It was wet. It was rough. It was wonderful.

This was definitely not the same situation it had been in Ken's apartment. There was a vicious want between them that couldn't be satisfied with gentle touches and laughter.

Ken's ears rang with Davis's hard breathing and his lips were stinging from where the man had taken them with his teeth and tugged. His hair was starting to stick to his forehead from perspiration and his clothes were getting oppressive. Davis, on the other hand, was practically going into overload, not sure of where to start, what to do, needing to touch and kiss everything, all at once.

He contented himself with taking another shot at undressing Ken while the blue-haired boy sucked on his bottom lip with a smoky look in his eye. With a slick pop, he pulled all parts of his face back from Ken's wandering mouth with a chuckle, then leaned forward, lips brushing against Ken's ear as his fingers went to work.

"We should've done this earlier…" He ran his tongue over the curve of the cartilage before nibbling on the lobe, smiling as he heard Ken moan. The genius was staring past Davis's shoulder at the opposite wall of the corridor, wondering what exactly was happening to his ear and why it felt so damn good, or why his body was excitedly tensing as each button came loose. There were 10 buttons on his shirt.

9 left… 8… 7…

"Ngh… I-I can't exactly argue with that…"

Six left. He must've been practicing.

Davis left Ken's ear bright red and shiny and moved to bigger things, like the tempting collar bones that had just became clear targets. Taught pale skin was stretched over those perfect assets, the ideal frames to the slender neck, accenting those long shoulders, and… he needed to stop staring. With a growl, he set on running his tongue along the dips between bones, biting gently at flesh, fingers still working.

5… 4 left.

Ken would have been more than happy to sink into the sensations, but he refused to left Davis have all the fun. His hands, which had been clutching hard to Davis's shoulder, slid down. He considered trying to take the other's shirt off as well, before deciding to just one-up Davis. After all, he could participate and hold his own in this just as much as the soccer player could.

3… 2….1…

The buttons stuttered to a halt, Davis groaning and choking simultaneously as Ken stroked his crotch so hard he saw blinking lights. The genius grinned deviously meanwhile, taking too much pleasure in rendering Davis senseless like that. Now he saw what Davis had enjoyed so much from doing that to him.

"G-God, Ken…" Davis was especially feeling the pressure in his pants now that his interest in the situation had increased ten-fold. Leaving Ken against the door, he backed up to start scouring his pockets again, wondering where the hell he could have put the key to his room. "We need to… guh…"

Ken decided to help. Feeling bolder and more confident, he closed the distance between them, smiling lazily. He could be sexual, and he would put all of it into this that his libido would allow.

"Davis…" He purred, slipping his hands down his friend's chest, stroking the flesh through clothing, making the journey to his stomach, then his hips. His fingertips brushed just barely under Davis's pants waistband, drawing out a shiver, then went around to boldly squeeze the man's bottom. "Are you sure you're looking everywhere?"

Davis gulped, eyes going wide from Ken's sudden sexuality. He couldn't help being a bit indignant as well; he had wanted to squeeze Ken's butt first! Damnit.

"Uh, yes?"

Slender fingers slipped into the back pockets of Davis's pants, which had gone unchecked all this time. With a triumphant smirk, Ken lifted up the infamous key between his index and middle finger, raising an eyebrow as he did, a silent "I win" on his features.

Flushing, Davis snatched it and went to unlock the door. In seconds, it was open and he was tugging Ken in. The hope of perhaps making it to his bed, which had been the original intent, evaporated immediately as the blue-haired man behind him lost his patience and switched their positions from the hallway; now Davis was being tugged and pinned to the wall and Ken was making work of dragging the soccer player's black tank top off of his body, his own dress shirt and vest still hanging about his torso, one button short of freedom.

"My turn." Ken breathed, blue eyes shining in the dimness of the room as he chucked aside the other's article of clothing and went for the throat. Or, literally, the neck. Revenge was at hand as Davis felt his flesh being tugged with teeth, sucked, licked, and generally ravished. Groaning, he leaned back against the wall, digging a hand into the man's hair to have something to hold on to, helpless to Ken's wonderful and natural desire for competition that had been raging between them since grade school.

It hurt to have his neck be so abused, but all of it went straight to his groin, burning trickles of heat that were hard to ignore.

When Ken was satisfied with the reddening splotches of color on his victim's neck, knowing Davis would have a hell of a time hiding that one, he wiped his mouth, briefly amazed with his own rapacity for Davis's skin. At the same time, this whole affair was so… delightful. His whole life, all his activities had required thinking, calculation, and consideration. This… this was natural. You just did it, experienced it, sank in.

With a purr, he pushed his lanky body briefly against Davis, then continued down; sex could wait, the bed was right there, but he wanted to get something out of the way first. Kneeling now, he slowly began undoing Davis's button to his shorts, looking up past mussed bangs to watch the man's reaction as he did so.

Davis's sexual side was wildly pumping his fists. However, the more thoughtful Davis, as unimportant at the moment as he was, still had some reign over the man's logic and reason. Which is why, when Ken went for his pants, he couldn't keep his mouth shut. Maybe he was impressed with Ichijouji's confidence… or perhaps a bit jealous that he had managed to control his feelings and get what he wanted so much quicker.

"You sure you know what you're doing?" His voice sounded foreign to him; gravelly, bordering on a moan. And he couldn't look away from the eyes that were staring at him from his waist, watching his every move with a calculating sexiness that was truly unique to Ken, and unique to Davis in that he found that insanely attractive.

"Do you?" The sound of a zipper being pulled down was unnaturally loud in the room as Ken continued his motions casually.

A good question. Davis did his best to continue talking, despite the fact that watching Ken get into his pants was particularly distracting, "W-well, I've never done it with a guy, but, I mean, I've watched porn and… I'm pretty good at improvising."

"Then it looks like we're even." Ken replied simply.

The pants were coming down now, falling to Davis's ankles, then away as he stepped out of them. The burgundy-haired individual groaned, biting his lip when Ken ran a single finger over the prominent bulge in his boxers. The single hand that was still embedded in blue hair tightened its hold, making Ken look up again, just as he ran his fingernails up the inside of Davis's legs and then passed them over the clothed erection.

Ken was going merely on guesswork, honestly, but the shivers, whimpers, and twitches that Davis was going through were satisfactory enough signals that he was doing a good job. 'Blowjob efficiency' wasn't exactly on his resume, or even on a list of things he had ever tried, but now was as good a time as any.

With a deep breath, knowing completely well that what he was about to do would tip their friendship over the edge of 'friendly', Ken hooked his fingers on the waistband of Davis's boxers and tugged down.


Davis was trying his best not to look down, not sure if he could handle Ken's face being so near his naked erection, "What do you mean, hmm?"

Of all the things to say, 'hmm' was the least comforting, sexy, or impressed. Would an 'oh my' or 'wow' been so hard to say? The burgundy-haired man would have complained more, but Ken had decided to literally take matters into his own hands and ignore his whining. His words died in his mouth and came out as a groan. Fingers were experimentally stroking at the soft organ, wrapping around the base and tugging up.

This was all good and fine. Davis was already putting almost all of his weight into leaning against the wall, breathing in short pants and shuddering. But then Ken put his mouth on it and it was all over. He felt fulfilled. And at the same time, he felt stupid for even bothering to ask Ken if he knew what he was doing. Of course he knew that he was doing. And it was wonderful.

Ken, meanwhile, was quite aware that he was in the process of turning Davis to moaning mush, but he had quite enough on his mind already; for one, how to properly give a blowjob. Breathing hard through his nose, he gently licked the tip of Davis's cock, trying to ignore the mind-blowing realization that he was doing this in the first place and concentrating on the matter at hand instead.

The small clear bead at the top went down his tongue easily enough. Salty, warm, but encouraging; nice to know that he wasn't giving Davis any reason to complain. Following instincts, Ken boldly licked the underside of the Davis's erection, then slipped the entire head into his mouth, sucking gently, trying to get a feel for it. By the way that Davis moaned louder and dug a hand into his hair, tugging at some of the blue locks, it appeared that he was on the right track.

Urged onward, the genius took more of Davis into his mouth, hollowing out his cheeks to suck harder as he began a slow up and down sort of rhythm,

"Sh-shi-Ken…" Davis hissed, finally daring to peek down at the teen who was on his knees. The sight only made him groan again, head falling back to thud against the wall, "Shit."

If Ken's mouth wasn't busy, he would have smirked. Instead, he continued his ministrations, picking up the pace as much as his gag reflex would allow, humming every so often to send vibration up the sensitive, hot flesh. The grip in his hair was tightening. His eyes closed of their own volition as he put all of his concentration into bobbing up and down in a smooth, quick fashion.

Davis was more than breathing hard now, he was struggling for breath, holding onto Ken's hair for dear life, gasping as the sensation of teeth just lightly grazing the surface whipped through his core. The fiery, wet grip of the man's mouth around his cock was so intense, he could feel the coils of heat tightening at the base of his stomach, then stretching out to his groin, threatening to spring, to unleash, to explode…

"Wait." He just barely managed to wrench out. In surprise, Ken did so automatically, stopping with Davis's hard-on still in his mouth, staring at him with his large eyes, probably wondering if he had done something wrong. The soccer player nearly whined, gingerly pushing the man below him away, then back up to his feet. Another deep breath allowed him to try to speak again.

"Wait. Bed. Bed. Clothes." He grunted out, eyes so glazed over from his near 'dream come true' state that he was having trouble speaking. Fumbling, Davis hurriedly attacked the man in front of him, pushing them both back as he pawed at Ken's dress shirt again. Only the vest managed to fall to the floor before Ken's legs hit the edge of the bed and he was forced to heavily plonk himself on it.

Eyebrow raised in amusement, Ken slid off the loose tie and kicked off his sneakers as Davis struggled and hopped about on one foot in front of him, cursing wildly while tugging off his own boxers and shoes with the utmost difficulty. Trying not too laugh too loudly, Ken leaned back to watch after having finally undone the last button on his shirt, allowing it to hang loosely off his shoulders.

The taste in his mouth left some things to be desired, of course. He had felt Davis nearly come, but the other apparently had decided that it had been a little too early. Wiping a hand across his lips where saliva had collected, Ken almost proceeded to choke as he paid attention to the events around him to see that Davis had succeeded and now stood before him, completely naked. The task of keeping his jaw from dropping proved a tad difficult as well.

Davis smirked, hiding whatever residual nervousness he still had now that he had bared all of himself for Ken to see. At least the blue-haired man looked impressed. "What, too busy watching to take your own clothes off?"

For his trouble, Davis got a dress shirt to the face. Laughing, feeling giddy and still extremely aroused, he tossed away the article of clothing, only to witness Ken splayed out on his bed, hips up in the air as he struggled to tug off the skin-tight jeans that seemed to be glued to his legs. The sight made Davis's mouth water, eyes taking in the sinewy, twisting hips, the skinny chest, and long, sexy legs.

"Here," he breathed out, licking his lips, "Let me help you. You tease."

The bed groaned as the second body joined the first, then creaked as said body pounced on the first. Davis draped himself over Ken, his intentions focusing less on helping and more on touching Ken in inappropriate places. One knee was thrust between Ken's legs, a hand was exploring chest territory, and then a few inhales and exhales hovered between them. Ken was spread out on the bed beneath him, breathing slowly, hair in a messy blue pool around him, watching Davis patiently while he stared back, making sure, checking all the signs. It was too late to go back.

Then their lips met together again with a sigh, all silliness forgotten. Ken was wrapping his arms around Davis, fingernails lightly grazing his back, while Davis reacquainted himself with the inside of Ken's mouth. Their chests slid together with the motion, creating warm friction. However, when he ground his knee gently into Ken's crotch, the kiss broke apart. The blue-haired man felt the pressure and his head fell back to the pillow with a choked moan, toes curling into the bedsheets.

Davis chuckled and did it one more time to hear another whimper escape those edible lips. But he didn't want to tease too much; his body ached and had had enough foreplay to last him a lifetime. With wet, lingering kisses, he made his way down to Ken's nipples, attaching his mouth to one and teasing the other with his hand. Ken was panting and writhing ever so slightly beneath him as he sucked at the sensitive nub, flicking it with his tongue and nipping lightly at it.

"Ngh… a-ah…" Ken wanted to shut his eyes, but found himself entranced, staring at Davis's progress and finding it almost as arousing as the sucking itself. His fingers quickly joined his toes in digging into the comforter on the bed while his pants began to feel even more painfully tight than usual. "Jeans, Davis… need to get them off."

A bright grin flashed in the dimness of the room, "If you insist."

Sitting up, Davis couldn't resist running a hand over Ken's very obvious bulge once, delighting in the hiss he got in response, then started making quick work of the irresistible but bothersome pants. The zipper and button had already been undone; it was only a matter of pulling down. With a hook of his fingers around the waistband of the outer layer, as well as Ken's boxers, and the helpful hip-lift on Ken's part, he tugged, literally peeling the things off until Ken lay naked beneath him.

Davis found himself staring, pausing again, taking in the pale, slender body splayed out beneath him, aroused, developing a sheen of sweat… When he breathed out, it was shaky. Feeling intense eyes piercing right through him, Ken couldn't help the light dusting of pinking from growing on his cheeks. It was strange being so bare; he almost wanted to cover up, to hide, but then he remembered that Davis wasn't in any better position and he forced himself to relax again. There was no time to be nervous; he had to hold his own in this sexual tussle.

"What, too busy staring to, ah, take advantage of this situation?"

The teasing tone was more than enough to snap Davis out of his reverie. He snorted, needing no more bidding. Moving up, he boldly grasped Ken's hardened organ, stroking it slowly from base to tip. His voice dipped into a husky timbre as he spoke over the sounds that were now continuously spilling out of Ken's mouth.

"What, am I not allowed to appreciate the view?"

"Gh… n-no…" Ken gasped out, eyes barely open, back arching in pleasure, "Not when you have… nn… better things to do."

Strange, really, how easy they had fallen into this, how normal the motions they went through felt. How being completely bare and stripped before the other, while new, didn't feel all that weird. In fact, it felt more exciting than anything, like a breath of aroused exhilaration.

"Heh, well, I can't argue with that one."

Rough, calloused hands were making hard work on his cock. Ken was losing control of his hips, which were nearly bucking into Davis's hand now. He had never imagined that it would feel this good, this hot and deliciously smothering. It wasn't helping that the Davis Motomiya he had known all these years had been hiding another side of him for so long; this Davis, the one that was now pulling Ken's legs onto his shoulders and placing a tender kiss on the inside of his thigh, the one that was so sexual and confident and knew exactly the right things to do to Ken's body to make him squirm and moan.

He liked this side of Davis.

Davis pumped harder, occasionally sliding his thumb along the slit at top, smearing pre-cum where he could to speed up his strokes. When Ken's outcries reached a desperate volume, he leaned forward, nearly folding the man beneath him in two. This served two purposes; for one, he now had clear access to Ken's backside and all the functions thereof, and second, he could now reach underneath his pillow and tug out the small bottle of lube he had bought for this occasion.

He pulled back, releasing Ken's erection for the briefest moment to spread the clear liquid on the fingers of his free hand and give the genius beneath him a breather, even if he had missed the retrieval of the lube in the first place.

"Why did you stop?" Ken tried to lift his head to see, but it felt incredibly heavy, so he wiped his sweaty bangs out of his eyes instead, "I was getti-ohgod."

The rest of the sentence reduced into a shuddering whine of suppressed pain. Oh god. Ken was curling into himself all of a sudden, hands in his own hair for grip. Davis's, after all, was too far away. The strange sensation of being penetrated for the first time began to sink in. He forced himself to relax and unclench, wanting this whole operation to go over as smoothly as possible. Soon enough, the feeling of being stretched with Davis's slippery finger almost began to feel good. Just as quick, though, the burgundy-haired man managed to take the silent cue and add a second finger. More guttural noises filtered otherwise quiet room.

The earnest tone in Ken's whimpers concerned Davis; he had almost forgotten that this was Ken's first time (and, honestly, his first time). He kept up the stretching, though, spreading his fingers, scissoring them, pushing them in deeper, knowing that it would help Ken in the long run.

"That feels really weird." The genius whispered breathlessly, mouth hanging open, eyes shut tightly. His legs were quivering on Davis's shoulders.

"I know." Davis pulled his fingers out, feeling the body beneath him relax enough to move on. "It's gonna get weirder."

Chest still heaving, Ken looked past his legs to see Davis crouching by his groin, applying liberal amounts of lube to his own cock. He swallowed hard, eyeing the size of the organ warily, "It's going to hurt, isn't it?"

Davis flashed the other man a reassuring smile as best he could, "I can't say that I have a lot of experience in this, Ken, but… yeah. A little bit." At Ken's obvious nervous expression, he let down one of Ken's legs so that he could ease around it to kiss him.

"Just … relax. Okay?"

"Yeah, yeah… just… just go." Ken stared pointedly at the ceiling, trying not to think about the incoming agony of having someone else's cock up his ass. He felt the tip nudge at his entrance. Hands scrambling briefly over the sheets for a good anchor, Ken finally settled on wrapping them around Davis's torso as he continued his focus on breathing.

Ever so slowly, terrified of causing Ken any more pain than he had to, Davis pushed in, breathing harshly at the feeling of flesh tightly gripping his erection. After what felt like months but lasted seconds, he had gone in to the hilt and stopped, staying completely still and waiting for the man beneath him to adjust. Ken's nails were digging into his back, his breathing coming out in soft wheezes by his ear.

"How…" He wanted to ask 'how is it?' but decided against it, "… are you?"

Ken Ichijouji had gone through many things in his life. He had had black spores in his body, had been beaten and defeated and built back up again in the Digital World, had saved the world, had suffered loss. But sex with another man was completely off the scale. It burned. It hurt. Every single fiber of his body wanted it out, but his libido was insisting on waiting and promising that things would get better.

To sum it all up…

"Fine." Ken grit out, trying to adjust himself into a better position. If this had been any other situation, he would have laughed at Davis's earnest look of concern, "You can keep going. Just… slowly."

"Are you sure?" Some parts of regular Davis were starting to peak out, his sexual side taking a break in lieu of concern for his friend, "I mean, we can stop if you want, I can…"

"Davis, if you don't move, I'm going to throw you under a Monochromon." Ken snarled. Spooked by the man's lack of impatience, Davis propped both hands on the bed on either side of Ken before pulling out slowly, just until the tip remained. Then, still breathing slowly, being extra-careful, he pushed back in, repeating the motion with no pauses. For him, at least, it was blissful. The almost painful heat and tightness was something he had never experienced before, and it was taking effort not to go faster immediately.

A sort of rhythm developed as Davis became used to his position and grew more comfortable with thrusting his hips. Ken, meanwhile, was exhaling harshly each time he was penetrated, but the pain was gradually ebbing away, the feeling of being so filled up actually starting to be pleasurable. Davis pushed in, Ken arched his waist back. Then his whines transformed into uncontrollable moans. Suddenly, the slow pace wasn't enough. It was too tame. It wasn't hitting the right spots.

"Faster … go… more." The words, wrapped around sighs of lust, were like magic to Davis. He went faster, angling himself. Slaps of skin on skin circled around them gently, mixing with the steamy heat that was emanating from two sweaty bodies that were rocking against each other.

Shifting his angle, Davis furrowed his brow in concentration. He knew he had to find that one spot, the perfect place that made it all worthwhile. He moved himself once, twice, then slammed himself in extra deep and was rewarded with Ken crying out in shocked ecstasy.

"There! There, right there, right there, ahhh…" The blue-haired man babbled mindlessly, saying anything to make Davis keep going, just in that spot. Harder, deeper, faster. Anything, but he needed more of that sensation of fire wrapped around every nerve of his body and touching on a ravenous hunger he had never experienced in his life.

Davis was putting in all he had now, pounding into the tiny kernel of sexual fulfillment, groaning as fingernails left harsh red streaks down his back. Their bodies were sliding against each other, sticky with sweat, rocking together, Davis pushing in deep with Ken rising to meet him.

Ken's words, once coherent, had now melted into one long stream of gasps and desperate moans that only demanded one thing; more. He was so close. Heat was rising somewhere deep in his abdomen like mercury in a thermometer, threatening to blow. The pace between them was gone, the pounding into his body was becoming haphazard, frantic, wild, the two of them racing to the finish.

"Close… I'm … close…"

And when Davis wrapped a hand around his cock and pumped with as much effort as he did fucking him, it hit. He tightened, the scale tipping completely, every single part in him winding up like a spring so that he even stopped breathing. And then he saw stars. Wonderful, glorious, bright white stars, along with a deep, overwhelming feeling of relaxation. Like a toy without its stuffing, he fell back limply on the bed, leg falling off Davis's shoulder just as the other man went through the same result, head bowed down so low he was almost touching Ken's stomach.

A wet, sticky feeling accompanied Davis's finish, and then a slimy sensation as he pulled out gently, the contents of his orgasm spilling out onto the bed to match the same embellishments that were on each other's chests.

Davis promptly collapsed next to Ken on his stomach, breathing hard and wiping sweat from his nose. Ken assumed he looked about the same. He felt completely wiped out, too drained and floating on bliss to bother cleaning himself up.

"That was…" Ken started, then realized he didn't know how to phrase it. Turning his head, he saw that Davis was smiling lazily, watching him through sleepy eyes.

"Pretty good?"

Unsurprisingly, Ken started to grin like an idiot, too, "Yeah. Pretty good."

The two of them breathed for a while, allowing silence to settle over them like a comforting blanket. Then Davis spoke, wiggling sideways a bit to throw an arm over Ken and pull him towards himself. Ken drowsily obeyed, rolling onto his side to curl up into Davis's chest, despite the stickiness and sweat between them.

"Mmm. I don't wanna get up." Davis mumbled, stroking Ken's hair with one hand. There was a faint underlying giggle in those words. Obviously, Ken wasn't the only one on cloud 9. The genius chuckled, cuddling deeper into the other man's arms, feeling quite comfortable.

"We really should, though..."

Davis tangled their legs together, as if making extra-sure that this whole situation was real and that Ken really was nestled beside him, sexed up and satisfied. There was a lazy but happy expression hovering around his features that he couldn't shake, stemming from the fact that Ken was lying next to him, happy and sweaty and him. And his. He was his.

"I love you." He said suddenly in a soft voice, smiling tiredly as he began doodling patterns into Ken's hip with his finger. The words hovered in what little space remained between their bodies. Ken blinked, looking up at him, and Davis could feel himself holding his breath, waiting…. then the blue-haired man proceeded to chuckle and nuzzle his nose back into Davis's chest to hide his wide grin. The soccer player's tan skin, which smelled like a comforting mix of perspiration and cinnamon-y body spray. Essence of Davis.

There was no way they could have moved. Not for a shower, not for the world. Not when they were looped around each other and so utterly content. Not when-

"I love you, too."

-when Ken was saying words like that.

Something huge, puffy, and warm swelled up in Davis's chest. He squeezed Ken, wishing he could pour all of his indescribable feelings into him to show how fulfilled, how whole he felt with Ken just being there. Hopefully, by hugging him tightly to himself, he could maybe absorb some of the love. And Davis could do likewise. And not just tonight, but for many other nights to come.

It was only then Davis realized… It had all just been so worth it.

"I suppose we'll just have to take a shower later." Ken mused a few minutes later, stifling a yawn.

Davis could feel a yawn trying to creep out of his throat as well, "What if I have something important to do tomorrow?"

Ken snorted, "Like what? A stat final?"

"Yeah, man!" The soccer player recovered enough from his sleepy state to raise his voice, jokingly indignant. He could never stay sappy for too long, "What if I have to study or something?"

"Oh, I think we both know how effective your studying habits are." Ken ran a finger down Davis's chest, tracing the outline of muscle. "Unless you want me to… tutor you?"

"Well." Davis pulled Ken closer to him, "Only if you want to. I could definitely use the help. You know how useless I am with that sort of thing. I always get so … distracted."

"Mmm, yeah, I should definitely come over and make sure to keep you on track. Wouldn't want any distractions."

Davis buried his nose in Ken's hair, rubbing the tip along the scalp fondly, "Next time, though, let's study something else. Like. Anatomy. Or biology."

The genius laughed at that one, "Oh, clever."

Grinning to himself, Davis kissed the top of Ken's head. Ken, similarly, smiled and tucked an arm about Davis's waist. It grew quiet in the dark room. At peace, relaxed and satisfied, the pair was easily drifting off to sleep, content with life.

Then Davis spoke up abruptly.

"Though y'know, I'm pretty sure 'The Rocket' isn't a nickname for your skills on the soccer field, but, uh, for your c-"

"Shut up, Davis."

"Can I be Davis 'Totally Hung' Motomiya, then?"

A smack on the ass was more than enough of an answer for Davis.

"Alright, alright…"

Sniggering, he relented and fell quiet again. Peace came over them once more, crickets outside lulling them to sleep in the dark room…

"… Just Davis 'The Well-Endowed', then."


When Wormmon and Veemon cautiously peaked into the room the next morning, they found Davis and Ken in a dead sleep, completely naked, Ken's arm wrapped snugly around Davis's neck while Davis had settled for sleeping sideways on his back, draped over Ken in a loving tackle gone wrong.

The perfect couple.